Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago on October 26, 1947. The time of 8:02 am for the Hillary Clinton horoscope is rated DD at astro databank, meaning the time is highly questionable. [1] Therefore, the position of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be taken seriously. As with the Donald Trump horoscope I take a politically unbiased approach to natal chart interpretation which is based only on fixed stars and aspects.

With no major aspects to Hillary’s Sun it becomes difficult to form a picture of her ego and will. The minor fixed star Princeps at 02 ♏ 24 suggests only that she has a clever and profound mind. Her private nature and personality should be even more difficult to determine without reliable positions for the Moon and Ascendant. This, however, is not the case because of potent fixed stars and a strongly aspected Mercury and Venus.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope Mercury

Hillary’s mind is much easier to describe with Mercury on a major fixed star and in a very tight aspect to Saturn. Also, Mercury is stationary retrograde which causes problems with her thinking and communication. It points to errors in judgement, wrong decisions and miscommunication that leads to complications, lying and cover ups. There are errors or misinformation associated with spoken and written words, quotes, speeches, statements, records and documents.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Unukalhai at 21 ♏ 19 gives bad morals and poisonous thoughts like jealousy and revenge. This star with Mercury brings dishonor, narrow escapes and accusations of forgery or theft of papers. South Node and possibly Ascendant conjunct this fixed star make it an extremely powerful influence in her life.

Mercury square Saturn with an orb of 0°05′ is the strongest aspect in her chart. It causes deficiencies in thinking and communication which leads to mistakes, errors in judgement and negative thinking. It subjects Hillary to criticism and scrutiny of every little detail in her words, written and spoken.

Any mistakes or deliberate lies will come back to bite her, especially with Mercury retrograde on the poisonous star Unukalhai. Negative thinking can be exacerbated by having to deal with too much responsibility.

Lack of self respect, and feelings of isolation and depression can lead to resentment and nastiness. Hillary has obviously worked though a lot of these heavy karmic issues to reach such a high position but she still suffers from being called untrustworthy and nasty.

Saturn comes under the influence of the minor fixed star Ras Elased Australis at 19 ♌ 58 in the Lion’s Head. It gives an appreciation for language and a power of expression, but also makes Hillary cruel and heartless. With the square to Mercury, I swear I can actually see her Lion face appear when she is getting nasty.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton Astrology Chart

IF her actual birth time is 8:02 am, Mercury is conjunct an Ascendant of 22 ♏ 03. That makes a powerful communicator but square Saturn hard to trust and prone to bad decisions. Mercury rising trine Moon would soften her initial appearance and give influence over, and popularity with the public and women.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope Venus

Venus conjunct fixed star Zubenelgenubi at 14 ♏ 20 gives an unforgiving character, lying, crime and disgrace. Venus square Mars and Pluto suggests Hillary’s loving and affectionate side does little to tame her cruel and heartless mentality.

Venus square Mars and Venus square Pluto bring intense love-hate feelings in relationships. Any irritation can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums. Hillary’s extremely intense feelings appear threatening to others. Her need to have total control results in manipulative behavior like jealousy, guilt tripping and possessiveness.

Mars conjunct Pluto gives a ruthless desire to achieve goals. Strength, passion and courage are Hillary’s strong points but an indomitable will and tendency toward manipulation bring powerful enemies and hinders success. If she does not get her own way through force, she will turn to coercion or manipulative or criminal actions. This dark and sinister side can be very dominating, rude, vulgar, nasty and even violent.

Mars and Pluto conjunct fixed star Acubens at 12 ♌ 54 causes lying and criminality, giving an unbalanced and jumpy nature, malevolence and poisoning. Acubens is associated with the “enforced use of applied intelligence when finding oneself in combat at someone else’s behest.” So she can rise to a high position by solving problems but is always acting on behalf of someone else hidden in the background.


The basics of the Hillary Clinton horoscope show a mean and nasty person who finds it difficult to actually like people or have fun. The aspects and fixed stars explain wht she has been accused of lying and criminal behavior. Her laugh and smile we see on TV are not natural:

As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident. [Daily Mail]

One final point of interest is her North Node conjunct fixed star Algol, Medusa’s Head. Donald Trump has Midheaven conjunct Algol which brings danger of assassination.

This article was first posted on November 29, 2012 after Hillary was hospitalized with a blood clot.

[1] Hillary Rodham Clinton, Astro Databank.

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  1. Knowing how close-to-the-vest the Clintons keep health information, I feel comfortable thinking of this as a stroke. When Bill had his heart attack, it was announced as “chest pain with coronary blockages”.

    I wish her well.

  2. Hi Jamie, I love your site! Reading your columns has greatly expanded my astrological knowledge.

    I would like to throw the possibility out there of doing an analysis on the recently confessed serial killer, Israel Keyes born January 7th, 1978 in Utah USA (time currently unavailable). Certain to have some fascinating chart aspects!


  3. The Saturn transit is going to be tough for Hilary starting with this. It spells limitation big time.
    Leo and Scorpio are difficult bed fellows. She’s between a rock and a hard place. The chart shows the compulsion between her and Bill, a Leo. She’s a very tough woman which he would find challenging and she would push him to limits. I’m going to look at composites/synastry for them.

  4. and I thought I had it bad with my blood pressure going through the roof unexpectedly and panic attacks thanks to pluto opposing and uranus squaring my merc. Poor Hillary, yep it does seem this saturn transit through scorpio is going to test her to the limit, I dont like anyone having that tough stuff, I hope she looks after herself well and perhaps gives herself a fair go to recover.

  5. Poor Hilary has Venus on Zuben Elgenubi. With Venus: Bad for marriage, sudden and secret death, may be poisoned owing to jealousy of one of own sex. [Robson…
    Saturn will conjunct this in November while squaring her natal Pluto Mars conjunction. This is going to force Hilary into a battle/ show of extreme will. If her asc is correct she will have a very well tenanted 12th house with deep reservoirs of recuperative energy but this Saturn conjunction could well block it. Either way, she’s in for more tough times.

  6. Jamie – this is a bit off topic but I’m just looking at the chart of Bachar al-Assad and notice he has Mars on Zuben Elgenubi too, plus they both have PIsces Moon. His is conj Chiron. His Marsis conj Neptune too and ocnj Zuben Elgenubi if you count that orb of 2 degrees. So he’s going to have Saturn transit that degree the same time as HIlary. I think its worth keeping an eye on both of them to se how Saturn impacts. Assad is a SUn Uranus PLuto conj in VIrgo native and has Mercury at 5 Virgo so he must have Orcus there now. I put Marina on to the book about Orcus so she might want to take a look at him too.

  7. seeing the symbolism, the warnings that the feminine or sacred feminine is under threat of its existence, time to do something about it people, as she will win (metaphorically) contrary to the beliefs almost set in stone now, the power of spirit, nature and the emotions through which that power flows matters, without it humans become simply soulless creatures and nature will do what shw is able to rectify. This is not intended to be a fear building statement, it is just the warning, there is still time to change ones mind,down here in Aus, I am seeing similar even though the ocer inflated BS balloon hasnt yet popped, it is leaking and the excriment is dripping on those at the bottom, love her or not, if Julia goes in the next election, that bubble will burst with full power and it will be exposed that our “being so brilliant to not have gone down with the rest of the world economy the last few years” is a manipulation of truth in fact a down right lie, the mask on the “wizard of aus” will drop…we are all in it together, it takes both masc and fem equally to create a good new world, but when it comes down to it, it all begins with the mother….time to embrace and respect her once more while there is still time 🙂

    • I have a feeling Debbie that this year is going to see some more radical weather scenarios and more financial crap. Bottom line, we are all in this together but we’re a bit scattered at the moment. I hate to say it but I think over time, stuff is going to get so bad there will only be one option and that is compassion. the great feminine force. And its not just for the girls.

  8. like uberqueenofwands…oops sorry for the typos am rushing as I dont have constanct opportunity for internet 🙂

    • can you tell by any chance that my 9th house merc at 8’cancer19 is being opposed by pluto, while saturn conjuncts my first house neptune by any chance lol!

      • pps, hahaha get ur shit together Debbie! I also have merc conj orcus natally, so it too is being opposed by the lord of the underworld…

  9. Today, newspapers showed a App. healthy Hillary with her Chrismss. gifts!

  10. wondering if you could calculate the chart for Bernie Sanders? we’re in the thick of it here!!! is there any hope against Trump??? thank you!! enjoying your website.

  11. Interesting! I would love to read the chart on Bernie Sanders as well. It would be interesting to know what will be happening during the Democratic convention.

  12. Venus square Mars mean LOTS of skeletons in the closet… I’ve seen this again and again. Specially with such a debilitating placement for Venus in Scorpio!!!
    All in all I am not surprised at all by your negative analysis. She is pretty much what most of us are have been saying all along and YES her smile/smirk is so fake that I want to punch the the television set every time I see her.

    • Thanks for backing me up Johnny. Some of her fans on Facebook don’t exactly agree with my interpretation 🙂

  13. Fine work, Jamie. A friend was part of the Marine guard at the White House, and you confirmed his impression. I noticed, I think it was one of the moons where u said globalist economy was about to unravel- Brexit.

    • I think a lot more about this will come out before the election. And yes, it was the June 4 new moon with the grand cross.

  14. This is ridiculous. How can Bill say everyone who she touches is better for it? She is lied about 1000 times more than she lies. How can she have so many close longterm friends and loyal longterm employees who say she is ethical and loyal? You are interpreting so subjectivity but you know better than they do? THEY are gullible? You don’t see her day to day. Turn all that 12th house and Saturn into people projecting their own mother issues on her and having many vocal terrified and deceitful and delusional projecting enemies. I am not saying she had never lied. I am saying you are way out there too too far.

    • If you follow the links to the aspects and fixed stars I wrote about you will see I’m not being subjective. This is simply one of the nastiest horoscopes I have ever seen. The only astrological reasons people have come up with to refute my analysis have been based on one House or one Sign. Aspects and fixed stars are 100 times more specific than Signs or Houses which are only symbolic anyway so you can say anything you want about them.

      I don’t see her day to day but I did quote from people who have. Besides, objective astrological interpretation does not require you see the subject day to day. I’m a hermit!

      • You are so right about fixed signs and aspects. I have no doubt some people praise her because they are afraid not to. The Clintons are not nice people and that is an understatement. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone can believe anything Hillary or Bill Clinton say. But I don’t watch the news. I read independent sources online to educate myself. Thanks as always for your insights.

  15. thanks. Jamie. But she will still win with Virgo Solar Eclipse on early September.

    • I have not looked at election day transit for the contender. Is this because it is close to her MC?

  16. You quote from The Daily Mail – a CONSERVATIVE British tabloid rag! Your quoting “those who know her” from that rage and your interpretation are not certainly “objective”. I’ve been a fan of yours but you are the one who is dishonest here (projecting on to her). “Bad morals” – that is laughable! Really, Jamie, is this 1916 or 2016? There is nothing objective about such a statement. “Cruel and heartless”? You do not even take into account a Pisces Moon even giving room for a questionable birth time. I have mercury square saturn and I am none of these things you desribe. I am however careful with communication and any good astrologer will interpret Mercury square Saturn in that way. It would be Neptune that would be associated with lies and errors so you are off base. This post is overwhelming negative so there can be no claim to objectivity. I agree with Kate: “people projecting their own mother issues on her.” Women are sick of that for sure. This post wasn’t worth reading. Perhaps you being a “hermit” has gone to your head. And if you find that insulting just think of what it’s like to be in the public eye 24/7 with enemies scrutinizing your every move!

    • The Daily Mail was quoting from a book about the security agents minding her.

      If you follow the links to the aspects and fixed stars I wrote about you will see I’m not being dishonest. The “immorality” of fixed star Unukalhai came from the pen of Vivian Robson 93 years ago. Lying is bad morals no matter what age we are in.

      I would never take into account the Moon in any Sign because I don’t use Signs as they are purely symbolic, not based on fact. See Precession of the Equinoxes.

      Do you have Mercury square Saturn with an orb of 5 minutes, with Mercury stationary and both planets on nasty fixed stars? And you have never lied? Mercury square Saturn can be stubborn and narrow in thinking. I have Mercury opposite Saturn. Saturn Mercury contacts relate to lying just as much as any Neptune aspect.

      My writing style changes to fit the nature of the chart.

      All psychologists and astro-psychologists say men have mother issues.

      This post has nothing to do with women’s issues. I would interpret this chart exactly the same if it were a mans chart.

      I’m not insulted by your criticisms. I’m glad that you tried to link some astrology to your reasoning.

      • Hi Jamie, I enjoy your site and think that your use of precession and decanates instead of Sun sign astrology is great.

        Now with having said that, if I were going to use that am birthtime for Hillary, I would take into consideration the Pisces moon. I would also consider the house placement and look at this as a modifier in the chart. I agree that at first glance it appears as if her bood runs cold, but after considering the entire chart, I think she has deep emotions.

        I don’t necessarily agree with Robson’s interpretation of Unukalhai. It can be beneficial, especially in healthcare. Hillary was the first to propose universal healthcare and when it was defeated, she was instrumental in getting the Chips program for children established. That may be due to the fixed star or her MC in that particular chart. In addition, I do not agree with the immorality aspect of it as a characteristic of the individual. Of course, I can’t directly refute her, since she is no longer with us, but in my humble opinion it has more of a Saturn influence. The immorality aspect of it could be how she is viewed by others and the reputation of ill repute that is difficult to shake off.

