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Mira at 01°31′ Taurus has an orb of 1°30′
Mira Star Astrology

Cetus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Mira on April 21

Fixed star Mira, Omicron Ceti, is a 3.0 magnitude variable binary red giant star located in the neck of the Whale or Sea Monster, Cetus Constellation. Although known in ancient China, Babylon or Greece, Johannes Hevelius gave it the name Mira in 1638, Latin for wonderful or astonishing.


29 ♈ 23
00 ♉ 24
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Mira Star Astrology

Mira stands for Stella Mira, the “marvelous star” in the Tail of the Whale. It is a double star, given this name because of its changing lights, which go from 2 to 10 in variation of light in 332 days. Its nature corresponds to Saturn and Jupiter. Connected well and with a well-placed Saturn, and otherwise well aligned, it means prudence, perseverance, versatility, progressive spirit and endurance in solving difficult problems. This fixed star in unhelpful connections will bring as results failures, fiascoes and enmity, especially with Saturn transits; when linked with the Moon, melancholy will then appear. Linked with Mercury, it will mean a lessening of spiritual forces. In critical situations, suicide is indicated. [1]

Fixed Star Mira

Stella mira, Wonderous Star, and Collum cet, Neck of the Whale, are alternative titles for ο Ceti. The first name comes from its extraordinary variability in brightness, from visible magnitude 1.7, by far the brightest in Cetus at certain times, to 9.5, needing a telescope to see it at all. The period of variability is about 330 days. Its proximity to Mirach (β Andromedae) does give us now a hint of the Sea Monster, with more than a hint that the monster was heading for trouble rather than a meal. A whale’s neck contains its remarkable spouting organ, another feature which signals inadvertently its presence to the hunters. Seen in another way, the whale looks very impressive, as does this star, even terrifying, but is in fact a gentle creature, and quite vulnerable in modern times. The Monster, too, is really all size, noise and puff when the chips are down as we shall see when we tell the story of Andromeda. Ptolemy did not classify this star, but Mars-Saturn, a gun with the safety-catch stuck, fits well. The well-aspected man will avoid fighting where Taurean peace will do him better service. Others may find they have rushed in needlessly and without a weapon any better than “sound and fury”. [2]

Constellation Cetus

Cetus is like Saturn. It is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods. [3]

28th Arabic Manzil – Al Batn al Hut

Increases harvests, revenues, gain, heals infirmities, hinders building, upholds prisons, causes danger to seamen and destruction of enemies.

With Moon: Travel and take purgatives.

15th Chinese Xiù – 奎 (Kuí) Legs

Represents a man with his legs astride. This was said to be the arsenal of the Emperor. Wash old clothes and double the thickness of the quilting to protect against winter. Avoid construction work so riches do not leave the household. Digging would be followed by a series of misfortunes.

There is a likelihood of family quarrels and discord among acquaintances. Lawsuits are lost. Sickness takes a firm grip. This mansion rules arms, preparation for military action, canals, garments, footwear, textiles industry, and laundry.

Mira Star Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Mira: Liza Minnelli 0°33′

Midheaven conjunct Mira: Pope Francis I 0°34′

Sun conjunct Mira: Adolf Hitler 0°50′

Moon conjunct Mira: Celine Dion 1°24′

Mercury conjunct Mira: Timothy McVeigh 0°46′, MacKenzie Scott 1°14′, Nigel Farage 1°15′

Venus conjunct Mira: Michelangelo 0°30′

Mars conjunct Mira: Celine Dion 0°56′

Saturn conjunct Mira: Nancy Pelosi 0°07′, Ronald Reagan 0°32′

Pluto conjunct Mira: William Lilly 0°54′, Vincent van Gogh 1°18′


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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