Fixed Star Sheratan

Sheratan at 03°58′ Taurus has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Sheratan

Aries Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Sheratan on April 23

Fixed star Sheratan, Beta Arietis, is a spectroscopic binary star in the right horn of the Ram, Aries Constellation.

Magnitude 2.66, spectral type A5 V. The companion, Beta Arietis B, is roughly four magnitudes fainter than Beta Arietis A. The star’s spectrum has not been determined because it is too close to the more luminous primary component. However, it is believed to be a star of the spectral type F5 III–V or G0 V. [1]

The name Sheratan is derived from the Arabic الشراطان (aš-šarāţān), meaning “the two signs.” The name is a reference to Sheratan and Mesarthim once being the nearest bright stars to the northern spring equinox. In Hindu astronomy, Sheratan and Mesarthim were known as Ashvins, the twin Vedic gods of medicine. The Bedouin knew the two stars as qarna al-hamal, meaning “horns of the ram.” [1]


Sheratan Astrology

SHERATAN. β Arietis. A pearly white sta situated on the horn of the Ram, and ommonly called the Ram’s North Horn. From Al Sharatain, the Two Signs. Of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It causes bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake. [2]

SHERATAN. β Arietis. A white star, spectral class A, located on the Ram’s horn. The native can be endowed with honors, unexpected gains, good fortune, wealth, leadership ability. On the negative side, the native could be subject to accidents, fiendishness, meanness, immoral behavior, mercilessness. [3]

El-Sheratain, Beta Arietis. El-Sheratain in close conjunction with Gamma Arietis, Mesarthim, both in the left Horn of the Ram, combine Martian and Saturnian powers, and this makes their nature into a violent one. In relative connections, danger is indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy fashion. Makes people daredevils and bold. [4]

Sheratan, from Al Sharat, The Sign, was the marker of the vernal Equinox at the date it was so named, so that is what is ‘signed’. In Ptolemy’s list, it is another Mars-Saturn type, and it does indeed show similar qualities in people to those of Hamal. [5]

Sharatan and Sheratan are from Arabic Al Sharatain, the dual form of Al Sharat, a Sign, referring to this and gamma (γ Mesarthim), the third star in the head, as a sign of the opening year; Sheratan (β) having marked the vernal equinox in the days of Hipparchus (c.190 – c.125 BC), about the time when these stars were named. [6]

Mesarthim and Sheratan are in the horns of the Ram. They have a spectra that would indicate a Venusian nature. Mesarthim marked the beginning of Aries, and the vernal equinox in the days of Hipparchus when the twelve signs of the zodiac were finally given their present designation. [7]

Fixed star Sheratan rules the throat and the connection between the throat and the head and the tonsils. [8]

Constellation Aries

Ptolemy’s observations are as follows: “The stars in the head of Aries possess an influence similar in its effects to that of Mars and Saturn: those in the mouth act similarly to Mercury, and in some degree to Saturn; those in the hinder foot, to Mars; those in the tail, to Venus.” By the Kabalists Aries is associated with the Hebrew letter He and the 5th Tarot Trump “The Pope.” [2]

Aries portends events concerning sacred rites and the worship of God. It affects the conditions of the air and of the seasons, and presages the results of these elements on things that grow, especially the new shoots or arboreal crops (e.g. grapes and figs). [7]

Beta Arietis, Sheratan

Beta Arietis, Sheratan []

Fixed Star Sheratan Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Sheratan: Billy Crystal 0°14′ (and Moon), Andie MacDowell 0°22′ (and S.Node), Andrew Cunanan 0°26′, Ezra Miller 0°27′, Serena Williams 0°32′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 0°33′ (and Saturn), Joyce Wieland 0°34′, Rick Warren 0°35′, Charles Fourier 0°41′ (and S.Node), Johannes Morinus 0°43′, Romana Acosta Bañuelos 0°45′, Gabriel García Márquez 0°50′, Cecil Beaton 0°57′, Amelia Earhart 0°58′, Nikola Tesla 1°25′, Gabriele D’Annunzio 1°32′, Joseph Gallieni 1°42′ (and Sun), Liza Minnelli 1°53′.

Midheaven conjunct Sheratan: Johnny Depp 0°05′, Robert Downey Jr. 0°07′, Giorgia Meloni 1°26′, Andy Warhol 1°31′

Descendant conjunct Sheratan: Vladimir Putin 0°08′, Mel B 0°15′, Caitlyn Jenner 0°28′, Charlton Heston 0°49′, Uri Geller 1°01′, Paul Cézanne 1°05′, Sid Vicious 1°58′

Part of Fortune conjunct Sheratan: Sarah, Duchess of York 0°09′, Martin Scorsese 0°10′, Boy George 0°18′, O. J. Simpson 0°22′, Billie Eilish 0°58′, April Ashley 1°14′ (and Uranus).

