Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago on October 26, 1947. The time of 8:02 am for the Hillary Clinton horoscope is rated DD at astro databank, meaning the time is highly questionable. [1] Therefore, the position of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be taken seriously. As with the Donald Trump horoscope I take a politically unbiased approach to natal chart interpretation which is based only on fixed stars and aspects.

With no major aspects to Hillary’s Sun it becomes difficult to form a picture of her ego and will. The minor fixed star Princeps at 02 ♏ 24 suggests only that she has a clever and profound mind. Her private nature and personality should be even more difficult to determine without reliable positions for the Moon and Ascendant. This, however, is not the case because of potent fixed stars and a strongly aspected Mercury and Venus.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope Mercury

Hillary’s mind is much easier to describe with Mercury on a major fixed star and in a very tight aspect to Saturn. Also, Mercury is stationary retrograde which causes problems with her thinking and communication. It points to errors in judgement, wrong decisions and miscommunication that leads to complications, lying and cover ups. There are errors or misinformation associated with spoken and written words, quotes, speeches, statements, records and documents.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Unukalhai at 21 ♏ 19 gives bad morals and poisonous thoughts like jealousy and revenge. This star with Mercury brings dishonor, narrow escapes and accusations of forgery or theft of papers. South Node and possibly Ascendant conjunct this fixed star make it an extremely powerful influence in her life.

Mercury square Saturn with an orb of 0°05′ is the strongest aspect in her chart. It causes deficiencies in thinking and communication which leads to mistakes, errors in judgement and negative thinking. It subjects Hillary to criticism and scrutiny of every little detail in her words, written and spoken.

Any mistakes or deliberate lies will come back to bite her, especially with Mercury retrograde on the poisonous star Unukalhai. Negative thinking can be exacerbated by having to deal with too much responsibility.

Lack of self respect, and feelings of isolation and depression can lead to resentment and nastiness. Hillary has obviously worked though a lot of these heavy karmic issues to reach such a high position but she still suffers from being called untrustworthy and nasty.

Saturn comes under the influence of the minor fixed star Ras Elased Australis at 19 ♌ 58 in the Lion’s Head. It gives an appreciation for language and a power of expression, but also makes Hillary cruel and heartless. With the square to Mercury, I swear I can actually see her Lion face appear when she is getting nasty.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton Astrology Chart

IF her actual birth time is 8:02 am, Mercury is conjunct an Ascendant of 22 ♏ 03. That makes a powerful communicator but square Saturn hard to trust and prone to bad decisions. Mercury rising trine Moon would soften her initial appearance and give influence over, and popularity with the public and women.

Hillary Clinton Horoscope Venus

Venus conjunct fixed star Zubenelgenubi at 14 ♏ 20 gives an unforgiving character, lying, crime and disgrace. Venus square Mars and Pluto suggests Hillary’s loving and affectionate side does little to tame her cruel and heartless mentality.

Venus square Mars and Venus square Pluto bring intense love-hate feelings in relationships. Any irritation can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums. Hillary’s extremely intense feelings appear threatening to others. Her need to have total control results in manipulative behavior like jealousy, guilt tripping and possessiveness.

Mars conjunct Pluto gives a ruthless desire to achieve goals. Strength, passion and courage are Hillary’s strong points but an indomitable will and tendency toward manipulation bring powerful enemies and hinders success. If she does not get her own way through force, she will turn to coercion or manipulative or criminal actions. This dark and sinister side can be very dominating, rude, vulgar, nasty and even violent.

Mars and Pluto conjunct fixed star Acubens at 12 ♌ 54 causes lying and criminality, giving an unbalanced and jumpy nature, malevolence and poisoning. Acubens is associated with the “enforced use of applied intelligence when finding oneself in combat at someone else’s behest.” So she can rise to a high position by solving problems but is always acting on behalf of someone else hidden in the background.


The basics of the Hillary Clinton horoscope show a mean and nasty person who finds it difficult to actually like people or have fun. The aspects and fixed stars explain wht she has been accused of lying and criminal behavior. Her laugh and smile we see on TV are not natural:

As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident. [Daily Mail]

One final point of interest is her North Node conjunct fixed star Algol, Medusa’s Head. Donald Trump has Midheaven conjunct Algol which brings danger of assassination.

This article was first posted on November 29, 2012 after Hillary was hospitalized with a blood clot.

[1] Hillary Rodham Clinton, Astro Databank.

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  1. Thinking more and more about fixed star Algol on Trumps mid heaven trine Saturn Venus. Finding that Clinton had the same star conjunct north node and near descendant opposite Mercury, which is so hobbled, the results of the election start to make sense. It was a battle of the damaged. Just a question of who could be the nastiest.

    But now we have medusa as president. A hurting damaged being, turned into a weapon to be used by whoever can get hold of that squirming snake hair! At some point trumps head will face the mirror and he will be killed by his own death stare. In the meantime the world needs to look away as the powerful vie for that terrible weapon and use it to take out the terrible people who have done nothing to stop this. Restoring the world to balence, medusa trump will finally do good and move on from this karma.

