Sun Square Pluto Natal and Transit

Sun Square Pluto Transit

Sun Square Pluto maximum orb 4°30′.

Sun square Pluto natal has an unsettling effect on personal relationships because of your intense nature. Ego conflicts are likely because you like to be in control of situations. When you feel like you are not in control, your level of agitation rises, resulting in others feeling threatened. You will often have these power struggles with other influential people and authority figures.

Achieving more harmony in relationships requires a significant transformation in your behavior. But the constant battles you experience are just the thing to force you to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. It is tough, but you can learn to let some things go without having to probe, control, and dominate.

Until this transformation to a more relaxed attitude, Sun square Pluto can cause crises or journeys into the underworld, the darker side of life. Fascinations or fear of the dark, death, or losing control are some areas you may touch on. Living out secret taboos in your sex life, the occult, or addiction may expose you to danger but will add to your life experience and promote transformation.

Sacrificing your need to control others and situations can be a rebirth, and resurrection from the depths of pain and suffering is an attribute of challenging Sun-Pluto aspects. But you need not sacrifice success in life, and you can channel your intensity into determination and hard work. Being ambitious while remaining less concerned with the competition will lead to a position of power and authority, the very thing that causes problems in the beginning.

Sun Square Pluto Transit

Sun square Pluto transit gives you more energy, strength and motivation to work hard, struggle through difficulties, and achieve your goals. But a need for more power and influence, with a tendency to be more assertive and controlling, can lead to stress, ego conflict, power struggles or crises with your self-confidence, esteem or identity. You may be forced into a corner where you must defend your position or change significantly.

Intense experiences may trigger deeply buried psychological issues involving fears of death, losing control, being abused, tortured, or persecuted. These profoundly rooted fears may be past life related or relate to more recent brushes with the dark side of life, such as addiction, spiritual warfare or rape.

In relationships, you may be the subject of, or the perpetrator of, manipulation, jealousy, domination or spying. Intense, ruthless or compulsive behavior can become destructive and dangerous if you don’t know when to stop. In extreme cases, psychological, physical or sexual abuse is possible.

This is a good time to eliminate bad habits and destructive relationships. Increased awareness will help deal with fears, obsessions, addiction, bigotry or racism. By sacrificing your need to be in control, you can evolve to a higher level, let things go, relax, and feel less threatened. A significant transformation is possible, a rebirth that frees you from the depths of pain and suffering.

This Sun square Pluto transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Pluto.

Sun Square Pluto Celebrities

Jürgen Bartsch 0°00′, John Frawley 0°02′, Barbra Streisand 0°04′, David Gest 0°05′, Ramón Serrano Suñer 0°06′, Christian Doppler 0°06′, Sally Field 0°08′, John Cleese 0°09′, Viktor Orban 0°11′, Maya Angelou 0°11′, Robert Schumann 0°13′, Jessica Simspon 0°19′, Dirk Bogarde 0°19′, Eusapia Palladino 0°21′, Moses Annenberg 0°22′, Ricky Martin 0°23′, Amy Klobuchar 0°24′, Steffi Graf 0°28′, Thomas Hamilton 0°29′, William Wordsworth 0°30′, Omar Sharif 0°34′, Carson Daly 0°37′, Peter Finch 0°39′, Frank Colin 0°43′, Teri Hatcher 0°51′, Priyanka Chopra 0°52′, Debra Winger 0°54′, Bob Saget 0°54′, Sugar Ray Leonard 0°56′, Dua Lipa 1°00′, Joanna Lumley 1°07′, Josef Mengele 1°09′, Edwin Castro 1°09′, Leonardo da Vinci 1°26′, JonBenet Ramsey 1°29′, Proclus 1º32′, Justin Trudeau 1°37′.

Sun Square Pluto Dates

October 21, 2023
April 21, 2024
October 22, 2024
April 23, 2025
October 24, 2025
April 25, 2026
October 26, 2026

25 thoughts on “Sun Square Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie. Wow, this is a really excellent article. It’s very well-written, and full of insight into the power struggle built into this aspect. I have Venus square Pluto, with Venus in the 12th, so I unconsciously try to dominate in love relationships, even though I don’t mean to. I think this aspect (Venus/Pluto) has made me seek via astrology and other ways for a better understanding of human relationships.

