Mark Zuckerberg Horoscope

Mark Zuckerberg Astrology

Mark Zuckerberg is the fourth richest person in the world, thanks to Facebook. The main indicator of success and wealth in Mark Zuckerberg’s astrology chart is Jupiter sextile Saturn, with Jupiter aligned with a fixed star that portends high business success. Uranus, at the midpoint of this sextile, is the reason his success and wealth came through computers, the internet and social media.

Uranus is having a significant influence on his life now, too. Uranus conjunct Sun transit from May 2024 to April 2025 is already manifesting as a surprising new look:

Zuckerberg has certainly become significantly less beige. So why the change? Is it some sort of midlife crisis? Has he finally run out of things to spend his money on and hired a stylist? [1]

Mark Zuckerberg has been leaning into his own version of mob chic lately. The Meta founder has been wearing chain necklaces like a rapper straight out of the 2000s. [2]

Mark Zuckerberg Horoscope

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York, U.S. Unfortunately, no time of birth is available. Without an Ascendant to Midheaven, much information is missing from this interpretation. Even the Moon moves 15° in 24 hours.

Mark Zuckerberg Horoscope

Mark Zuckerberg Horoscope

The orbs for the aspects and fixed stars listed in the interpretation below are the greatest possible over the 24 hours of May 14, 1984, in White Plains, New York. Some will be stronger, and some weaker. But we know Mark Zuckerberg has these stars and aspects in his chart. These are shown in the aspect lines in the chart above.

Mark Zuckerberg Astrology

The Sun

Sun conjunct fixed star Zaurak (0°52′): Preferment in writings, business and public matters. A serious demeanor, melancholy, and lifestyle are greatly affected by the family environment. If the family environment is negative, may become a loner and encounter many difficulties.

Zaurack generally makes you introspective, private, and constantly striving for success. But it can also cause a struggle to overcome melancholy and feelings of great loneliness. With Zaurak, it is essential not to take life too seriously and put too much weight on everything people say. Otherwise, this star could trigger a fear of death and suicidal tendencies. Zaurak is located in the River.

Constellation Eridanus the River gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents, especially at sea and drowning.

There was a lunar eclipse at 0:28 am on May 15, 1984 in White Plains, New York. It is likely he has Sun opposite Moon within the suggested orb of 9°00′. But if he was born very early on May 14, the orb would be over 13°30′.

Sun opposite Mars (5°01′) makes you a passionate and competitive person. You are filled with hot, radiant energy that must have a safe and constructive outlet. Without expressing this hot energy, you will likely experience a lot of anger and drama. Such bottled-up energy can lead to explosive fury and physical pain in extreme cases.

Whatever outlet you find, whether creative, sporting, sexual or professional, it is likely to involve a level of competitiveness that is healthy for you. You will have a strong will to succeed when competing, which is also good.

Problems may arise, however, if you use non-direct methods to win, like cheating or violence. The exception is life-threatening situations without rules if you or a loved one are threatened. Such cases will be rare unless you find yourself in the police or military. Careers that harness your adrenaline rushes are suitable, but you may need to learn to harness your rage.

Your passions and desires can be so strong that others find you overly assertive in chasing them. You may be unaware of this until others react defensively or selfishly. You will likely become involved in many arguments and fights until you learn greater awareness about the repercussions of your actions. Thinking more about the rights and feelings of others will help you achieve your desires with less drama. Sublimating your ego and toning down your assertiveness are good ways to reduce resistance to your goals.

Business and politics are other highly competitive fields in which you could excel. Working in high-pressure situations against an opponent will sharpen your skills and lead to personal development. Very quickly, you will learn by experience that tactics and patience are vital in overcoming an inflated ego or rashness.

Harnessing your strong passions and sexuality is essential in maintaining healthy relationships. While moderating your flaring sexual energy, you may have to deal with jealousy, revenge or risky situations.


Mercury conjunct fixed star Mirach (1°05′): Tolerant, private, mentally quick, peculiar events, many travels and changes, moderate success. Harsh aspects (opposite Pluto) can bring an unstable lifestyle, indecision, recklessness, unreliability, many ups and downs and legal problems.

