Sun Trine Pluto May 22, 2024

Sun Trine Pluto Transit

Sun trine Pluto maximum orb 6°00′.

Sun trine Pluto natal gives incredible inner strength and willpower that makes you ambitious, driven, focused and charismatic. You have a strong and positive influence on others, which you may not be aware of, especially when young. But a desire for self-improvement means you develop self-awareness and an understanding of your hidden power. This makes you quietly confident and proud of your achievements without needing to prove yourself or becoming egoistic or boastful.

Your father, teachers or others in positions of power may have strongly influenced your early development. They may have instilled a strong purpose or a desire for power and influence. You may feel you have something important or significant to achieve, a unique destiny. Relationships with people in positions of power and authority will likely continue to be helpful throughout your life.

Even if you don’t seek power, you have the talent and potential to leave your mark through your career or calling. You also have leadership or managerial potential and can positively impact many people. Others often find you convincing, intriguing, compelling or hard to ignore.

Whatever your career or current interest, you often go to extremes in research and in-depth understanding of the topic. You may then manifest this intense interest in profound and meaningful ways. Sun trine Pluto gives the perception and insight for psychology, research, investigation, espionage, politics, solving problems and mysteries, and spiritual and occult work like astrology.

Your powerful inner strength also gives you the resilience and perseverance to overcome hardship. You can transform and evolve, turn challenges into opportunities, eliminate bad habits and negative behaviors, recover from illness, and let go of the past. You can transform or regenerate your identity, goals and environment at certain times in your life. This can lead to great wisdom and the evolution of your soul.

Sun Trine Pluto Transit

Sun trine Pluto transit brings intense and profound experiences. Whatever you are interested in now, you will be driven to research and investigate the inner workings to gain a complete understanding of the topic. You will have greater power and influence over your life, allowing for positive transformations. You can also exert this greater power and influence over the events in your life and those around you.

Relationships with people in positions of power and authority, large organizations, and companies should go well, and you can make a big impression on superiors. As Pluto also rules elimination, you can use this transit to clean away clutter in your environment. Personal or professional problems can also be more easily resolved now. You can also take on more of a leadership role in your career and in groups, where your ability to make positive changes will win you credit and improve your self-esteem.

This would be a great time to study mysterious or challenging fields like astrology, where the deep investigation and personal transformation of Sun trine Pluto combine. Application, more so than reading, can lead to illuminating discoveries.

This interpretation for Sun trine Pluto transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon trine Pluto.

Sun Trine Pluto Celebrities

Dick Emery 0°01’, Ennio Morricone 0°02’, Grace Kelly 0°02’, Jimmy Swaggart 0°08’, Diana Ross 0°09’, Klaus Barbie 0°10’, Sara Gilbert 0°15’, Kesha 0°20’, Jack London 0°20’, Bob Woodward 0°24’, Shakira 0°27’, Robert Wadlow 0°27’, Sharon Tate 0°32’, Karl Kaufmann 0°35’, Ed White 0°37’, Lao She 0°39’, Ray Liotta 0°42’, Agnetha Fältskog 0°46’, Lady Sarah Chatto 0°46’, Mike Barson 0°46’, Dave Grohl 0°50’, Jamie Oliver 0°51’, Kiefer Sutherland 0°52’, Pricilla Chan 0°53’, José Carreras 0°53’, Andie McDowell 0°57’, Bruce Lee 1°00’, Emmylou Harris 1°04’, Upton Sinclair 1°05’, Mel B 1°07 ‘, Lady Cynthia Asquith 1°12’, Tina Turner 1°12’, Rupert Murdoch 1°15’, Paula Yates 1°16’, Aretha Franklin 1°17’ Sean Hannity 1°20’, Sybil Leek 1°23’, Groucho Marx 1°30’, Lana Del Rey 1°38′, Al Gore 1°45’, Alan Oken 1°48’.

Sun Trine Pluto Dates

September 18, 2022
May 21, 2023
September 21, 2023
May 22, 2024
September 22, 2024
May 24, 2025
September 24, 2025
May 26, 2026
September 26, 2026

26 thoughts on “Sun Trine Pluto May 22, 2024

  1. Thanks for this, Jamie. I have Pluto sextile my Sun/Moon midpoint in Libra. This so describes my personality, and how I interact with people.

    I hope 2015 is a good year for you as it has for me so far. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Jamie!

    I have Pluto in Libra sextile my sun, venus, jupiter, neptune, and trine my midheaven and ASC. I can relate to this post and “creating a continual desire for positive transformation of the ego” as overcoming massive personal/life barriers has been my whole existence and I know that this is true for many people as well. I’m very interested in transcending the ego and spirituality/meaning of life. Sometimes I have to tone my personality down, I also have Mars in my first house conj ASC and an almost exact Sun/Jupiter/Venus conj in Leo (big mouth! and sometimes unintentionally hurt other peoples feelings) I also get over-involved in projects/work/research and have to be really careful not to burn out. I have had no end of interesting experiences in my love life (where angels fear to tread!) and enjoy experiencing and exploring other people on many levels, but alas not a lot of strong commitments..or ‘Love’, whatever that means, perhaps also Pluto’s influence or coming across as too independent/strong willed.. you can’t have it all darling!

    What is this sun/moon midpoint that I hear so much about?

    • Hi Helen,

      The sun/moon midpoint is just the point halfway between the two. I was born right before New Moon, with the Sun at 25.5 and the Moon at 22 Libra. My Pluto is nearly 23 Leo, so you and I have Sun sextile Pluto with the signs swapped. The S/M midpoint is a sensitive point in everyone’s chart, but ask Jamie or another astrologer to explain the details. I’m no expert.

