Michael Moore Horoscope

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Michael Moore HoroscopeMichael Francis Moore was born on April 23, 1954 at 12:45 pm in Flint, Michigan, USA. Michael Moore is an American documentary filmmaker, activist, and author. One of his first films, Bowling for Columbine, examined the causes of the Columbine High School massacre and overall gun culture of the United States. For the film, Moore won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

He also directed and produced Fahrenheit 9/11, a critical look at the presidency of George W. Bush and the War on Terror, which became the highest-grossing documentary at the American box office of all time and winner of a Palme d’Or. His next documentary, Sicko, which examines health care in the United States, also became one of the top ten highest-grossing documentaries.

In September 2008, he released his first free movie on the Internet, Slacker Uprising, which documented his personal quest to encourage more Americans to vote in presidential elections. He has also written and starred in the TV shows TV Nation, a satirical newsmagazine television series, and The Awful Truth, a satirical show.

Michael Moore Horoscope

Michael Moore Astrology Chart

Michael Moore Horoscope

Sy Scholfield quotes Michael Moore’s book, “Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life” (London: Penguin, 2011): “For every year of my adult life, no matter where I was, at exactly 12:45 p.m., my mother would call me to tell me this was the moment she gave birth to me.”

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Merak 2°06′
Ascendant conjunct fixed star Dubhe 2°07′

Sun conjunct fixed star Sheratan 0°18′
Sun conjunct fixed star Mesarthim 0°28′

Moon conjunct fixed star Polis 1°19′

Mercury conjunct no major fixed stars

Venus conjunct fixed star Capulus 0°06′
Venus conjunct fixed star Zaurak 0°26′
Venus conjunct fixed star Algol 1°51′

Mars conjunct fixed star Polis 1°07′

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Al Hecka 0°14′
Jupiter conjunct fixed star Alnilam 1°04′
Jupiter conjunct fixed star Ensis 1°33′
Jupiter conjunct fixed star El Nath 1°57′

Saturn conjunct fixed star Khambalia 0°02′

  • Saturn opposite Midheaven 0°10′

Uranus conjunct fixed star Castor 0°17′
Uranus conjunct fixed star Propus 1°00′
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  • Uranus square Neptune 5°08′

Neptune conjunct fixed star Arcturus 0°51′
Neptune conjunct fixed star Spica 1°15′

Pluto conjunct no major fixed stars

Midheaven conjunct fixed star Hamal 0°54′
Midheaven conjunct fixed star Schedir 1°02′

North Node conjunct fixed star Dheneb 1°33′

South Node conjunct fixed star Wasat 0°16′
South Node conjunct fixed star Propus 0°42′
South Node conjunct fixed star Castor 1°59′

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