  2. What Happened is a 2017 memoir by Hillary Rodham Clinton, describing her experience as the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.[1] To be published on September 12, 2017, it is her seventh book with her publisher, Simon & Schuster.[2]
    The New York Times wrote that the stated aim of the book was to “offer an intimate view of what it was like for Mrs. Clinton to run as the first female presidential candidate from a major party in United States history, in an often vicious and turbulent campaign.”[1] Her third memoir, following 2003’s Living History and 2014’s Hard Choices, advance publicity for the work said it would be her “most personal” yet[1] and quoted from her words in the book’s Introduction: “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Now I’m letting my guard down.”[1] Media outlets from the Associated Press to The Guardian to Politico framed Clinton’s promise of a new level of candor as a major theme of the initial publicity surrounding the book.[3][4][2] The work is also said to include some self-help ideas about how to get past highly unpleasant experiences.[5]
    Existence of a new Clinton work was first revealed in February 2017, but at the time it was billed as a volume of essays centered around the author’s favorite sayings, with only some allusions to the campaign.[6][4][7] Financial terms of that work, which had no announced title, were not publicly disclosed but industry observers expected her monetary compensation to be large.[8] The new purposing of the work and its thematic substance were revealed in July 2017.[7][2] After the title was announced, it was mocked with sarcastic memes on Twitter.[9][10]
    Book tour.
    It was announced on August 28, 2017 that Hillary Clinton would be starting a North American book tour on September 18, 2017. Clinton has scheduled appearances in Washington, D.C., California, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon, as well as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and is scheduled to last through December 2017.[11]

    Hillary D. Clinton.

    Rectified birthtime 08h,01m53s0.

    Progressive aspects and transits.
    27-Aug-2017 011°,21’26 Weegsch. Maan 0 Nep
    28-Aug-2017 021°,18’48 Libra Jup 60 Sat transit
    28-Aug-2017 021°,23’49 Libra Jup 30 Merc transit

    12-Sep-2017 011°,57’15 Libra. Moon 90 mutual Merc
    12-Sep-2017 011°,59’04 Libra Moon 120 mutual Ven
    12-Sep-2017 019°,31’43 Virgo Sun 120 Black Moon transit
    12-Sep-2017 004°,31’43 Virgo Mars 135 Black Mooon ZMnT transit
    12-Sep-2017 020°,13’49 Virgo Zon 90 AR08 transit
    13-Sep-2017 012°,00’03 Capricorn Sun 90 mutual Moon
    13-Sep-2017 024°,20’07 Libra Jup 150 Drac transit
    13-Sep-2017 005°,04’03 Virgo Mars 0 MC transit
    14-Sep-2017 012°,02’25 Libra Moon 90 lack Sun
    17-Sep-2017 +09°,39’21 Mars // MC transit
    18-Sep-2017 012°,10’54 Libra Moon 45 AR07

  3. Hillary D. Clinton.

    House in fire 3 January 2018.

    3-Jan-2018 001°,40’28 Capricorn Sat 60 C-12 transit

    5-Jan-2018 007°,27’57 Virgo Mars 135 mutual Asc
    5-Jan-2018 016°,13’54 Libra Moon 135 AR04
    6-Jan-2018 016°,14’29 Libra Moon 30 Ven
    12-Jan-2018 -03°,42’19 Moon // mutual Nep
    15-Jan-2018 022°,29’46 Cancer Desc * POLLUX (MARS – )
    23-Jan-2018 029°,51’05 Sagittarius C-12 135 Plu
    25-Jan-2018 016°,55’55 Libra Moon * SEGINUS (MERC – SAT )
    28-Jan-2018 012°,34’01 Capricorn Merc 90 Pars

  4. 05/01/18 15:50
    A new book has suggested Bill Clinton may have been unfaithful to Hillary after she bungled what should have been the biggest achievement of his first term in office. In Partner to Power: The Secret World of Presidents and Their Most Trusted Advisers, K. Ward Cummings paints a scathing portrait of a president and a first lady who failed because ‘compromise was not part of their vocabulary.’ Cummings writes that they were hampered by characteristics that would later haunt Hillary’s Presidential run; their ‘intense secrecy, the unhealthy nature of their personal power sharing, and their insistence on treating healthcare reform like a war in which everyone was either their friend or their foe.’ Hillary constantly sought Bill’s love and affection – which he denied as a method of getting people to do what he wants,’ Cummings explores whether Monica Lewinsky (center) was a source of solace for the president who no longer had faith in his spouse….read

    • Their Most Trusted Advisers, K. Ward Cummings paints a scathing portrait of a president and a first lady who failed because ‘compromise was not part of their vocabulary.’ Cummings writes that they were hampered by characteristics that would later haunt Hillary’s Presidential run; their ‘intense secrecy, the unhealthy nature of their personal power sharing, and their insistence on treating healthcare reform like a war in which everyone was either their friend or their foe.’