        FYI I am not a Hillary fan, but I am convinced she would make a better president than Trump. I would rather see a pragmatic, strong woman as president, instead of an obnoxious, self-aggrandizing man child. Some of the things that seem to be bad in her chart are actually beneficial in politics. As a long time Republican, I am hoping Trump drops out at the convention or gets booted out. One thing for sure, he has made an impact on politics, but it remains to be seen if it will be viewed in a positive light, historically speaking.

        I have never been interested in political astrology before, but this election has challenged me to take a look at the candidates and the election from an astrological viewpoint. I haven’t drafted a chart yet for the GOP convention, but intend on doing that in a few days. An unconfirmed birthtime for Hillary makes a prediction about the election a little more difficult. I have found the Leo ascendant chart to be interesting, but am leaning toward the 8:02 am chart. Will definitely be looking at the early degrees of Virgo and the strength of Jupiter.

        I won’t accuse you of having mother issues, but I will accuse Trump of having mommy/daddy issues (sun/moon) and venus/saturn and his moon explains the love of the beautiful stone buildings (walls) and the description of his love (want) for stone cold, beautiful women. Regulus on the ascendant is powerful, but when the lion keeps attacking weaker prey, it can lead to a fall from grace. Hence, Donald J. Trump in all his glory will take a tumble. Before or after the election is the question.

        As always, thanks for your website and insight.

        • Glad to hear you are getting into political astrology. Events all around the world are so interesting at the moment. Don’t presidential candidates have to provide their birth certificates, or is that only presidents?

          I understand the star Unukalhai has positive manifestation but with South Node, Mercury stationary and square Saturn are three negative influences on this star.

          If you do like this birth time then you would have to say that Moon quincunx Saturn gives her plenty of parental issues too. But to be honest isn’t it normal for all of us to have some parental issues?

    • It’s pretty disgraceful. That particular book the Daily Mail referenced was part of Troopergate – a now debunked hit piece against the Clintons. The journalist who explored the story admitted years later he was taken for a ride by the Troopers who wanted to profit off of making wild claims about the Clintons.

      If we don’t know the birth time of an individual, particularly one as famous as Hillary, at the very least we should do research – not quote slander and lies. There’s a legit portrait of Hillary by Carl Bernstein that reflects a deeply compassionate and conflicted woman whose emotional life comes across as very Piscean – and obsessive fact checker that I am sought out other bios, but by and large Carl’s portrait of Clinton comes across as the most accurate based on the things Hillary has been most passionate about in her political career. I have no reason to doubt Carl Bernstein because of his stellar reputation as a journalist and the fact he backed up his claims in the book with legit sources.

      Which brings me this profile of Hillary -all Jaime didn’t do was call Hillary an incarnation of Lucifer – how am I really supposed to take it seriously?

  17. Descriptive comments from your post on Trump: “Personal integrity and honor are his strong points in time, help him become a master of compromise and negotiation. Lack of pretension and a willingness to stand up for just causes wins Donald respect. good judgment. having great benefits for humanity. Behind the strong-man image, there are actually well intended liberal, tolerant and progressive beliefs and values.”
    Does ANYONE associate these words with Trump? “integrity, honor, compromise, respect, good judgement, tolerant, progressive”? His own party, those who are desperate to find a reason to support him, cannot.
    Compare the post on Trump here with the one on Hillary Clinton and you can how far off astrology “interpretation” can be when protecting personal bias. And I’m an avid fan of astrology.

    • Like I said earlier, my writing style changes depending on the nature of the chart. And again, follow the links and you will see I am using the words relating to that star or aspect. Just as with Hillary I have interpreted the inner nature of the person, not the first impressions.

  18. Dear Jamie, Brilliant analysis. In the “Chicago Tribune” for Friday, July 1 Barton Swaim wrote under the headline: “Lies and the lying liars running for president,” that “…we are faced with a choice of two pathologically dishonest candidates — and we have no word strong enough to call them what they are. Donald Trump’s lies are wanton and preposterous, whereas Hillary Clinton’s are more obviously calculated to win approval, but both exhibit a tendency to say things manifestly and peremptorily false.”

    • Wonderful news George, for me, that is. Thank you. I have had this feeling that her true nature would start to be revealed the closer we got to the election. The more digging her enemies do the more of this they will find. I wonder if it gets so bad that Bernie will still have a chance?

  19. Dear Jamie forget America and look at our Brexit. We have Andrea Leadsome 13th May 1963 who is running for the vacant Tory leadership, she believes she will make the UK a much better place with the opportunities afforded by the Brexit. She has experience of managing teams of people and of running businesses setting up trusts running charities and everything in her 25 years banking experience. She looks like a wonderful person, a catch for the British people.

    • Hi Ursula, I was just saying to a colleague last night that politics around the world is getting so interesting. Will have to check the candidates out soon, thanks for the heads up.

        • I added their charts to my files this morning but no birth time available for any of then. Will let you know when I have a chance to go over them.

  20. Whoa, midheaven conjunct Algol for Donald Trump! That’s a thorny one.

    • I have been thinking it could also make him a political assassin. He sure took out a lot of Republican candidates.

  21. I wish I knew more about Astrology to have a more intelligent conversation, because this is truly fascinating. The next two weeks will probably tell us if HC will be indicted. According to a poster above, she will win in November. Will there be any bumps in the road in regards to the FBI investigation?

    • Hi Kathy, first I want to write about Bernie but then I will look at the forecast for both candidates.

  22. I am obviously missing -something – where is Hillarys’ ascendant – I am a double Scorpio Sun/Rising – believe me we are the most 2 faced people in the world – I wouldn’t vote for me & I am NOT voting for her – she will destroy this country – just for the hell of it. So for all of you who myself love this country – go with the Donald he is the lesser of the 2 evils.

    • I didn’t place too much importance on the Ascendant because of the dodgy birth time. I see the FBI report made her look bad the other day and supports what we are saying here. It revealed she lied on many occasions about her emails and her actions are borderline criminal.

    • The most evil person I have known is 19th May 1960. He said something about Midnight so could be just after or before, so from May 19th to possibly almost May 20th.Then again he may be lying about the time. London would do for a birth place.

  23. MaryAnn, unfortunately you are correct about the “lesser of 2 evils”. But it doesn’t matter which one gets elected, because long ago the POTUS became nothing more than a figurehead that gives people the illusion of choice.

    Despite all their right versus left Hegelian Dialectic rhetoric, Clinton and Trump both know this all too well.

    “You have choice. You have owners.”:


      • Looks like you haven’t got a lot of luck with the contestants that are up for president! There’s always the option to leave America and live under a different government! ???????????? The U.S are always so strict at the borders. Makes me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome!

        • Luck has nothing to with it. Many people in the US are wide awake, but the elections are fixed. They “lose” ballots, or oops, you can’t vote on this day, sorry, they gerrymander, they just outright cheat. I think what most people in the US want is Bernie Sanders. I won’t say never until I see where it goes, but the media has blacked him out. The media is owned by six major corporations. If no one could cheat, I think Bernie would win hands down. And there is something else in play here. People who don’t think for themselves and let the media inform them. They are puppets and won’t consider that it’s all a scam. I’m sorry if you feel unwelcome here. Most of us are nice once you get past that border. 🙂

          • But that’s what I mean. What can you do about who’s up for elections. Yeah I know, I don’t like it when people are ignorant or/and bigoted with politics and then vote anyway! It’s like, you’re not listening to both sides of the opposition – so don’t bother! We had a load of propaganda going on here in the UK, with the media brainwashing everyone to stay in the EU and scaremongering people a load of BS, particularly things that the ignorant, undereducated and narrow minded would believe! Like the EU Protects our ‘holiday pay.’ BS! Like they would abolish ‘holiday pay’ if we left the EU! There’d be so much upheaval and even riots! The polls were all predicting a stay turnout. What happened?! We left the EU! The polls are always wrong. But yes, don’t listen to the media! Watch the debates! It’s unbelievable how many people will make their decision based on a Facebook status! Madness! ???? Half of our nation are dummies!

            I went to the states in the 90s and had an amazing time! Just don’t enjoy the airports! I’ve been to the airports in the states quite a few times since 2010 to pass through to get to Latin America. Just sorry about who’s up for elections. You never know, one of them could be forced to resign in a couple of years. You never know what’s gonna happen in the future?! What upheaval Uranus is going to bring! God knows what’s going to happen in the future in general for us in the UK and you guys in the states. Maybe I’ll just live in a little boat in the South Pacific somewhere.

            • Laughing. You and I think much alike. The media thrives on fear. Did Obama take our guns? No. Did we turn into a Muslim country? No. (And even though our Constitution says we must keep politics and religion separate, most people who are religious don’t.) Is he letting black Americans roll all over everyone? No, though much has come to light about police brutality and black males mostly. I’m not religious, not a bigot, not loyal to either party. When the likes of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, Donald Trump, any of the Bush clan, Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, just to name a few are even considered for the highest office in the US, well, things have gone to hell. In a large handbasket.

              I also dislike American airports. It has become a chore to fly and everyone is treated like a terrorist. And “we” are willingly giving up our freedoms one at a time, just as planned. “Please frisk me and photograph me naked so the country will be safe. Sure!”

              I have come to a place of mostly happiness and peace because I don’t depend upon the government to provide any of that. It is all in my mind, where I live, where there is peace. But still, I may pass you on another small boat in the South Pacific. 🙂

        • That’s why I never visit the US. I’m British actually. There are not many places in the world now which are governed by decent governments unless one learns Russian.

      • I’d love to see California, but I wouldn’t want to live under the U.S government. In the UK we have benefits, like free health service. Health care is very expensive. And I haven’t been sure about any of your elected presidents for a long time. I think if you were to move to a country, you would want need to want to live under their government. I mean – I would. There’s breathtaking places everywhere in the world. We even have breathtaking world heritage coats in England, like the Jurassic Coast in Dorest.

    • I’m glad I do live in the U.S.A., politics aside.

      No mention of the strong Mercury/Moon trine and I believe I also see one of those learning triangles you often analyze – why no mention of these, Jamie?

    • Hey now, don’t judge.( I won’t say anything negative about Brexit but hope for what’s best for you all across the pond). Especially if you haven’t lived in the US or even visited. There’s a reason this country works, and why other countries have modeled their constitutions on it. The land of the free and the home of the brave started the free world. Life, liberty, and the persist of happiness is imbedded into the fabric of government and the protection of those rights was established 240 years ago. The checks and balances that were set up by the forefathers of the States mean there is no autocracy, monarchy, socialit, communist etc so even if the president ended up another George W. (God forbid) he/she has no autonomous rule. I qwas born in Canada and the parents moved me here as a child and I saw what great things Bill Clinton put in place during his presidency, and how he has the midas touch. There was a 200+ million surplus as the work he did with the democratic Congress killed the deficit, gave more funding for college students (of which I benefited personally to go to a great college), and the world loved this guy and still do as other countries invite him just to speak. He did great at his job, without delving into personal life….as someone who worked for the people what’s important is the job skills. He is her top advisor. I’m overjoyed that Hillary’s in the running. Ivy league education, a brilliant mind and a staunch advocate for women and equal rights for all, not to mention she has world leaders already on her speed dial with Sec of State on her resume. She’s the most qualified in the running to be the next President.

    • I’ll stay here in WV, Mountain Momma, a scenic paradise. This is the place where women wear jeans and cowboy boots and can shoot as well as any man. We clean up nicely, looking as fresh as the morning dew. On Sunday morning with Bible in hand, it is off to church we go. We bring home the bacon and cook it up too. Our scent of the day is the aroma of a pie baking in the oven. We sit on our porches on warm summer nights and stare at the stars. There is no place that I would rather be.

      I saw a swarm of Dragonflies today. Lore has it that Dragonflies are snake doctors, but some say seeing a swarm is an omen of protection
      and luck. Have you ever seen these mystical bugs swarm? It is breathtaking to watch them swirling in the sunlight. A beautiful sight indeed.

      I love the simple life.


      • Hi Lynn, that all sounds very lovely. To be honest, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve travelled quite extensively throughout the world. Back in the late 90s I saw dozens of fire flies every night in Umbria, Italy – it was magical like twinkling stars. I’m more of a girl of the world than patriotic. I’ve seen many things in many places. I’ve been all over Central America, to many places in Europe, Great Britain, Canada, America and hopefully will continue to visit more places in the near future. I’ve seen whales in British Columbia where my family live. Scuba dived the 2nd largest coral reef off Honduras and Panama (staying in tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea), which were some of the best times of my life. Bungee jumped and zip lines in the Costa Rican cloud forest, wondered the beautiful colonial towns of many cities from Mexico right through to Panama. I’ve seen a giant buzzard (bird of prey) perched on a mossy branch in the Hampshire countryside where I live in the UK. I go horse riding with my friend in the Hampshire new forest and we gallop through the open planes. The horses love to catch the wind whilst they’re galloping. I love going to London and trying out lots of different cuisine (I can have a bacon sandwich any time at home), visiting galleries, seeing lots of different cultures, seeing the Royal botanical parks, watching really talented live bands play in London. The list goes on. I know you’re patriotic about America – that’s fine – good. I still want to go back to America to travel, I just wouldn’t want to live under the U.S government. I know that the initial comment I put seemed controversial in hindsight, but I was on about the politics. Trump gets a lot of slagging off in the UK and Hilary doesn’t seem like a desirable candidate, especially after seeing her chart and I’m a strong believer in astrology, so I go along with the chart. I need more than the simple life. I’m a traveller of the world. You’re life does sound lovely; at some point I’d get itchy feet though and would have to go off travelling as soon as I’d have enough money. I’ve got Jupiter on my ascendent – Jamie reckons that’s why I love travelling. Also, my family in BC (near Vancouver), visit the states Pretty much every year. They go down to Portland, Oregon and Washington. Anyway – no bad feelings towards the people. I feel that from my experiences travelling, you get good and bad people in all country’s.