Mirach generally gives personal beauty, a sense of adventure, a brilliant mind, determination, beneficence, renown, happiness, cheerfulness, love, love of home, good fortune in marriage, great devotion, forgiveness, overcoming by kindness, love of company, many interests, altruism, a tendency to inspiration and medium-ship as a base for artistic creation, and a careful, well attuned gentle approach. You have a stimulating effect on others, make friends easily, and are helped in life by others. Harsh aspects (opposite Pluto) can cause insolence, domestic problems, secret bad habits, stubbornness, turbulence, an over-timid attitude, and perhaps a markedly effeminate influence in a man’s chart. Mirach on the left hip of the Chained Woman rules the midpoint between the forehead and the top of the head.

Constellation Andromeda the Chained Woman is said to bestow purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives but to cause battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers.

Mercury conjunct fixed star Alrisha (0°35′): This star has a unifying influence. It is located in the knot in the cord that binds the Pisces Fishes.

Mercury opposite Pluto (1°01′) feels like an internal struggle with thoughts and concepts and how to rationalize and communicate them. This deep psychological process intensifies your nature, and others will see you as a deep and complex person.

You are unwilling to take ideas, news, or opinions at face value. Your inquiring mind must probe and deeply understand all the fine print and ramifications of any piece of data, from a spiritual concept to what your friend just said. This can lead to broad knowledge. You may hone in on a particular field, becoming a master in your chosen field. You don’t like to be wrong; this and your mental intensity can lead to relationship problems.

The problem arises because people around you are unlikely to show the same degree of seriousness or interest in what you think or talk about. Difficulty in connecting to people can arise because small talk does not challenge your mind enough to keep you interested.

You may even feel that you are ostracized or persecuted simply because others cannot relate to your depth of thinking. They may become confused and uninterested or state a different opinion to upset you. You have strong opinions and will likely get involved in arguments and conflict.

To achieve some harmony in intimate relationships, you need to gain self-awareness of your abrupt communication style and how you come across to others. Thankfully, you have the intelligence to make this realization. Through this higher self-awareness, you can also transform and improve your communication style to better integrate and maintain close relationships.

Mercury trine Neptune (1°53′) gives a mesmerizing allure and less abrasive communication style that helps improve relationships that come under stress from the Sun opposite Mars and especially Mercury opposite Pluto.

This aspect gives you a mesmerizing allure or magical appeal that can make you the center of attention. It makes you look more attractive on the stage and screen. It also gives you artistic and creative talents and the ability to entertain others.

You have a vivid imagination and can dream up or visualize ideas and concepts. You can see the larger picture and not get distracted by the minor points, and then you can share your ideas or theories with many people in an easily understandable and appealing way. Your smooth and non-threatening communication style can help you convince others of your ideas.

Lucid dreaming and daydreaming come with this aspect. You may have psychic abilities or at least a solid and accurate intuition. Your senses are finely tuned to pick up the vibration energy from other people and your environment.

Neptune sextile Pluto (0°52′) gives a pioneering spirit, making you unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. You can deconstruct any aspect of life, a system, belief or procedure. You can remove political, religious, cultural, and gender bias and reconstruct it in a more advanced and unadulterated state. You are inspired by truth and human potential.

You tap into the mass subconscious and can gauge the prevailing thoughts of humanity. You share with your generation a sense of where society is heading as a collective in an evolutionary sense. You may even take this shared sense of destiny to life, the planet, and all of existence.

You are a compulsive organizer and control freak of the highest order, yet others may see you as quite different. Although you may show obsessive tendencies in daily life, your higher thought processes seek order in chaos and simplicity in complexity.

Humanity is undergoing an evolutionary leap forced by powerful change. You have a role to play in adapting humanity to survive extreme change. A significant part of this role transforms everything from communication to spirituality, creativity to sexuality. The ultimate aim is to bring people closer, not in the physical but in the spiritual sense.

You realize that only through a mass movement sharing one superconscious can humanity evolve fast enough to avoid extinction. Intense sensitivity to the destruction unleashed by industrialization will transform energy generation and slow the degradation and depletion of shared resources.

