Sun Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Saturn Transit

Sun opposite Saturn maximum orb 7°30′.

Sun opposite Saturn natal is one of the most challenging aspects because the opposition aspect is similar to Saturn. They both cause repression, hardship, coldness, standstill, and crystallization. This contradicts the vitality, willpower, creativity, and expressiveness of the Sun, which causes inner tension, stress, and energy blockages.

Early hardship and restrictions can lead to low self-esteem, pessimism and inhibition. This aspect usually indicates a strong but often negative influence from one parent. Perhaps a weak, absent, critical, or controlling parent exacerbated a belief that you were somehow inferior.

You may have had too much responsibility placed on you and felt you could not live up to expectations. This can lead to disrespect of authority and troubled relations with teachers, bosses, and older people.

Growing up quickly likely made you a serious, grave and thoughtful person. Disappointments, delays, losses, chronic illness, disgrace or degrading experiences can give a tendency to be self-critical, anxious, and sad. You may feel you have been dealt a rough hand by fate or have bad karma. This could make you fearful, guilty or resentful.

Continued setbacks can lead to an understandably negative outlook and a shy, aloof or antisocial nature. You could then become greedy, selfish, mean, severe, miserly, stubborn, obstinant or too materialistic. Taking advantage of others, ignoring friends, and being unable to see anyone’s viewpoint but yours are also possible.

Battling against the odds leads to inner strength, toughness, endurance, motivation, practicality, courage and assertiveness. This allows you to overcome inner fears and inhibition and external resistance and conflict. And when your time comes, be ready to act and do what is needed.

Patience and perseverance are your keys to success. Being a late bloomer allows you time to learn lessons, develop hindsight and gain wisdom. Early negativity can be turned entirely around into self-respect, confidence, responsibility, unselfishness and loyalty.

Sun opposite Saturn rewards hard work and dedication with achievement, promotion and recognition. You could become a teacher, instructor, mentor, leader, role model, representative or authority in your area of expertise. You can build structures, impose order on chaos, and achieve stability, reputation and a lasting legacy.

Sun Opposite Saturn Transit

Transiting Sun opposite Saturn can bring restrictions and hardship. It can be a real struggle to overcome these limiting conditions because, as well as putting up barriers to progress, Saturn makes it harder to express yourself. You may have to deal with melancholy, worry, loss, grief, disgrace, or low self-esteem.

Your need for companionship may contradict other people’s need for distance. Or perhaps you want a break from your burdens and responsibilities. Distance or separation between you and others can lead to rejection or isolation.

Complex relations are possible with your father, other authority figures, and older people. Other people, in general, may be critical, demanding, and impatient toward you, and you may have to become more demanding or patient to get what is typically straightforward.

These tests and trials can make you miserable and frustrated or make you determined to succeed. You can learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge with critical thinking and a serious, thoughtful attitude. Hard work, patience, and persistence can lead to achievement, recognition, and respect. If you still feel frustrated, try plodding along by yourself on some personal goal where you do not require the assistance of others.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Saturn transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Saturn.

Sun Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Christina Applegate 0°07′, Alois Treindl 0°09′, Frank Capra 0°10′, Shakira 0°13′, Tiffany Chin 0°23′, Wilhelm Brückner 0°37′, Robert E. Zoller 0°43′, Ronald Pelton 0°53′, Joyce Wieland 0°55′, Hans Christian Andersen 1°04′, Phil Ivey 1°09′, Gerard Manley Hopkins 1°13′, Nicholas Culpeper 1°23′, Derek Longmuir 1°25′, Louis Mountbatten 1°33′, Miranda Kerr 1°45′, Mark David Chapman 1°51′, Wilhelm II 1°51′, Ivana Trump 1°54′, Liev Schreiber 1°55′, Upton Sinclair 2°11′, Keith Richards 2°26′.

