Mercury Square Uranus July 21, 2024

Mercury Square Uranus Transit

Mercury square Uranus maximum orb 4°00′.

Mercury square Uranus natal sets you apart from the pack because of your different way of thinking and communicating. While you may have a brilliant mind, your sometimes provocative ideas or eccentric manner can upset others and lead to relationship difficulties.

I will first deal with this aspect’s drawbacks, which mainly revolve around how you communicate. Trouble listening can occur due to a lack of concentration or being easily distracted. This can lead to you saying the wrong thing in response to others as you did not fully understand what they said first.

The prankster in you can also lead to others being offended or insulted; the same can result if you have an abrupt way of speaking. But at a higher level, your tendency to see the other side of things can lead to you challenging others’ ideas. This can be a good thing but seen as arrogance or teasing by others. People may think you are just out for attention by shocking them or being deliberately argumentative. You will likely see the benefit of looking at things from all sides. The advantage is that all options lead to better discussions and outcomes.

Your tendency toward controversy can signify that you are gifted, intelligent, and creative. You are undoubtedly experimental and are quickly excited by new or shiny things. Perhaps more discrimination or self-control is needed to maintain harmony in relationships, especially when meeting someone new. And this aspect does indicate that you experience many chance encounters and will meet a wide variety of people from different cultural, ethnic, and philosophical backgrounds.

However, this aspect also indicates that you may change friends often, having difficulty maintaining long-term companionship. You may be subject to more than your fair share of shock and surprises, while sticking to plans may prove difficult. Discrimination and feeling isolated or cut off from mainstream society are other outcomes of your original thinking. Being labeled weird or a nerd would be all part of this. Nervous anxiety, spasms, and broken arms and fingers are possible.

You may be particularly amused by and drawn to novelties, and your quirky sense of humor would come in handy as a comedian. Your unorthodox and inventive way of thinking could lead to a career as a scientist, designer, engineer, inventor, or mad professor.

You would also excel in occult subjects such as astrology and numerology, including science or mathematics. Mercury is the traditional ruler of astrology, and Uranus is modern. Computers and the internet would provide a healthy income, with the internet, in particular, being an excellent way for you to communicate and make friends. The internet limits the dissociative influence of Uranus and gives you a long time to think before making rash statements.

Mercury Square Uranus Transit

Mercury square Uranus transit brings excitement and changes to your daily routine and interactions, which can cause upsets and nervous tension. You may receive upsetting news or experience something unexpected that forces you to change plans. The regular tempo of life increases, and you may have an unsettling feeling of always having to catch up.

Take extra time when making plans or attending to detailed paperwork due to a possible lack of concentration. An increased need for excitement or amusement makes you easily distracted and less responsible or dependable. Likewise, others may let you down or seem distracted.

Mishaps are likely in your communications, whether in person, in writing, or on the internet, where misunderstandings could lead to arguments. It could be that you or the other person misses vital information, leading to the wrong thing being said. You are more likely to offend others and be offended under this influence.

On the positive side, you have an increased ability to view things from a different perspective, which can lead to original ideas and breakthroughs. Chance encounters with others are possible, but friendships made now will likely be short-lived.

The anxiety and stress of this transit can be somewhat alleviated by postponing important meetings or appointments. Think twice before making bold statements, and double-check travel plans. Avoid making spontaneous decisions or agreeing to things on the spur of the moment. Remaining flexible and open-minded is crucial in dealing with unexpected events, from car breaking down to printer jams.

Mercury Square Uranus Celebrities

Burt Reynolds 0°00′, Alberto Lattuada 0°05′, Derek Longmuir 0°13′, Sigourney Weaver 0°15′, Garfield Sobers 0°14′, Dean Martin 0°24′, Peggy Lee 0°27′, Wolfgang Borchert 0°27′, Derek Jarman 0°36′, Jackie Curtis 0°38′, Claude of France 0°38′, Justin Timberlake 0°40′, John Maynard Keynes 0°44′, P. L. Travers 0°50′, Heidi Fleiss 0°55′, George Clooney 0°55′, Wes Craven 0°56′, Oliver Stone 0°57′, Susan Miller 0°59′, Carlos the Jackal 1°03′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 1°04′, Amos Bronson Alcott 1°05′, Allison DuBois 1°11′, John Holmes 1°13′, Daryl Hannah 1°23′, Steven Seagal 1°23′, Lily Tomlin 1°26′, Princess Eugenie 1°42′, Robert Kennedy 1°46′, Michael Douglas 1°51′, Diego Maradona 1°53′.

Mercury Square Uranus Dates

July 23, 2023
February 16, 2024
July 21, 2024
August 18, 2024
September 7, 2024
February 10, 2025
September 3, 2025
February 5, 2026
August 28, 2026

21 thoughts on “Mercury Square Uranus July 21, 2024

  1. Hi Jamie, do I have Uranus square Mercury? I only know Uranus is in Virgo and Merc is in Sag. Dec 2 1962 935 am Calgary Alberta. I’m trying to figure out what is square to fire. ? Earth or water? Thank you

    • No, the orb is too wide at 9 degrees. There is a weak Sun influence from Sun square Uranus at 5 degrees and a strong influence of Mercury square Pluto at 2 degrees orb.