Your input to the mass consciousness transforms how we communicate and live with each other through political, religious, and cultural renewal. Old systems and beliefs based on empire and superiority are disintegrating. In their place, you are dreaming up, or imagineering, a more humanitarian approach and shared responsibility for the welfare of everyone and everything, the collective dream.

Mark Zuckerberg Zodiac

Easy Opposition

A Single Ambivalence aspect pattern is formed by the three aspects mentioned above between Mercury, Neptune and Pluto. Also called an Easy Opposition, it gives an ambivalent attitude, a dualistic world outlook, and a tendency to think in black-and-white terms. A sometimes absolutist “either/or attitude” can lead to arguments. [3]

Ambivalence is expressed in the two colors. The red Mercury opposite Pluto is full of tension, pressure and conflict. Directly connected with this is a relaxed, pleasure-oriented pole, which forms the apex of this triangle: Neptune.

The blue side of this figure suggests an ideal world, where you see only beauty and goodness and tension is swiftly despatched along it. Neptune is a third pole to the opposition planets; it indicates a kind of switch point in the correct management of the ambivalent energies.

Living mostly with Neptune allows you to enjoy life. It is fairly easy to diffuse the opposition tension along the blue aspects. Neptune enables a freer view of things, thus making the opposition more bearable.

However, seeking comfort and pleasure by only expressing Neptune makes you unable to deal with conflict. And reverting to Neptune when tension occurs means you are running away from your problems. Mercury opposite Pluto will always catch up with you if you ignore it. The strong inner restlessness would suddenly take over and embroil you in problems again.

The key to enjoying life and success is to proactively use Neptune to solve problems as soon as they arise. This not only relieves tension but also gives a sense of balance and direction. The skills and determination provided by this aspect pattern can then lead to great achievements.


Venus conjunct fixed star Menkar (1°50′): Strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, domestic disharmony and temporary separation, ill-health of marriage partner. Has strong opinions on certain subjects or people and openly expresses them, which could create problems.

Menkar generally causes losses, disgraceful actions, calamities, disease, illness, anxiety, worries, miseries, deceitful associates and injury from animals. In some cases, these various impediments and tests of endurance lead to hardness and toughness. Menkar on the Nose of the Whale rules the thyroid gland.

Constellation Cetus the Whale can cause laziness and idleness but confers an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. It makes one amiable, prudent, and happy by sea and land and helps recover lost goods.

Venus conjunct fixed star Almach (1°56′): Strong opinions on subjects of personal importance, an inborn ability to acquire many talents and profit from them, a good possibility of national prominence, may become a private person with many acquaintances but few close friends.

This brings out creativity, but it cannot be brought out from a communication standpoint. The opposition to Saturn here restricts the beauty of the individual by creating a homely and dull appearance about the face and neck. There would be a problem with discipline here concerning their art form that would bring them some degree of sadness since they would not be able to fully develop their creativity to a point where it would be accepted by others. This position does not affect the body, but they long for recognition of their art form, thus causing such sadness within. Overindulgence is the key here as they take the beauty of their art form and turn it into something unacceptable to others because of their excessive drinking, eating habits, or other indulgences. [4]

Almach generally brings good fortune, success, unexpected gains, eminence, artistic ability, and honors, especially in military endeavors. It is good for romance and domestic affairs and indicates popularity that brings benefits from others. It also indicates an industrious, patient and cheerful nature with a liking for change, diversion and amusement. Almach, on the foot of the Chained Woman, rules the left side of the neck.

Constellation Andromeda the Chained Woman is said to bestow purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives but to cause battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers.

Venus opposite Mars (5°07′) creates an intense emotional life resulting in equally fierce relationships. When you love someone, you express your strong feelings through deeply passionate and sometimes dramatic displays of affection. Although this is normal for you and a sign of how much you love someone, the other person may think you are coming on too strong and feel threatened.

You are best suited to a vibrant partner who is not too submissive, someone who matches your intense passions. Even with such a partner, you will probably still experience a stormy relationship. On the positive side, you calm down as quickly as you let off steam. The direct way you show affection can become an asset because you put as much intensity into making up as you do into escalating any little irritations.