Sun Opposite Saturn Dates

August 27, 2023
September 8, 2024
September 21, 2025
October 4, 2026
October 17, 2027
October 30, 2028
November 13, 2029

65 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. I have this aspect, Im very inhibited and everything seems to happen slowly for me, relationships and career.
    My father lived in the same house but was very distant.
    I do learn a lot by myself.

  2. Hi my name is tony. My dob is 20 april1984, 7:30pm, trivandrum,india. I have sun and saturn exalted in my horoscope and they are opposite to each other. What does tat mean? And my ascendend is with saturn. Please enlighten. Thankyou.

    • With Saturn on AC, Sun on DC then relationships will be a major issue in your life. The Sun will make you need relationships, to have close interaction, but Saturn may cause inhibition or shyness. That sounds like difficult polarity to handle.

      • Oh dude u r spot on! Cld u please read my horoscope and tell me abt my financial future? It seems tat i have three planets exalted in my horoscope, but since saturn and sun are opposite to each other, it is of no use. And wen is my gud time going to come? Or will it ever come 🙁 ?.

  3. Hi Jamie, My daughter was born with this aspect. Her Sun is 5 degrees Libra in the 5th house (with Pholus at 4 Libra and North Node 7 Libra and Chiron 18 there too!) Saturn opposing at 3 degrees Aries in the 11th , Moon is 15 Aries, with Juno 13 and Eris 18 Aries all in the 11th house.. while Jupiter squares it all in Capricorn 8 degrees in the 7th house! Her Rising Sign is Cancer 3 degrees so this is a Grand T-Square. I have always wondered what this is all about for her…any ideas? She just turned 15. Her father was not here at all,not interested until he showed up when she was 10 and left again a week later when he realized it wasn’t all about “him”.(So I have raised her completely on my own from the pregnancy onward.) I am Aries 16 degrees conjunct Merc. 16 exact and Transiting Saturn has been opposing my NaSun/Merc. for this past year. We have been through a crazy year…any idea of what this is all about for her and us? I do worry about her future with that Natal aspect although she is extremely creative and talented…a wee bit lazy, too. (;-)Teens!) Thank you, Jamie! You and Marina are the best!! 🙂 Shawn

    • That’s a tough t-square for her Shawn. I would think the Sun Saturn opposition is going to play out in her relationships later on. As her parent it would be most important to be the solid and secure Saturn role model for her and give her a sense of structure and routine, and most importantly, to ensure that she a the very best self confidence and self esteem.

      • Thanks Jamie, that makes sense. (Saturn) and I have tried to give as much structure and security as possible but this has not always been easy. I agree with the idea of self worth and self confidence. She does suffer here at times…other times she is filled with confidence. (Venus and Mars in Leo conjunct wide orb by 10 degrees, 3rd house) and so I am hopeful she will be able to use the latter. Thank you Jamie. You have really helped me here. Many blessings to you and Marina and you family!

  4. My Sun in Gemini (12th) is opposition Capricorn on the cusp of the 7th house. It is very, very frustrating!!!!!! My mother and father divorced when I was around 3 years old, and he wasn’t around much, so I didn’t have any positive male role models.

    Saturn in Sag is sitting in the 6th (Sag cusp) — what a life filled with many lessons. I’d like a minute to rest, please!

    • Thanks for sharing that VJ. The one thing about these hard Saturn aspects is that the lesson do pay off. Saturn is a late bloomer so especially after the Saturn return I would expect the positive Saturn attributes to predominate, achievement and recognition.

  5. Hello Jamie, I love your work , Darkstar i s by far the best & most interesting site of its kind & I love receiving your E:mails. Saturn seems to have hovered over me for ever & cast some pretty heavy clouds that many times led to thunderous storms. It is in my 8th house right now & keeping me very tied to a situation that I would like to change. I have just realized I am soon due for a 2nd Saturn return, the 1st one was helllsh if anything. I was born Feb 24th 1953, what can I expect from this new one ? could you give me an idea please ? so grateful for any info you could put my as unfortunately I cannot order a full horoscope from you. Thanks to you & Marina for the great & thorough job you do. Davida

    • You have your Saturn return about the same time I have my Saturn opposition. My first Saturn return was hellish too. You should breeze through this one though because you also have Pluto sextile Sun transit which is longer tern and very empowering. I should be writing that one up before too long.

