Elon Musk – Erratic Behavior, Insults and Outbursts

Elon Musk HoroscopeElon Musk is a business magnate, investor and engineer. His projects include SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink and PayPal. Recent social media rants and emails have negatively affected the share price of his companies and lead to much criticism. This interpretation of the Elon Musk horoscope explains this erratic and aggressive behavior.

The controversy began in July 2018 during the Tham Luang cave rescue. Elon Musk attempted to help save the stranded boys by ordering his employees to build a small rescue pod. On 15 July, cave diver Vernon Unsworth described Musk’s attempt with a “kid-size submarine” as a PR stunt, saying the rescue pod “had absolutely no chance of working”, and he could “stick his submarine where it hurts”. [1] Later that day Musk referred to Unsworth as that “pedo guy” on Twitter but deleted it soon afterwards due to the backlash. On 16 July, Unsworth said he was considering taking legal action against Musk.

On 28 August 2018, Musk doubled down on his earlier comment by tweeting “You don’t think it’s strange he hasn’t sued me?” Finally, on 5 September, Buzzfeed News published an email written by Musk on August 30 saying “I suggest that you call people you know in Thailand, find out what’s actually going on and stop defending child rapists, you fucking asshole. As for this alleged threat of a lawsuit, which magically appeared when I raised the issue … I fucking hope he sues me.” Musk confirmed that he had sent the email. [2]

Elon Musk Astrology

Elon Musk was born on 28 June 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. With no known time of birth, the Aries chart below is cast for noon. Even without such personal points as the Moon or Ascendant and their aspects, the Elon Musk horoscope does explain his erratic behavior. The greatest possible orb for the following aspects and fixed stars are in brackets.

Sun conjunct fixed star Tejat Posterior (1°38′) gives public appeal but also the potential to capitalize on his popularity and to use it for unscrupulous ends. [3]

Sun square Uranus (3°53′) means Elon has to do things his own way. He is complex person, extremely intelligent and independent. However, an impulsive need to express his distinctive ego through his personality and career can often cause conflict with others. He comes across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird.

Even when he does not consciously intend to do so, people think he is provoking or challenging them. This leads to a lot of pressure from others, ranging from nagging to accusations of mutiny or being a witch.

Elon Musk Horoscope

Elon Musk Astrology Chart

Elon Musk Horoscope

Mercury conjunct fixed star Canopus (1°06′) makes Elon Musk rash, headstrong and stubborn, yet also kind-hearted. He attracts criticism for speaking and writing on unpopular subjects. Trouble and loss through domestic matters, partners and law. [4]

Mercury conjunct fixed star Sirius (1°48′) brings great business success and help through influential people. But it makes him worry unnecessarily and may cause a physical defect through an accident. [4] Sirius marks immense creative talents in any field but perhaps more inner power than he can safely manage. Harshly aspected it can show a psychotic person, truly a menace to himself and the community. [3]

Mercury square Uranus (6°00′) gives Elon an unconventional way of thinking and communicating. Despite a brilliant mind, his provocative ideas, rash statements and eccentric behavior cause upset to others and lead to relationship difficulties. Trouble listening and being easily distracted can lead to him saying the wrong things in response to others.

An abrupt way of communication and a tendency to joke around can offend and insult people. Seeing the other side of things is a good thing in general, but is sometimes seen as arrogance or shit stirring by others. People often think he is just out for attention by shocking them or being deliberately argumentative. This is the widest aspect used in this Elon Musk horoscope but it could be less than only 4° if he was born early in the morning.

His tendency toward controversy is a sign of his great intellect and creativity. Unorthodox and inventive thinking is excellent for his career in computers and the internet, science, design, engineering and inventing. However, it makes it difficult for him to keep up long-term relationships. It also brings many shocks and surprises, and makes it difficult for him to stick to his plans.

Venus conjunct fixed star Bellatrix (1°32′) brings much suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feelings. [4] Bellatrix gives quick decision-making, courage and fighting spirit, strategic talents and the ability to organize. But it also gives the reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil. Envy and hatred go with advancement and success. [5]

Venus trine Mars (1°50′) gives a passion for life and social popularity. It gives more balance to the Elon Musk horoscope and thus to his personality. He can entertain people because of his playful and youthful nature. This aspect gives incredible creative talents which have manifested in many areas of his life, from his animated nature to his many personal and professional interests. Unfortunately, both Venus and Mars join fixed stars which cause aggression and recklessness. So the trine aspect makes it so easy for him to express hatred and hostility when he becomes agitated.

