Fixed Star Acubens

Acubens at 13°39′ Leo with has orb of 1°20′
Fixed Star Acubens

Cancer Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Acubens on August 5

Fixed star Acubens, Alpha Cancri, is a star system in the on the left claw of the Crab, Cancer Constellation. Magnitude 4.20, spectral type kA7VmF0/2III/IVSr. The primary component, α Cancri A, has a magnitude of 4.26. Its companion, α Cancri B, is an eleventh-magnitude star. It is thought that α Cancri A may itself be a close binary, consisting of two stars with similar brightness.

The traditional name Acubens comes from the Arabic term الزوبنة (al zubanāh) which means the claws.

08♌4309♌26Asellus Australis1°30′

Acubens Astrology

Of the nature of Saturn and Mercury. It has been called “the sheltering of hiding place,” and gives activity, malevolence and poison, making its natives liars and criminals. [1]

α Cancri. A double star, at a distance of 99 light years. The primary has a visual magnitude of 4.00 and its companion a magnitude of 11.0. Its spectrum for the primary is A3-white and its companion is FO, yellow. This star imparts to its natives strength, perserverance, a logical mind, one who can be outspoken, has high ideals, a speculator, an organizer, domineering, forceful. [6]

Acubens is spectrally as Venus, but it is in the claw and its reputation portends malevolence and poisoning. [2]

Acubens, the main star of Cancer, in The Scissors of the Crab, has a Martian nature, and a strong blending in of Saturnian influence, conveying an unbalanced and jumpy nature. If the cosmogram is a disharmonious one to people affected by it, and especially if Acubens is conjunction Mars, Sun or Uranus, this makes for an unsettled mentality and helplessness. [3]

The tip of the forward southern leg is Acubens, α Cancri, familiar in astrology as a Saturn-Mercury type, thus more cautious than the martian quality of β, though the piercing or stinging notion in the Latin form of the name still contains the note of attack. (The Crab, Lobster and the Scorpion were once all thought to have stings, from their somewhat similar appearances). It is also suggested, however, that the name originates from the Arabic Al Zubanah, The Claw, and indeed this star does represent the southern of the crab’s claws. We shall find later that several more Saturn-Mercury stars are on the points of various weaponry carried by the characters in the heavens.

So one significance of Acubens is the enforced use of applied intelligence when finding oneself in combat at someone else’s behest, as we may say the Crab’s front leg finds itself driven on by the Mars Al Tarf on the back leg. But a generally more positive quality to read from Acubens is that of a sharp intellect and ease of coming to grips with problems, for which one might earn quite high public renown. But, again, there is the note of doing this under pressure of others demanding ‘from behind’’. [4]

Acubens rules the outer tissues of the left side of the kidneys. [4]

Constellation Cancer

The Crab presages thunderstorms, famine, and locusts. The stars in the eyes (according to Ptolemy) have a nature similar to that of Mercury and Mars; those in the claws to that of Saturn and Mercury; the nebula to that of Mars and the Moon; and the Asses to that of Mars and the Sun. [2]

Alpha Cancri, Acubens

Alpha Cancri, Acubens []

Fixed Star Acubens Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Acubens: Giorgia Meloni 0°01′ (and Saturn), Vicki Morgan 0°03′, Carson Daly 0°12′, Marilyn 0°13′, Anthony Eden 0°16′, Holly Parker 0°19′ (and Venus, Mars, Jupiter), Neville Heath 0°19′, Daniel Gooch 0°23′, Marilyn Monroe 0°28′, Johnny Depp 0°40′, Glenn Close 0°40′ (and Pluto), Robert Downey Jr. 0°42′, Alan Whicker 0°44′, Andy Kaufman 0°58′, Jake Gyllenhaal 1°09′ (and N. Node), Richard Branson 1°16′, Chris Brown 1°25′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 1°30′, Andy Warhol 1°45′ (and Sun).

Midheaven conjunct Acubens: Upton Sinclair 0°05′ (and S. Node), Victor Hugo 0°10′, Johnny Carson 0°22′, River Phoenix 0°34′, Natassja Kinski 0°37′, Robert Ambelain 0°37′, Kris Kristofferson 0°39′, Stephen Sondhein 0°41′, Robin Gibb 0°46′, Halsey 0°52′, Kenny Rogers 1°′00, Paul Cézanne 1°07′, Hunter Schafer 1°11′.

Descendant conjunct Acubens: Heinrich Himmler 0°00′, Marguerite de Navarre 1°27′

Imun Coeli conjunct Acubens: Vespasian 1°24′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Acubens: Dolores O’Riordan 0°47′ (and S. Node), Michael Richards 0°56′.

Sun conjunct Acubens: High martial preferment, preferment in astrology, writings, and matters dealing with public affairs. These natives have the inborn potential for making an outstanding contribution in their fields of activities. [6]

JonBenét Ramsey 0°00′, Kevin Mitnick 0°02′, Richard Kleindienst 0°07′ (and Mars), Loni Anderson 0°07′, Sydney Omar 0°10′, William Rowan Hamilton 0°10′, Louis Armstrong 0°15′, Harold Holt 0°18′, Ever Carradine 0°21′, Bunny Breckinridge 0°27′, Kajol 0°29′, Barack Obama 0°32′, William Henry Ireland 0°33′, Neil Armstrong 0°35′, Andy Warhol 1°02′ (and AC), Martin Sheen 1°18′ (and Moon), Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 1°22′.