Sun conjunct Sheratan: Preferment in sports, scientific and public matters, government affairs. Native will exhibit a tendency to dominate situations, and with the right direction the native can create a name and fame for themselves. In more negative nativities the tendency to dominate will bring problems, and possibly turbulence and legal problems. A possibility of lasting difficulties. [3]

Timothy McVeigh 0°04′ (and Mercury), Michael Moore 0°18′, Roy Orbison 0°28′, Jack Nicholson 0°59′, Adolf Hitler 1°36′, Amber Heard 1°56′, Joseph Gallieni 2°01′ (and AC). 

Moon conjunct Sheratan: Natives with this conjunction will develop a tendency to dominate, and most such natives will have an outstanding personality, attract attention for good or for evil through their activities. Such natives could be considered drivers as they will tend to push their way or bluff their way through any situation. Public preferment is indicated. Turbulence (violence) is possible. [3]

Bill Maher 0°54′, Bobby Fischer 1°04′, Imelda Marcos 1°50′, Vespasian 1°56′, Billy Crystal 2°05′ (and AC). 

Mercury conjunct Sheratan: (+) The native is mentally active and can develop leadership ability. Unexpected gains possible. (–) The native could have a tendency towards either illegal activities or activities of a questionable nature and the end results could be losses and/or legal involvement. [3]

Linda Goodman 0°18′, Jim Jones 0°35′, Marshall Applewhite 1°07′, Nigel Farage 1°09′, MacKenzie Scott 1°12′ (and Venus), Anton LaVey 1°37′ (and N.Node), Timothy McVeigh 1°40′ (and Sun)

Venus conjunct Sheratan: On the surface these natives can appear to be quite placid, however, they can be quite blunt and outspoken if necessary. [3]

John Wayne Bobbitt 0°23′, Cecilia Bartoli 0°33′, MacKenzie Scott 1°36′ (and Mercury), Michelangelo 1°57′, Salvador Dali 1°57′

Mars conjunct Sheratan: (+) Native with this conjunction can develop leadership ability, gain some prominence in their career. (–) The native will tend to force issues, they can attract public attention through involvement in actions that could also involve turbulence (violence). These natives can be the perpetrators, minor participant or recipient of such turbulent acts. Exercise of self control necessary! [3]

This causes inflammation of the throat area, particularly the tonsils. they would experience severe inflammations and infections connected with the tonsils, far more often than would be considered normal. These are persons who would develop blisters and swollen tonsils, and would try surgery to correct the problem. This would not correct the problem since it would manifest in other areas, such as tremors, high fevers and other malfunctions. Alleviation of this imbalance could be found through spiritual means which could neutralize this negative energy, it would not be easy nor would it be rapid, but Self-love is the key here. In order to love others, they must love themselves; and in order to love self, they must find what they most dislike about themselves. [8]

Muhammad Ali 0°06′, Marguerite de Navarre 0°27′, Dave Chappelle 0°58′, Emanuel Swedenborg 1°27′, Celine Dion 1°30′

Jupiter conjunct Sheratan: This conjunction can bring the native fame, with a well aspected Jupiter, with a rather cautious overtone. The native could be subjected to accusations, true or false, some bordering on the scandalous, and in the more negative nativities, the native will be subjected to turbulence (violence). There can be high preferment in government, legal business matters and other affairs dealing with the public. Possible legal entanglements. [3]

Martin Luther King 1°48′.

Saturn conjunct Sheratan: These individuals would have difficulty in swallowing, particularly if Saturn and Mars are conjunct at this point. There is a difficulty with the muscles when swallowing as the timing would be off. As these persons eat, the tendency would be for them to swallow the food before the muscles in the throat react. They must pay strict attention when eating, particularly under stress, excitement, or carrying on a conversation at the table. [8]

Hunter Biden 0°33′, Ulysses S. Grant 0°48′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 1°03′ (and AC), Josef Mengele 1°26′, Tucker Carlson 1°27′.

Uranus conjunct Sheratan: Woody Allen 0°53′, April Ashley 1°14′ (and POF).

Neptune conjunct Sheratan: Frederick the Great 0°12′, Tycho Brahe 0°46′, Edgar Cayce 1°24′.

Pluto conjunct Sheratan: Vincent van Gogh 1°08′, John Milton 1°44′.

North Node conjunct Sheratan: Martin Luther 0°30′, Charles III 0°40′, Clint Eastwood 0°47′, Rolf Harris 1°18′, Joe Rogan 1°57′.

South Node conjunct Sheratan: Nancy Spungen 0°33′, Charles Fourier 1°07′ (and AC), Andie MacDowell 1°50′ (and AC). 


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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