Mars conjunct fixed star Nashira (0°32′) affects his health. It causes damage to the bone structure of his right leg. The real problem is the hot, flashing pain he can experience when walking. This pain is sporadic and directly related to his anxieties. Impatience and anxiety are keywords here. He can become quite impatient and irrational because of the pain he experiences. Temper tantrums and irrational behavior often result, along with shouting and hostility towards others. [6]

Fixed star Toliman conjunct Jupiter (1°37′) and Neptune (1°42′). Alpha Centauri is the third brightest star in the night sky and the closest star to our solar system. It gives beneficence, friends, refinement and a position of honor. [4] Relationships with women often seem spoiled, or an existing happy relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. [5] It gives great enthusiasm for whatever cause he embraces and he is likely quite self-sacrificing about it.

Jupiter conjunct Toliman gives honor and preferment, ritualistic tendencies, success in foreign countries, and is favorable for gain. [4]

Neptune conjunct Toliman gives psychic ability or mediumship, occult interests, deceit and dishonesty. There are many journeys and voyages often to the east of his birthplace, and he rarely stays long in one place. Favorable for gain and domestic matters but heavy business losses at end of life. [4]

Jupiter conjunct Neptune (3°12′) makes him devoted, moralistic, ethical and spiritual. He is enthusiastic and optimistic about doing his best for humanity. He grasps abstract theories and incorporates them into his wide and comprehensive knowledge. This aspect gives an incredible imagination and readiness to believe just about anything. He may have transcendent, mystical experiences and believe he has a special destiny.

However, this aspect also makes him very controversial and connected to scandals, gossip and intrigue. It could make Elon addicted to extravagance and perhaps give a linking for mind altering substances. It also makes him somewhat irrational at times and prone to error. He is able to use abstract ideas to make other people do just about anything he wishes.

Jupiter sextile Pluto (0°34′) gives power and influence to bring positive change to the world. It gives Elon a wide knowledge and determination to make a significant contribution to society. There is likely a spiritual reason behind his need to reform outdated or broken systems, beliefs or organizations. His leadership qualities and self-assured aura make him popular and admired.

He can inspire or motivate people to work together for the common good, and should enjoy success and happiness in life and be remembered for making a difference. Investing in emerging markets and progressive companies brings handsome profits. The accumulation of wealth is reward for his positive contributions and funds his philanthropic interests.

Jupiter opposite Saturn (3°36′) creates an inner tension that makes Elon very charismatic. However, many ups and downs in life can leave him feeling secretly insecure. The cause of these good and bad effects is the internal conflict between his enthusiasm and his more cautious nature.

Sometimes he experiences growth spurts with good luck, frantic activity and success. At other times, severe tests and challenges with misfortune that leaves him idle and depressed. Alternating between go and stop, or fast and slow, can result in intermittent progress. Because of Jupiter conjunct Neptune, he is mostly enthusiastic and happy but can lack self-discipline. As a result he may become reckless, waste energy and resources, and fail to reach his goals.

Saturn opposite Neptune (0°24′) causes confusion in his personal relationships and how he relates to the outer world. He has problems determining where his rights stop and the rights of others begin. A tendency to project his fears, anxieties and nervousness on other people can make him look scared.

A suspicious attitude can actually attract the kinds of people and circumstances he is afraid of. Learning to trust is his big lesson. This aspect is the tightest in the Elon Musk horoscope and makes him more vulnerable than most to deception, scandal and negative psychic energy. He can protect himself by being as honest as possible and avoiding mind altering drugs, alcohol, gambling, cults, gurus and conspiracy theories.

Update 7 September 2018

Wow, just one day after I wrote this: Tesla shares crash after Elon Musk smokes joint on live web show.


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28 thoughts on “Elon Musk – Erratic Behavior, Insults and Outbursts

  1. Can’t see the point of publishing a chart without a time of birth, Jamie. Surely you could rectified it first? I mean, this is Elon Musk after all.