This is a very physical aspect, and your high energy does need other forms of release besides sex. The intense internal conflict between love and hate can result in a distinct creative style expressed in sports, entertainment, art, music, and dance. The dynamic physicality of this aspect can even manifest as distinctive or exaggerated facial features or pronounced body musculature.

Venus opposite Saturn (3°44′) makes it extremely difficult to form loving relationships. You would have realized early on that you did not fit in because of below-average social skills. Not understanding why you developed feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. Thinking there must be something wrong with you, guilt took hold, which may have been reinforced by a lack of affection, criticism or ostracism by your parents and other adults, especially authority figures like teachers.

There are various possible underlying reasons for this early negative conditioning. One or both parents may have lacked parenting skills associated with positive reinforcement or been mean and abusive at worst. You must teach yourself about love and money because it is about value. If anything, your early conditioning led you to believe you were not that good and deserved to be sad and lonely. There may be some karmic reasons for this, but that’s in the past, and the corrective action is the same.

So, learning that you are not a bad person may have to come before learning how to love yourself. Saturn is a late bloomer, so you probably endured delay, restriction, and hardship into adulthood. Recognizing and admitting that your problems stem from your inferiority complex is half the battle won. You can make up a lot of ground by not having to blame or forgive all the people who were mean or rejected you.

It is so vital to remove guilt and self-pity. Forgive yourself for whatever you had imagined you must have done that was so bad. Imagine wearing a sign that says, “I’m worthless; go away.” Now, throw it as far away as you can. Delete the old message and get ready for the next step.

Learn to love and value yourself. Tell yourself verbally and use mantras at night or in the mirror. You must reprogram your brain. By now, you will be expressing more confident energy and notice your relationships begin to improve. You will see a closer connection, more caring and sharing, and discover real love and enjoyment.

You can go one step further if needed and convince yourself that you deserve love and money because of your hard work on personal development. You may be surprised how quickly you attract love and money once you genuinely believe you deserve it.

The root causes of your depression may never go away; they are recorded in your soul memory. Taking responsibility, working hard and being patient will always be needed to overcome delays, hardships, and sadness. But you will cope as well as the best of them. With age comes a great deal of contentment and satisfaction, together with respect and recognition of your achievements against the odds.

Venus trine Jupiter (3°20′) is a very fortunate aspect that lessens the hardships caused by Venus opposite Mars and Saturn and helps you overcome obstacles and setbacks. It can even bring love and joy to your life. Importantly, it overcomes the restriction of affection caused by Saturn and encourages self-love, self-respect, honesty, loyalty, and good morals. It is also an indicator of popularity and fame.

Your charismatic appeal has a genuine depth. Your adventurous and creative nature stimulates and entertains. You are sincere about helping others and would be very satisfied working in charitable organizations. You would fit in nicely with any group of people and can effectively drive the overall success of common goals.


Mars conjunct fixed star Zubeneschamali (0°40′): High ambitions, enthusiastic, vigorous, aggressive, open-minded, frank, success through energy, influential position, a forceful writer and speaker.

Zubeneschamali generally brings good fortune, high ambition, beneficence, honor, wealth, a sharp mind and intellect, psychic and spiritual power, an immortal name, preferment, permanent happiness, and confiscation of possessions during times of war. Zubeneschamali in the Northern Scale of the Balance is symbolically called the Full Price. It rules the middle section of the colon.

Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Nunki (0°28′): Diplomatic, philosophical mind, writer, high business, government, public, ecclesiastical or legal preferment. If well-aspected (yes), can rise high in life and excel where diplomacy is required.

Nunki generally gives truthfulness, thoughtfulness, optimism, a religious mind, a philosophical nature, strength of character, determination to succeed, straightforwardness, and an outspoken nature. Nunki gives the potential to become an authoritative writer or orator on matters concerning religion, business, state or foreign affairs. Interest in long-distance travel and the ships and airplanes that make it possible is also likely. It is favorable for mariners and shipping.  Nunki on the vane of the arrow of the Archer rules below the left knee.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Ascella (0°49′): Benefits from religious, sports, legal, and writing activities. High government preferment. Leadership ability if well-aspected (yes).

