Fixed Star Mirach

Mirach at 00°24′ Taurus has an orb of 2°10′
Fixed Star Mirach

Andromeda Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Mirach on April 19

Fixed star Mirach, Beta Andromedae, is a 2.1 magnitude yellow star in the left hip or girdle of the Chained Woman, Andromeda Constellation. The traditional name Mirach is a corruption of the Arabic name ميزر (mīzar) which means girdle. Not to be confused with the fixed star Mizar (ζ Ursa Major). The galaxy NGC 404, also known as Mirach’s Ghost, is visible seven arc-minutes away.


27 ♈ 51
29 ♈ 23
00 ♉ 24
01 ♉ 31
03 ♉ 11

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Fixed Star Mirach Astrology

Fixed Star Mirach is of the nature of Venus. It gives personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, beneficence, forgiveness, love, overcoming by kindness, renown, and good fortune in marriage. [1]

Mirach is of the nature of Saturn and though it brings difficulties it can also presage good fortune in marriage. [2]

Mirach, the Side of Andromeda, corresponds to the nature of Venus with a Neptunian influence in the positive sense: cheerfulness, happiness, love of company, and many interests, but also altruism, tendency to inspiration and medium-ship as a base for artistic creation. These people have a stimulating effect on others, make friends easily and are helped on in life by others. This is especially true in aspects with Venus, Jupiter and Sun, with a well-placed Neptune, and in connection to Midheaven or Ascendant. However, should the whole cosmic picture be an unfortunate one, then these helpful configurations with the fixed star are not of much effect. [3]

Mirach, β Andromedae takes us past the lady’s most critical stars so that, reasonably, Ptolemy gives this a pure Venus rating. The origin of the Arabic name is obscure, so that earlier western commentators muddled it with Mizar, a girdle, roughly its position on the figure as now commonly drawn. The closely similar name ‘Merak’ (β Ursa Major) means the loins or genitals, and yet another very similar word means ‘womanly’. Still another means ‘to let milk flow’. It all depends on where we see it on the anatomy of this lady, who has been redrawn since she gained a star from Pegasus (Alpheratz, α Andromeda). An etymological connection with either or both the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel (in Arabic) is not impossible. All of these which emphasize the feminine and the Divine qualities are more in keeping with the Andromeda we know, better fitted to Ptolemy’s Venus simile.

The careful, well attuned gentle approach, is what we should find from people with this star well aspected; otherwise there may be an over-timid attitude, perhaps markedly effeminate in a male. [4]

Fixed star Mirach rules the midpoint between the forehead and top of the head in the human body. [5]

Constellation Andromeda

According to Ptolemy, the influence of this constellation is similar to that of Venus, though the legend would lead one to suppose some connection with Virgo. It is said to bestow purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives, but to cause battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged.  If Mars afflicts the luminaries from Andromeda, and especially if in an angle, it causes death by hanging, decapitation, crucifixion or impalement. [1]

Tetrabiblos asserts that the brights stars of this constellation are of the nature of Venus and so os its brightest star. It is a generally favorable constellation denoting that which is honorable and eminent. Badly placed, however, it can portend earthquakes, and in the Middle Ages was said that Mars in this constellation in aspect with the Sun caused death by crucifixion or hanging. [2]

28th Arabic Manzil – Al Batn al Hut

Increases harvests, revenues, gain, heals infirmities, hinders building, upholds prisons, causes danger to seamen and destruction of enemies.

With Moon: Travel and take purgatives.

15th Chinese Xiù – 奎 (Kuí) Legs

Represents a man with his legs astride. This was said to be the arsenal of the Emperor. Wash old clothes and double the thickness of the quilting to protect against winter. Avoid construction work so riches do not leave the household. Digging would be followed by a series of misfortunes.

There is a likelihood of family quarrels and discord among acquaintances. Lawsuits are lost. Sickness takes a firm grip. This mansion rules arms, preparation for military action, canals, garments, footwear, textiles industry, and laundry.