      • Not really. A man of the stature and significance of ELON MUSK, surely his ASC is known. This chart and analysis is incomplete and needs rework. 😉

        • Not even astro-databank has Elon Musk’s time of birth.
          This analysis tells me plenty. Fixed stars give quite a bit of depth to an analysis.

          • At best it is 50%. But if people here think it’s ok, we don’t all need to eat together.

    • Many people don’t know their time of birth. Why don’t you write to Elon and ask him to check out his birth certificate and get his birth time for us? As an astrologer I read many ppls charts even if they don’t know their exact time and we still find much truth and observation. Rectification is not easy. You need to work with the client closely, as you know- ask them many questions- Elon would have to be willing to do this. Nelson Mandela also has no birth time and we use his chart effectively all the time.

  2. I agree it is better to talk about what we a sure about in his chart. If I rectified then we would not be certain and would be doing what he did to that poor cave diver: unsubstantiated claims.

    • Exactly. His outbursts, insults and erratic behaviour could be triggered from eclipses and or transits via progressions….But we’ll never know the four or five critical axis lines.. so what do we do? Distract us into accepting star interpretations and let the dust settle?

    • The head of Human Resources, gone. You know Jamie, there isn’t one HR head worth their salt that doesn’t know Astrology inside and out. To have top people without a chart rectification, especially Elon.. Jesus, how they managed to raise so much money… there had to been some other trick.

      Btw Robert Hand wouldnt even look at a birth chart without a time-of-day. He was burned often in his early years from clients fudging birth times.

      • Hi Gerald. Rectification is not such a good idea because it really is fudging a birth time. Everyone who tries will come up with a different time. Every aspect and fixed star I have mentioned for Elon Musk he actually has for sure. So this is an accurate interpretation. I can add information about his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven if we ever find his actual time of birth.

        • Sorry for sounding harsh earlier Jamie. The thing with rectification is that the client tells you when he is born, without him knowing. It takes intuitive skill. If I hung out with Elon for a month I’d get a good bead on it. IMO, Elon’s problems mostly stem from a lack of spiritual advisors with the right muscle.

          • I don’t mind Gerald I love good discussions especially about methods, not so much about political beliefs on an astrology post though. Have you ever rectified a chart to later discover the actual birth time. That would be a good test but I don’t know how often that happens. Vedic astrologers have the best reputation for rectification and I think that is because the sidereal zodiac already take into account precession. Especially important when looking at outer planet transits for major life events. I also pay a lot of attention to the Vertex Point with chart rectification.

            • Political discussion is merely the dynamics of an Opposition aspect. And how this opposition shows up, traditionally 180°, isnt set in stone. For instance the chaos in the USA, can be seen by the opposing forces between the vision of July 4, 1776, and the I Want My Cake and Eat it Too, impracticality of the Articles of Confederation, Nov 15, 1777.

              Using progressions we are at the Midpoint between these two groups, and the rise of the energies of the Opposition aspect.

  3. Something I am noticing is that the previous solar eclipse that just hit in August opposed his Mars. That could be contributing to his more aggressive patterns as of late. Also, his Mars is tightly conjunct asteroid 149 Medusa (I believe this to be a betrayal asteroid) in his chart, and the eclipse was within a degree (maybe slightly more) to his 99942 Apophis (destruction). That eclipse would also have hit within 3 degrees or so of his South Node (based on the assumed noontime). Is there any word on whether he regularly used marijuana in his youth?

    Given the Thailand rescue/sub idea/pedophile accusation against his one detractor, certainly fits with the theme of seeking to totally destroy an enemy. As his asteroid 128 Nemesis (enemy/adversarial) squares his 2601 Bologna (deception asteroid in my view. Think “baloney”), I’m not surprised he’d concoct a BS story about someone who called out one of his ideas (at least, I would hope it’s BS as that opens a whole new can of worms if Musk’s claim was legit). Although, that’s almost a 2 degree orb between those two asteroids, so feel free to take this one with a huge grain of salt.