Ascella generally gives good fortune, great gains, happiness, good judgment, spirituality and the overcoming of evil. Ascella is in the armpit of the Archer and rules below the right knee.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Vega (2°30′): High public preferment in chosen occupation, favorable for gain. It is said to pave the way to riches and fame.

Vega generally gives leadership ability, social awareness, idealism, hopefulness, beneficence, refinement, fleeting honors, changeability and obscurity. A serious, grave, sober demeanor but also a poetical, harmonious, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious nature. Well-aspected (yes), it gives popularity, artistic talents, especially music and acting, and a liking for good living. Vega in the Lyre rules the back of the right knee.

This position is associated with the ego. It creates fulfillment through the ego and can be considered masculine pride brought forward from a former life into this incarnation. [4]

Constellation Lyra the Harp is said to give a harmonious, poetical, and developed nature, fond of music and apt in science and art, but inclined to theft.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Alphecca (0°11′): Studious, popular, economical but poor, benefits from elderly friends, strong but well-controlled passions, poor health, love disappointment but marries above own station, few children but harmonious ties with them.

Alphecca generally gives honor, dignity, poetical and artistic ability, gifted in astrology, an occult ability that assists in healing the sick, good for legacies, and leadership qualities. Harsh aspects (opposite Venus) can cause scandals, underhanded dealings, back-biting, and a tendency to be a loner and be dishonored. Alphecca in the Northern Crown rules the lowest vertebra of the spine (Seventh Lumbar).

Constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, gives artistic ability, love of flowers, lassitude, disillusionment, and a position of command.

Saturn conjunct fixed star Acrux (0°36′): This star gives intuition, an inventive mind, a love of travel, an interest in ceremony, mystery, magic, mysticism, or theosophy, and an insatiable interest in education. Also a talent for astrology, the occult, investigating the hidden side of things, and understanding people’s inner nature. A deep sense of religiosity can manifest as beneficence, a love of justice and dislike of injustice, standing up for the disadvantaged, and turning to religion for salvation. Acrux in the Southern Cross rules the bottom of the spine.

Constellation Crux the Cross gives perseverance but many burdens, trials, responsibilities, and much suffering and hardship.

Uranus conjunct fixed star Alwaid (0°33′): This is very crippling to the body, as the muscles are not stable on both sides of the spine. Spasms of the muscles here create instability, causing the person to collapse when the spasm hits the spinal area. This is not a continuous problem, but the individual never knows when a spasm will occur. Raspberry tea taken three times per week and alternating with chamomile tea will greatly help this problem. Stretching the body each day by bending forward while sitting or standing will also help reduce the spasms as it will increase the blood flow to this part of the body. Results will not be seen immediately, but continued stretching will greatly alleviate the problem. [4]

Alwaid generally grants wealth, honors, prominence, high preferment, wisdom and healing abilities. However, there is a danger of property loss, violence, dishonor, criminal inclinations and accidents. Alwaid, in the head of the Dragon, rules the left side of the spine at the second vertebra from the bottom (Sixth Lumbar).

Constellation Draco the Dragon gives an artistic and emotional but somber nature, a penetrating and analytical mind, much travel and many friends but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning.

Jupiter sextile Saturn (0°23′) gives integrity, intelligence, wisdom, good judgment and a steady and balanced nature. You have a cautiously optimistic view of the world because you understand your limitations but are prepared to take a punt on the outsider. In personal relationships, you are loyal and dependable but not dull. You enjoy having fun but never at other people’s expense, for you are mature and respectful.

You will not miss an opportunity to grow, and this may include wealth creation, studies, travel, or spiritual development. But your sound judgment and discernment mean you will only take up those opportunities suited to you, which you calculate to have a better-than-average chance of success. Then you have the patience, perseverance and strong work ethic to maximize your advancement opportunity.

You are a hard worker but will not be stifled by routine or dead-end jobs. You generally do find your true calling and not just a job. A position of trust and respect would suit you where your common sense and judgment skills could lead to promotion.

Politics, business, or law are some professions that may interest you. You can work with others but would do best with no limitations regarding promotion. You are very ambitious and have high regard for your abilities. You have good leadership qualities but would prosper in self-employment or contract work.