        • Good morning Katie. Sorry about the extra ‘be’ on the post. It was 3:00 AM when I wrote it. I didn’t find your post to be controversial. I was just saying that I am content where I am. Fireflies are common here, but swarming dragonflies aren’t. I was thrilled to see it.

          My hubby, like you, has been all over the world. In addition, he keeps the tires hot on our car. Go is his favorite word. I used to joke that the only way I could keep him home was to nail his shoes to the floor. Personally, I am a home body, but do like to take short trips. Amazingly, we have been together for 41 years. Hubby has no water in his natal chart and that is where I come in. I tend to think that I provide the balance he needs. I have found that we often seek someone that will complete us (subconsciously). Plus we have a Venus/Jupiter exact conjunction and we do have fun together. Besides, I love to cook and he loves to eat.

          I have been doing astrology since Matrix had the Blue Star program for the old DOS system. Currently using WinStar, but have decided to go with Solar Fire next time I upgrade. With astrology, sometimes we can see something, but not clearly. So, it is subject to interpretation by the practitioner. When I first started studying, I loved books and relied on them for knowledge. My mentor said forget the books and learn for yourself. So, I did and I don’t use what he called cookbook recipes, but there is a method to my madness. With my education and work history based in psychology and nursing, my astrological research has been in the area of medical astrology. Political astrology is something that I have recently taken an interest in.

          To summarize, I would never vote for Trump based on astrology, but that doesn’t mean I am right or another astrologer is wrong. It means we interpret the charts differently. So, peace to all and have a wonderful day. Hope you have a great time on your next trip.

          • Hi Lynn, that’s fine! I’m glad that you didn’t find it controversial – as I didn’t mean it to be!

            I’m into the elements in astrology too. I follow the traditional astrology to be honest, as I’ve found so much truth in it, when I look up my friends and families charts and see if the evidence is true. That’s wonderfully that you and your husband have been happily married for 41 years! I believe in soul mates, true love and destiny! I also believe in love at first sight! It’s fascinating looking up synastry, isn’t it! I love to cook and eat! I’m waiting to meet my soulmate!

            That’s really interesting – about the medical astrology. I’m quite interested in the psychology of it and also synastry. I’m just a learner at the mo. I read up about astrology when I have the time, but it is addictive! It’s fascinating! I’ve recently been learning about Lilith and the vertex point. My ex boyfriend was a lot older than me and his natal Saturn is directly opposite my vertex! He was very controlling and restricting (quite Saturnian in nature), so I had to leave him in the end! I’m quite a free spirit and need to feel the wind in my hair! I’m Gemini rising and Sun on the cusp of Libra (Scorpio 1.33 degrees). Are you into cusps or/and signs?

            Yes, because although someone may have negative aspects in astrology, they may have developed much in their current life time and outgrown negative behaviours, like the Pheonix and gone from some major transformative transition. We just don’t know where they’re at, if we don’t know them. I’ve never made any political votes based on astrology. I prefer to watch the debates and then make my decision. It can take me weeks to decide! I actually end up looking up their astrology once all the voting is over! I get too wrapped up in the debates and the news!

            Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful day too! Thanks, I can’t wait to go away again! I think this time it’ll be on my own. I like going away on my own as I find that I meet new people that way! Enjoy the stars tonight! I live in the city, so too much light pollution to see anything breath taking! The Milky Way is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! As well as the sky, clouds, sunsets and the glowing moon! ☺️ ????????????

  24. Yes, the media does thrive on fear! It seems like there’s never any good politicians up for prime minister in the UK either. That’s why I voted for Green Party last year. If it can help them get more seats in the la-di-da house of commons. The Neptunian part of my consciousness says; why don’t all the billionaires and millionaires give a load of millions and billions to the poor and public services (like the national health service in the UK etc). And even invest there money in areas that can help people and small business.

    Yes, it can take away your dignity walking around bare footed and pulling your belt off. I must admit, it’s similar at UK airports. I do find it exasperating.

    Yeah, we do have to find the peace and try to detach ourselves from it all, because there’s really not a lot we can do, apart from try to be as independent from it/government as much as we can. I think that Fiji will be one of the first destinations on the list! Pretty dreams!

    • It would be nice of those who have too much to give to those who have nothing. I don’t believe in accumulating “stuff.” My stuff is not me and I am not my stuff.

      I will be at the polls in November. If it’s Clinton and Trump, I will write in Bernie Sanders. If my state doesn’t allow that, then I’ll just leave it blank. However, I will vote for Democrats I like so that possibly Congress will lose Republican majority. Those idiots planned the demise of Obama the night of the inauguration ball in 2009. If Obama had a way to end poverty and hunger in the US, the Republicans wouldn’t support him. That was the sick vow they made–not to do what is right for the people, but to be petty and racist. (I’m white by the way; I just tell it like it is.)

      It’s a crazy mixed-up world. See you in the Fiji dream!

      • I’m exactly the same! I can’t stand clutter! I often have “clear outs;” especially when I come back from third world countries and I become less and less materialistic when I see how status orientated England is in comparison. It feels a lot better to not be “wanting” all the time. For me, some of the best experiences in life are travelling with a backpack! But it’s become a very materialistic and narcissistic world to be honest. People are too busy thinking about their next selfie picture than helping other people.

        It’s all greed. They just through the poor a few crumbs. It’s sad that things have become like this. I live under a conservative government and they have cut back hundreds of billions from public services, such as the national health service. It’s devastating! Next election, I’ll vote either Labour or Greens. Workers in the national health service have been under immense stress since the severe financial cut backs since 2010, when the conservatives took over, with their strict financial regime. I think their austerity is very Saturnian in nature. Their just obsessed with reducing the deficit and long term plans – well, we’ve got to look after the now. We’re living in the now. We don’t know yet what the future holds. The rich and upper class don’t know what it feels like to be deprived and come from working class back grounds, unless they have come from a working class background, but most of them haven’t. They have been born into the bourgeoisie. Most of them have gone to privaledged schools and had a completely different like to public school kids who belong to families of minimum wage workers. The minimum wage is way too low. It’s £6.70 an hour! And if you’re 18 – 20 years old, it’s a mere £5.30 an hour. I think it’s exploitation. The government are exploiting the working class.

        Crystal clear blue waters. Low population. Relaxing paradise. Barbecued sea food. I’ve got Fiji on my mind now! Oh and let’s throw in a few cocktails on the sail boat!

        • I am already on board to go to Fiji. I like it where there is peace and quiet.

          I love my country in general. People here are very generous when natural disasters happen. The government (backed by many others) are all too eager to storm into another country. These wars shouldn’t have happened. We don’t get to vote on that. I have watched in horror as armed forces (US and allies) stormed into countries for no good reason, bombed the cities and ruined businesses. So many dead Iraqis, American military and military from our allies. And for what? So George Bush I and II could roll over these people, flap their mighty wings, hopefully get the oil and other miserable excuses for their wars. All of these wars are set up and based on false information if you dig back in history (and not history books where here, Oswald was still the lone nut who set out to kill JFK–NOT!). I research a lot and history books are built on lies, probably in every country. Just different lies.

          I like what you wrote about living in the now. It is the only moment we really have. What we do in this moment is what counts. Every moment is the now moment. Knowing that, if I find myself worrying about elections (which at times I do), I put it in perspective. I help the people around me everywhere I go. I may travel further to do that, but for NOW, this is it and I will be of service to people, animals and nature and no politician cares about that. I am free in my mind.

          Our minimum wage is $1.50 less than yours. Both numbers in the gutters. People on Social Security (retirement) live on an income that is very fixed. It went up .05% last year because of gas prices. Stupid. How about all those crazy deductibles and medication that cost pennies to make and is sold for hundreds of dollars. Our health care system is horrible because it is for-profit. Doctors and hospitals want to keep their massive amounts of money. Forget the people. It’s not altruism anymore. It’s, as you said, greed. And every man for himself. “Me and mine.” I loathe that saying.

          I definitely believe in a higher power, a universal intelligence. It is very balanced and that is where my faith is. It is not punitive or rewarding, but it never misses a trick. Nothing positive or negative can escape its attention. And so, what goes around really does come around.

          Have a blessed Sunday. Let’s keep the dream alive. I love the tropics!

          • I’m very anti-war. Quite a few of us in my family voted Green Party in the general elections last year. I wish the world would stop fighting. I can get very angry about the IS when I start thinking about everything they’ve done. They’ve got millions of women hostage in Afganistan (I think it was that country on the documentary). The abuse that those women are enduring! I won’t get into any of that though, as it starts to make me angry! It’s like wanting to do something you can’t do anything about! I’ve been praying for all those women.

            The the saying goes: “take care of the present, and the future will take care of itself.” Or “worry about the now, not the future.” I know, I can worry myself crazy about different things at times. I’m a lot better than I used to be. It’s one of the things I’ve been working on. It’s wonderful to have a free mind. Think back to when we were children and how worry-free our minds were. Look at us now as adults – obsessing over politics, the government, society etc. We gotta take a break from it. ???? I can obsess over war and politics sometimes and then I realise how much of my mind it’s taking up! We have to make sure we’re not spending too much time researching it, or otherwise we might as well get paid for it and turn it into a full time job!

            Minimum wage – it’s very sad in many countries. Reduce the greed in this world and it will be a much better place! The kind of things that make us want to escape to remote islands. When I’ve been travelling to exotic places, I was in heaven. No thought of politics and war. I was so happy, some of the happiest times of my life. Maybe if things ever improve on the political front in the countries we live in, maybe we’ll be able to obsess less over it all!

            I believe in everything. God, aliens, other realms of existence, energy systems in the body, auras, everything.

            Thank you. Was a busy Sunday, every day seems to be busy, but had a lovely Sunday roast. Hope you had a lovely day too! Oh yes, will keep the dream alive! Thank you. ☺️????????????????????????

  25. This reads like a right wing hit piece. You selectively chose certain aspect of her chart and painted that in the negative light using terms (lying, cruel, heartless) loved by the GOP propaganda machine. So much for your unbiased analysis and your credibility as an astrologer.

    • Dear Ashley, if I were in the US, I would be thinking of Bernie Sanders first of all. Right wing? Don’t be so cliched.
      Anti NUCLEAR WWIII, anti wars based on lies, anti using terrorists as proxies for unjust wars against, Syria, anti the unjust villification of other nations leaders, anti the apartheid racist mass murder by Israel, anti toxic foods….does that mean I am right wing? So that would make you pro-death and a voter for rapid Armageddon. Hillary loathers know exactly why they hate 2 faced Hillary. She also makes one uncomfortable as she is extremely evil and many of us can sense this. Sorry the US does not have great women leaders and sorry the rest of the world has more prominent women. Sanders and Warren could be a great combo?

    • Ashley, as I answered earlier in response to Kate, I have not selectively chosen those words. They are found in the articles I have linked to. For example:

      Saturn comes under the influence of the minor fixed star Ras Elased Australis: “It gives a bold, bombastic, cruel, heartless, brutish and destructive nature”. [Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.123.]

    • Ashley, if you don’t want to remain just another mindless partisan sheep, Google the “Hegelian Dialectic”.

  26. Bernie Sanders (Sep 8th Virgo Decan 2 ) lost against with Clinton just because of Saturn Square on Mutable Decan 2 signs.

  27. Dear Kate, I’m so sorry you feel that way about living in the USA. Unlike England (I believe), each State has it’s own government so living in Illinois I feel very free. Not so if I lived in Mississippi. California is govern by Gov. Brown and a Democratic congress so they are quite liberal. It truly is a great state. Take Colorado where cannabis is legal for recreational use. Also, Oregon and Washington State. Anyway, I know how you feel about the Federal government and I hope this year the people in this country will vote out the bums in Congress. Re Hillary, I love Bernie but I do believe that Hillary, under such scrutiny and with the constraints that Congress and the Supreme Court put on the legislative branch of government that Hillary will have her “better angels” guiding her. Cheers from sunny Chicago. George

    • Hi George. No – in England we have different governments for each city/town. Bigger cities could have 4 or more governing parties. Half the city could be Labour and the other half Conservative. For example; Brighton and Hove are governed by The Green Party. I voted greens in the last national and local elections. As for the national health service and public services in general – they are under a budget all over the UK, as we’re under a conservative government of austerity. I can see what you mean about the states, with one state differing in legislations quite a bit from another state. It does put me off that you have to pay for health care in the states though. I’d still be happy to come for holidays in the states, just wouldn’t live there. Katie

      • The Greens led the Brighton and Hove council from 2014 to 2015. Although they’re not leading the council anymore, they still have 11 Green Party Councillors who will run some of the areas in Brighton and Hove.

