Venus Square Mars August 22, 2024

Venus Square Mars Transit

Venus square Mars maximum orb 4°30′.

Venus square Mars natal brings intense love-hate feelings into incredibly intimate relationships. Any irritation at loved ones can rapidly escalate to anger and temper tantrums. Yet this intensity of feeling subsides just as quickly as it builds once the pressure valve has been released.

So the lesson with Venus square Mars is to gain more self-control over volatile passions. Maturely work through them with your loved ones. Open and honest sharing of these deep feelings will help achieve the strongest desire, usually a stable, harmonious, lasting relationship.

Any difficulties in bridging the gap between love and hate would be made worse if there were a conflict between parents growing up. An understanding but not weak or submissive partner would help turn aggressive or violent tendencies into a sexually attractive and intensely passionate nature. Physically creating things can also be beneficial in relieving the tension of this aspect and developing a talent for sculpture, such as a competitive sport. Small group activities, especially when young, would help gain self-confidence in social situations.

Venus Square Mars Transit

Venus square Mars transit increases your sex drive but can cause relationship difficulties if there is already some underlying sexual or competitive tension. However, in a healthy relationship where both partners have equally strong egos, this transit can bring a period of more exhilarating sexual activity.

If single, your increased sexual desire is matched by a more attractive aura. However, if dating, you should not lower your standards or put yourself at risk because of your impatient lust. Affairs are now more likely but not necessarily of a lasting nature.

So in a good relationship, your love is expressed through sex. But in a complicated relationship, it is more likely that hate will be expressed due to a buildup of sexual frustration. This is probably not the best time to work out the underlying causes of relationship tension because the need for sexual satisfaction is so primal it overrides all else.

Venus square Mars transit is associated with anger, a lack of self-control, and impulsiveness. So if you are already impatient or aggressive, try not to lose your temper if you face rejection. Compromise will help avoid hostility, but a tendency to agree to anything to get your way could lead to loss and regret.

There are other ways to express your frustrations safely. Physical tension can be released in productive ways like through sport, exercise, or masturbation. You could also channel this energy into creative work like sculpture or dance.

Venus Square Mars Celebrities

Josh Homme 0°03′, Elizabeth Olsen 0°09′, Geena Davis 0°13′, Sean Penn 0°14′, Bill Maher 0°16′, John Cleese 0°23′, Robert Carlyle 0°23′, Charlotte Church 0°25′, Ritchie Valens 0°27′, Jeremy Irons 0°28′, Bruce Springsteen 0°32′, John Travolta 0°33′, Peter Phillips 0°34′, David Hilbert 0°42′, James Madison 0°43′, Vajiralongkorn 0°44′, Serena Williams 0°44′, Swami Vivekananda 0°46′, Frank Capra 0°48′, Kevin Kline 0°48′, Tori Spelling 0°50′, Johann Wilhelm Pfaff 0°52′, Eric Burdon 0°54′, Patty Hearst 1°03′, Francis Bean Cobain 1°06′, Benny Hill 1°11′, Albert Camus 1°14′, William Butler Yeats 1°19′, Amy Dumas 1°20′, Holly Marie Combs 1°24′, Jodie Foster 1°33′, Richard II of England 1°33′.

Venus Square Mars Dates

September 16, 2022
February 4, 2023
August 22, 2024
July 23, 2025
July 29, 2026
October 10, 2026
January 16, 2027
June 23, 2027
January 15, 2029
May 31, 2029

14 thoughts on “Venus Square Mars August 22, 2024

  1. Jamie, for a natal chart what is the maximum orb you would use for the square ? I have Venus at 18 Scorpio and Mars at 24 Aquarius.. Thank you

  2. Would a natal aspect of Venus square Mars with 7 degree orb be considered too wide if Mars is also part of a stelium (Mars, Saturn, Pluto all retrograde and conjunct, with all three squaring Venus)? I know the orb is too wide on it’s own, but I wonder if the intense stelium “amplifies” the natal aspects?

    • Probably not too wide because Venus is a fast-moving planet and the retrogrades of Mars/Saturn/Pluto gives applying force to the aspect.

      (Sounds like a horrid aspect/transit to have unless it involves an older male to take on the harsh Saturn energy.)

      • Thanks G. I suspected as much.

        It is a petty lousy aspect for sure. Most older males in my life have actually abused me tremendously – emotionally, physically and mentally. I was spared sexual abuse but have endured emotional rape (I’m female so I don’t use that term mildly) for decades. Brutal sounds too mild to explain what it feels like to have this from birth.

        There is an upside though – Mars Saturn Pluto conjunct can become Pure Willpower when properly channeled. The kind that when forged by fire can seem nigh indestructible. Took me a long time but I channeled that same iron will to stay alive when death seemed more pleasant, I’m no stranger to suicidal ideation with my Venus so heavily battered from birth – it literally sucks out your will to live from a very early age. I have found that my biggest challenge has been to not end my own life, a few hundred times over. And I’m not yet 40!

