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Paris Hilton HoroscopeWe know Paris Hilton has Sagittarius rising in her horoscope [1]. I’ve rectified her chart to put Neptune on the Ascendant for a few reasons. Firstly, Neptune rising explains her glamour role in life with fashion and TV, as well as her troubles with drugs, as Neptune rules all these things.Secondly, this means that she had transiting Pluto conjunct Ascendant when she was arrested for drunk driving in September 2006 which led to jail time. Pluto on her Neptune would not have been enough for such a dramatic event in her life, on the Ascendant is so much more personal.

The third reason for this rectification time is the rising star at 24 Sagittarius which is called Lesath in the sting of the Scorpion. This star has been associated with immorality and poison. [2] The word immorality in the older translations can be simply mean today that there is a more open view about sexuality than was dictated by the Church. The poison in the Scorpion’s sting can relate in our modern times to the harder drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and heroin, and the Scorpion does inject it’s poison.

Paris is a sex symbol, she’s real hot. Mars, the planet of sexual energy is the action point of a Yod aspect pattern in her chart. This mean that Mars is very dominant in her chart, reflected in her fast paced and dangerous lifestyle. The energy of the Moon sextile Jupiter – Saturn feeds this Mars.The Moon with the North Node adds to her popularity with the public, but Jupiter and Saturn on the fixed star Vindemiatrix causes problems with the law and makes her subject to criticism [3].

Paris Hilton HoroscopeTrouble with the law is also a feature of Uranus with the fixed star Toliman. This is square her Sun conjunct Mercury which adds an erratic nature especially with decision making. Paris was born into life of luxury and extravagance. With this rectified time of 3:08 am, her Part of Fortune is on the brightest star in the sky, the fixed star Sirius, which gives fame, hon our and riches. The Part of Fortune not only represents material success, but also fortune in all areas of life including spiritual.

Chiron represents the major wounds in her life, and these are related to drugs and alcohol from Neptune rising in the Sting of the Scorpion. Chiron sextile Part of Fortune means that her wealth and fame also play their part in supporting these addictions. Yet as Chiron is also healing, the great support she gets from her wealth and fame is the ticket to overcoming these difficulties through classy rehab centers or private therapy.

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  1. Stumbled upon this … funny I didn’t notice anyone pointing out her eighth house Moon that NEEDS all that intense, nasty, sweaty, sexy eighth house stuff and in a very Leo-ish way. Too bad she doesn’t like handcuffs … oh wait! It’s sextile Saturn! Right by her midheaven. Surprised? ha ha ha

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