  6. Thanks for answering and I can’t wait to read up on Pluto sextile sun transit. I hope you are right about Saturn not wreaking havoc in my life again, if your 1st return was heavy too then you understand my concern.I do not know if I have a Sun Saturn opposition in my natal chart but it certainly feels that Saturn has put the breaks on almost every aspect of my life and I am looking forward to not feeling held back so strongly. every time I move forward.
    Thank you again Jamie

  7. Thank you, thank you! Big Isabele Hickey fan here. I have Leo 14 deg. sun in 2nd oppos. saturn 20 aquarius in 8th. Scorpio neptune end of 4th T squares sun, saturn and venus! Aries jupiter in 10th trines sun so I really push my luck. My father was a brilliant scientist who hated my drug addicted mother and left us behind when I turned 11. Dad was a womanizing, self centered bully bent on shaming me until he finally died. I have a son, 16 who has sun trine saturn. He is a gifted honor student who maintains friendly, distant relations with his father who is educated and gainfully employed but left me to deal with motherhood alone. Again, responsibility in my chart and I am indeed finding myself feeling unloved and attracted to successful but distant and selfish men. Ironically, my mother had Pluto opposed mars and my dad had Pluto conj. mars. Before he left, my father beat my mother severely enough to hospitalize her but never was charged. I guess a physical beating is the only thing I have not experienced, but being ignored and uncared for hurts just as much sometimes.

    • Thanks for sharing Sherry, this adds a lot to our understanding of this tough aspect.

  8. Why is Saturn return such a big thing? Why does everybody talk about it?

    I have Sun/0*Leo opposite Saturn/3* Aquarius and transiting Saturn entering Scorpio is close to forming at T-square to it.

    I am 20 yrs old.

  9. I am 19 years old, my sun is in 14 degrees Leo on the same degree as Chiron, one degree away from my midheaven. Opposite my saturn in 15 degree Aquarius conjunct the IC. Both squared with my Pluto in my ascendant in 20 degrees Scorpio(which is also conjunct my moon). I feel as if this T-square overwhelms me, i have deep ambitions for life but am constantly letting my saturn restrict me. It does to seem to have gotten better since ive gotten older though.

    • That is a tough placement you have. I could see you really excelling in a career related to Chiron – alternative therapies, even traditional medicine. You will be always pushed very hard and it will feel like an uphill battle, but I think your Saturn return will be the turning point where you reach that level of wisdom and understanding to turn things around, Saturn will then reward for the patience and determination.

  10. I have retrograde saturn in the 5th house in opposition to my: Sun(0°11′), Jupiter(2°07′), Venus(2°26′), and Mercury (8°51′) in my 11th house (Scorpio). Is this as monumental as it seems to a layperson. I have felt uncomfortable in some way every day of my entire life. Currently I feel a very strong inspiration to get more info on this.

    11/11/70 10:10AM Salem, Oregon.

  11. Wow ive never really considered it that way, but i did plan on being a psychotherapist or something along those lines. And as strange as it sounds i have almost “cured” i guess you could say my girlfriends migranes when theyre bad etc. by just meditating and focusing on it getting better, it usually works and ive always considered it worked by just mindpower and the direction of protons or something. But perhaps it is my chirons placement cuz the sun is by far my dom, lol idk. And thats good, i feel like my saturn does help me even now though.
    Man you have a crazyy chart. I can sortve imagine your energy i think.. Haha. And i thought my sun oppo saturn felt strange:P

  12. I had read an article about Hans Christian Andersen, he had a very poor and also outcast family which he was extremely ashamed of. He was at the bottom of the social hierarchy. (members of the family were: One was an alcoholic, one had a brothel, mother illiterate, father shoe repairer…) . He was also very effeminate and ugly as a child, and he was always made fun of. He was always seeking rich and powerful friendships and the author’s argument was that climbing the social ladder was an obsession in Andersen, and this could be seen in many of his tales too. He was never ever satisfied, always seeking power, to be flattered and loved by everyone. He also hated his country too, ie Denmark, because he was not much interested and boosted there.

