Toliman Star – Alpha Centaurus

Toliman is at 29°40′ Scorpio with an orb of 2°40′
Toliman Star Astrology

Centaurus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Toliman on November 21

Fixed star Toliman, Alpha Centauri, is the brightest star in Centaurus constellation, the third brightest star in the night sky and the closest star to our solar system. It is situated on the left front hoof of the Centaur Chiron.. The name Toliman comes from the Arabic al-Ẓulmān, meaning “the ostriches”. It is sometimes called Rigel Kent or Bungula. Rigle Kent is the romanization of the Arabic Rijl Qanṭūris, meaning “the foot of the Centaur”. Along with Agena, it makes up the Pointer Stars to the Southern Cross, constellation Crux.

In October 2013, it was revealed that the Toliman star may have an orbiting planet termed Alpha Centauri Bb. If verified, it would be the closest exoplanet to Earth ever discovered. It has a similar mass to Earth but its orbital period is only about 3 days. Alpha Centauri Bb which is shown in the image below.


22 ♏ 05
23 ♏ 48
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02 ♐ 18
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Alpha Centauri BbToliman Star Astrology

A binary star, white and yellowish, on the left forefoot of the Centaur. According to Bullinger it bore the ancient name Toliman, meaning the Heretofore and Hereafter. With the nature of Venus and Jupiter, it gives beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor. [1]

There is the added peculiarity that relationships with females often seem spoiled, or an existing happy relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. Well positioned, Bungula may help the native to gain a position of honor and power. The conjunction of Neptune with Bungula appears to be most disadvantageous in mundane maps. If one looks into past events, they always seem to tally up with disturbances, riots, periods of storm and stress, and revolt against curtailment of freedom. [2]

α Centauri is actually three stars very close to each other as we see them, and one of them actually the closest star to use in real distance, a mere 4¼ light years, so that it is called proxima Centauri. More generally, however, α as a whole is called Rigel Kentaur, Foot of the Centaur. Another name for it is Bungula, again meaning Foot if we remove the inexplicable ‘B’ from it. Yet a third name is Toliman, mentioned here only because readers may ind it in the odd book or so. Given Venus-Jupiter acclaim by Ptolemy, this much admired star trio is 29°33′ Scorpio.

Whoever has this star prominent in the horoscope will be noted for great enthusiasm for whatever causes they embrace and they are likely to be quite self sacrificing about it. They can even afford that expenditure it the star are well aspected, for they truly do indicate a bountiful flow of energies from within, or Above, however we may express it. [3]

Astrologically it is as the Sun and it portends friends, refinement, and positions of honor. When rising, this star indicates a breeder or trainer of horses. If favorably aspected by Mars the native in less mechanistic times would have been a cavalry soldier, but today a jockey, polo player, or other profession requiring horsemanship would be more logical. An aspect by Venus of Toliman when rising is indicative of natives who become veterinarians. When setting, of course, the star is indicative of troubles pertaining to the above descriptions, such problems might include horse-related accidents or falling from high places. [4]

Toliman rules two inches below the navel in the human body. [5]

Constellation Centaurus: According to Ptolemy the stars in the human part of the figure are of the nature of Venus and Mercury, and the bright stars in the horse’s part of Venus and Jupiter. It is said to give hard-heartedness, inclination to vengeance, love of arms, strong passion, and an energetic nature. It may be connected with poisons. [1]

Astrologically the constellation gives wisdom and a proficiency in botany, music, astronomy, divination, and medicine. In Medieval times the constellation was said to be connected with poison and to indicate strong passions and vengeance. [3]

Toliman Star, Alpha Centauri

Toliman Star, Alpha Centauri []

Toliman Star Conjunctions

Sun conjunct Toliman: Envious, self-centered, slow but fairly successful progress, many enemies, loss of inheritance. [1]

Moon conjunct Toliman: Popular, many friends, diplomatic, secret bad habits, excessive drinking, involved in disputes but emerges successfully. [1]

Mercury conjunct Toliman: Changeable, vacillating, fault-finding, difficult to please, good intellect, business success, trouble in domestic affairs through enemies, family sickness, disappointed ambitions. [1]

Venus conjunct Toliman: Popular, artistic and musical abilities, benefits from friends, danger from love affairs. [1]

Mars conjunct Toliman: Physical endurance, considerable mental power, speaker or writer, little prominence. [1]

Jupiter conjunct Toliman: Great ecclesiastical or legal honor and preferment, ritualistic tendencies, success in foreign countries, favorable for gain. [1]

This is the eagle. These natives are extremely fortunate as they had much to deal with in a former life and have earned this most lucky position for this life. They receive everything that is good for them through karmic ties that are extremely helpful to them. They come in contact with many people who owe them from past life situations. Whether or not they become careless with these gifts and rewards, it simply does not matter as they have come to enjoy all that awaits them in this life. [5]

Hillary Clinton 1°42′.

Saturn conjunct Toliman: Studious, well read, materialistic, self-seeking, favorable for gain, accumulation of money and property and legacies, though not without quarrels, favorable for marriage though some domestic disturbance, eldest child may be afflicted in early life. [1]

Uranus conjunct Toliman: Selfish, self-seeking, jealous of others’ success, dishonest, determined but indecisive in some things, loss through law, enemies and mercurial affairs, little prominence at home and greater reputation abroad, loss of friends, death through virulent disease. [1] This causes an uneven energy flow through the abdominal area causing difficulties in assimilating foods. This manifests as a problem in the colon area as food eatin is not assimilated properly, There is a blockage up into the intestine that would require lubrication to release the clogging of the intestinal tract. Oils are necessary as well as Vitamin A and E in a natural state. They should take a little olive oil in a salad every day and small amounts of cod liver oil daily. [5]

Neptune conjunct Toliman: Occult interests, psychic or mediumistic, deceitful, dishonest, many journeys and voyages often to the east of birthplace, rarely long in one place, occupation of a watery nature or connected with places of amusement and small speculations, favorable for gain and domestic matters, heavy business losses at end of life, death caused by Scorpio ailment. [1]


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. I have moon conjunct Toliman. I can’t say this fits me at all. I wouldn’t say I have lots of friends I’m quite reclusive in fact and I’m virtually teetotal. I’m also inclined to be tactless. This is about the first fixed star I’ve found which is supposed to have a positive influence on me, except it doesn’t seem to work in this case (and I have a well aspected moon)

  2. LOL I’ve just realised why it doesn’t work – because my moon isn’t conjunct Toliman- wrong end of Sagittarius.

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