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Lupus Constellation [Stellarium]

Constellation Lupus the Wolf, sits south of constellation Libra and constellation Scorpio, between constellation Centaurus and constellation Ara. Lupus spans 15 degrees of the Zodiac, in the Signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, and contains 1 named fixed star.
2000BStar NameMag.Orb
18 ♏ 46ιIota Lup3.551°20′
19 ♏ 45τ2Tau2 Lup4.331°00′
23 ♏ 07σSigma Lup4.441°00′
23 ♏ 29αMen2.302°00′
23 ♏ 36ρRho Lup4.051°00′
23 ♏ 51οOmicron Lup4.321°00′
24 ♏ 5922 Lup4.351°00′
25 ♏ 01βBeta Lup2.681°50′
27 ♏ 29φ1Phi1 Lup3.571°20′
27 ♏ 31πPi Lup3.911°10′
27 ♏ 42λLambda Lup4.071°00′
28 ♏ 38δDelta Lup3.221°30′
29 ♏ 27κ1Kappa1 Lup3.881°10′
00 ♐ 06εEpsilon Lup3.371°20′
00 ♐ 21μMu Lup4.271°00′
00 ♐ 44ζZeta Lup3.411°20′
01 ♐ 29γGamma Lup2.801°40′
02 ♐ 26ωOmega Lup4.341°00′
02 ♐ 49χChi Lup3.971°00′
05 ♐ 45 ηEta Lup3.421°20′
06 ♐ 44θTheta Lup4.221°00′

(Star positions for year 2000)

Constellation Lupus Astrology

Constellation Lupus is said to give an acquisitive, grasping, aggressive, prudent and treacherous nature, with a keen desire for knowledge, and strong ill-regulated passions.

According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and partly like Mars (Bold, cruel, heartless, adulterous, criminal, liar, loss of estates, poverty, few friends. if of 1st magnitude, rises by usury or unfair means. If culminating, bad name, rise by trade followed by disgrace and ruin.)

Although very ancient, Lupus is inconspicuous, lying partly in the Milky Way, with no star larger than 2.8 magnitude. The Greeks and Romans did not specially designate these stars, and thought of them merely as ‘Therion’, a Wild Beast, Fera, Quadrupes vasta, and Hostia, the Victim. Both cultures thought Centaurus was offering this animal as a sacrifice. Chiron the Centaur (Centaurus), is depicted as spearing this animal and offering it as a sacrifice on the Altar. [1]

Constellation Lupus Astrology

Constellation Lupus [Urania’s Mirror]

Lupus, the Wolf… Zibu, the Beast, of Euphratean cylinders, may be for this constellation; and Urbat, the Beast of Death, or the Star of the Dead Fathers, is a title for it attributed to the Akkadians…The alpha star, 2.6, seems to be unnamed except in China, where it was Yang Mun or Men, the South Gate. On the Euphrates it probably was Kakkab Su-gub Gud-Elim, the Star Left Hand of the Horned Bull, said to have been a reference to the Centaur that was thus figured in that valley. [2]

Its modern name is Lupus (a wolf) because it looks like one. It may be any animal. The great point of this ancient constellation is that the animal has been slain, and is in the act of falling down dead. Its Greek name is Thera, a beast, and Lycos, a wolf. Its Latin name is Victima, or Bestia (Vulg. Gen 8:17), which sufficiently indicates the great lesson. This is confirmed by its ancient Hebrew name, Asedah, and Arabic Asedaton, which both mean to be slain.

More than 22 of its stars have been cataloged. None of them are higher than the 4th magnitude; most of them are of the 5th or 6th… In the ancient Zodiac of Denderah, He is pictured as a little child with its finger on its lips, and He is called Sura, a lamb! In other pictures, He has, besides, the horn of a goat on one side of His head. All this pointed to one and the same great fact, viz., the development and explanation of what was meant by the bruising of His heel! [3]


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