  3. Have the Trine, this one is a little hard for me to tell, I’m already Aquarius Leo Scorpio.
    dJust another layer of Sun – Pluto I suppose.

    Helen.. not to tell you how to write but… “overcoming massive personal/life barriers has been my whole existence” I mean come on, you sound like you have a Scorpio Moon or something. What’s so hard about Jupiter Venus Sun conjunctions in Leo, I forget, is the toughest part of the Zodiac.

    If your really into tonedownation, probably in the vicinity of “my fair share” or, a good portion of my existence, has felt like.

    You don’t know how true for many, how many, your definition of yourself is obviously still developing.

  4. This is just one thing I have going on. So many squares, trines,etc. I’m just laying on the couch waiting for it all to be over!

  5. Hi Jamie, these aspects are so perfectly written, can’t thank you enough! I know it takes a lot of time to get these written, but so eager to see the Neptune, Pluto and Uranus aspects. Do you have a timeline planned?

    • Thank you so much! Weeks not months. One more week of school holidays then I will have more time.

  6. haa..haaa, totally with you on this! I am a single working mom myself 🙂 Please take your time. Thanks again for the huge social work you are doing and helping souls like me!

  7. Bruce Lee had Sun conjunct AC [orb 1 degree] trine Pluto [1 degree]. This is for a birth time of 7.12 am on 27 Nov 1940 in San Francisco. He also had a tight square between Pluto & Mars [orb of 0’18] which must have been his incredible energy & endurance. Hope this is helpful! I’m living in self-interested hope that you write about Moon square Neptune one of these days, as i can find very little on it online that really feels right….i have stationary Neptune in 12th square Moon conjunct MC [1 degree orb] so one of the main energies in my chart….

    • Most helpful thanks Malo. Transiting Neptune opposite Moon here so we are going through much the same, wishy-washy energy.

  8. Hi Jamie. I wrote to you a few days ago when you explained that Saturn square my Sun (7 September 1952) has been the culprit behind all my frustration.I mentioned I have been hunting for a second job with no luck for quite some time; this is to shore up my finances and clear out my debt after 3 years of a floor up remodel of an older home I bought in 2013, which has yet to be complete. I am currently waiting on a response about a job I interviewed for in early July; they keep telling me I am still a candidate, but they are still interviewing. I thought perhaps this aspect might bode well since I am born on Sept. 7? Or am I grasping at straws? Many thanks, Jamie, for your earlier reply and this one, if you have the time.

    • We all feel the daily transits at a general level but they are stronger if they aspect something in your chart. So being your birthday it is very strong because you have Sun conjunct Sun transit, therefore Pluto trine Sun transit (Jan to Nov 2016). It is fortunate that Saturn square Sun transit is off by nearly 5 degrees at the moment because the Pluto trine will stay active in your solar return chart for the next 12 months.

  9. Hi Jamie, I have a sticky situation. I broke a rental lease (tenancy agreement) to move into my newly built house. Since I have signed the lease up to Jan 2017, I have to pay rent until someone rents this house. I am paying mortgate and rent to this unoccupied house. Is there something I can expect in this transit? Birth date is 27/Sep/1972. I have Panacea at 15 degree Virgo. None in Capricorn except NN in 23 degree and Jup in 00 Capricorn. Working class family but we could not get out of this rental trap. It is a huge mistake that we signed a two year tenancy, then things started changing. Your information is much appreciated. Daisy.

    • As your sun is about to almost conjunct the 12 year jupiter in libra/sun conjunction, you should try to advertise the rental house yourself and get a new tenant, won’t cost much and with a birthdate like yours bound to win, in uk not allowed to take 2 lots of rental on same property. Just a thought. Good Luck.

    • In the longer term you should do alright out of real estate because you have Venus sextile Saturn in your chart. Venus rules money, Saturn rules houses. Don’t make any decisions on Sep 12 or 13. The September 16 lunar eclipse will improve your situation in the six months ahead. Good luck comes with Jupiter conjunct Sun transit for a few weeks around October 2.

  10. Hi Jamie i have grand earth trine of pluto sun and moon/saturn….have been a female electrician for 30 years and influenced many young girls to go into male trades….i also use astrology to help people through life …ann

  11. I have Sun at 28 42 Pisces and Pluto at 3 03 Sagittarius. Pluto is retro, is this trine? Sun 3rd house, Pluto 11th. Thanks for posting

  12. Hi Jamie

    I am a Taurus 11/05 Scorpio rising and have been desperately looking for a job since 1 year 🙁 Will this help to change my situation regarding job/higher education?
    Thanks a lot for your awesome website 🙂

  13. Moon ingress Aquarius, Sept 16, 11:24 am, EST
    24Aqr25 Nadir
    23Aqr56 Jupiter

    23Vir59 Sun
    24Cap25 Pluto

    From earlier work this year on astrologyking, we know Jupiter on the Nadir signals Submarines.
    Aukus: China denounces US-UK-Australia pact as irresponsible

    “China has criticised a historic security pact between the US, UK and Australia, describing it as “extremely irresponsible” and “narrow minded”.

    “The deal will see the US and UK give Australia the technology to build nuclear-powered submarines for the first time.”

  14. I see these trine dates advance, year by year. My birthday is May 22. Am I considered “in orb” of this trine this year, 2022? It falls exactly on my birthday 2024, aside which my transiting Pluto is trine, a little more than 1 degree, my natal sun month. What to make of this? Doesn’t seem like this would happen very often, if at all. Thanks.

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