Centaurus Constellation Meaning

Centaurus Constellation

Centaurus Constellation [Stellarium]

Constellation Centaurus the Centaur, sits south of constellation Virgo, between Argo Navis and constellation Lupus. Centaurus contains 10 named fixed stars. Centaurus is one of the largest constellations, spanning more than 60 degrees in length in the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio.

Constellation Centaurus Astrology

Constellation Centaurus Stars
27 ♎ 41
02 ♏ 31
03 ♏ 19
12 ♏ 30
15 ♏ 09
15 ♏ 45
20 ♏ 27
23 ♏ 59
24 ♏ 59
29 ♏ 40
δ Centaurus
γ Centaurus
ι Centaurus
θ Centaurus
ζ Centaurus
ε Centaurus
η Centaurus
β Centaurus
κ Centaurus
α Centaurus
Ma Wei
Nan Men
Koo Low
Ke Kwan

(Star positions for year 2000)

The stars of Centaurus give intelligence and wisdom, with a talent for the sciences such as botany, medicine and astronomy, plus skill in music and divination. Centaurus makes people full of energy and very passionate, but with a tendency toward revenge. The constellation has been associated with weapons and poison.

The stars in the human part of Centaurus, such as Menkent, have a Venus and Mercury nature making these people good looking and intelligent with psychic abilities. The brighter stars in the horse part of Centaurus have the planetary nature of Venus and Jupiter. These fixed stars, mainly in the legs like Agena and Toliman, give a more refined nature with good health and a fortunate love life.

Centaurus Constellation Mythology

The Greeks called constellation Centaurus the Centaur, or the “Horseman Beast. This, too, was the special designation of the classical Pholus…the hospitable one of the family…this centaur’s transformation to the sky as our constellation, with the fitting designation ‘Well Disposed’…In its transcribed forms Chiron and Chyron…This has appropriately the handy One, a rendering that well agrees with this Centaur’s reputation…He was imagined as a mild and noble look, very different from the threatening aspect of the centaur Sagittarius; and Saint Celement of Alexandria wrote of him that he first led mortals to righteousness. His story has been thought in some degree historic, even by Sir Isaac Newton. As the wisest and most just of his generally lawless race he was beloved by Apollo and Diana, and from their teaching became proficient in botany and music, astronomy, divination and medicine, and instructor of the most noted heroes…Indeed he was the legendary inventor of the constellations…and the father of Hippo, mentioned by Euripedes as foretelling events from the stars” [1]

Constellation Centaurus Astrology

Constellation Centaurus [Urania’s Mirror]

Constellation Centaurus Rising

“The Centaur, from his own nature assigns qualities to his progeny. Such a one will either urge on asses with the goad and yoke together quadrupeds of mixed stock or will ride aloft in a chariot; else he will saddle horses with a fighter or drive them into the fight…Another knows how to apply the arts of healing to the limbs of animals and to relieve the dumb creatures of the disorders they cannot describe for his hearing…His is indeed a calling of skill, not to wait for the cries of pain, but recognize betimes a sick body not yet conscious of its sickness”. [2]

Centaurus Constellation In Christianity

He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man. [Psalms 147:10]

“It is the figure of a being with two natures. Jamieson, in his Celestial Atlas, 1822, says, “On the authority of the most accomplished Orientalist of our own times, the Arabic and Chaldaic name of this constellation is Bezeh.” Now this Hebrew word Bezeh (and the Arabic Al Beze) means the despised. It is the very word used of this Divine sufferer in Isaiah 53:3, “He is DESPISED and rejected of men.”

The constellation contains thirty-five stars. Two of the 1st magnitude, one of the 2nd, six of the 3rd, nine of the 4th, etc., which, together with the four bright stars in the CROSS make a brilliant show in southern latitudes. Another name for the constellation was in Hebrew, Asmeath, which means a sin-offering (as in Isaiah 53:10).

The Greek name was Cheiron, which means the pierced, or who pierces. In the Greek fables Cheiron was renowned for his skill in hunting, medicine, music, athletics, and prophecy. All the most distinguished heroes of Greece are described as his pupils. He was supposed to be immortal, but he voluntarily agreed to die; and, wounded by a poisoned arrow (not intended for him) while in conflict with a wild boar, he transferred his immortality to Prometheus; whereupon he was placed amongst the stars.

We can easily see how this fable is the ignorant perversion of the primitive Revelation. The true tradition can be seen dimly through it, and we can discern Him of whom it spoke,–the all-wise, all-powerful Teacher and Prophet, who “went about doing good,” yet “despised and rejected of men,” laying down His life that others might live.

It is one of the lowest of the constellations, i.e. the farthest south from the northern center. It is situated immediately over the CROSS, which bespeaks His own death; He is seen in the act of destroying the enemy. Thus these star-pictures tell us that it would be as a child that the Promised Seed should come forth and grow and wax strong in spirit and be filled with wisdom (Luke 2:40); and that as a man having two natures He should suffer and die. Then the third and last section in this first chapter of this First Book goes on to tell of His second coming in glory.” [3]


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  1. Dear Jamie, any chance you can provide the zodiac degree for Proxima Centauri, also known as Alpha Centauri C (α Cen C)? Star-facts.com says that it is located more than 2 degrees southwest of the Alpha Centauri AB pair, but I am not sure what zodiac degree that would be. No worries if you don’t know. Warm regards, Julia

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    • Right now, Proxima Centauri is at 29♏24.

      But for comparison, here are the year 2000 positions:

      29♏06 – Alpha Centauri C, Proxima Centauri

      29♏28 – Alpha Centauri A, Toliman

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