Investing would prove profitable, especially in long-term deals like blue-chip stocks and real estate. You would also do well in investing in people because of your excellent judgment and managerial skills.

Jupiter semisextile Uranus (0°19′) gives you personal freedom, good fortune, and creativity to lead a rich and exciting life. Your optimism and self-belief attract other interesting people who share your zest for life. You enjoy a great social life and easily make mutually beneficial friendships.

Your positive and unselfish attitude attracts sudden luck and many unexpected opportunities. Also, your responsibilities and commitments allow you to take advantage of the lucky breaks that come your way.

Your exceptional insight, creative talents, curiosity, and inventiveness make you a trendsetter. You develop your unique style that leaves a big impression. You are not bound by tradition and your society’s repressive morals, ethics, and social standards.

Focusing on intricate details may be challenging for you. You are probably better at grasping big ideas and broader concepts. You probably get bored quickly, but that is not likely to happen that often because you are enthusiastic about learning and experiencing all you can. Your liberal views can make you an agent of social and political change.

Saturn semisextile Uranus (0°04′) gives intelligence, intuition, and creativity. You are curious and broad-minded but also sensible and well-grounded, which makes you a reformer and a renovator. An appreciation and understanding of tradition and practicality blend with inventiveness and insight, so you find new ways of doing old things when you face the limitations of ignorance. You are willing to research different cultures and belief systems to satisfy your deep curiosity about the mysteries of life.

When faced with a problem, you show patience and persistence. You adapt to changing circumstances and show others the way. Others can count on you in times of crisis to stay calm while making the necessary changes because you bring order out of chaos. A strong work ethic and creative genius help you become a specialist in your field. You are especially good at solving complicated problems that are intricate, technical, scientific or unusual. You would even make a good astrologer.

An ability to make boring things interesting makes you a good teacher. You can also create complicated things that are easy to understand and find practical solutions to problems that baffle others. Your determination and willingness to make a difference can lead to incredible achievements and unexpected recognition.

In relationships, you are loyal and dependable but appreciate a certain amount of independence and freedom of association. And you are patient but will only put up with so much. Before settling down, you may prefer to travel, experience other cultures, and experiment with different lifestyles. Long-term commitment is likely, but your domestic situation may be unusual or controversial. Some people with this aspect separate from their marriage partner only to remarry later.


Eye Aspect pattern

An Eye aspect pattern is formed between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. It is a perception figure that enables sensitive communication. It gives a search for meaning, flexibility, and the need for knowledge. The motivations are love, contact and communication. The interpersonal qualities are refined, as is the ability to live in a fantasy world and to strive for abstract ideals. [3]

This aspect pattern acts as a source of inspiration, with which plans can be hatched, intellectual imagination can be trained, and projects can be prepared. It makes you inquisitive and interested with a wonderful, often excessive, imagination.

The Eye’s flexibility, inquisitiveness and alertness produce a state of concentrated attention. It is open to all sides and assimilates more than other aspect patterns. Information is sought and found, everything is observed in detail, and nothing escapes the “eagle eye.” The Eye can also be compared with a radar screen, which rotates to take in all sides, scans the surroundings and records everything it comes across.

The Eye is the smallest of all aspect patterns, thus giving a small sphere of interest in which it is very active and expresses flexibility and adaptability in concentrated form. The Eye works in a very impersonal and unselective way. It often cannot separate the “wheat from the chaff.” Many things are lumped together. That is why it is often difficult to know which information is essential, what belongs together and what doesn’t. This inability to discriminate produces disappointments, misjudgments and naivety.

Both semi-sextiles continually uptake information. This occurs at the horoscope’s periphery, often unconsciously and automatically. Facts and data are gathered in the outside world, and the Eye absorbs everything that comes into reach. Absorbing too much leads to over-stimulation that can become intolerable. Many become so sensitized that they have a “sixth sense.” That is why dissociation from adjacent aspects is necessary.