        I’m often told by people in the healing professions (energetic healers, medical doctors, psychologists , counsellors) that I have inner strength beyond anything they’ve seen in their careers. And that they are amazed that considering what all I have lived through, I’ve never had a psychotic break or become a raging addict, they can’t understand it. “How are you even able to smile and laugh at all, or keep in touch with reality?”, some of them ask me with naked bewilderment. I’ve come to understand it as the power of my stelium – sheer will has kept me alive when I should be long gone.

        Sure doesn’t feel great a lot of the time to me but I’m starting to see they are right! I’ve earned it – and I’m determined to transform my natal aspects into a better life for myself. Faith and belief in Soul Plans and past lives has helped big time. The books by Robert Scwhartz were life changing for me. I have some natal aspects that point to huge Soul evolution, and Saturn in my stellium is right next to Fixed Star Spica – so I’m looking forward to a happier ending!

        Hope this helps others out there. Keep the faith, astrology helped me hang on two years ago when I was utterly spent and ready to leave this life – my lowest point so far. The planets always move, natal aspects can transform (but you gotta do the hard Inner Work) and now my Life is opening up again, suffering has led to tremendous evolution and people seem drawn to me now in hordes. They often tell me how much they love to be around me and how positive I am (which is wonderful for one who was a social outcast as a child and young adult and felt pessimistic all the time) – so I’m glad to still be here! Gotta keep going no matter what, the best is yet to be for me 🙂

        • wow! I have a lot of gratitude for your testimony. Thank you, because that tells us a lot about life. Indeed, what strength in you!
          May I ask where are these planets? In what signs and houses?

          I have a theory about the difficult astrological aspects: I have the impression that they translate the dramas that our parents and other people of our home were going through at the time of our conception, during the time when we were still a fetus and until to the first 3 years of our life.

          I have a T-square between Venus on one side, Moon on Neptune on the other, and finally Jupiter. Considering the history of my parents, I concluded that at the time of my conception, and later of my birth, my parents might have illusions about the strength of their love. Three years after I was born, they divorced and I did not see my father until a few months before cancer took him away. (I have a close conjunction between Sun – Mars – Pluto, as if the death of my father was written, as well as all the violence, the rapes suffered and the other bereavements too).

          Anyway, with Neptune square Jupiter, all the adults that year had to be careful not to get lost in illusions or artificial paradises, and to read twice between the lines before believing anyone or sign any contract. And I was born with these energies, making me both idealistic but without the chance that would allow me to realize my ideals; so my ideals quickly changed into illusions.

          Fortunately, that year, Jupiter was also at the trine of Saturn, proof that after a long time, the ideals conceived that year could finally find the possibility of being concretized. But only after a lot of delay, discipline, blockages, efforts and time ^^

          But for my parents, this Pluto in Libra on the solar sign of my mother and this Saturn in Cancer the sign of my father, already augured that I was going to be born in a home that had to go through trials, losses, heavy responsibilities . The question was whether my parents were ready to face together, when they took the risk of committing to one another, then to make children … force is to believe that no; that they veiled their faces and did not measure the extent of the self-sacrifice that their relationship would involve; they separated when I was only 3 years old.

          Neptune was in Sagittarius: Heaven asked the adults of that time, to build a more fraternal, more equitable world, where all humans would be free and equal in rights. And where the strongest would take the weakest (Jupiter in Pisces).
          Alas, Neptune formed a square to Jupiter in Pisces, pushing people to flee into artificial paradises (drugs and alcohol) to illusions and lies. So, instead of freedom and fraternity, adults turned these energies into free trade, ultra-liberalism, where goods have more rights than humans and circumnavigate the world by polluting the planet. All this because the adults of that time let the bankers write the laws and strip the good intentions of the time.

          Our generation is paying the price now, with the explosion of racism, wars, poverty, depression, suicide and all kinds of illness, poisoning, natural disasters and disappearances of species …
          Sorry for my english ^^ i’m french !
          And thank you google for the traduction 🙂

  3. Sex is not the only thing that brings Mars and Venus together.
    Action/leadership and desires is another.
    A square could point to an obstruction between those.

  4. Neil Young, Venus cusp of drama and criticism Square Mars, cusp of oscillation.

    in Victoria BC last weekend playing Heart of Gold and Comes a Time.

    I read on one of those Song Lyrics threads that his Father didnt want to be known as somone who pins a tail on Neils Kite. if you havent looked at his chart this might sound like a strange metaphor.

    Venus square Mars, not just anywhere, it’s in a sensitive place, Mars and Pluto 9th, chart ruler Scorpio. He unnerves the Rogan set in 2021, similar to the Carlson set now. But with Rogan, Joe wasnt aware of the Astrologyking Artwork. To appreciate this perspective on the Pandemic, he was lacking, and Neil paid the price publically for having to tell him. Look again at the June 20, 2020 comment at Precession of the Equinoxes.

    Neils an ambassador to the Age, previous and new. Trees and Totems deserve our respect. There is more to their Utility than Capricorn bluntness.

  5. Venus sq Mars transit at Autumn Equinox

    This is an accurate aspect over the last 24 hours. I’m glad people are enjoying the Artwork in its latest incantations. Whether it’s a children’s story, emergency drill, poker game, or budding romance. I hope someone’s keeping track, and writes a song or two.

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