  28. Thanks Katie for the reply. I didn’t know that about England. I’m 75 and retired. I have social security and health insurance from my old employer (Harvard Univ. (I retired from Dumbarton Oaks (doaks.org) in Washington, DC,) Dumbarton Oaks is where the charter to the US was drafted. When you visit Washington, DC I hope you visit DO. As an aside, my dad was with the War Shipping Administration in London during WWII.Cheers from Chicago. (I wish we had a Green Party. I am a vegan and environmentalist.)

    • Hi Geoege. That sounds interesting. I’ll look it up on the Internet. There’s lots of places I’d like to go to. California, yellow stone, the southern states… I’ve been to Florida and Dallas, Texas. I really liked both places.

      Wow, that’s cool about your Dad. My Grandad was in the Royal Marines, with Great Britain and travelled all over the world. He was born in 1917. A wonderful man! I believe that our family go to the other side and still visit us in spirit, so I believe that my Grandad comes to see me regularly. Spirit mediums tell me that he’s always coming to see me. Anyway, going on. I just really love my grandparents.

      It sounds like the UK would be a good place for you to live! The Green Party only have 1 seat in the House of Commons, but I’m hoping that in years to come, they’ll have many more seats! Kind Regards, Katie

      • Hi again, George. Sorry, I made a mistake spelling your name. My Mum was rushing me to give her a lift home. I seem to be rushing all the time! It’s good to hear that people of all ages are interested in astrology and not just the youngsters. So many people I’ve met who are older than myself dismiss astrology. I was born in the Pluto in Scorpio generation, so apparently many of us will be into the occult, which I have been my whole life really. Kind Regards, Katie

  29. It actually scares me that there are people stupid enough to believe this nonsense. If Hillary is a lying, cheating, deceitful person, it is because she is a politician, not because of where the stars were when she was born! What a load of garbage.

    • It doesn’t mean that people are stupid, because they follow astrology. One person who writes on here is a retired Harvard University professor. Find something better to scare yourself with, like something tangible, such as spiders or sharks. G’day.

    • Interesting point of view. Now we know that all politicians are lying cheating and deceitful because Lia says they are.

  30. Kathy you are an idiot to go onto an astrology website and then to diss everybody on it for their interest in astrology. Before you call everyone else idiots, take a look in the mirror dear. As for Hillary, its Hillary and all out nuclear WWIII if you want to vote for that warmonger of warmongers. She is like you in that it is her view or nothing.

  31. Ursulariches – if you are referring to me, I didn’t ‘diss’ anyone. The original poster dissed astrology. I’ve enjoyed reading this topic and seeing how the astrology interpretations were completed a while back have been correct. If you’re reference names, just make sure you have the right one. Have a wonderful day!

      • I got my karma for writing; “find something else to scare yourself with, like something tangible, such as spiders or sharks.” This evening, only a day later, there was a big black spider on the ceiling. I wasn’t frightened though. Two wrongs don’t make a right, so maybe I need to learn to react less, with me taking the piss with spider comment. Maybe we react, because we’re being over sensitive. But I feel that I’m right for saying that just because you like astrology, it doesn’t mean that you’re stupid. Far from it.

        • Russia is seeing a huge military build up on their borders, they are concerned. It may be hard for the US or UK to imagine being surrounded as our national boundaries are the seas. Russia is surrounded by NATO forces and NATO bases that were not there during the ‘cold war’. I am long enough in the tooth to recall people wondering if the 4 minuite alarm would go. It is worse today. We have to stop our government from their military build up against Russia. We have allowed them to train and lead terrorist forces against the Syrian people, we are allowing our nations to continue massacring people in Afghanistan, we are still in Iraq, we wrecked the nation with direct democracy, Libya. We have to express our opposition to our governments warmongering.

            • I agree with you. None of this has to do with astrology. This is a chat session and bash Hillary party. After looking at the GOP convention chart, I’ve decided to change my party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. The ballots have been counted before they were cast. Preibus and the higher ups decided on Pence and Trump jumped on board. According to reports, he tried to get out of it and was making calls at midnight. After checking his transists at that time, I would say that he probably did. GOP gets what they wanted all along. Trump walks and it is Pence for President. I’ll take the tough, ruthless, experienced woman over the narcissitic, erratic man child any day. Check out full moon chart RNC in Cleveland. Jupiter makes no applying aspects. US Pluto conjunct Moon. Cardinal Grand Cross with Moon, Uranus, Sun, and MC. Yes, I included the MC, because of the people and importance of nominating a presidential candidate. Uranus at 24 degrees Aries conjunct IC. There is a kite pattern in the chart as well. Pence is the compromise. I don’t know whether to sing Beatles ‘Come Together’ or Stones ‘Under My Thumb’.

            • “None of this has to do with astrology” Unfortunately that is how all these political topics end up whether on blogs or forums. A sign of how partisan politics has become in recent years.

  32. Kudos to Jamie that we are able to carry on this dialogue. I don’t know what this has to do with astrology BUT i do agree with Jessica and I intend to vote for Hillary. We still don’t know what she will choose for VP. Cheers to all from Chicago.

    • I have been more interested in politics this year. Must be the entertainment value. Lots of surprises everywhere.

  33. I will say this again – I am a double Scorpio – Sun & Raising – & although I HATE to admit this – this astrologer is “spot on” with Hills horoscope – we are vindictive & will “get even” & lie – although – I’ve gotten better over they years & I don’t want to be president but Hillary is pure evil & she is worst then Obama – because she is smarter then he is. DO NOT believe a word this woman says!

    • Good for you Mary Ann. I can see that Hillary has consciously developed and used some traits to her political advantage, not taken the spiritual path as you have.

  34. Those pictures of Muammer Gaddafi being anallly gun raped and murdred in his own country with his own people ….by terrorists, by terrorists known from Iraq and subsequently in Syria with ISIS. Hillarys little mates. OK Sarkozy and Cameron and Hague and Bernard Levy and the Qataris and israel and all of NATO were in there…but Hillary was chummy with those terrorists, they went together particularly well, they had an affinity for one another. The videos i forced myself to watch of the rebels in Libya…Sadism Sadism against kiddies, against tied captives, mass killings….Hillarys chums. All of our governments are rotten war mongering evildoers but HC had a special mission in Libya. There was no dictator in Libya as direct democracy precludes dictatorship. The Jamahiriyah system in Libya was the most democratic system of governance on Earth. The wealth of Libya made the greed of many like a drug that sends some insane and psychopathic. NATO and the rebels and the terrorists are the black beasts of our world. Hillary = war=WWIII

  35. She has all a number of leo planets meaning she is very capable of being president. She has Venus near her sun which means she is a very social person but not so trusting. In a woman’s chart because of the emotional nature of women Hilary would need to have a strong aspect like mars conjunct pluto to go into politics.

  36. There has been a lot of negative comments about Hillary. But listening to the Democratic Convention I come away with great admiration. Hillary is a fighter for human rights and she has a history of getting legislation passed for the protection of children. Also, she was very helpful in the Paris treaty for environmental protection, among other positive changes. Soooo, my question is looking at her chart where do you find this great leadership quality?. Hell, lying is something that everyone does from time-to-time to save face or to iron out the wrinkles in relationships. She is not a great orator but she has great leadership skills and a heart of gold! Cheers from Chicago.

    • She might have a history of passing protecting against children, but what about the innocent children who and killed from air strikes in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq by the U.S government. Hilary is pro-war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCOv7C9g7xo Hundreds or thousands of innocent children are unprotected in the middle east from U.S air strikes and they are just entitled to breathe in oxygen as the children in the United States of America.

      • Unfortunately, collateral damage is unavoidable sometimes. I watched part of this youtube video, but it was too biased to continue. Clinton isn’t responsible for making those decisions alone. It is ridiculous to blame her for every decision that has been made about foreign affairs.

        • I’m not blaming her, but she’s pro-war, even nuclear. I’m admirable of countries who don’t get involved, like Sweden, Switzerland and Norway. America like to throw their weight around. I’m anti-war. Anti-nuclear weapons. The U.S air strikes have been axacerbating the situation over the years.

          • *Exacerbating. It would be really interesting to see what happens over the years if she did become president. You’d truly regret it. I know too, as I’m quite psychic. I really wouldn’t want to wish that for the future. Your country would also be plummeting into more debt with the strenuous costs of military action in the Middle East and even Other parts of the world. There will be even more strife towards America in the world. The states will end up becoming like Russia – the works of Plutin.

            • Putin rather* or Plutonium. You don’t want to repeat the past (Japan) with your beloved Hillary Clinton. The wonderful saviour of your nation.

    • I am with you George. I have been reading these negative comments too and I don’t agree. Hillary is an implementer and very capable of being president. She is a pragmatist and strategist. Her concern for children is genuine and is clearly evident in her life. Her natal chart supports this and much more.

      Pay attention to those three words – implementer, strategist and pragmatist. One can see it in everything she does and has done.

      • Thank you for your reply. Please read the comment I made to Apollonia about astrolocation and v/c Moon. Cheers.

          • Hello Nefri,

            I am sorry that you don’t agree.

            I have been practicing astrology for 33 years. I know that there are about 1700 different influences in a natal chart and each individual is a complex being.

            I will stand by what I wrote about Hillary.

            Thank you for your comment and have a great evening.

    • You are quite correct in your observations. In this biased piece, he neglected to mention her Moon square Uranus which always stood out to me. This is a person who fights for equal rights and strives to give freedoms to those who have been denied it. Studying her chart made me smile. Her Scorpio rising makes her come across as a bit harsh, but she is fundamentally an honest person driven by a need to do good rather than personal gain.

    • “Heart Of Gold” !!???? You need to watch “Clintons Cash” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM and even worst the Clinton Chronicles on Youtube.

      This woman is a psychopath. I hope women aren’t fooled by her playing the ‘mother card’.
      The Clintons are dangerous, people have been killed.
      Remember the devil always wears the mask of an angel

  37. I was active in campaigning against the war on the Libyan people where we sided with the known terrorists of Libya against the people. i saw the kids coming out of the houses hit by nato airstrikes, in pieces sometimes, oh here’s the girls leg, Here is her torso, the tiny children had their pampers nappies protruding from their jama bottoms and protruding from their nappies were their guts. I watched it, I forced myself to so that I could witness to what happened against the Libyan people and their Jamahiriyah democracy, that is real democracy, direct democracy that they enjoyed.

  38. Shame on you for writing such a biased report under the guise of astrology. I have studied her chart in great detail, so I know this for a fact. For example, her Moon square Uranus which makes her brilliant, made for politics, and a natural fighter for equal rights. Or her north node in the seventh house opposite the south node in the first house–in this lifetime she had to learn to be a spouse and partner before she fulfilled her destiny of herself. And people born with Mercury retrograde are futuristic thinkers with a great sense of humor. I wonder what aspects are in your chart that make you so judgmental of someone you obviously didn’t bother to understand, astrologically or otherwise.

    • Actually, Moon Square Uranus do not cause brilliance. Negative Uranus aspects to Sun and Moon usually cause craziness! I know someone with Moon Square Uranus – he’s far from “brilliant.” He’s in a mental health hospital for long term treatment, on anti-psychotic drugs and has a complete split personality. Other astrologers, such as Bob Marks writes that negative aspects to Uranus (particularly the very personal planets, such as Mercury, Moon or Sun) just make people crazy! No brilliance there! The person who is in the mental health hospital that I know has absolutely atrocious spelling! http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/aspectsuranus.htm Jamie’s not into the houses. And as for the Nodes of the Moon – that’s if she’s developed her North Node in this life time. You’re never going to know her on a personal level. You only ever see her public image, and if you’re into the houses, you’ll know that we all have a public image persona. The report isn’t completely bias, because he suggests in his first paragraph that she has a clever and profound mind, with her Sun star Princeps. He doesn’t need to be ashamed of himself and he’s allowed to have his own personal opinions. Everyone judges.

    • I did not use the Moon because of the highly questionable birth time. For the same reason, Houses are not at all reliable in her chart.

      I used the most personal aspects but only the ones which still remain accurate regardless of birth time. If you follow the links of each aspect and star I mention you will understand why.

  39. I have been calling her medusa since 2011because she makes me feel sick when i see her or hear her, funny how her North Node is on that fixed star! The way she was with Libya and the great human rights champion Muammer Gaddafi and the way she laughed so callously at this grisly death and anal gun rape is sickening. Also the way she suports abortion even with partial birth is sickening. Do not be fooled, she is evil.

  40. Thank you Apollonia for your reply. One further comment I wish to make is about astrolocation. I was born in Washington, DC but am a lot happier here in Chicago. Astrologically this is a much better location for me. This also applies to Hillary. I noticed that she announced her running after the Moon v/c. Her acceptance speech was around the time of Moon in Gemini sextile Sun in Leo. Anyway, there is so much more to astrology than the natal chart, i.e., location, v/c Moon. It is either Trump or Hillary. Give me Hillary and Kaine over Trump and Pence anytime. Cheers.