In some cases, the Eye can also pick up things that are not visible as if it were a rotating radar screen, producing psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience, especially if the spiritual planets are involved (yes). For some people, this allows them to sense danger and protect others. A deeper insight into motivations and life patterns can also be gained, so they often have a particular aptitude for teaching and counseling.

Several sides of all issues are taken in mainly unconsciously so that they see more than normal perception allows. It is something like an “instinctive intuition.” Most people find it challenging to determine where the sudden knowledge comes from, so they often seem untrustworthy. People with a “Little Eye” should always aim to be mentally discriminating and look for provable facts.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is helpful. It can take in the information and process and assimilate it to be sorted for future use. That is why the Eye aspect pattern can accumulate much information.

A strong active impulse is associated with the constant effort of gathering and assimilating information and broadening one’s point of view. What one does with the information depends on the planets involved and one’s level of awareness. One may merely be inquisitive or be someone who also transfers information, like a writer or journalist.

The apex of the Eye aspect pattern is Uranus. This is where information is most easily absorbed and most useful, and it is also where you are most perceptive. Uranus rules technology, computers, the internet and social media.

Spiritually oriented people can have very pronounced perceptive abilities. The Eye aspect pattern enables them to perceive things that others hide. Other people may gain inspiration by experiencing nature at a higher, more holistic level.

Six Retrograde Planets

Six planets in retrograde motion occur only 0.7% of the time. and suggests you are an old soul. It means the world appears to slow down, so there is less inner uncertainty. It gives a feeling of being different and can make you a loner. It makes it very difficult for other people to understand you. You often feel unnoticed, like living in a different dimension. When you speak up publically for a serious cause, nobody seems to listen (or at least no one seems to be able to respond).

You feel like society doesn’t want to accept anyone deep, self-aware, and just considered “abnormal.” You attract energy at some imperceptible level. Others with serious problems seek your help. So many disturbed and blocked people or addicts come into your life in succession as if they subconsciously know that only you can bear with them without hypocrisy and believe in a way out for them more than others do.

You seem to experience bad situations within your own home, often full of physical or psychological violence. You may also have had a difficult childhood outside the home or have parents who don’t have good relations. You may also be prone to accidents. Other people, as well as blind fate, cannot function normally in your presence. You recognize that many others would not survive if put in your shoes.

At times, you may even consider suicide. Feelings and thoughts of leaving this world may be frequent in your minds. However, this seems to be of a different quality from what typically is imagined when one thinks of suicidal tendencies. You live in a world calming and slowing down, with others rushing around with unimportant ideas. However, with time, when you develop maturity, you find reassurance within yourself.

Material events act for you as blockages that allow you to develop internally. However, it is hard for you to express yourself verbally because the customary words don’t match what you see or perceive others. Strange events are only there to enable you to achieve the strength of character that lets you survive the inner experiences that would defeat others.

“I feel like I’m from some other planet or other reality. I see this world as if I’m in the front row of a circus where people do strange things over and over, like a hamster in a wheel, not able to see beyond what they do. I can’t help anyone because they can’t understand what I mean and usually will express being mad at me for that. ignoring me totally, or just treating me as if I need psychological treatment. So I keep most of the stuff I see for myself.”

Many people feel the urge to express that they are smart, and they see others as stupid, too. But that’s not what you think. You know the answers. You have no doubt about what should be done and who you are. You don’t want to prove anything. But you were born with strong burdens that won’t let you change the world or humanity. Being born in a golden cage that isolates you makes you see things clearly. You care about the world, not so much about attention. If anything, you would appreciate understanding and compassion, but that’s what you can fulfill yourself.


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    His eye-pattern energies, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter make aspect with transiting Venus, only 3° from his natal Venus, angular Mid Heaven.

    Personally, the most memorable example is a composite Venus MC with a potential gal friend August 2020, when we set out to book the artwork, but gave up to clear an ego issue, September 2020, before the final run to ephemera ‘proofs.’ You can look back how that unfolded…

  2. Having so many retrogrades means he benefits from the other side, as the majority have direct and he always has them in retrograde. having so many difficult aspects,, i think he may only survive 60 at most, but Venus trine, Jupiter is a surprise box, plus i notice that Jupiter Saturn combinations are beyond our reach they expand everything in seconds.

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