Moon conjunct Acubens: Natives with this conjunction are not satisfied until they reach their goal; some of these natives are not above creating unpleasant situations involving others. [6]

Sonny Bono 0°03′, Steven Fry 0°27′, Elizabeth II 0°29′, Brian Jones 0°45′, Kirsten Dunst 0°46′, Ted Danson 0°47′, Brian Eno 0°57′, Frederick the Great 1°04′, Martin Sheen 1°27′ (and Sun).

Mercury conjunct Acubens: These natives are mentally aggressive. Strong, unbending and generally outspoken. Domestic’ problems possible. [6]

(No orb): This creates an energy flow to the spine around the 14th vertebra (7th Dorsal), where the pain is felt. Persons would feel a pinching type of sensation in this area. There are also slight spasms in the outer tissues of the left side of the kidneys. Most of this is not felt until the person ages and more damage has occurred. Drinking chamomile tea would be of great help in this area. They should never take relaxants or other drugs of this kind as it would tend to unbalance the nerves here. [5]

Roger Federer 0°05′, Henry VIII 0°05′, Alexis Arquette 0°15′, Amelia Earhart 0°25′, Lindsay Swanberg 0°36′, Donald Rumsfeld 0°51′, Sean Penn 1°09′

Venus conjunct Acubens: These natives are sincere, friendly, but attachments are not too important to them. This could be attachment to life, itself, although such natives are not suicide prone, nor do they harbor a death wish. Domestic problems possible. An idealistic nature. [6]

Tim Burton 0°34′ (and Uranus), Holly Parker 1°23′ (and AC, Jupiter)

Mars conjunct Acubens: The native is enterprising, active, industrious; candid and generally have high ideals. [6]

André the Giant 0°04′, William Butler Yeats 0°16′, J. P. Morgan 0°46′, Richard Kleindienst 0°48′ (and Sun), Hillary Clinton 1°06′, Holly Parker 1°59′ (and AC, Venus, Jupiter).

Jupiter conjunct Acubens: High preferment in all matters dealing with the public. Name and fame possible. [6]

Holly Parker 0°56′ (and AC, Venus, Mars), Vera Atkins 0°59′.

Saturn conjunct Acubens: Major disappointments in life, ordeals and trials, mental suffering, excitements, loss, opposition, disputes and deception are indicated. According to Elsbeth Ebertin’s experience, this is the case especially if these persons are in positions of social standing or are politically active. [3]

There is a sugar imbalance at this position that causes sugars to seep through the kidneys into the body. There is an excess that seeps out of the wall tissue of the kidneys and enters the system in such a way as to make it impossible for the system to handle it. The kidneys cannot eliminate it through urination. These persons should remain in a sugar-free diet; however, this would not include natural sugar found in honey or fruits. Natural foods are handled by the body in the proper way. They must always be on a light diet, and one containing plenty of lettuce. Lettuce helps to balance out the fluids in the system and aids in keeping the kidneys clean. Also, a consistent diet of natural brown rice would be very helpful. Due to this problem, many with this degree exhibit a very negative, grouchy and irritable behavior. They can become irrational and at times violent. This can be uncontrollable unless they realize early what their problem really is and make the changes in their diet as stated. [5]

Leadership ability, conservative (Republican) or far-right politics.

Theodore Roosevelt 0°00′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°19′ (and Pluto), Adolf Hitler 1°22′, Giorgia Meloni 1°30′ (and AC).

Uranus conjunct Acubens: Tim Burton 0°13′ (and Venus), Michael Jackson 0°26′, Nicole Brown Simpson 0°29′, Tony Abbott 1°28′

Neptune conjunct Acubens: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0°36′, Marie Antoinette 0°41′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 0°56′, Judy Garland 1°12′.

Pluto conjunct Acubens: Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°08′ (and Saturn), Uri Geller 0°11′, Steven Spielberg 0°12′, Clarence Thomas 0°24′, Gianni Versace 0°24′, Ted Bundy 0°26′, Steve Forbes 0°29′, Queen Camilla 0°30′, Liz Greene 0°34′, O. J. Simpson 0°43′, Alice Cooper 0°50′, Leonardo da Vinci 0°55′, Bill Clinton 1°01′, Cat Stevens 1°09′, Salman Rushdie 1°14′, Billy Joel 1°15′, Glenn Close 1°39′ (and AC), Stephen King 1°20′, Susan Miller 1°27′

North Node conjunct Acubens: Jake Gyllenhaal 0°44′ (and AC), John Milton 0°23′, Ed Gein 0°44′. 

South Node conjunct Acubens: Kristen Stewart 0°16′, Emma Watson 0°35′, Augusto Pinochet 0°49′, Niccolo Machiavelli 0°58′, Dolores O’Riordan 1°03′ (and POF), Upton Sinclair 1°12′ (and MC).


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  3. So one significance of Acubens is the enforced use of applied intelligence when finding oneself in combat at someone else’s behest, as we may say the Crab’s front leg finds itself driven on by the Mars Al Tarf on the back leg. But a generally more positive quality to read from Acubens is that of a sharp intellect and ease of coming to grips with problems, for which one might earn quite high public renown. But, again, there is the note of doing this under pressure of others demanding ‘from behind’’. [4]

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