    Anyway, thanks, and keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Good to hear from you again Greg. I will be doing all the aspect at some stage in the next couple of year. One reason I am having a break from doing personal readings.

    • Thank you Colari. Sun transits only last for two days. The 24 hours leading up to the exact transit is felt stronger.

  2. Hello Jamie
    Sun squaring Pluto is an aspect that has caused me to leave my long term job in 2015 in the government sector.
    Its aftermath is still felt this year as I deal with authority figures… When is it going to end in my decan? I am Aries decan 2 born April 2, 1982.

  3. Hello Jamie, I found you via Google+ and found that your aspect descriptions of Moon square Pluto (as well as a few others) resonate. I just read your story and found it intriguing. You have been through a lot and I am happy that you are here to share your intuition and interpretations with us. I feel that we are all here on Earth to support each other via our unique gifts and perspectives, and that if we actually consider what others say as true (instead of false) then we can all begin to then find ways to integrate those truths (rather than reject them) and accelerate our understanding of ourselves and the universe around us. I believe that there is a reason that humans of almost every culture, have been observing and correlating the motion of the planets with actions here on earth, for so many years.

    Studying the astrological model has helped me understand not only a lot about myself, but also has helped me see links between astrology and quantum physics, particle (high energy) physics, relativity, and other more traditional forms of physics because they actually fit into the astrological model (and vice versa). If we can solidify these links, we will finally discover how humans can be described by physical laws. I would like to build a computer database and models to test this concept. I am planning to design the database to contain all the planets, signs, houses, aspects, as well as planets in houses, planets in signs, signs in houses. Interestingly, these “dynamics” have analogs in the math and physics that I have studied in my academic background as well as career. An easy-to-use user interface (because astrology is a multi-layered and dimensional model) will allow users to input their time of birth (as best as is known) and ascribe whether transits “resonate” with their current moods.

    I haven’t looked at the current aspects, at this time of writing, but I hope that I am reaching out to you under the right conditions, such that any potential future relationship, will empower both of our lives.

    Until I have the time and support from others, because this task will take time and effort from astrologers such as yourself, I have begun to collect information as I come across it, in my blog called Human Dynamics (/). More of a diary so that when I begin the task, I have something to begin with.

    I hope to hear from you and am happy to support you in whatever way that I can.

    Lydell Aaron

    • Can’t wait to see something when you get it together. Everything is connected and I’ve known that quantum physics can prove astrology. Related to earth’s inner iron crystal core I believe, a huge spinning electromagnet.

  4. My sister has this aspect and I’ve had a lot of difficulties over the years with her, because of these controlling traits. It’s brought about major clashes, as I’m a free spirit and do not like to be controlled.

  5. On April 7, 2016, the transiting Sun was at 17Ari36 square transiting Pluto at 17Cap27.

    I find what you say interesting: “The intense experience will trigger deeply buried psychological issues involving fears or death or losing control, being abused, tortured or persecuted. These deeply rooted fears may even be past life related, or relate to more recent brushes with the dark side of life such as addiction, spiritual warfare or rape.”

    My IC is at 17Vir04.

    As a small child, I was sexually abused by my father. My father’s first name is Dallas. There’s an asteroid named Dallas (8084). On April 7, 2016, asteroid Dallas (8084) was transiting at 17Vir15Rx. Note the conjunction to my IC at 17Vir04.

    According to Gary Goldschneider, April 7th is “The Day of Enthusiastic Belief”. On this day, I was inspired to write a letter to a preacher named Dan Mohler, asking for prayer for healing.

    I’m assuming that Dan is short for Daniel. There’s an asteroid named Daniel (2589). On April 7, 2016, asteroid Daniel was transiting at 17Leo45.

    I looked up the discovery date for asteroid Dallas. I don’t know the time of the discovery, but guessed at 11 pm. Using this guess, the position of the Sun at the time of discovery was 17Aqu46.

    Notice how asteroid Daniel was transiting at 17Leo45 on April 7th, opposite the discovery position of Dallas at 17Aqu46.

    I believe there’s something like a Daniel in the lion’s den theme to this astrological story.

    I looked up Dan Mohler’s birth date. It’s April 20, 1962. My father’s birth date is April 20, 1932. Dan was born on my father’s 30th birthday!