    • I agree a relocation chart is important if one doesn’t live in or near their birthplace.

      Many astrologers suggest traveling to a different location during a Solar Return to remove or ease adverse placements. I am among them and always travel when necessary.

      Kaine was an excellent pick for VP. When looking at the charts of those on her VP short list, he was the one I thought she would select. Clinton/Kaine, the dynamic campaign duo, will work well together.

  41. Jamie, are you going to do a POTUS election prediction?

    IF (yes, that is a big if) Trump and Clinton are still the nominees on November 8, I have made a decision, but that ‘IF’ is causing me some concern.

  42. Hi Lynn, Jim Shawvan (www.jshawvan.homestead.com) is a well-known astrologer that specializes in astrocartology. I have him do my solar return and yes, I also often change location on my solar return. This year I am perfectly fine staying in Chicago according to Jim . Yes, I like Tim Kaine. If something should happen to Hillary then he would be a great President. Cheers

  43. Hi Katie, There are just too many checks and balances to justify your predictions. We will be just fine with Hillary and Kaine and other great people in charge. Cheers from a lovely sunny day in Chicago.

    • Hi George. I don’t think they will be in charge. Cheers from a lovely sunny day England.

      • Anyway; we don’t have any control over who wins and after the elections are over which is already a pre-destined decision (I believe), and I’m not talking about conspiracy theories, I’m talking about the universe; our opinions will become obsolete and we’ll have to watch destiny prevail. I believe Trump will win – that’s just a feeling. But I actually haven’t got any favourism. It was just a feeling. We have no control over who wins. Our words are merely empty voids.

  44. This is one of the nastiest, most unprofessional readings of Hillary Clinton’s chart I’ve ever read. It clearly shows your political bias and probable misogyny–amply demonstrating your lack of basic astrological skills.

    “Astrology King”–ha, not likely. Any reasonable person who wants to learn the real–and deep–meanings of theirs and other people’s charts should pretty much ignore you and your artless comments.

    • Susannah – I am a female double Scorpio – Sun & Raising & believe me Hillary is worst then anything in that horoscope – she is not to be trusted – whatever she says or does is only for her benefit & she will do nothing but to continue to ruin this country – taking up from where Osama bin bama has left off – you clearly know nothing about the sign or who or what we are – while I never had any desire to enter politics – I have always managed to get what I want no matter who I had to move out of the way to get there. Be warned she will sell this country to highest bidder & FYI the horoscope in question does not even begin to tell everything there is about her.

      • You get the best and worst with Scorpio’s they say. From the evil grey lizard to the soaring Eagle. I’ve known and know a few Scorpio’s and I am one myself. It’s the choice of the individual if they want to live life in the underworld (ruler Pluto, I like to call the planet Plutonium) or take the higher ground. Make a choice Scorpio’s!

    • Follow the links to the aspects and stars in her chart, they are very nasty. Attack the astrology, not the astrologer.

  45. Susannah, I totally disagree with you. I find Jamie absolutely brilliant. Why don’t you submit your analysis of Hillary’s chart?

    • Yeah, I think Jamie’s great at astrology too! I’ve learnt a lot from him and he’s told me some invaluable things about my personal chart, which I didn’t know before. I completely disagree with Susannah! He’s not a misogynist at all! And I’d detect it if he was, as I’m quite a feminist!

  46. I cannot understand why women would be so loyal to Hillary, there is absolutely nothing anyone can say against her. She is a baby killer, she votes for abortion during the birth of a child, an American child and they think that is OK. So really considering they think that Hillary is their champion for supporting and voting for the stabbing of babies in the neck as they emerge from the birth canal, is there anything worse?. If that is OK, then surely everything else, every other crime of hers, every war crime, her support of terrorists in Libya and Syria, everything else pales in comparison. What astrological aspects indicate zero conscience, what astrological aspects indicate an inability to be sickened by evildoing?
    When people have no consciences and they insist on voting for a Witch, they will be the ones responsible for WWIII, with nukes flying about, This is a war which we are incredibly close to… closer than we have been in our history. In the 70s, people were concerned and afraid of nuclear war breaking out…and a few times we were very close to it, especially when false warning systems came up but fortunately wise men were in charge and the false warnings were ignored.
    Perhaps people should look at what it was like for the Japanese when the nuclear bombs came and then multiply that by a million to show just how very bad a world wide nuclear war can be. American foreign policy, which uses terrorists to force governments out of power, really is begging and begging and begging for somebody to come and stop them. When Russia does, the Americans will throw out every nuke they have and then the radiation clouds will come back and fall over them. Our world as we know it will end, our lives as we know them will end. It will be hell.
    Somebody has to think about the wars America is involved in around the globe. We stopped the Libyan people from dealing with their armed terrorists by bombing up the Libyan people, now we are bombing up their terrorists and the Libyan people together. In Syria, the US/UK/F have bombed up more women and children than they have bombed the terrorists.
    My vote is anti war and I will not vote for a warmongering government or candidate, rather a fringe candidate.
    I hope that I can vote for peace loving Jeremy Corbn next election. The UK and US need no nukes as it is they themselves and their nukes who are the enemies of the world.
    Tell me if nuclear war will break out by looking in the US and Hillarys horoscopes please.

    • Doesn’t her being a Scorpio favor her as the election takes place in her sign?

    • I do struggle interpreting the lunar nodes. Perhaps destined to be linked somehow to assassination. Interesting yesterday about Trumps reference to gun owners taking things into their own hands.

      • I think perhaps another question would be, what effect does her north node have on his MC? I haven’t really looked at a synastry chart for these two, but when I read this, I glanced at their charts.

        The North Node conjunct his MC would likely mean that the MC person (Trump) loses some stability that he had in this life. Basically, his foundation and support is being dislodged by the North Node person. This stems from a past life parenting issue. Being that Algol is involved, it could be an emotional assassination of sorts. In other words – his life could be rocked by Clinton. I liken it to an earthquake that shakes the foundation of a home. In this case to be continued to another life time. That’s just a thought or two.

        • I should have said it creates a situation in this life time to become a past life issue in the next life time, not stems from a past life. My bad. In this case it is creating a parenting issue. It is likely that the parenting issue is a public, government, presidential issue or other 10th house issue. Hope that is a little clearer. 2:00 AM here and way past bedtme.

      • Uranus square the Moon is assassination for US Presidents.
        Benizar Bhutto also had this aspect

  47. Everybody BUT Hillary is nasty. She even gets on with the toyboy terrorists in Libya who fawn over her like groupies. She is so nice that nobody could even mention on the media what a lurid sick and sadistic way Muammer died at the hands of those she supported in Libya, nor that he championed womens rights, human rights or that his people.enjoyed the highest living standards in Africa, or that he cared for the poor and no Llibyans were homeless or that there was direct true democracy in Libya. We were so awed with Hillary’s niceness that we cannot think of how she champions the murder of babies as they are being born by the stabbing in the neck called partial birth abortion. Everybody in the entire world butHhillary and her supporters are evil. Happy now? The asteroids affecting HC chart, we should ignore them because she is so nice and nobody crossing her ever meets death in mysterious circumstances.

  48. Does Trump have something in his chart indicating assassinations ie the other way around, that he may be the one meeting an end this way? As for assassinations, i have heard that HC has had a few enemies who all meet death in strange unexpected circumstances. This was not just the sadistic death of Muammer who created the direct democracy system of the Jamahiriyah.. She may have a lot of enemies from Syria, Libya, the African continent and from certain nations or peoples in the ME, too. As far as I am concerned HC’s end would be as sad as the end of the worst of the SS officers, but hating the devil rather more than the evil HC, I do not wish it..

    • There is a connection between them with fixed star Algol and assassination. His MC and her North Node. He can be seen as politically assassinating his rivals. Then there was his words two days ago about 2nd amendment people getting her.

  49. So you claim objectivity at the outset and then offer the most slanted astrology analysis of Clinton I have read – how is it your piece does this but other Astrologers manage to keep their objectivity?

    And you quote an-authorized hit piece on the Clintons from the Daily mail about Clinton’s character? The same book that is based on debunked Troopergate – Let’s examine what the author of that slander David Brock said after the bruhahha shall we?

    “I guess that I should confess that as the author of the infamous piece, I think “proving Troopergate” may be a tall order. I was as sure of that story when I wrote it as any journalist can be of any story. But in the years since then, the troopers have greatly damaged their credibility.

    I’m sure you remember that during the Senate Whitewater hearings, the troopers made fools of themselves with improbable claims about the circumstances of Vincent Foster’s death. One of the two troopers who went on the record with me, Larry Patterson, helped promote the infamous Clinton Chronicles, a crackpot video accusing [Bill Clinton] of drug running and murder. Patterson was also recently cited as a source for The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, by British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. So I’ve had occasional pangs of doubt: Is it possible that they took me for a ride, embellishing their account for fame and fortune?” sp why would you believe any source that has been debunked ?

    are you even aware of Carl Bernstein’s book on Hillary- by far the most legit bio on Clinton available?

    I guess you didn’t.

    No this isn’t “Objective” , this is biased analysis masquerading as analysis and it’s a disgrace to your profession.

    • How is the “Clinton Chronicles” crackpot? Fame and fortune?! Are you kidding?, they risked their livelihoods AND lives to bring out that info. Hilary is a Zionist. And as for Carl Bernstein… The clue is in the name. Just another Vanity Fair hack.
      Please add links to your “objective” other Astrologers pieces? I would love to see them.
      Are you going to tell me Clintons Cash is bunkum too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM&list=RD7LYRUOd_QoM#t=0

      • I actually provide a quote from the journalist exploring Troopergate and you’re questioning it? A “vanity fair”hack, do you even realise that Bernstein was one of the investigative journalists that uncovered watergate?

        It’s poor form to dismiss facts because it doesn’t suit your agenda – that is called Confirmation bias.

        There’s a lot of criticism I could level at Hillary – I am not a fan of HRC – but it is cheap to rummage through lies that can easily be fact checked. It’s also cheap to spin false narratives.

        If a birth time is not accurate for a public figure such as Hillary, some sound research should be done to get a clear picture of her to back up one’s points.

      • And yes , Much of the claims in Clinton Cash have been debunked. – Chris Wallace of Fox News criticised the author for pushing lies, circumstantial evidence as truth. Go to any factcheck site and you will find the truth is far more interesting with regard to how our Government operates and far less salacious.

        Smh. The one thing Clinton Cash got right was the speeches which Hillary detailed in her recent tax returns.

        I bet I could come out with some false negative book tomorrow on Hillary and you’d believe it – just because.

      • And it surprises you that a politician spins the truth to suit their agenda? Stick a pin it.
        Why is Clinton singled out for it? Every politician I can think of does this – everyone. Are you also aware that there were budgetary cuts to security in our embassies ?
        we’ve had consulate attacks far worse than this during previous administrations.
        Benghazi was a futile expensive effort , a barely disguised witch hunt against Clinton – that tells you something about HRC’s enemies and their persistence however commentary on enemies is given scant mention in this astrological profile..

        • IF she is singled out its because she acts like a ruthless, warmongering capitalist and talks like a cuddly caring socialist, peacenik. At least Trump is honest about who he is. (Wether you like him or not.) As it says in the astrology. Hillary is a liar. The litmus test is wether she is prepared to let young American men be cannon fodder for Israel. She has and she will again. The republicans in the past have been much the same. When is America going to look after its own? China doesn’t spent their hard earned tax money on defence and look how well they are doing!

          Plus we in Europe suffer the consequences of US wars being a lot closer to its targets.. It’s not fun. Come and live in Germany under traitor Merkel if you want a taste of what Hilary will be like.

          • So all you have is an ad hominem attack on Clinton, full of hyperbole which addresses not a single point I raised. Astrologers should be fair in their assessments – period.

          • And I do not buy for one minute the excuse that because there’s no birth time, this profile couldn’t include some discussion about a piscean nature in Hillary- he gives the barest of analysis for the 8:02 am time- and not one iota of consideration for the 8:pm time – because serious consideration of either times would color the profile differently because it would take into account MAJOR aspects of a personality – and why is mercury retrograde given such a complete negative connotation- some of the world’s finest thinkers and writers and communicators have mercury retrograde, – it IS a challenge but Jaime dooms this aspect in the most thoughtless imaginable way.

            And I’m supposed to think this was a balanced interpretation?


            • Jo,
              Jamie did not use the moon or house system. Nor did he use midpoints or asteroids. He made this clear. He used aspects and fixed stars. He provided links to the information. So, he is not wrong in his interpretation.

              More information probably could be revealed by looking at other things in her chart. However, that is not Jamie’s method.

              I think it is clear that you are a Clinton supporter. I am not a Hillary supporter, but I am an anti-Trump Republican and will be voting for Clinton. Trump is an anarchist, shown by his Sun/Uranus conjunction in the 10th. He is also erractic and unpredictable. Sun/Uranus is in opposition to the moon giving emotional instability, changes of mood, making him uncooperative, personal freedom at all costs, and ego confrontations. All of which has been seen during the election cycle thus far. 29 degrees Leo on the Ascendent in combination with other aspects in chart gives him an over blown ego and narcisstic nature. This is not the makings of a great president. Yup, I could really do a biased hit piece.

