Gypsy-Rose Blanchard

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard Astrology

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard was a victim of terrible abuse for over 20 years from her mother, Claudine (Dee Dee) Blanchard, in a widely studied case of “factitious disorder imposed on another.”

The Gypsy-Rose Blanchard horoscope has one of the most challenging aspects used in astrology. It helps explain this abuse as well as her boyfriend’s involvement in the murder of her mother.

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard Astrology

The aspect orbs in the Gypsy-Rose Blanchard astrology chart below have been reduced by 50% to highlight the most significant aspects. The defining feature of this chart is the Sun opposite Saturn, one of the most challenging aspects in astrology and a negative influence. This is the hardship and restrictions she suffers.

The next most significant feature is Venus conjunct Mars. It is sextile her Midheaven, which explains her charming public appeal and celebrity status. But I will focus on the role of the Sun opposite Saturn because transits activated it at the time of the murder.

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard Horoscope

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard Horoscope

Sun Opposite Saturn

Sun opposite Saturn is one of the strongest indicators in astrology of hardship, especially early in life. It also indicates a strong but often negative influence from one parent. In this case, a controlling parent instilled a belief in Gypsy-Rose that she was sick.

Disappointments, delays, losses, chronic illness, disgrace or degrading experiences can give a tendency to be self-critical, anxious, and sad. This could make Gypsy-Rose fearful, guilty or resentful. As a result, she may become greedy, selfish, mean, severe, miserly, stubborn, obstinant or too materialistic. Taking advantage of others, ignoring friends, and being unable to see anyone’s viewpoint but hers are also possible.

However, battling against the odds leads to inner strength, toughness, endurance, motivation, practicality, courage and assertiveness. This allowed Gypsy-Rose to overcome inner fears, inhibition, and external resistance and conflict. And when the time came, she was ready to act and do what was needed. Patience and perseverance were her keys to success.

Being a late bloomer allows time to learn lessons, develop hindsight and gain wisdom. Early negativity can be turned into self-respect, confidence, responsibility, unselfishness and loyalty. Saturn rewards hard work and dedication with achievement, promotion and recognition. She could become a teacher, instructor, mentor, leader, role model, representative or authority in her area of expertise. She has already achieved widespread recognition, a high public profile, and a lasting legacy.

The Fixed Stars

No significant fixed stars conjunct Gypsy-Rose’s Sun, but some interesting ones conjunct her Saturn.

Fixed star Dabih brings recognition, losses and disappointments. The native is unfortunate, suspicious, mistrustful and reserved.

With Saturn (0°28′): Melancholy, studious, recluse, restless and nervous, writer, accumulates wealth in a miserly fashion, often lives alone but the danger of separation and divorce, wrapt up in some great sorrow, long life.

Fixed star Altair confers a bold, confident, courageous, unyielding, ambitious, and liberal nature, great and sudden but temporary wealth, and a position of command makes its natives guilty of bloodshed and gives danger from reptiles. The native can become a mischief-maker. Negatively aspected (yes), it creates disgrace, misfortune and possible ruin.

With Saturn (1°47′): Sorrow and disappointment, mental disturbance, separation from family or parents, danger of accident involving inability to work or lifelong affliction.

If you want to learn more about her Venus-Mars conjunction, it aligns with fixed star Alioth, which gives, among other things, the ‘power to overcome the masses’ or win over the masses.

An Easy Opposition

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard has used the Sun opposite Saturn to her advantage because of the harmonious blue aspects to the Ascendant that create an Easy Opposition, or Single Ambivalence aspect pattern. In the chart below, I have instead highlighted the aspects to the Descendant because of the critical role her partner played in this saga. The Descendant represents partners.


Gypsy-Rose Easy Opposition

Sun sextile Ascendant makes her an active, intelligent, and interesting person with a powerful personality. She energizes other people with her passionate and enthusiastic self-expression. It is through close one-to-one relationships that Gypsy-Rose experiences fulfillment in life. It is easy for her to attract a partner; they will be willing to help her achieve her goals and fulfill her potential.

This aspect also brings satisfaction by utilizing hard-earned experiences to mentor others. She can heal the damage caused by excess, arrogance or power. Political, social, or environmental activism and charity work are other ways she can positively affect other people.

Saturn trine Ascendant I have not researched yet, but it should be similar to the sextile, making Gypsy-Rose a serious, sincere, and determined person. This aspect can signify hardship, which teaches responsibility early in life. It has helped Gypsy-Rose cope well in challenging situations and become independent quickly.

This aspect gives loyal and dependable partnerships, sometimes with a considerable age gap. It usually indicates a good relationship with the father, but the Sun-Saturn opposition delayed this for Gypsie-Rose. Relationships may involve shared ambition, responsibility, routine, sorrow or guilt.

The Easy Opposition gives an ambivalent attitude and a tendency to think in black-and-white terms. For Gypsy-Rose, the ambivalence was the love-hate feelings about her mother. As for thinking in black-and-white terms, it was either kill or be killed.

