Saturn Sextile Ascendant Natal and Transit

Saturn Sextile Ascendant TransitSaturn sextile Ascendant natal makes you a serious, sincere and determined person. This aspect does not necessarily signify hardship but it is likely you learned responsibility at an early age. You cope well in challenging situations and may have become independent quickly. A crazy, party-going sort of lifestyle is not really your style.

At times you may feel like a misfit and will likely have a relatively small number of friends. But you are a loyal and dependable friend. Lifelong friendships are likely and you could make older friends when young, and much younger friends when you are older. Natal Saturn sextile Ascendant gives good relations with parents, teachers, superiors and authorities. Your relationships may involve some shared ambition, responsibility, routine, sorrow or guilt.

Despite being self-reliant, marriage appeals to you because of the stability and contentment it brings. You will likely attract someone who is loyal and committed like you. In your career as well as your private life, you form close karmic bonds with people. You will always do your best to keep agreements and live up to your obligations. Likewise, you expect others to keep their side of the bargain.

The more people involved in social situations, the less conformable you become. However, you tend to work well within more formal groups, and organizations with a structured hierarchy. People appreciate your practicality and directness of approach. Your depth of understanding and air of authority makes you a good leader, teacher, mentor and parent. You earn the respect of others even with your provocative and challenging style.

Saturn Sextile Ascendant Transit

Saturn sextile Ascendant transit brings self-confidence and self-respect. You can look back over past accomplishments with pride and satisfaction. This is a period of culmination in your efforts but also a stepping stone. This is a good time to think seriously about your responsibilities to others and your long-term goals. Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

Seek advice from elders and professionals to help lay strong foundations for the future. The structures you are building now need to be solid because they will stay in place for many years. Set realistic, practical goals so you can easily measure your progress. You will judge yourself and be judged by others on the results you achieve several years from now.

Your one-to-one relationships should enjoy a period of stability. Shared responsibilities, respect, and understanding will lead to deeper bonding. You may seek commitment in an existing relationship such as an engagement or marriage. You may wish to formalize a business partnership. New relationships are possible and will have some serious or practical considerations. You could meet someone from a different generation. Such new relationships may start slow and steady but will become long-term dependable relationships.

Saturn Sextile Ascendant Celebrities

Tracey Ullman 0°01′, David Copperfield 0°02′, Barbara Hutton 0°02′, Coretta Scott King 0°05′, Belinda Carlisle 0°07′, Oscar Pistorius 0°09′, Jan Konrads 0°14′, Germaine Greer 0°15′, Jane Fonda 0°22′, Paul Newman 0°29′, Hugh Hefner 0°46′, George H.W. Bush 0°46′, Steve Jobs 1°07′, Katie Couric 1°19′, Zendaya 1°22′, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 1°28′, Audrey Hepburn 1°24′, Victor Hugo 1°41′, Charles Dickens 2°00′, Chris Pratt 2°04′, Nikola Tesla 2°10′, Kirsten Dunst 2°26′, John Frawley 2°28′.

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  1. could someone write something like this for saturn trine ascendant? that’d be deeply appreciated. thank you.

  2. Saturn trine Asc. Is basically the same as the sextile but possibly easier & more beneficial than the sextile! The effects may be more beneficial for the profession & relationships. Much depends in what house Saturn is in. I am assuming the 4 Th or the 8Th. If Saturn is in the 4 Th it will benefit the home or real estate. If in the 8 Th it may effect sex, death or other peoples money. It is a good time for securing loans. A teacher may appear.

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