    The book is a very interesting read, if anyone has time I highly recommend it: “Alison Lurie, Boys and Girls Forever”. It talks about how indeed children’s literature is very subversive of social norms and codes.

  13. Hi, I am a sunsign Scorpio with sun aspect saturn. I’m often told that this is aspect is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult of all aspects, but combined with scorpio makes it worse so. How true this is I don’t really know, but I do know my relationship with my father has been incredibly difficult throughout my life. He was a violent man with mental health problems and a bully. And my life has certainly been one long struggle.

    I do find it sad to read that other scorpions with the saturn aspect really struggled with it. The poets Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton both committed suicide. The actor Richard Burton and the poet Dylan Thomas both drank themselves into early graves too.

    I have down days, but I never feel sorry for myself – it would just be great for adversity to take a permanent break and I could do some living for a change!

    • I too have Sun Scorpio opposite Saturn, and my whole life has been overcast by a sense of constant guilt fear and self recrimination. At times this has led me to undertake positive action and work towards concious goals. But whenever I’ve come close to realising them I unconsciously throw everything away, and then blame it on circumstances. Liz Greene says that sun Saturn people will always get a chance to realize themselves and that if they fail to take their opportunity they suffer far more than simple worldly failure

      • For some reason I didn’t receive a follow up notification 🙁 … I too have always tried to take a positive approach, take the bull by the horns and make my own goals despite being surrounded by situations beyond my control that have severely restricted my actions. I’ve always worked my way through things – often for many years on amazing projects – only, like you to unconciously throw it away. Which is quite a revelation after battling so many hurdles to get there in the first place. I always used to think this self destruction was because I got bored, but the more I learn about this staurn aspect, the more I realise there’s much more to it.

        • I’ve been reading various astrologers on this aspect recently in an effort to come to terms with things. Causely seems to suggest that in some charts it is case of Saturn discipling the sun (resulting in the kind of person who keeps messing things up and effecting indifference but growing more and more frustrated) and in others a need for the sun to illuminate Saturn (giving a more rigid conformist personality whose efforts to achieve seem to be undermined). Elman Bacher argues that this aspect reflects a pattern of missed opportunities over lifetimes
          and the necessity to work through this karma. Arroyo is for me the most insightful; he says that its about realising a genuine, self determined identity based not on past fears and present fantasies but one’s one achievements. That Saturn marks where we are most susceptible to values of the collective and that navigating this aspect involves seperating ourselves from the negative consequences of these by meeting them. A few nights ago it suddenly struck me that I wouldnt be happy until I could honestly say that Ive been blessed with this aspect. Which seems a pretty big ask atm

  14. Thank you for this! I was born with sun conjunct moon in Aries opposed Pluto conjunct Saturn in libra/scorpio and have been feeling squashed the last year with transiting Saturn opposing my sun and moving into my first Saturn return. The heavy transit is making me take a closer look at this natal aspect, and it’s pretty daunting. I’m struggling with how to work with this and overcome the challenges of such an aspect. any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

  15. you explanation is very accurate
    in my horoscope i have cancer rising with moon and saturn in 4th house in libra saturn retrograde, sun in 10th hose in aries.
    i had very hard harsh father and i have very hard and harsh non appreciating boss, i have changed jobs but end up in same situation.
    do you have any special take and advise how to tackle in life.
    do you think wearing ruby will be helpfull or harmful.
    thanks. jupiter in cancer, venus in pisces 9th house, mercury and mars in 11 house in taurus.

    • Satya!

      For me, it was important to know the aspects. And also to be aware of my NN/SN positions and meanings. Then, knowing Chiron position and aspects (as well as Lillith and Part of Fortune), have helped a lot!

      Reflecting, going deeper, knowing that “we also do things” (and not just them…), helped a lot.