      • Thank you! So I should look more to the Sun square Uranus and Merc square Pluto? Can you tell me why do I feel like that Pluto gives me tons of trouble? I’m trying to change my outlook towards it, but it’s been hard. I have no basis for feeling this way, so it’s confusing to me. And Sag is square to Virgo then? And Sag is square to Pisces?

        • Yes, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces make a grand cross. Actually Sun square Pluto at 2 degrees orb is probably twice as strong as Sun square Uranus at nearly 5 degrees orb.

          Venus sextile Pluto is your tightest aspect at 0°06′. The you also have the very intense Moon quincunx Pluto to research.

          When you mention “feeling” and “confusion” in the same sentence it makes me think that your trouble comes more from Neptune than Pluto. You do have Moon square Neptune under half a degree.

  2. 100/100. I have this one at 1’47” on my natal. Can’t thank you enough! A bit confused though right now. I(ascendant cancer) also have Mercury in my decan(3) and Mercury trine Mars in this week and those seem to be quite positively powerful. But with this Mercury square Uranus should I be postponing all meetings? Really have a good opportunity between 11th and 13th to present my ideas which I know will take me a long way. Thanks Jamie.

  3. Actually before i could decide, luck decided it for me. My manager went on leave(which was sudden) between 11th and 15th July, so this window kinda became non existent for me. The next one coming up is between 27th July and 5th August, but that would not be a in-room presentation, at best a web presentation or just sharing my presentation over email and then answering questions over phone/email. What do you think of that window? Better/worse/similar in terms of planetary aspects? I am an Aquarius(Decan1) and Cancer(Decan3).
    Also another question: What is the window of validity i should consider for the transiting aspects? Like for Full Moon and New Moon we have a window of 2 weeks, extended to 4 weeks. If an aspect is on my natal chart, i guess it’s effects are lifelong 🙂

    • Yes, an aspect in your birth chart is life long. A new moon lasts for 28 days. A full moon lasts for 14 days. Eclipses usually last about 6 months, up to the next series of eclipses.

  4. LOL. I have this natal at 5mins orb. As a child I was incredibly clumsy. I was constantly breaking things, falling and bumping. I have had to learn to watch what I am doing but do still have a knack for that odd clumsy accident. Also interestingly you say it gives nervous anxiety spasms. Well I do suffer from acute anxiety and bite my nails to a stump! Uranus is conjunct Pluto by 2deg in my chart and I have also had to learn how badly words can hurt, both myself and others. In anger if I am not careful I can say horrifically cruel things. I also often inadvertently will blurt something out that really should have stayed in!
    On the positive, this aspect, well yes. I don’t believe I am anybody’s victim and have no time to feel sorry for myself. I am resourceful and inventive and believe in the power of invention. With my MC also at the last degree of Aquarius I make my living by finding often complex solutions for other peoples problems. I am very free thinking, loving all kinds of subjects from esoteric to science of which I am a junkie and follow various journals as a hobby.
    Thanks Jamie.

  5. My daughter who has been experiencing severe mental health problems for 12 years has an apt with social security tomorrow 31st after months of hard work by myself, others and her to overcome phobia to attend and hopefully change a few things that will help her move forward as is neccessary for someone with her problems rather than the system constantly pushing her backwards at regular intervals for so long, I do hope the positive potential for this comes about, they wont change the apt, its then or take a hike as usyal. Fingers crossed.

  6. Jamie, PLEASE HELP! I have a job interview mid-August, 2018, during which I have a Mercury square Uranus transit. There’s no way for me to postpone it, since this transit is lasting until early October according to my natal chart. Any word of wisdom for me?

  7. Jamie, transit Uranus (ret) in Taurus is square my natal Pluto (ret) in Leo, while transit Mercury is square my natal Uranus in Gemini. It has just gone 10pm on 31 August (UK). Would you say that I this justifies my keeping turned off all means of communcation with me (phone, mobile, doorbell, laptop) and sleeping through tomorrow? In any case, that is what I mean do, because you have been uncannily right so often, and I do not feel one bit like receiving shocking news, or antagonising people, or being generally mucked about. I shall let you know whether my evasion was successful. 🙂 (DOB 19 March 1944)

  8. Ok I have a mercury 8 taurus 1st house and pluto @ 2 Scorpio retrograde 7th house. I have a sun 26 taurus 1st house and saturn is 24 scorpio R 7th house. I know that the last 4 planets are all in retrograde. May 17th 1985 0442 in Oden, Arkansas. so what does this mean in your terms.

  9. This natal interpretation here is so negative and destructive, who would ever pay for your readings? The is a great aspect for the realm of the imagination, the word never used once, how pathetic. The so called, “brilliant mind” as you put it can only cause, “difficulties”?? …talk about negative.

  10. What a great writing, Jamie. I feel tge negatuves and the positives to the T. Thank you for being so thorough with your research!

  11. Good ol’ Mercury.

    Elected to do things in reverse today,
    for protection and stave off attack.

    Also in my star sign for another week.
    Had a dream from the?
    bolts and arrows towards me,
    calling police,
    lost on deaf ears.

    Not a great time,
    but something that needs to be resolved,
    and brought to the surface.

    Can’t keep on ‘Keeping up appearances’,
    truth comes out in the end.

    A card in hand.

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