The apex of this aspect pattern represents an ideal world with only beauty and goodness. It is a relaxed, pleasure-oriented pole that diffuses the opposition’s tension, pressure, and conflict. The apex acts like a switch point to correctly manage the ambivalent energies.

With the Descendant at the apex, having a partner allows Gypsy-Rose to enjoy life. It also means she can use a partner to solve her Sun opposite Saturn problems. Remember, Sun sextile Ascendant means the partner is more than willing to help her achieve her goals.

The Murder

On June 9, 2015, Nicholas Godejohn came to the Blanchard home while Dee Dee was asleep. Gypsy hid in a bathroom and covered her ears while her lover stabbed her mother 17 times in her back.

Gypsie-Rose Blanchard Astrology

Gypsy-Rose (inner wheel) – Murder (outer wheel)

The transits to the Gypsy-Rose Blanchard astrology chart above show how critical the Sun-Saturn opposition and aspects to the relationship axis are. At the time of the murder, transiting Venus was in conjunction her Sun, and transiting the transiting lunar nodes aligned with the relationships axis (South Node conjunct Descendant).

Venus conjunct Sun transit manifested as her lover (Venus) expressing her will (Sun). Perhaps she used his love for her and sex to encourage him. According to, North Node conjunct Ascendant suggests:

Your karmic path is combined with your identity and ego, which allows your personality to align well with your growth and evolution. Be careful not to use your charm or popularity for selfish gains but for helping others.

The January 25, 2024, Full Moon at 05♌14 is conjunct with Gypsy-Rose’s Sun.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights. I don’t know this story but somehow found the alignments to resonate with me as my dear friend is dealing with the powerful consequences of having experienced a roller coaster of experiences with a woman who has quite a lot of similarities in her chart. Mars/Venus and Sun all conjunct, opposite a Saturn conjunction with Jupiter…. Her ascendant is square to her Pluto and the story she has woven with him and the two children is notable, not quite murder headline… But… That’s only because my friend is a kind soul…. Seriously bananas. Not enough room here for the screenplay. Needless to say this article was enlightening and gives me reason to look more deeply into this whole saga…

  2. The media was promoting this story at Christmas time, interesting now, back on the front burner with Oscillation astrology, 20 year turn verses 40 year turn, a street rose Sun for flavor, Mercury at exposure. Astrologyking @unlimited hangout. AI experiments meets entertainment. Banana republic.

  3. Whoa! I hadn’t looked at her chart before today but I’m glad I came across this. I too am a Libra rising (at 12° 2′, though) and have my 6th house Sun at 20° of Pisces opposing Saturn at 23° and these planets join my 3rd house Neptune atc23° in a t-square. I’m also a Capricorn Moon (which is involved in a grand earth trine with my Venus in Taurus and Mars + Jupiter in Virgo) While my mother did not do the things GR’s mother did, I’ve experienced narcissistic abuse from her throughout my childhood and adulthood. Saturn being the ruler of my moon opposing my Sun and squaring my Neptune has been far from easy, particularly in my dealings with my mother. While she liked to brag on any of my achievements that could make her look good (me starting school early, being admitted into gifted classes, receiving many awards, and a full scholarship to college etc) she was/ is continually oppressive of who I am a a person- trying to force me to live my life by her terms and not making it a secret that she is disappointed in my life choices, despite me having had pretty amazing career experiences and also becoming recognized for my work as an astrologer. My mother has lied on me on multiple occasions, in an attempt to ruin my reputation in my family (particularly for an event that happened in 1998) that she still refuses to apologize for. I never thought I had much in common with GR until seeing this and I’m pondering on how the astrological indications in our charts are similar and different. Thank you for this!

  4. Thanks for a fascinating article. Also note the moon-pluto-jupiter T square with pluto at the helm. Then by transit the jupiter transit sets, it off and also the yod to pluto (sun mars/uranus). She definitely wanted freedom from that situation. Sun opposite Saturn with venus on the sun is release from imprisonment.

  5. I read a wonderful book specifically for daughters of narcissistic mothers by Karyl McBride entitled “Will I ever be good enough”. You may be able to find it in the library. It helped me understand myself.

    • People seek out astrology when they are having problems, not when everything is fine. Problems are usually caused by challenging aspects. That is probably why I focus on challenging charts.

  6. All of these diagnosis, is after the fact. But I will guarantee you, that these diagnosis could not have been made before it happen.

  7. Yes that is my problem with predictive astrology! In reality there are infinite possible scenarios how a transit might play out… yet people still want/expect us (astrologers) to be fortune tellers! We have to correct that image!

  8. Wow, it’s great I loved how easy you explained complex things, excellent work, that’s why this page is one of my favorites to review transits and see astrological news, I really like that Give the importance of the fixed stars. That is what I like the most. I feel that the analysis is deeper.

    • Thank you Ary San. I am updating the fixed stars all the time. At the moment I am checking thei magnitudes and adjusting the suggested orbs. It’s a slow process because so there so many of them! Thank God for computers!

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