      • hello
        my north node rahu in 6 th house in sagittaius and kety sn in 12 th house in gemini

  16. I m a sagi rising with saturn opposite sun/mercury and square MC natally. My father is very soft I dont recall he ever left any of my wishes unfullfilled but yes he has been absent mostly (either travelling or busy earning money).

    And this 28 Nov eclipse conjunct my sun as i am 27 may born which mean full moon conjunct my natal sun and opposite natal saturn and merc and also squares my MC. I recently had pluto conj nept transit and it has already killed my dreams and zero expectation from life.


  17. My sun in Pisces is in the 11th house opposite Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house. I’ve also dealt with major limitations especially in the world of dating (blah). As to friends, still at the age of 32 I deal with some friends who are overly critical or like to make fun of me. It’s really frustrating and makes me feel like something is wrong with me. Anyway, wondering if you can offer any insight if things will get better. Going through a depressive spell. My birth data:3/18/1980. Born at 8:55am in NYC.

    • me too, but i’ve solve my emotional problems and i’m a very very very happy person.
      gnoti seavtu, nosce te ipsum. know yourself and you’ll master the world.

  18. How about 8th house Sag sun opposite 2nd house Saturn in Gem signifying adoption? My friend has this as well as Aries 12th house moon opposite Pluto in Libra? He was adopted and yet had good nurturing parents. Can anyone speak to how this plays out in his psyche? Also does Saturn in Gemini signify limited intellect?

  19. i have sun opposite to the saturn. my sun is in 11 house from lagna that is in turus and saturn is in 5 house(scorpio). my dat of birth 24may1987.
    i m struglling from very begining.i have no job,i did one but left relation with other people is not lasting long.break up with girlfrn..many help me.. when i get perfect job and my marraig will happend? how the girl will be..mention the times of all this

    • Deepak, see it from a different point of view ,your Vedic lagna/asc, is Taurus, but in western astrol, its Gemini,,so change the focus, of Saturn in scorpio ,into Saturn in sag, which is what it is ,in western astrology. and contain the electrifying positivity ,of your uranus on galactic centre.

  20. This is a very spot-on description of Sun Oppose Saturn. My sun is quincunx to mars and opposes pluto. This would explain why I can be intense in matters concerning mars & pluto.
    Anyway I just love astrology. But it truly requires long and serious study.

  21. Hello!
    I am a Gemini with Saturn in Sag. I am 27 years old.
    Saturn sits on my Midheaven and the Sun, Gemini opposes by 4 degrees.
    I started having problems with my Dad early on, but he them became absent all together once I turned into a teenager.
    When I was little I remember asking him a question to which he replied,
    “You ask too many questions.”
    He stubbornly pushed me to pursue my talent as a musician, because he is one and I always felt he would be dissapointed if I didn’t live out my life the way he saw it for me.
    In the end, I am lucky to have been supported as an artist, but ultimately I feel I have been undermined as a Gemini in certain ways.
    With Saturn on the Midheaven, I will continue to perservere and know that is what is right for me.

    • And money wise, my Mom had to support our family. My Dad was too interested in music to think my or my Mother’s well being were important enough to sacrifice for. So money was a huge issue too.

  22. This rings true. I have Saturn in Leo, close to the MC in the 9th opposite my Aquarius 3rd house sun. I, too, was raised by my maternal grandparents as my father (and later, my mother) chose drinking and drugs over caring for their own daughter.
    I was raised ridiculously strict for fear I would end up like the parents. My life was full of struggles galore, strict religious upbringing, little room for humor or lightness in our lives, and issues with authority figures (police, teachers, elders, etc.)
    To make matters worse, I have Uranus sitting right on my ASC. Opposite Jupiter, which both form squares to Saturn and my sun.

  23. I can relate to this in the fact that I like to study but until Jamie pointed it out, I had not paid attention to this particular placement in my natal chart. My father was much older (in his 40s) and absent for two years soon after I was born.