              The point is Clinton has some aspects that plays out in a negative way and so does Trump. I just happen to think that Clinton is safer for the US.

              If Trump and Clinton both stay in, it looks like a win for Clinton.
              Don’t take that prediction as a fact, because I am a rookie at this political prediction stuff. We’ll see.
              ???? Remember – don’t shoot the messenger.

            • Hi Lynn. I’m still dreading having to make a prediction. I wrote out their transits for election day and based on that is looks good fro Trump. Always difficult comparing two charts when there in no accurate birth time for one of them. I place extra importance on transits to the personal points like AC, Moon, and especially in this case the MC.

            • I would never include a Sun Sign story anyway. I prefer to be more specific by using fixed star interpretations. You can say just as many negative things as positive things about each Sun Sign. Whether she is a Scorpio Western Sun Sign or Chinese Pig or Celtic Butterfly she still has those same nasty fixed stars and very challenging planetary aspects.

            • Ok, but I didn’t say anything about a sun sign.

              Take care.

      • And to put it into further perspective re Benghazi and enemies:

        9/11 3,000 Americans were killed, followed by wars in which countless more die. Congress holds a total of 22 hearings into 9/11 … TWENTY TWO.

        And after an episode in which four Americans are killed, and where a Republican McCarthy admits the purpose of the committee was to drive Clinton’s poll numbers down, we end up with 21 Benghazi hearings … TWENTY ONE.

        Now put that in perspective.

        • hi Lynn, fair enough. (seems I can’t directly reply to you)

          Actually I’m not a HRC fan – I’m just fascinated by the intense emotions Hillary evokes in many. Some of it defies logic -my personal feelings about her are lukewarm, I don’t see her any differently from other politicians.

          • Jo,

            I can understand the fascination. It definitely is interesting.

            Take care.

    • What other astrological interpretations have you read about Hillary Clinton?

      Earlier in the comments you will find someone who’s friend worked close to Hillary and substantiated these claims.

      It’s besides the points anyway, the chart aspects and fixed stars say what I wrote, I did not make it up. It is no coincidence that there have been constant allegation of lying and cheating and criminal behavior the whole way through the campaign. It is happening because it is clear as day in her chart.

      How do you explain these continual leaks and allegations based on your interpretation of her chart?

  50. Jo Hannigan, I consider that you are being overly personal in your attacks to Jamie directly, on a website he is paying for. He has been open about being unsure of HC’s time of birth, he cannot use every hour of the day, until he finds the most flattering one to HC, as you do. Try dissing HC on her own websites!
    And what have most of your comments got to do with astrology? Jamie’s posts have been to do with astrology. Jamie uses fixed stars, a lot, for his astrology and HC has got the meanest ones conjunct her planets.
    When I have commented, I have not attacked the astrologer on this website. As somebody who does not relish the thought of nuclear WWIII or the innocent kiling of Syrian people by UK-US Saudi sponsored terrorists, or by the UKUS bombs, I have got a right to comment on the election of people when there are issues of such magnitude.
    May I ask if HC horoscope may indicate more wars of magnitude, as in escalation of the illegal bombings in Syria, with outright hostilities against Russia or whether it will be kept as a covert war using proxies aka terrorists.

    • I haven’t made a personal attack on Jaime. I’ve observed- as have others – that this is not an objective assessment. At no point have I called him any names.

      Don’t spin my critique into a personal attack.

      I believe that a profile that just falls short of calling HRC an incarnation of Lucifer to be disturbing. I haven’t even attacked his use of fixed stars – that’s his prerogative , but it doesn’t make this a fair and broad assessment of HRC.

      Yes, there’s a sound argument to be made about U.S Foreign Policy which goes beyond Clinton and Obama . Yes War is bad, unfortunately it’s been a feature of human civilisation since we started walking on two legs.

  51. You do not go onto other people’s websites and publicly diss them for not being objective. You are totally unable to diss HC on one of her websites. If you want to argue about the planets and their meanings, argue about them. if you want to argue about the time of birth, there is not an argument worth having. You can SPECULATE through your rose tinted glasses that HC was born at any time of day if you like but you have no foundation on which to base your speculations. It is you who are without objectivity and it is you have lost the plot.
    How can you fail to acknowledge that the nukes we have do make the very real and very near threat of WWIII into a completely different type of war? You also fail to acknowledge that the wars taking place today are not wars which are being won by anyone but are a never ending misery spanning over decades. The wars the US /UKand their armies of terrorists are waging around the globe could be said to be unilateral ones, without provocation and without the other side actually fighting back, those subjected to attacks are just fighting off invading armies, not taking the war back to those waging it.
    The other problem that I have with these wars are that there is total utter dishonesty given to us through the corporate media and the politicians promoting them. The fabricated news of a one sided genocide of Muslims in the former Yugolsavia is an abhorrent malicious and fraudulent claim. They even had the Muslim terrorists from abroad over there stirring things up, the same ones the USUK created, to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. Decades on, the Serbians feel their nation is occupied and they still are living in refugee camps!
    In Libya, we supported terrorists, known ARMED terrorists against their people. These terrorists had been active in Iraq and were known to us. There was no dictator in Libya as the system of direct democracy had been set up in 1976. Muammer said, ‘ My people will decide, I will ask my people and they will decide.’ The system of the Jamahiriyah government was adapted from the Bedouin tribal systems. Now the USUK are bombing the same terrorists we sought to protect and the people of Libya who are not terrorists, like we did before. In Syria we are telling the people of Syria who voted for Assad, who had a high turnout and a 74% mandate, that they must be ruled over by sharia laws and that we are not bombing the terrorists because they are moderates. We bomb more Syrian civillians to death than any terrorists in Syria and we have increased the destruction of their infrastructure.
    We have funded the war against the Syrian people, supplied the weapons used against them and trained the foreigners fighting on their soil against them. There are Syrian refugees but many posing as Syrian refugees are the same terrorists or moderates (euphemistically named) who have crossed into Syria to fight wars. Many are not doing this as fanatical Muslims but as hard up men making a living as mercenaries.
    There are many people in the US who are nonchalant about war and who deserve a war on their soil, who deserve what they have meted out to Iraq, Libya and Syria, a real war, with real destruction and radiation but the problem is that it would not just be confined to those deserving it who are asking for it, even begging for it. Those of us who have feeling for other people are TRYING to knock sense into you.
    BTW, the people of Libya do see HC as something hideously evil for supporting their known terrorists and waging war on the Libyan people. Jo, I wish you wisdom, whatever it takes but not at anybody else’s expense.

    • Er I didn’t personally diss anyone – Please don’t misconstrue my critique. These days any succinct criticism of something is seen as a personal insult. I think Jamie’s site and take on things is interesting. Nonetheless…

      I’ve read astrological profiles of Hillary that takes into account several possibilities with regard to her moon sign, MC and ascendant. I cannot rely mainly on fixed stars, and largely dismiss the possibility of other elements that colour the chart. She does have problems with the truth (most politicians do, but it’s a fair point to make), she is very private and secretive. Legit bios of her also paint her as a deeply emotional woman who will do what it takes to fight for her ideas and beliefs – and we saw this with healthcare reform. From an early age she was convinced she needed to make the world a better place and developed an early passion to improve health services, particularly in the area of child care- This points to a VIRGO MC imho.

      And I criticize Hillary based on facts – not conjecture, heresay or lies. Yes it bothered me that a quote from the DAILY MAIL based on suspect source info that is easily verifiable was used to prove a point in this profile.

      You’ve written a long screed about U.S Policy and Global Politics spanning decades yet you do this pinning it to Clinton. America has a problem – A problem World Powers have always had and that is exceptionalism- American Exceptionalism which has shaped and guided U.S foreign policy since Teddy Roosevelt.

    • This is the main point for me: “If you want to argue about the planets and their meanings, argue about them.”

  52. America is filled with war criminals and guilty of heinous war crimes but as you are not the victim, never mind. As soon as somebody says a negative thing about HC, you fly off the handle. What are you going to do about preventing the US getting nuked? You obviously do not care about the bombs, terrorists, falsely called moderates, depleted uranium and nukes it inflicts on others. I am not voting for parties which have been in power and have been waging criminal wars. If the Labour party changes and Corbyn, a strong anti-war candidate campaigns for election as its leader, then I may consider voting for them but I either spoil my ballot or vote for a smaller party or independent. We are closer to nuclear WWIII than we have ever been and you go on about how HC’s birth time Must have been later in the day in order to make her appear more favorable to yourself. Pisces is 12th house and so it covers hidden enemies and being a hidden enemy, it is also deceit, deception, self deceit, illusion, drugs and self-undoing.

  53. So Hillary is a triple scorpio???? OMG. I avoid scorpios. If I meet one, I say ‘No thanks…don’t even want to know your name’ Those scorpio stings are deadly.

  54. Hillary is physically very sick, she is guilty of treason, she is a liar, her husband was IMPEACHED. This country is sooo
    filled with sheeple willing to listen to any propaganda and willing to vote for a gun grabbing SPY. They DESERVE what they will get. But it WILL NOT BE HILLARY. Hillary will step down shortly after taking office only to put TIM KAINE in office.
    Hillary has had Parkinsons since 2008 thus was replaced by NO NAME OBAMA. All she has to do is HIDE from now until
    November and they will STEAL the election for this vile wench. Not saying that Trump is a prince by ANY stretch. I would
    believe you if you told me Hillary was his sister!! Tim Kaine the pisces WILL BE PRESIDENT IF HILLARY WINS. Parkinsons

    • Where did you get medical information that states she has Parkinsons? Unless Hillary disclosed the information, it would be a HIPAA violation. No doctor or medical professional would disclose medical information without consent. Sources please.

  55. This information could be hacked and leaked. Anyone leaking information about somebody’s medical history would be right to do this if they were concerned about a psychopath taking our world into nuclear WWIII. You Americans just have no idea, do you? You gobble lie after lie after lie, you condemn what is just and praise what is corrupt. If your opinions are based on lies, what are they worth? If you do not have truth to base your opinions on, what do you have, what kind of foundation? Question everything, leave nothing off limits and be open to the possibility that everything you think is true is actually false. Start there. Read what the opposition is saying. Look at other points of view, like Russia’s, like Syria’s, like independent bloggers and media.

    • Absolutely disagree with your assumption that leaking medical information is justified. Hackers are usually motivated by less than honorable reasons.

      In this case, Clinton shows no sign of Parkinsons. If she has had Parkinsons since 2008 as claimed, she would be having problems.

      Furthermore, you should question your own opinions. You do not know me and are making false assumptions with no basis in truth.

      In addition, you are expressing your perceptions about Clinton and the US in general. Each individual may have a different preception of a situation. In summary, perceptions are not facts.

      As far as World War III, if it was meant to be; it was so from the beginning.

      “You Americans just have no idea, do you? You gobble lie after lie after lie, you condemn what is just and praise what is corrupt. ” You are not a US citizen and I take issue with this statement and your attitude.

      I do agree with keeping an open mind and looking at a situation from different angles. Perhaps, you should consider taking your own advice.

      We will just have to agree to disagree.
      All the best and have a great day.

  56. Good for you Lynn. This “ursulariches” is totally unbalanced. And, this is an astrological website and I don’t see any astrological connection to this vitriolic denunciation of Hillary.

    • Thank you for your support. I am very appreciative of your act of kindness.

      Hillary has a strong angular moon that is well aspected, if her birth time is 8:02 AM. Moon is trine Mercury, trine Venus, trine Jupiter, trine Asc and sextile NN.

      When she won her Senate seat, her moon was in the early degrees of Pisces in opposition to her MC. On election day her moon will again be in those same early degrees after the polls close. She has the strength of Jupiter with her until shortly before the election by transist. She has an approaching Jupiter sextile Mars on the 9th. In addition, she has Arc-Natal Jupiter trine Neptune entering on Nov. 6. On inauguration day her North Node is conjuncting the MC.

      On an Aries ingress chart for Washington, D.C., it looks like the Dems will retain control of the Whitehouse. However, Jupiter, the ruler of the challenging party is near the 10th house cusp. Since Jupiter was retrograde, I am hoping that it is a no for the challenging party. This is similar to a chart for the event using the 1st and 7th and their rulers and making a judgement by the aspects. Both results are the same by either method.

      It is interesting to note that the Pisces moon is in Donald’s 7th house (open enemies) after the polls close. I would say this is very representative of Hillary. Glancing at Trump’s chart, he has some trines on election day, but shortly thereafter he looks angry or irritated. I am wondering if the results will be slightly delayed.

      In addition, Jupiter steps into Libra and their will be a change in the collective as far as views of balance and fairness go. This should work in Hillary’s favor.

      Let us hope our election process isn’t interfered with, since two states and the DNC have already been hacked.

      In summary, my penny is on Hillary.

      My best to you and yours. Take care.

