Sun Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Saturn TransitSun opposite Saturn natal has an inhibiting effect. It presents hardship and restriction in life, often starting from difficulties with your father who may have been absent or weak. You are a serious person and grew up quickly. You may have preferred older friends when you were young.

You can be too critical of yourself, of other people, and be subject to criticism. You may have felt unloved and unlovable. Basically, poor self-esteem probably held you back. But you became an expert at learning for yourself using critical thinking. You are extremely studious and this can lead to remarkable achievements and the highest recognition.

Sun Opposite Saturn Transit

Transiting Sun opposite Saturn can bring restrictions and hardship. It can be a real struggle to overcome these limiting conditions because as well as putting up barriers to progress, Saturn makes it harder to express yourself. You may have to deal with melancholy, worry, loss, grief, disgrace, or low self-esteem.

Your need for companionship may be at odds with other people’s need for distance. Or perhaps you want a break from the burdens and responsibilities that are being imposed on you. Distance or separation between you and others can lead to a sense of rejection or isolation.

Difficult relations are possible with your father, other authority figures, and older people. Other people, in general, may be critical, demanding, and impatient towards you. To get what normally comes easy, you may have to become more demanding, or more patient.

These tests and trials can make you miserable and frustrated, or they can make you determined to succeed. With critical thinking, and a serious, thoughtful attitude, you can learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge. Hard work, patience, and persistence can lead to achievement, recognition, and respect. If you do still feel frustrated, try plodding along by yourself on some personal goal where you do not require the assistance of others.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Saturn transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Saturn.

Sun Opposite Saturn Celebrities

Christina Applegate 0°07′, Alois Treindl 0°09′, Frank Capra 0°10′, Nevil Maskelyne 0°15′, Wilhelm Brückner 0°37′, Robert E. Zoller 0°43′, Joyce Wieland 0°55′, Hans Christian Andersen 1°04′, Gerard Manley Hopkins 1°13′, Derek Longmuir Nicholas Culpeper 1°23′, 1°25′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 1°33′, Miranda Kerr 1°45′, Mark David Chapman 1°51′, Upton Sinclair 2°11′, Keith Richards 2°26′, Charlie Sheen 2°39′, Henry Mancini 2°50′, Guy Pearce 2°53′, Kurt Russell 2°58′.

Sun Opposite Saturn Dates

July 20, 2020
August 2, 2021
August 14, 2022
August 27, 2023
September 8, 2024
September 21, 2025
October 4, 2026
October 17, 2027
October 30, 2028
November 13, 2029

59 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Jamie, Can we ever get past all the “hardship and restriction in life” ? and the other question I have is how often does the transit occur- is it every 28 or so years during our Saturn returns ? Since I live with this every day, does such a transit ‘simply’ intensify this condition for the period of the transit (is that 2.5 yrs ?) ? Aug. 24 1964 with gratitude, – Nicole

    • This is Sun opposite Saturn transit which is every year or so, as compared to Saturn opposite Sun transit which is about every 30 years. I have started adding dates to the bottom of these posts but not this one yet.

      And yes, you will feel an aspect more strongly if you already have it in your birth chart. More so if it were to make a major aspect to your natal planets.

      • Thank you for responding Jamie. There’s a difference between Sun opposite Saturn and… Saturn opposing Sun ? I have Sun opp Sat in my natal chart and I can certainly relate to what you wrote. My dad was a career man and was away from home much of the time when i was youngest. We were close but then alienated due to a divorce and a new marriage but we mended our relationship which came back most strongly 30 yrs later. btw, my dad is a Capricorn, the ranch i live on is ruled by Saturn and my housemate is a Capricorn too. Yes I looked it up… there are other aspects to my saturn placement. Sat opp uranus, sat trine node and then jup square sat. I really would appreciate a ray of hope that my life might get easier. I’m 52. August 24 1964

        • Yes, I have written about both transit and natal aspect. The difference comes from the transiting planet acting on the natal planet. In natal aspects, the outer planet tends to influence the inner planet.

          The September 1 solar eclipse on your Uranus means change ahead, not specifically good or bad. I would not count Saturn opposite Uranus as the orb is too wide.

          Things will improve, especially energy-wise, one Pluto opposite Mars transit is over October 2017. As that comes to an end, a complete turn around with Pluto sextile Sun transit beginning.