    I have natal Saturn in retrograde in the second house in Capricorn opposing natal Sun in Cancer. My life has not been easy but at the same time, I have been able to get just about everything with a great deal of work and sacrifice. I grew up as a child of refugees, my family lost everything and my father left with only $20.USD in his pocket to start over again in a new country. Good health has been our blessing because if it wasn’t for that, I don’t think they could have gone the long, hard road and reach old age. My father died in his 80s and my mother is in her 90s now.

    I try not to take things for granted and be happy with what you have and it has given me some emotional stability all through my life.

    I think spiritual maturity is the goal of these difficult placements.

  24. Hi Jamie
    Yes its a tough config and makes one too serious and critical.
    I have Saturn conjuct mars in Virgo opposite Sun conjuct mercury in Pisces with 6 planets in retrograde except mercury and Venus.
    Gone through some very tough times in the past. Still how long these karmic tests down the line?
    Keep up the good work jamie!!!!! All the good luck to u.

  25. Jamie, Can we ever get past all the “hardship and restriction in life” ? and the other question I have is how often does the transit occur- is it every 28 or so years during our Saturn returns ? Since I live with this every day, does such a transit ‘simply’ intensify this condition for the period of the transit (is that 2.5 yrs ?) ? Aug. 24 1964 with gratitude, – Nicole

    • This is Sun opposite Saturn transit which is every year or so, as compared to Saturn opposite Sun transit which is about every 30 years. I have started adding dates to the bottom of these posts but not this one yet.

      And yes, you will feel an aspect more strongly if you already have it in your birth chart. More so if it were to make a major aspect to your natal planets.

      • Thank you for responding Jamie. There’s a difference between Sun opposite Saturn and… Saturn opposing Sun ? I have Sun opp Sat in my natal chart and I can certainly relate to what you wrote. My dad was a career man and was away from home much of the time when i was youngest. We were close but then alienated due to a divorce and a new marriage but we mended our relationship which came back most strongly 30 yrs later. btw, my dad is a Capricorn, the ranch i live on is ruled by Saturn and my housemate is a Capricorn too. Yes I looked it up… there are other aspects to my saturn placement. Sat opp uranus, sat trine node and then jup square sat. I really would appreciate a ray of hope that my life might get easier. I’m 52. August 24 1964

        • Yes, I have written about both transit and natal aspect. The difference comes from the transiting planet acting on the natal planet. In natal aspects, the outer planet tends to influence the inner planet.

          The September 1 solar eclipse on your Uranus means change ahead, not specifically good or bad. I would not count Saturn opposite Uranus as the orb is too wide.

          Things will improve, especially energy-wise, one Pluto opposite Mars transit is over October 2017. As that comes to an end, a complete turn around with Pluto sextile Sun transit beginning.

  26. Sorry… I meant those were aspects to my natal saturn placement (rolling eyes) but yes… the Sept 1 solar eclipse is going to be sitting right on top of my natal uranus placement and i am trying to get ready in the midst of already feeling stressed out. For example, these eclipses over the last year have brought a number of devastating wildfires here- like Sept 12 last year. And close to the August 18 one this year, Clayton Fire, I evacuated some of my things (relating to lively hood) into a storage unit which will stay there through September just for my peace of mind. I am feeling fearful because changes lately seem to be drastic & dramatic and whilst I dont always do well with change – i prefer the if they are less life threatening. My dad is older and of course I would prefer he doesnt drop dead right now either. Based on what you wrote in the eclipse articles, i did decide to order some herbal stress response supplements… omg/sigh. I will do my best to breathe, keep an open mind and ride it out. Thank you, Jamie.

  27. Hi In 2018 I have both Saturn and Pluto opposing my sun for the entire year. With all the horror stories I’ve read I’m really , really dreading it . Should I really expect it to be as bad as I’ve heard? Also I have my Jupiter return conjunct my ascendant is happening at the same time. will this make things worse for me, as Jupiter is the planet of expansion, or will it make it any easier? My dob 12/07/1982 3.00pm U.K. Time thanks

    • I know that feeling Jade as my Ascendant is 18 Capricorn. Jupiter return will help because even though it does expand it is most of all good and happy. Plus you have that trine to Mercury to improve positive thinking. That positive thinking is important so use it to overcome the fear you have from Sun square Mars.