    Finally, I’ll leave off with noticing the numerous asteroids square his Pluto from Gemini. 11144 Radiocommunicata (communications, radio, etc. Internet would count in my view), 26955 Lie (obvious), Ceres (I am not aware of his home situation… anyone?), 564 Dudu (just as it sounds in English), and 10961 Buysballot (I’d love to know what backroom deals he’s been involved in). This certainly could paint a picture of a potential of great mayhem if someone dared cross him. Of course, asteroid astrology isn’t used by that many people, but I’ve found it paints some interesting fine lines on otherwise seemingly complete pictures (especially when I look at them in regards to past events in my own life).

    I’d love to look at this even closer if we can ever get a birthtime for the guy.

    • His chart can still be progressed to get an idea of what day, August 14, 1971. I believe that was when Nixon took the USA of the gold standard and allowed the US currency to float.

  4. hoaxer: wizard of oz ;like theranos c o
    i’ll bet most of these tech heads are similar.

  5. Elon’s time of birth is not known so we do not know his ascendant (rising) sign. Would there be big changes in his horoscope if we found out that he was born at 3:00 am instead of 12:00 pm? When I watch interviews or videos with him, I see a lot of Gemini characteristics (way of communication, body language).

  6. I suspect that Elon has Taurus rising and with Saturn in his first house. The time I set is 3;15 am, give or take a few minutes. This puts Mars in his tenth house conjunct his midheaven, indicating the energy he puts into his career and his aggressiveness in achieving his goals, but he works too hard (Mars square Jupiter) which could be detrimental to the point of a possible health risk. With Aquarius on his tenth house cusp, his career is in futuristic and innovative things such as space, technology and of course the Tesla. His Moon would be in his fourth house, indicating his deep love for his mother and family. His fourth house cusp is Leo and this shows in his Bel-Air mansion and other properties in the area. His second house of money has Venus (finances), the Sun (prosperity) and Mercury (money from fast motion–cars, aircraft, etc.) the Jupiter conjunct Neptune is in his seventh house, but being opposed by Saturn may well explain his marital problems. He seeks out sexy (Scorpio on the cusp) glamorous actresses (Neptune) who are basically trophy wives to stroke his ego (Jupiter), but with Saturn (restriction) he can’t cope with their celebrity. What he needs is a quiet homebody (Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, in Virgo in the fifth) who will be there to welcome him home at night with a kiss and a home-cooked meal. Despite his powerful public image, he still needs a woman who is all his and doesn’t belong to the world like the actresses he has been involved with. As he ages, he may slow down (Saturn in Taurus the first house) hopefully before he burns himself out (Mars conjunct Midheaven and square Jupiter).

  7. Even the chart is wrong, he’s a gemini sun and Leo Moon.

  8. Elon Musk hosting SNL May 8, already a cacophony of reaction …

    China on the other side of the planet from EST, nyc, therefore look at 3pm birth time, and check for reasonableness..


    Transits 28 April 2021

    Could it be true? Monsieur Money Bags has his Lunar Node line on the MC/IC gravity axis, up up and away with Mars? And could it be he has Jupiter/Neptune conjunct Ascendant, and Saturn/Varuna conjunct his Descendant?

    We have a chart with high mast cross, again, Uranus sq. Sun. And look at Taurus in 6th with transits!

  9. The 3pm anti rectification isn’t everyone’s cup of bubble tea, and given the excitable start to this thread it should surprise no one.

    On another note, Monsieur Money Bags is cloud sourcing for May 8 SNL.

    Could there be an idea for a meme or sketch here at Astrologyking? I’ve heard rumours a lot of Jamie stuff has Roam the world, like a Hula Hoop.

    EM progressed charts,



  10. Elon or Leon Musk?

    With a south node in Leo, the carefully crafted first name would want to reflect that? But what is the placement? 3am IC or 3pm Mid Heaven?

    (What an astrologer might think about during EM Money bags’ six hundred and sixty sixth Lunar Return Revolution cycle)

    The 3am or 3pm 666th moves the Moon enough from a conjunction with Vestas,11th house (3am) to a conjunction with Orcus, 6th house (3pm).

    3am –
    Is Elon confined by regulation in China?

    3pm –
    is Elon providing a ferry service?

    both? depends on what rectification adopted by country in question? And why diplomacy requires one keep an open mind (healthy heart).

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