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Kochab at 13°19′ Leo has an orb of 2°10′
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The Sun joins Kochab on August 6

Fixed star Kochab, Beta Ursae Minoris, is a giant solitary star located on the front hip of the Little Bear, Ursa Minor Constellation. Magnitude 2.08, spectral type K4 III, color orange. [1]

The traditional and official name Kochab is of uncertain meaning. In Chinese astronomy, it represents 帝 Dì, meaning Emperor.

07♌3208♌14Asellus Borealis1°00′
08♌4309♌26Asellus Australis1°30′

Kochab Astrology

Fixed star Kochab has the spectral type K4, indicating a planetary nature like Mars.

KOCHAB. β Ursae Minor. A giant orange star. Spectral class K4, in the small Bear. This star is 135 times the luminosity of the Sun. This star imparts to its natives endless courage, martial gains, rashness, violence, a rise to authority, malicious mischief. This star in general, should be used with negative nativities. Use caution in delineation. [2]

Constellation Ursa Minor

According to Ptolemy the bright stars are like Saturn and in some degree like Venus. It is said to give indifference and improvidence of spirit, and to lead to many troubles. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Tau and the 21st Tarot Trump “The Universe.” [3]

Astrologically both Bears were said to presage an evil influence. They are particularly injurious as regards to the affairs of nations and kings. [4]

Beta Ursae Minoris, Kochab

Beta Ursae Minoris, Kochab []

Fixed Star Kochab Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Kochab: Wealth, power, courage, generosity, ingenuity, rise to authority, martial success, subject to cuts, wounds, accidents, sores and injuries to the face, pains in the head and fevers (Mars nature.) [1]

Neville Heath 0°02′, Carson Daly 0°08′, Giorgia Meloni 0°17′ (and Saturn),  Johnny Depp 0°20′, Alan Whicker 0°23′, Vicki Morgan 0°24′, Marilyn 0°33′ (and Mars), Andy Kaufman 0°38′, Anthony Eden 0°38′, Holly Parker 0°39′ (and Venus, Mars, Jupiter), Alice A. Bailey 0°39′, Augusta Foss Heindel 0°47′, Daniel Gooch 0°47′, Marilyn Monroe 0°49′, Jake Gyllenhaal 0°50′ (and N. Node), John Hurt 1°00′, Glenn Close 1°00′ (and Pluto), Andy Warhol 2°07′ (and Sun).

Midheaven conjunct Kochab: Martial eminence, success in trade and in occupations of a Mars nature. [1]

Upton Sinclair 0°17′ (and S. Node), Nastassja Kinski 0°18′, Robin Gibb 0°26′, Halsey 0°32′, Victor Hugo 0°33′, Johnny Carson 0°43′, Brody Jenner 0°44′, Paul Cézanne 0°45′, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 0°47′, Lleyton Hewitt 0°50′, River Phoenix 0°55′, Robert Ambelain 0°59′, Charlton Heston 1°22′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Kachab: Max Heindel 0°02′, Dolores O’Riordan 0°26′ (and S. Node), Michael Richards 1°17′.

Sun conjunct Kochab: Imparts to its natives activity, preferment in dealings with the public. The natives courage is endless, almost with a do-or-die attitude. There is danger of deceit. [2]

Harold Holt 0°03′, Louis Armstrong 0°06′, Kajol 0°08′, William Henry Ireland 0°09′, Marine Le Pen 0°11′ (and Mercury), Sydney Omar 0°11′, Barack Obama 0°12′, Loni Anderson 0°13′, Neil Armstrong 0°14′, Richard Kleindienst 0°14′ (and Mars), JonBenét Ramsey 0°20′, Kevin Mitnick 0°23′, William Rowan Hamilton 0°34′, Ever Carradine 0°42′, Maureen McCormick 0°44′, Bunny Breckinridge 0°49′, Martin Sheen 0°57′ (and Moon), Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°02′, Billy Bob Thorton 1°17′ (and Jupiter), Mary Decker 1°18′ (and Uranus), Andy Warhol 1°24′ (and AC).

Moon conjunct Kochab: The native is ‘bold’, daring in their approach to various situations as they arise and in their everyday affairs. High preferment in dealing with the public. Self destruction a possibility, this may be by way of health habits, or actions in their career, or operations that affect others. [2]

Stephen Fry 0°06′, Elizabeth II 0°08′, Sonny Bono 0°16′, Brian Jones 0°25′, Kirsten Dunst 0°26′, Ted Danson 0°27′, Brian Eno 0°36′, Al Parker 0°43′, Martin Sheen 1°48 (and Sun), 

Mercury conjunct Kochab: The native, in a generally unobtrusive manner get what they go after, they are persistent to the end and can be very blunt in their speech when they deem it advisable. Some of these natives can be rash and some will experience domestic or romantic problems of a sort. [2]

If afflicting Mercury, deafness (Mars nature.) [1]

Amelia Earhart 0°47′, Lindsay Swanberg 0°56′, Marine Le Pen 2°04′ (and Sun). 

Venus conjunct Kochab: The native seems to be very impartial, looking at life in a cold detached manner.  This might appear as a ‘cold streak,’ but actually, while these natives have emotions, they can very well contain them. Some of these natives are totally insensitive to their environment. [2]

Holly Parker 1°43′ (and AC, Mars, Jupiter),

Mars conjunct Kochab: A tendency to be combative, almost explosive and forceful, creates enemies, generally not purposely. Some such natives are not above falsifying. Impulsive. [2]

J. P. Morgan 1°09′, Richard Kleindienst 1°09′ (and Sun), Marilyn 1°51′ (and AC), Holly Parker 2°19′ (and AC, Venus, Jupiter).

Jupiter conjunct Kochab: Preferment in careers dealing with public matters. These natives are opportunists and develop the ability to project themselves favorably. [2]

Holly Parker 0°36′ (and AC, Venus, Mars), Vera Atkins 0°37′, Billy Bob Thorton 1°31′ (and Sun).

Saturn conjunct Kochab: Giorgia Meloni 1°49′ (and Ascendant)

Uranus conjunct Kochab: Mary Decker 0°46′ (and Sun), Michael Jackson 0°47′. 

Pluto conjunct Kochab: Queen Camilla 0°09′, Clarence Thomas 0°45′, Glenn Close 1°19′ (and AC).

North Node conjunct Kochab: Jake Gyllenhaal 0°04′ (and AC), Ed Gein 0°23′. 

South Node conjunct Kochab: Upton Sinclair 0°50′ (and MC), Dolores O’Riordan 1°24′ (and POF), Niccolo Machiavelli 1°27′.  


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. Very helpful. I knew a sun conj Kochab well. That preferment thing, yes. But he was a nervous Nelly. A big part of him was undeveloped. I guess he didn’t have to do that part. His obituary said he was good at everything he did. Well I knew him beyond all that. It has helped me to understand the conditions of his existence and I can now let go of the residual pain.

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