    I looked up a Davidson’s relationship chart for me and Dan. The date for the chart (the midpoint between my birth date and his) falls on July 2, 1960, the exact day that I was first given electro-shock treatment by the CIA to deliberately induce Dissociative Identity Disorder (with my father’s permission, of course). The EXACT day! According to Gary Goldschneider, July 2nd is “The Day of the Disconnected Unconscious”. On July 2, 1960, the transiting North Node was at 17Vir57 conjunct my natal IC at 17Vir04.

    On April 7, 2016, the transiting North Node was at 21Vir40, in the same section of Virgo as it was on July 2, 1960 (only 4 degrees away). As the Nodal Return for this fateful day approaches, it looks like I’ve been given a second chance to bring the energies I dissociated at that time back into my body and resolve the original trauma, with the assistance of the heroic Daniel, of course.

    This is what Gary Goldschneider has to say about the North Node between 17-22 degrees of Virgo:

    “Those born during the Way of Grounding must take their fertile imagination and visionary abilities and ground them in pragmatism. Dreamers, they must develop the assurance and conviction to deal with the here and now. Because their minds are so highly philosophical, their struggle to ground their thoughts and make practical use of them is not an easy one.”

    “Whether it is their livelihood or not, these men and women are the artists and poets of the Personology system and they have been granted the ability to manifest some pretty big dreams. Not only are they born with great drive and persistence, but they will learn the art of making things happen. Their great blessing is their inherent belief that anything is possible. They have an abundance of faith which aids them.”

    I could say more but I think this post is getting a bit long so I’ll end here.

  6. I have came across these type of connections also.

    Bless you Ona Boggs.

  7. Oh my. I had an unexpected incident occur today, and at first didn’t connect it to any transit. But reading this article I am zapped because what you have written describes exactly how things unfolded just 5 hours ago!!! If I can ask, how long before and after such transits do the effects kick in/last for? It’s 7th October where I am today and I was shocked at the intensity of emotions that engulfed me when an external situation triggered me, Luckily since I am now dedicated to inner work I figured out there was a whole bunch of past events that fuelled the intense emotions. So would this transit have triggered it even though I am a day ahead (in India) ?


    • Yes Jas, I date these transits for New York time so you are half a day ahead. Using a 1 degree orb this transit will last one day up to, and one day following the exact square.

  8. @Jas, read the comments, there Jamie said it is felt for 2 days but stronger leading to it.
    Blessings, Coliberi

  9. What if a solar eclipse squares my natal pluto as well as conjuncts my natal mars… ugh will i want to hurt myself, so confused

  10. Hi Jamie, I have natally Sun opposite Pluto, and also Jupiter opposite Pluto. Is the opposition less potent (I assume)

  11. Astronomers watching closely SunSpot 2738, directly facing Earth, which has formed an enormous Light bridge. The Sunspot may split apart. Field reversals are said to occur here.

    Eris 23Aries38′
    Sun 23Aries38′
    Pluto 23Cap07′

    Heliocentric view shows an impressive Cardinal Grand Cross

    Sun undergoing ‘maintenance’ in time for the new Sunspot cycle 25?

    • Old region 2738 is now reappeared and goes by Sunspot number 2740. The light bridge continues to be featured. Astronomers surprised to see this during a Solar Minimum.

      Interesting kite pattern from Current Heliocentric. Uranus appears without a major aspect ‘peregrine’, ie, surprises could show up anywhere 👑

  12. Hi Jamie
    My birthday is April 16th, Pluto will be squaring my sun this year. What can I expect?

  13. I’ve been facing the transit of Pluto squaring my natal sun for a while. During this period, I had to relocate, after selling a beloved home. While still unpacking, I learned that, 3000 miles away, the last of my younger brothers had died. The pandemic made it impossible to travel, to reach some emotional closure. Two months later, in the new house, which cost $15,000 to remediate. After its usual period of retrogression, Pluto has now turned direct again, to repeat its near-perfect square with my natal sun, and suddenly I’m struggling with an undiagnosed ailment making it hard and painful for me to walk, while also robbing me of my sense of balance. I don’t mean to sound whiny, but this does seem like a lot, and it’s difficult, as a person, not to take it personally. I think Pluto moves beyond its square aspect at the end of November — what, if anything, would you suggest I might expect, personally, as 2021 comes to a close?

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