  28. Speaking as you have about Lilly predicting the Great Fire of London… was it to do with London’s astrology on that night… was it Saturn in opposition as it is now? With this horrific fire in London?

  29. Wow, you can comment on here, I didnt notice before but now that I am here Thanks for all the great transit posts !
    I share these in my groups to help people learn the current astro weather.
    🙂 Now I see Astroking is Capricorn 18 rising. Would love to see rest of chart. My AC is 4 Cap and I am always joking that you must be my opposite or something close to opp sun and moon as me because you all your stuff is so well put together. If I look in ephemeris for any transit about to happen yours are always there! Truly Astro King of internet! 🙂

  30. My 10th house sun is 27 Sag opposite Saturn 1 Cancer. Raised 3 kids solo, moved us 2500 miles away from family, paid for my own college…did it on my own because the support wasnt there. My progress is severely limited due to existing school loans, a lack of free time and obligations to my adult children.
    I wanted to travel, get another degree and training, live more freely…but Saturn has stopped that. Ugh.
    Jamie- you summarized this aspect well. Maybe add chronic high stress to the description.
    Transiting Saturn leaves Sag and my Sun on my birthday this year, I will be celebrating!

  31. This horrible horrible transit is near, i already feel depressed, lonely, tired, shit is happening all around, family accident etc. Wish we could nuke saturn out of this solar system.

  32. My leo Saturn is at 9th house opposition of my Aquarius sun 3rd house… I traveled all my adult life and lived different countries due my Uranus 1st house scorpio I guess…I m a multi millionaire come from nothing. 9th house Saturn is not a bad thing people..yes my university education was stopped but it was all for good (would have been just a waste anyways)I have 1over 00million now and have always done what ever I want in my life… Maybe it is the Uranus 1st house making this and Venus 5th house and mars in Capricorn…People don’t get depressed on 9th house Saturn. During my 1st Saturn trust I made a fortune..Yes I have had legal issues and enemies but it is part of my life as a wealthy person. If you have no enemies you have nothing…Saturn transit was nothing bad to me at all (yes 1 bad back surgery was horrible but money was coming non stop)…BUT Uranus ooh yes….that make my life even more flying around as Uranus 1st house and Uranus as my chart ruler…ooh no..yes I m optimistic person and yes all people cant be suggesful if I could….

  33. This is actually the day of my birthday July 9th. Funny enough i have sun sextile saturn in my natal chart and i have this bad aspect in my synastry chart with the other. i am the saturn person and yes i am strict on them because they lack a lot of discipline and is callous in their behavior. So why should i feel as though i am limiting them when i am the one who encourages them to grow, let go go of their fears and self-limiting beliefs. However, they see me as the bad guy.

    They have taurus sun, taurus, moon, taurus mars and taurus mercury… so that expalins a lot i guess

  34. Sent seasons greeting to my Cancer sign friend tonight, b.1944

    Natal Saturn 3Can31

    Last year at this time there was a terrible storm, big old growth trees down, power out. Today a few EQs off the coast but minor.

  35. This chart is for Sabrina, in her joy and sorrow, courage and redemption.

    The X, the intersection where oppressed people meet. Jupiter opposite Mars, Saturn opposite Sun/Mercury.

    Oppositions are the political aspect and competition shows up here. That’s why the Olympics are particularly good this year? Peoples expectations are pretty low and it feels more authentic than usual.

    Note the time of exact Saturn opposite Sun:

    Tokyo Japan 3:14.15pm

    Pi or something circular, to round the rough edges.

  36. Dear, Jamie. This aspect will go along with Mars trine Pluto. How would you explain this working in combination?

  37. Hi Jamie , Kindly can you check my natal & progression chart please ? My DOB is 9th October 1973 , 5:45 AM
    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards

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