      • Thanks Lynn for taking the time for your your very thoughtful and fascinating chart analysis. A lawyer friend of mine is looking into finding the correct birth time of Hillary since birth records are a public record, I understand. Anyway, when Hillary announced her run for the presidency I found it quite interesting that she announced later in the day AFTER the V/O moon. If she had announced in the morning the Moon was V/O. Sooo I thought that perhaps Hillary had some astrological advice. Anyway, I pray that Hillary and Tim Kaine win. If I get any further info I will post it. Thanks again, Lynn. Cheers from Chicago

        • George, I had to come back to correct myself. The moon was at 2 degrees in her progressed chart at the time of the Senate election, but still in Pisces by transit. I was looking at several different charts. Sorry.

  57. I may not be using astrology but I am responding to the other comments on here which are lacking in their discussion of astrology. My posts have been asking questions about the astrology of wars which may come up in HC’s chart or progressed chart. I do want to know about this.
    As for you so rudely using the term unblanced against me, it shows that you lack intellect, that you should recourse to such a low level. Bearing in mind that the US has an extremely unbalanced candidate and the most unbalanced candidate standing for the presidency of their nation that they have ever had in their history, you using insults like this against me, a person who researches and uses multiple sources for news, this shows you up for being a mindless being who just drinks in propaganda from the corporate media. There are those who want a figurehead in the WH who will implement the policies their minders tell them to do. Soros has been the major backer of HC, he who deliberately took down the British economy by dumping billions of £ onto the market and swung the election which brought our war criminal TB into power. He and GB, started the perpetual warring across the globe, starting in the former Yugoslavia, continuing with Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. Her supporters have been giving her millions. Trumps wealthiest supporters are only worth the paltry millions which HC is actually getting. More people are backing DT but the uber wealthy are supporting HC.

  58. I am only ‘unbalanced’ because you are bigots.

    So everyone who does not gobble up the same propaganda nonsense that you do, anyone who disagrees with you is unbalanced? America is really exceptional, it is exceptionally full of exceptionally bigoted people who follow bigoted policies towards others in our world! I do not like all the lies from the mainstream media. I do not like the ommisions of the mainstream media. Yemen for example. The Libyan people I know online send lots of pictures of the Yemen children being butchered. I try to understand what is going on in Yemen, why the British have forces out there, the Americans too, why we are fighting alonside Saudi AND ISIS against the Houthis who actually live in the place. Why did our nations governments and our global corporate media not respect the people’s choice of government in Crimea, in Ukraine, in Yemen, Syria, Libya…?
    Jamie I am really pleased you take the trouble to search for different viewpoints. That will only make you better at discerning astrology when you have a clearer idea of what it all means. I too go onto RT. It amused me about the the red carpeted stairs not being put up for Obama. It is high time these arrogant Americans were put in their place.
    I love Lizzie Phelan, our brave Irish reporter from London who reports from Syria in between the shelling. She was the only British reporter who covered Libya. there were others there but they did not seem to actually be reporters.
    I also find independent Sibel Edmonds contributions very interesting and I read global research. The corporate press and the corporate media stinks of propaganda and lies and it takes us all for idiots as do the politicians.
    When the war against Libya began, I sought out Libyans online to tell me their side of the story, both sides of those in the conflict in Libya. Being ‘unbalanced’, in my case, means doing research into the issues of today. I dare you to try out ‘global research’ with Michel Chossudovsky and also to try out RT for a month and see if your eyes begin to open. I google things and found an interesting article in the Jersusalemn Post about the Nazis in Ukraine. Americans really are the most exceptional beings in our world with their exceptional bigotry and hatred for all those who reject their lies. You Americans must look at the war crimes of the USA and the UK and then look at yourselves in the mirror, you are in agreement with it, you do nothing against it and you do not care about the victims of your country. You hate and attack those
    who do.

    What parts of the American astrological charts show us this exceptionalist bigotry?
    Lets have a look at the American charts and lets see if the aspects could be used in a better way than they are.

    I do not want to write on this post anymore.

  59. If you think that Americans don’t care about children in harm’s way, then you are sadly mistaken.

    If I had the power and resources, I would remove every innocent child from war zones. However, I do not have the authority to do so and neither does any other regular citizen of the US.

    I went to RT News and it is filled with propaganda and slanted, biased opinion pieces. Unfortunately, journalists have lost the ability to be objective, regardless of the news outlet. This is my opinion and I realize that others are entitled to their own opinions.

    Ursulariches, most Americans are nothing like the picture that you have painted in your mind. I am truly sorry that you have such a pessimistic view of Americans. I hope one day that you will cross the pond and visit long enough to go to different areas of our country.

    Nothing will ever be solved with finger pointing and blame. Dialogue, acceptance of differences, mutual respect and finding common ground is necessary.

    If you are ever in my area, I always have coffee, tea and rich cream available. I make a delicious buttery pound cake too.

    I won’t be back at this site, because I feel that Americans are unwanted and misunderstood. Besides my astrological methods are somewhat different, but there is a method to my madness. (Smiling, as she bid farewell to all).

    All the best. Take care.

  60. I think it’s really sad Americans have been painted so badly in their own totally biased Zionist owned press which is then projected out into the world. It’s deliberate. What country runs itself down like the US does? As IF ordinary working class Americans want to go bomb the hell out of the Middle East!?! I’m a Brit and I hope Trump can make America Great again. North Americans are our beloved cousins! If the US becomes a globalist soup, civilisation is over for the west.

    Unfortunately I think RT has been infiltrated, doesn’t seem as unbiased as it once was.

  61. If this is the astrologer’s definition of “unbiased,” I’d hate to see what he considers “biased.” O.o

  62. I consider the Americans on here shouting BIAS, to be prejudiced against everyone and anyone who does not hold the same (irrational) prejudices and beliefs as they do. A whole lot of our belief systems are based on foundations of lies to begin with. It frightens me, I can see that this political fundamentalism is where our wars come from.
    I believe Jamie when he says that he has no preference between the democrats to the republicans, as he is British, it makes perfect sense. He does have a bias against charts with indications of unpleasant characteristics. He is frank about this. If he was in the US, I expect he would not vote for the same party all of the time and he may have sympathies with a few of the dem and a few of the rep policies, as many of us do.
    A lot of us in the UK see the negative side of the main parties and all of the parties. That must be difficult for many Americans who are of the opinion that one party is white and one black, without the abiltiy to see anything negative in their party or anything positive in another party. The most pressing issue for me, as a very active reader on the internet is the issues of war fraud, including support of terrorists and of warmongering, as in Syria, Libya….
    I think that British people can admire people with very different belief systems as very decent people, if they are decent people. It is nice to know where one is with people and governments and the actual belief systems do not matter as much as the sincerity of the person and the way they implement their belief systems. There are many different ways to address the problems we have today. My favorite politicians come from left and right wing persuasions. I like Dennis K and Ron Paul, for instance. As you are from the US, I will not bother to go into any more politicians.

  63. Since no one really knows what time Hillary was born all of this is speculation. But one astrologer, William Stickevers, who called the majority of primary votes, says that the multiple times used for Hillary’s time of birth from various astrologers ( 8:00 am, 8:02 am., 8:06 am, 8:00 pm., and 2:18 am) show her losing resoundingly. If any feel that he is biased it should be noted that he is a Libertarian, so I doubt he is voting for either candidate. But comparing Hillary to Trump’s chart, shows that she hit her peak around October 10. That’s when she had the highest poll numbers, while Trump’s were on the decline. Now the opposite is happening. Trump is once again moving up while hers are starting to decline, slightly at this point but that will pick up speed. Another factor working against Clinton is she is counting on the full support of certain demographics. The black vote, Hispanic vote, gay vote, feminist vote, but there is no guarantee that all of the groups listed will even bother to go to the polls in numbers necessary to get her elected. Whereas. the Evangelical vote that has eluded Republican candidates the past two elections (remember they choose to sit out the last 2 elections) are not going to make the same mistake this election they’ve made the last 2. They will crawl over glass if need be to vote. What no one is talking about is how the Evangelical vote is bigger than the black, Hispanic, gay, and feminist vote combined. If they come out in force, as I suspect they will, it will be a rout for Hillary Clinton. But, like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, since we really don’t know Hillary’s actual time of birth, this is all conjecture. I really don’t know why something like this is kept secret? It’s not like it’s a national security issue.

  64. As Michael Lutin told me recently, “There will be no winner”. Whoever wins will be “taken out”.

    But one thing is absolutely certain. Both Clinton and Trump are extreme malignant narcissists who care about nothing but themselves, and as a result of that undeniable fact, either one of them will be a disaster. You can take that to the bank.

    This has never been more apropos:

    “The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born; now is the time of monsters.” – Antonio Gramsci

    • I think you are failing to consider one thing that I wish whoever does the Hillary and Donald horoscopes would take into consideration. The planetary lineup for this time period in the US. It has been done before by other astrologers who have done horoscopes for the US during certain periods of time. Some have charted the stars for the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI & WWII, the Vietnam War, etc. The feeling of change in the air is visceral. Anger at the establishment is at an all time high. People are sick of the business as usual politics where people we elect to represent us are no longer working for us but for the donors who enrich them. Hillary is the embodiment of that.

      Genaro, you said that whoever is elected will be taken out. Whatever did you mean by that?

      • Ana, I assume that what he meant by “taken out”, would mean removed from office, somehow.

        In light of all of the skeletons that have already been exposed for both of them, and all of the skeletons that both of them undoubtedly still have in their closets, it wouldn’t be difficult for the real powers that be to make sure that either one of them be impeached and thus removed from office. Of course there’s always the JFK method as well.

        Regardless, both Kaine and Pence are perfect replacements. As both of them are classic establishment politicians who will dutifully follow orders like any good puppet.

        That is not a coincidence.

      • Interesting, planetary dynamics so many things written here is exactly what is reported from the staff, secret service etc.. cruel and heartless . . Apparently, the foundation is under investigation. Meanwhile. Hilary almost two billion has been transferred to Qutar. I think Trump closed the foundation it was a way for them to enrich themselves. Trump horoscope was analyzed using an ancient technique and his chart was that of en emperor. this guy said if we took his name off the chart and just read it is super powerful, positive again this was using some ancient method it was coasttocoast radio

  65. Did anyone see a wikileaks e-mail with regard to Judge Scala who was assassinated?


    RE: Thanks

    To: john.podesta@gmail.com
    Date: 2016-02-09 20:56
    Subject: RE: Thanks

    I am all in

    Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down
    From: John Podesta [mailto:john.podesta@gmail.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, February 09, 2016 4:36 PM
    To: Steve Elmendorf
    Subject: Thanks

    Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.

    Wet works comes from the old soviet word for assassinations, google it. This was sent shortly before the assassination and this occurred at the Vineyard.

    • I did read that, apparently Clintons had a hit man that told all because he has cancer and
      he wanted the world to know. They will stop at nothing. Karma always gets this sort of person

  66. On 9 November 2016 the USA has progressive aspect cusp 3 in 15 Virgo. 30 degrees radix Saturn 15 Libra.

    USA Saturn 15 Libra is sextile Hillary Clintons Mars 15 Leo ruler C5 in Ninth House.

    Late on 7 November 2016 Hillary has transit Jupiter opposite her Pars Frt.

    Hillary progressive aspect: 4-Nov-2016 010°,55’36 Aquarius Ven 135 Ura

    On 20 January 2017 Hillary has progressive aspect: 021°,23’49 Capricorn Asc 60 Merc = ruler MC.

    Trump has on 20 January 2017 the progressive aspects:

    20-Jan-2017 014°,56’45 Libra Ven 45 Asc

    20-Jan-2017 001°,43’45 Virgo C-11 30 C-12

      • Ana, I’ll tell you what that means: astrologers are known for their predictions confirming their political biases. Most are narcissists and will present only what supports their view. How many predicted a Trump win? Most astrologers are liberals playing a christian morality game even if they don’t recognize it. If astrologers see positive Trump aspects they usually look the other way to find something more positive for Hillary. Look to progressions, fixed stars, not all these transits which tend to include every piece of space junk in the solar system. have a good day.

  67. With this aspect on 20 Januaty 2017 Hillary will be inaugurated as USA president.

    Hillary has progressive Moon sextile Jupiter on 10 November 2016.

    When Hillary announced her candidacy she had progressive Moon trine Mercurius ruler MC.

    When she accepted the nomination, she had transit Jupiter trine Mercurius ruler MC.

    I expect a narrow finish on 9 November 2016.

    Trump has nasty progressive aspects on 9 and 20 January 2017.

    • Transit Trump: 5-Jan-2017 014°,54’45 Capricorn Sun 90 Chiron (disappointment)

      On that day Congress will certify election result.

  68. Andries, as the birthtime of HC is not certified, her midheaven and her progressed moon are suspect. The foundation for your assertions does not exist. So IF, HC was born at that time, her progressed moon and her midheaven….. BTW, what aspects in HC’s chart points to the extra ordinarily high body count surrounding the pair? Google the Clinton’s body count.

  69. Hillary has Mars and Pluto ruler ascendant in 12 Leo in Ninth House = sextile USA Saturn 12 Libra.

    Her Eleven house cusp 7 Libra is conjunct Bill Clintons Mars Neptune 7 Libra.

  70. Hillary’s Ascendant 23 Scorpio is sextile USA Neptune 23 Virgo.

    Her MC 6 Virgo is sextile the USA Jupiter 6 Cancer.

    Ascendant USA = 9 Scorpio.

    USA MC = 16 Leo.