Mirach's Ghost NGC 404

Mirach’s Ghost NGC 404

Fixed Star Mirach Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Mirach: Good fortune, happiness, gifts, fortunate for love and marriage, gain by legacies and inheritance. [1]

Proclus 0º09′, MacKenzie Scott 1°14′, Liza Minnelli 1°40′

Midheaven conjunct Mirach: Honor and success, dealings with and help through women, success in occupations of a Venus nature. [1]

Pope Francis I 0°31′, Holly Parker 0°48′, Otto von Bismarck 1°54′

Descendant conjunct Mirach: Robin Williams 1°11′, Hugo Grotius 1°18′, Adolf Hitler 2°09′ (and Sun)

Part of Fortune conjunct Mirach: Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°36′, Beatrice, Princes of the UK 0°55′ (and Mercury), Alan Leo 0°58′

Sun conjunct Mirach: Trouble through opposite sex, disappointments in expectations but otherwise favorable. [1]

This position touches off the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and the area of the body affected by the fixed star Vertex. These persons are continuously opened to the spiritual realm and would have a difficult time functioning on the earth plane. They hear voices constantly, and without understanding this reality, they can be considered insane. These persons are the schizoids who are attached to many entities. The artist Michelangelo, the creative genius, would have been a good example. They are not necessarily evil but are open to any entity. They can be creative, have personal beauty, and yet be unable to involve themselves in mundane situations. The individual would function “out of this world”, so to speak. This could be very beneficial if they would consult a spiritual healer so as to close off this energy when necessary to protect themselves. Being aware of it, controlling and understanding it, would ease the problem with their personal relationships. They can be loved by those close to them, but other people have a difficult time bringing the person with this degree into their lifestyle. [5]

Françoise Rosay 0°07′, George Takei 023°′, Jayne Mansfield 0°24′ (and Venus), Ryan O’Neal 0°39′ (and Venus), Miranda Kerr 0°40′, Carmen Electra 0°41′, Leopold Stokowski 0°45′, Elizabeth II 0°50′, Mike Barson 0°50′, Christiaan Huygens 0°58′,  Kate Hudson 0°59′, Andie MacDowell 1°00′ (and South Node), Iggy Pop 1°04′, Melville Davisson Post 1°08′ (and Jupiter), Hayley Mills 1°22′, Hans Fritzsche 1°25′, Daniel Chester French 1°40′ (and Uranus and Pluto), Joan Miró 1°40′ (and North Node), James Woods 1°46′, Charles Chaplin 1°50′, Conan O’Brien 1°52′, Adolf Hitler 1°57′ (and Descendant), Napoleon III 2°01′ (and Mars).

Moon conjunct Mirach: Trouble with opposite sex owing to indiscretions, bad for domestic affairs, honor through martial matters. [1]

Celine Dion 0°17′ (and Mars), Charles III 0°44′, Joe Biden 1°22′, Imelda Marcos 1°43′

Mercury conjunct Mirach: Vacillating, unstable, peculiar events, many travels and changes. [1]

Beatrice, Princes of the UK 0°15′ (and Part of Fortune), Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 0°58′, Timothy McVeigh 1°53′

Venus conjunct Mirach: Voluptuous, bad morals, scandal, drink or drug-taking late in life. [1]

Marilyn Monroe 0°37′, Jayne Mansfield 0°57′ (and Sun), Ryan O’Neal 1°01′ (and Sun), Queen Victoria 1°17′, Michelangelo 1°36′

Mars conjunct Mirach: Ill-mannered, boisterous, evil associations, may be tramp. [1]

Leon Blum 0°32′, Clint Eastwood 0°58′, Celine Dion 2°03′ (and Moon), Napoleon III 2°09′ (and Sun), Marquis de Sade 2°10′.

Jupiter conjunct Mirach: Help from women but danger of scandal, much travel, legal or ecclesiastical difficulties. [1]

Melville Davisson Post 0°42′ (and Sun), Martin Luther King 1°45′, Nigel Farage 1°57′

Saturn conjunct Mirach: Strong passions, debauchery, mechanical genius, misdirected talents. [1]

Nancy Pelosi 1°11′, Helen Keller 1°21′

Uranus conjunct Mirach: Unbalanced mind, may commit crime in insanity, occult interests, continual disappointments, bad for domestic affairs, peculiar or violent death. [1]

Carl Sagan 0°44′, Charles Manson 0°51′, Manuel Noriega 1°26′, Daniel Chester French 1°50′ (and Sun and Pluto), Elvis Presley 2°00′, Roman Polanski 2°09′

Neptune conjunct Mirach: Persevering, ambitious, strong passions, eccentric, dishonest, domestic disharmony and separation, may disinherit children or family, trouble through companies and inventions, successful business, many enemies and few friends, painful and lingering death. [1]

Winston Churchill 0°13′

Pluto conjunct Mirach: Daniel Chester French 0°04′ (and Sun and Uranus), William Lilly 0°12′

North Node conjunct Mirach: Joan Miró 0°12′ (and Sun), John Belushi 0°27′, Megan Fox 0°32′, Joe Rogan 1°36′

South Node conjunct Mirach: Ivan The Terrible 1°33′, Andie MacDowell 1°42′ (and Sun), Peter Ustinov 1°52′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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