      So what do you believe.. think? Do you want a politician who can compromise and get things done, something which Hillary was actually criticized for, Cummings has taken away the wrong point, or do you want a “Resolute” politician who will not budge. I Mean honestly. What a contradictory post – you’d think CUmmings would have some praise for her later ability to compromise , and when to to hold on to her convictions. I’m realy tempted to place his inability to do so on HDS ( HIllary derangement syndrome)

    • there’s also a reason she is secretive, she doesn’t trust the Media on a very deep level – while she respects their right report ( you would never see hillary yell about the media like trump) she has always been convinced they’ve had it in for her, she has grounds to be suspicious of them. Sally Quinn is a good example of a journalist who felt Hillary wasn’t circumspect enough to the D.C Press ( i.e didn’t court them) And Sally would make quips which fueled fake stories about Hillary doing things in the W.H. – notoriously she is responsible for a stupid rumor that Hillary repeatedly invited a female Vet over ( which later morphed into a RWNJ fever dream that Hillary had a lesbian affair with this vet – see any of Ed Klein’s ridiculous slander pieces on HRC Where he imagines HIllary and this woman had an affair)

  5. Also today January 5, 2018: FBI investigation Clinton Foundation in the news.

    With the aspects Jan. 5 my Hillary’s horoscope rectification can be assumed as well done.

    • Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Whitehouse, went on sale Jan. 5.

      It is on the best seller list and so is Clinton’s.

      Jan. 5 was an interesting day.

  6. This horoscope for HC confirms my own impressions or bias. Hillary is a lying, image-conscious warmonger. Stellium of three malefics in Leo. Depending on her birth time, probably not far from her MC either. Helps explain why she hit the political bigtime. And a swaggering psychopath ego, considering the Mars-Pluto-Acubens conjunction?
    Depressing to learn like her, have a Pluto-Acubens conjunction. Must take what consolation can be had from ‘the stars impel, they do not compel.’

    • LOL So the stars impel but don’t compel principle just doesn’t apply to her. “Warmonger” Yeah which American President won’t get that label ( maybe Carter ) but people aren’t frothing with hate where they are concerned. yeah you are biased. but I realise I can’ expect logical thought in this forum. OR anything. the thing with astrology is how conveniently it was can be used to buttress the logical fallacy of confirmation bias – a cognitive error.

      • The thing with paralogism is it can’t cope with objective astrological information. Instead it uses casuistry to buttress preferred logical fallacies. Like evil is is good. Oops, correction: let evil be evil as it damn well likes but give it a good public image.
        Millions share Hillary Clinton’s natal Pluto-Mars-Acubens conjunction or some variation. Few of them would support brutal third-trimester abortion of American babies hours before a child’s estimated time of birth. As HRC publicly did, 3 April 2016. Fewer still would have laughed and clapped hands, exulting: “We came, we saw, he died!” on hearing a popular ruler of another country had been sodomised with a knife then murdered by US-funded Isis ‘rebels’. As warmonger Hillary did, 20 Oct 2011.
        Only ONE person with that natal Pluto-Mars-Acubens conjunction approved selling Uranium One’s 20% holdings of US uranium mines to the Russians between 2009-2013. US Secretary of State, the traitorous Hillary Clinton.
        The stars impel, they do not compel. People can choose not to give in to murderous, or thieving, or slanderous, or traitorous impulses. And if they don’t? Easterners speak of karma. Westerners say, “What goes round comes round’. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Such global unanimity is remarkable.
        At her Methodist Sunday school HRC probably memorised texts like NT: “…for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap,” (Gal 6:7) and OT “…they that plough inequity, and sow wickedness, reap the same” (Job 4:8).
        When she chose to make Messalina and Agrippina the Younger look very small-time, Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was doing. Many will be thankful not to stand in her shoes.

        • I recall reading something in the Edgar Cayce files regarding astrological influence on the individual as : ” the birthchart is more of something like a template for our tendencies , no astrological placements supersede the ‘individuals ‘ power of free will.” ( something to that effect. )
          When asked in trance how many people exercise free will ? His answer was : ” about 20 %.

  7. Another brilliant natal chart analysis.

    (So sad, though – all that bitterness and nastiness in her chart. Poor woman.)

    I wonder… Are we going to discover the witch behind the witch hunt (the Donald Trump collusion conspiracy) is none other than Hillary Clinton?

  8. The mercury retrograde conjunct S.Node is the reason she keeps reliving the election results.She just can’t believe she lost , and keeps coming up with reasons why she should have won , but she can’t keep her mind out of the ‘ bucket ‘ its always there on her S.Node.
    Whether she’s investigated or not.The Russian collusion investigation only drew more focus on the part she played .No doubt there was criminal behavior involved and with the Fbis earlier investigation of her ‘ supoened ‘ Emails , and destruction of other evidence that she was not charged with.Mars / Pluto can be nefarious and loves the power ! ( astrologically speaking I didn’t see her winning either ,good call Jamie ! ) ♍

  9. Hillary’s Pisces Moon sextiles the Pluto-Saturn conjunction on Jan 12, 2020. A yod forms with Saturn, 21Leo18.

    There are several contact points in Hillary’s chart with the upcoming Aug 15, 2019 Full Moon.

    looking ahead, a vibration will activate, charged with the Hillary archetype.

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