  2. Sorry… I meant those were aspects to my natal saturn placement (rolling eyes) but yes… the Sept 1 solar eclipse is going to be sitting right on top of my natal uranus placement and i am trying to get ready in the midst of already feeling stressed out. For example, these eclipses over the last year have brought a number of devastating wildfires here- like Sept 12 last year. And close to the August 18 one this year, Clayton Fire, I evacuated some of my things (relating to lively hood) into a storage unit which will stay there through September just for my peace of mind. I am feeling fearful because changes lately seem to be drastic & dramatic and whilst I dont always do well with change – i prefer the if they are less life threatening. My dad is older and of course I would prefer he doesnt drop dead right now either. Based on what you wrote in the eclipse articles, i did decide to order some herbal stress response supplements… omg/sigh. I will do my best to breathe, keep an open mind and ride it out. Thank you, Jamie.

  3. Hi In 2018 I have both Saturn and Pluto opposing my sun for the entire year. With all the horror stories I’ve read I’m really , really dreading it . Should I really expect it to be as bad as I’ve heard? Also I have my Jupiter return conjunct my ascendant is happening at the same time. will this make things worse for me, as Jupiter is the planet of expansion, or will it make it any easier? My dob 12/07/1982 3.00pm U.K. Time thanks

    • I know that feeling Jade as my Ascendant is 18 Capricorn. Jupiter return will help because even though it does expand it is most of all good and happy. Plus you have that trine to Mercury to improve positive thinking. That positive thinking is important so use it to overcome the fear you have from Sun square Mars.

  4. Speaking as you have about Lilly predicting the Great Fire of London… was it to do with London’s astrology on that night… was it Saturn in opposition as it is now? With this horrific fire in London?

  5. Wow, you can comment on here, I didnt notice before but now that I am here Thanks for all the great transit posts !
    I share these in my groups to help people learn the current astro weather.
    🙂 Now I see Astroking is Capricorn 18 rising. Would love to see rest of chart. My AC is 4 Cap and I am always joking that you must be my opposite or something close to opp sun and moon as me because you all your stuff is so well put together. If I look in ephemeris for any transit about to happen yours are always there! Truly Astro King of internet! 🙂

  6. My 10th house sun is 27 Sag opposite Saturn 1 Cancer. Raised 3 kids solo, moved us 2500 miles away from family, paid for my own college…did it on my own because the support wasnt there. My progress is severely limited due to existing school loans, a lack of free time and obligations to my adult children.
    I wanted to travel, get another degree and training, live more freely…but Saturn has stopped that. Ugh.
    Jamie- you summarized this aspect well. Maybe add chronic high stress to the description.
    Transiting Saturn leaves Sag and my Sun on my birthday this year, I will be celebrating!

  7. This horrible horrible transit is near, i already feel depressed, lonely, tired, shit is happening all around, family accident etc. Wish we could nuke saturn out of this solar system.

  8. My leo Saturn is at 9th house opposition of my Aquarius sun 3rd house… I traveled all my adult life and lived different countries due my Uranus 1st house scorpio I guess…I m a multi millionaire come from nothing. 9th house Saturn is not a bad thing people..yes my university education was stopped but it was all for good (would have been just a waste anyways)I have 1over 00million now and have always done what ever I want in my life… Maybe it is the Uranus 1st house making this and Venus 5th house and mars in Capricorn…People don’t get depressed on 9th house Saturn. During my 1st Saturn trust I made a fortune..Yes I have had legal issues and enemies but it is part of my life as a wealthy person. If you have no enemies you have nothing…Saturn transit was nothing bad to me at all (yes 1 bad back surgery was horrible but money was coming non stop)…BUT Uranus ooh yes….that make my life even more flying around as Uranus 1st house and Uranus as my chart ruler…ooh no..yes I m optimistic person and yes all people cant be suggesful if I could….

  9. This is actually the day of my birthday July 9th. Funny enough i have sun sextile saturn in my natal chart and i have this bad aspect in my synastry chart with the other. i am the saturn person and yes i am strict on them because they lack a lot of discipline and is callous in their behavior. So why should i feel as though i am limiting them when i am the one who encourages them to grow, let go go of their fears and self-limiting beliefs. However, they see me as the bad guy.

    They have taurus sun, taurus, moon, taurus mars and taurus mercury… so that expalins a lot i guess

  10. Sent seasons greeting to my Cancer sign friend tonight, b.1944

    Natal Saturn 3Can31

    Last year at this time there was a terrible storm, big old growth trees down, power out. Today a few EQs off the coast but minor.

  11. This chart is for Sabrina, in her joy and sorrow, courage and redemption.

    The X, the intersection where oppressed people meet. Jupiter opposite Mars, Saturn opposite Sun/Mercury.

    Oppositions are the political aspect and competition shows up here. That’s why the Olympics are particularly good this year? Peoples expectations are pretty low and it feels more authentic than usual.

    Note the time of exact Saturn opposite Sun:

    Tokyo Japan 3:14.15pm

    Pi or something circular, to round the rough edges.

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