    Inauguration day = 13 (20012017)

  71. I rectified Hillary’s birthtime 8:02 am.

    I believe this is her birthcertificate time.

    I set the progressive aspect Ascendant sextile Mercurius ruler MC on inauguration day 20 January 2017, which I saw favourable for presidency.

    20-Jan-2017 021°,23’49 Capricorn Asc 60 Merc (ruler MC)

    However now I saw:

    22 Capricorn has Sabian symbol : a general accepting defeat gracefully.

    20-Jan-2017 023°,29’04 Sagittarius Sat 90 AR05 transit (arabic part Asc + Moon – Merc)

    Ruler progressive Ascendant is Saturn 22 Leo square ruler MC Mercurius 22 Scorpio.

    The folowing day she has transit 21-Jan-2017 -02°,38’33 Mars // C-11

    • But she’s not accepting defeat gracefully. According to rumors coming from her staff she went on a raging temper tantrum and was so upset she couldn’t even face her supporters the night of her defeat. When she did come out she was wearing purple and black, as was everyone around her, which contrary to what everyone claimed it meant, unity, actually symbolizes revolution and defiance. Then she used another candidate to try for a recount. Now that that has failed she and the DNC are trying to deny Trump the presidency through the electoral college and also by unsubstantiated rumors, via the complicit media, that the Russians hacked our election. Hillary and the DNC today are no different than the Bolsheviks with about as much respect for democracy and the rule of law – zero. They’ve tried the paid protesters, the recount, rogue electors, and now the Russians. Their guiding principle is “the ends justify the means,” directly from the Saul Alinski Rules fro Radicals.

      • uhm , you fell for disinformation, this NEVER Happened. It was a right wing smear. DOn’t be a dupe. I realise the irony of telling you this.

  72. Be happy and do not believe in the stars.

    Do not believe in unhappy things.

  73. Really disappointed by this needlessly negative interpretation. If a client had come to you with this birth time, you would be much more willing to understand and help them as opposed to villifying them.

  74. Thinking more and more about fixed star Algol on Trumps mid heaven trine Saturn Venus. Finding that Clinton had the same star conjunct north node and near descendant opposite Mercury, which is so hobbled, the results of the election start to make sense. It was a battle of the damaged. Just a question of who could be the nastiest.

    But now we have medusa as president. A hurting damaged being, turned into a weapon to be used by whoever can get hold of that squirming snake hair! At some point trumps head will face the mirror and he will be killed by his own death stare. In the meantime the world needs to look away as the powerful vie for that terrible weapon and use it to take out the terrible people who have done nothing to stop this. Restoring the world to balence, medusa trump will finally do good and move on from this karma.

  75. What Happened is a 2017 memoir by Hillary Rodham Clinton, describing her experience as the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.[1] To be published on September 12, 2017, it is her seventh book with her publisher, Simon & Schuster.[2]
    The New York Times wrote that the stated aim of the book was to “offer an intimate view of what it was like for Mrs. Clinton to run as the first female presidential candidate from a major party in United States history, in an often vicious and turbulent campaign.”[1] Her third memoir, following 2003’s Living History and 2014’s Hard Choices, advance publicity for the work said it would be her “most personal” yet[1] and quoted from her words in the book’s Introduction: “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Now I’m letting my guard down.”[1] Media outlets from the Associated Press to The Guardian to Politico framed Clinton’s promise of a new level of candor as a major theme of the initial publicity surrounding the book.[3][4][2] The work is also said to include some self-help ideas about how to get past highly unpleasant experiences.[5]
    Existence of a new Clinton work was first revealed in February 2017, but at the time it was billed as a volume of essays centered around the author’s favorite sayings, with only some allusions to the campaign.[6][4][7] Financial terms of that work, which had no announced title, were not publicly disclosed but industry observers expected her monetary compensation to be large.[8] The new purposing of the work and its thematic substance were revealed in July 2017.[7][2] After the title was announced, it was mocked with sarcastic memes on Twitter.[9][10]
    Book tour.
    It was announced on August 28, 2017 that Hillary Clinton would be starting a North American book tour on September 18, 2017. Clinton has scheduled appearances in Washington, D.C., California, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon, as well as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and is scheduled to last through December 2017.[11]

    Hillary D. Clinton.

    Rectified birthtime 08h,01m53s0.

    Progressive aspects and transits.
    27-Aug-2017 011°,21’26 Weegsch. Maan 0 Nep
    28-Aug-2017 021°,18’48 Libra Jup 60 Sat transit
    28-Aug-2017 021°,23’49 Libra Jup 30 Merc transit

    12-Sep-2017 011°,57’15 Libra. Moon 90 mutual Merc
    12-Sep-2017 011°,59’04 Libra Moon 120 mutual Ven
    12-Sep-2017 019°,31’43 Virgo Sun 120 Black Moon transit
    12-Sep-2017 004°,31’43 Virgo Mars 135 Black Mooon ZMnT transit
    12-Sep-2017 020°,13’49 Virgo Zon 90 AR08 transit
    13-Sep-2017 012°,00’03 Capricorn Sun 90 mutual Moon
    13-Sep-2017 024°,20’07 Libra Jup 150 Drac transit
    13-Sep-2017 005°,04’03 Virgo Mars 0 MC transit
    14-Sep-2017 012°,02’25 Libra Moon 90 lack Sun
    17-Sep-2017 +09°,39’21 Mars // MC transit
    18-Sep-2017 012°,10’54 Libra Moon 45 AR07

  76. Hillary D. Clinton.

    House in fire 3 January 2018.

    3-Jan-2018 001°,40’28 Capricorn Sat 60 C-12 transit

    5-Jan-2018 007°,27’57 Virgo Mars 135 mutual Asc
    5-Jan-2018 016°,13’54 Libra Moon 135 AR04
    6-Jan-2018 016°,14’29 Libra Moon 30 Ven
    12-Jan-2018 -03°,42’19 Moon // mutual Nep
    15-Jan-2018 022°,29’46 Cancer Desc * POLLUX (MARS – )
    23-Jan-2018 029°,51’05 Sagittarius C-12 135 Plu
    25-Jan-2018 016°,55’55 Libra Moon * SEGINUS (MERC – SAT )
    28-Jan-2018 012°,34’01 Capricorn Merc 90 Pars

  77. 05/01/18 15:50
    A new book has suggested Bill Clinton may have been unfaithful to Hillary after she bungled what should have been the biggest achievement of his first term in office. In Partner to Power: The Secret World of Presidents and Their Most Trusted Advisers, K. Ward Cummings paints a scathing portrait of a president and a first lady who failed because ‘compromise was not part of their vocabulary.’ Cummings writes that they were hampered by characteristics that would later haunt Hillary’s Presidential run; their ‘intense secrecy, the unhealthy nature of their personal power sharing, and their insistence on treating healthcare reform like a war in which everyone was either their friend or their foe.’ Hillary constantly sought Bill’s love and affection – which he denied as a method of getting people to do what he wants,’ Cummings explores whether Monica Lewinsky (center) was a source of solace for the president who no longer had faith in his spouse….read

    • Their Most Trusted Advisers, K. Ward Cummings paints a scathing portrait of a president and a first lady who failed because ‘compromise was not part of their vocabulary.’ Cummings writes that they were hampered by characteristics that would later haunt Hillary’s Presidential run; their ‘intense secrecy, the unhealthy nature of their personal power sharing, and their insistence on treating healthcare reform like a war in which everyone was either their friend or their foe.’

      So what do you believe.. think? Do you want a politician who can compromise and get things done, something which Hillary was actually criticized for, Cummings has taken away the wrong point, or do you want a “Resolute” politician who will not budge. I Mean honestly. What a contradictory post – you’d think CUmmings would have some praise for her later ability to compromise , and when to to hold on to her convictions. I’m realy tempted to place his inability to do so on HDS ( HIllary derangement syndrome)

    • there’s also a reason she is secretive, she doesn’t trust the Media on a very deep level – while she respects their right report ( you would never see hillary yell about the media like trump) she has always been convinced they’ve had it in for her, she has grounds to be suspicious of them. Sally Quinn is a good example of a journalist who felt Hillary wasn’t circumspect enough to the D.C Press ( i.e didn’t court them) And Sally would make quips which fueled fake stories about Hillary doing things in the W.H. – notoriously she is responsible for a stupid rumor that Hillary repeatedly invited a female Vet over ( which later morphed into a RWNJ fever dream that Hillary had a lesbian affair with this vet – see any of Ed Klein’s ridiculous slander pieces on HRC Where he imagines HIllary and this woman had an affair)

  78. Also today January 5, 2018: FBI investigation Clinton Foundation in the news.

    With the aspects Jan. 5 my Hillary’s horoscope rectification can be assumed as well done.

    • Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse, went on sale Jan. 5.

      It is on the best seller list and so is Clinton’s.

      Jan. 5 was an interesting day.

  79. This horoscope for HC confirms my own impressions or bias. Hillary is a lying, image-conscious warmonger. Stellium of three malefics in Leo. Depending on her birth time, probably not far from her MC either. Helps explain why she hit the political bigtime. And a swaggering psychopath ego, considering the Mars-Pluto-Acubens conjunction?
    Depressing to learn like her, have a Pluto-Acubens conjunction. Must take what consolation can be had from ‘the stars impel, they do not compel.’

    • LOL So the stars impel but don’t compel principle just doesn’t apply to her. “Warmonger” Yeah which American President won’t get that label ( maybe Carter ) but people aren’t frothing with hate where they are concerned. yeah you are biased. but I realise I can’ expect logical thought in this forum. OR anything. the thing with astrology is how conveniently it was can be used to buttress the logical fallacy of confirmation bias – a cognitive error.

      • The thing with paralogism is it can’t cope with objective astrological information. Instead it uses casuistry to buttress preferred logical fallacies. Like evil is is good. Oops, correction: let evil be evil as it damn well likes but give it a good public image.
        Millions share Hillary Clinton’s natal Pluto-Mars-Acubens conjunction or some variation. Few of them would support brutal third-trimester abortion of American babies hours before a child’s estimated time of birth. As HRC publicly did, 3 April 2016. Fewer still would have laughed and clapped hands, exulting: “We came, we saw, he died!” on hearing a popular ruler of another country had been sodomised with a knife then murdered by US-funded Isis ‘rebels’. As warmonger Hillary did, 20 Oct 2011.
        Only ONE person with that natal Pluto-Mars-Acubens conjunction approved selling Uranium One’s 20% holdings of US uranium mines to the Russians between 2009-2013. US Secretary of State, the traitorous Hillary Clinton.
        The stars impel, they do not compel. People can choose not to give in to murderous, or thieving, or slanderous, or traitorous impulses. And if they don’t? Easterners speak of karma. Westerners say, “What goes round comes round’. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Such global unanimity is remarkable.
        At her Methodist Sunday school HRC probably memorised texts like NT: “…for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap,” (Gal 6:7) and OT “…they that plough inequity, and sow wickedness, reap the same” (Job 4:8).
        When she chose to make Messalina and Agrippina the Younger look very small-time, Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was doing. Many will be thankful not to stand in her shoes.

        • I recall reading something in the Edgar Cayce files regarding astrological influence on the individual as : ” the birthchart is more of something like a template for our tendencies , no astrological placements supersede the ‘individuals ‘ power of free will.” ( something to that effect. )
          When asked in trance how many people exercise free will ? His answer was : ” about 20 %.

  80. Another brilliant natal chart analysis.

    (So sad, though – all that bitterness and nastiness in her chart. Poor woman.)

    I wonder… Are we going to discover the witch behind the witch hunt (the Donald Trump collusion conspiracy) is none other than Hillary Clinton?

  81. The mercury retrograde conjunct S.Node is the reason she keeps reliving the election results.She just can’t believe she lost , and keeps coming up with reasons why she should have won , but she can’t keep her mind out of the ‘ bucket ‘ its always there on her S.Node.
    Whether she’s investigated or not.The Russian collusion investigation only drew more focus on the part she played .No doubt there was criminal behavior involved and with the Fbis earlier investigation of her ‘ supoened ‘ Emails , and destruction of other evidence that she was not charged with.Mars / Pluto can be nefarious and loves the power ! ( astrologically speaking I didn’t see her winning either ,good call Jamie ! ) ♍

  82. Hillary’s Pisces Moon sextiles the Pluto-Saturn conjunction on Jan 12, 2020. A yod forms with Saturn, 21Leo18.

    There are several contact points in Hillary’s chart with the upcoming Aug 15, 2019 Full Moon.

    looking ahead, a vibration will activate, charged with the Hillary archetype.

  83. Saying that you “swear [you] can see her lion face when she is getting nasty” is far from unbiased, as you claim. It’s some misogynistic bullshit.

  84. Hillary D. Clinton.

    7-Nov-2020 022°,51’20 Scorpio Moon 120 Moon


    7-Nov-2020 015°,31’09 Aries Mars 135 Jup
    7-Nov-2020 022°,01’33 Capricorn Jup 60 Asc

    Her rival Trump lost this day the election.

    Trump starts Monday 9 November next the lawsuit against the election outcome.
    The Next day accordingly astrological aspects I expect that he lost his case.
    Biden is than officially acknowledged as the new president of the USA.
    So 10 November next is a day to look for.

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