Venus Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

Venus Conjunct Mars Transit

Venus conjunct Mars maximum orb 6°30′.

Venus conjunct Mars natal profoundly affects relationships, but your intense passions can influence all areas of life. On its own, this is a challenging aspect that indicates passionate involvement and emotional vitality. Your intense desire for love and affection means that love relationships take up much of your time. Your sex drive and need for intimate relationships can sometimes cause friction within relationships.

Your level of intensity may be too much for a partner to cope with, and people with Venus conjunct Mars often have many marriages or affairs. Finding a new partner comes easy, thanks to your high sex appeal and magnetic attractiveness. Flirting would be most enjoyable, but you must remain conscious of the effect on an existing partner to maintain a long-term relationship.

The ability to attract other people means you should be popular in social settings and with the public in general. This public appeal often comes helpful in your career and is one reason you can expect to be financially well off or at least comfortable.

Another asset in your career is your intense, goal-directed energy. A strong work ethic and creative passion can lead to significant accomplishments and wide recognition for your achievements.

Writing about Venus conjunct Mars, astrologers Robert Hand and Robert Pelletier both suggest that how you relate to the opposite sex when you are young depends significantly on your relationships with the parent of the opposite sex.

Venus Conjunct Mars Transit

Venus conjunct Mars transit increases your desire for intimate relations. Driven by an intense need for sexual satisfaction, you can become very direct in your search for a mating partner. This primal urge to reproduce is not so raw and aggressive as to make others feel uncomfortable.

Your more tender and sensual side dominates, increasing your chance of finding romance at this time. This complements your raw passion and sex appeal, making you highly attractive to your partner or potential partners. Increased charisma and popularity make socializing more enjoyable and exciting. This is an ideal time for both romance and making new friends.

You will also find satisfaction in creative activities. This is an excellent time to start works of art, especially those combining the physical and emotional, such as dance or sculpture. Even routine work should be more enjoyable now as you have the drive and creative urge to make things look or work better. This is also an excellent time to host a party or celebration.

Venus Conjunct Mars Celebrities

Woodrow Wilson 0°01′, Alberto Giacometti 0°03′, Michael Crichton 0°06′, Carmen Electra 0°09′, Tom Jones 0°09′, Paul Bernardo 0°13′, David Helfgott 0°16′, John Henry Mackay 0°17′, Adolf Hitler 0°19′, David Charvet 0°28′, John Havlicek 0°30′, Zendaya 0°31′, Pierre Claverie 0°31′, Holly Parker 0°35′, Gypsie-Rose Blanchard 0°36′, Blake Lively 0°40′, Bonnie Nettles 0°41′, Rudyard Kipling 0°41′, Chester Kallman 0°43′, Priscilla Chan 0°46′, Greta Scacchi 0°49′, Herbert von Karajan 0°52′, Sally Field 0°55′, Bette Davis 0°57′, Nancy Sinatra 0°59′, Fromental Halévy 1°03′, The Astro Twins 1°08′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 1°23′, Dwayne Johnson 1°30′, Piero di Cosimo 1°36′, Vincent Van Gogh 1°56′.

Venus Conjunct Mars Dates

March 6, 2022
February 22, 2024
January 7, 2026
November 24, 2027
June 14, 2028
September 7, 2028
November 23, 2029

80 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

  1. My Venus is 26 degrees Taurus, and mars is 8 degrees Taurus. I don’t believe that this is considered a conjunction? My sun is 20 degrees Taurus.

  2. I have Mars at 17 Leo and Venus at 22 Leo. (Too bad about the drama, huh?) Both are in the 11th house. I never thought I was intense, but maybe I am. It might explain a few things.

  3. Hello Jamie,

    Hope all is well. As you may know me from your previous post, I’m a male Leo, and My sun-moon midpoint is at 14 fixed
    signs. Could you please tell me if this Venus conjunct Mars is going to affect me or not? Thanks

    • Hi again Brian. I have just updated the post to show the dates and zodiac degrees of the two Venus Mars conjunction coming up. Hope that helps. I don’t use midpoint very often.

  4. Interesting, this Venus/Mars conjunction falls in my 7th house of partnerships on my 10 degree Venus and north node placement. I’m looking for a partner to help me create a martial arts dance piece using a Japanese sword and fan. I just joined a Okinawan Taiko /dance group and most of the ladies there are Japanese. I’m hoping one of these ladies can help me/ or co-partner with me to bring my creation to life. Chances of this?

  5. Hi Jamie , I have mars 7 Tarus and Venus 13 Taurus nataly , Pluto has been trining Venus for a while now , my partner is moving out from our shared home on 1st and 2nd of September we are still friends and hope to remain so? Just want to say thanks for this very informative site

  6. I love your interpretation in general. It’s positive, optimistic just the thing a Capricorn needs – once in awhile at least :):)
    My n. Mars is around 17 degrees Aquarius in 5th house, and for November’s Mars/Venus conj in Virgo…my AC is 27.11 Virgo.

  7. Hi Jamie, i was born on 10/21/59. I am in severe financial crisis with no income for the last more than 1 year. What should I do, a job or technology related business with a friend and when to expect things to turn positive financially?

  8. What does the 20 degree conjunct Virgo which is in my sixth — do for my 20 degree midheaven and my 20 degree sun conjunct my midheaven in the 10th

  9. How long is Venus retrograde conjunct Mars ? I know it started Sept. 1st but just wanted to know how long this will last?

  10. Very good article!

    Was looking info on the Mars+Venus conjunction on Nov 3rd which is exactly opposite my natal mars at 23 degrees pieces. Any thoughts?


    2 degree Gemini sun
    15 degree Virgo ascendant

  11. Very interesting… would this aspect repeat or relate to something that happened when Venus was retrograde?
    if my natal Saturn ( opposite my natal moon) is at 27 degrees in Virgo would it be activated by this conjunction?


    • Another good question Meli. Perhaps something about your responsibilities in a past relationships, or lessons that you are learning at the moment relating to that experience. Just an idea. Could also related to sadness about a breakup I suppose.

  12. ummm ….”lessons that you are learning at the moment relating to that experience” that rings a bell for me at the moment! There has been some kind of break up although not painful …I have been feeling more disillusioned and taken for granted and I have been mixed when it comes to say what I think of all the situation or just put some distance with silence …I have found the last piece of a puzzle of lies…

    Astrology is really amazing when you see how things work out . Thanks !!

    • .now it is late here, I can barely see the keyboard, otherwise I might comment about my Venus- Mars impulse.

  13. Hi Jamie. In a synasty chart, would Venus conjunct Mars be the strongest aspect for sexual attraction?

  14. Hello jamie, I have venus 28° leo 11th house and mars 10° leo in 11th house. What do u think about this aspect? Thank you, Lisa

    • Not a conjunction but Venus conjunction fixed star Regulus can cause relationship problems apparently. I don’t use houses because they are imaginary. Just realize they are purely symbolic, like tarot cards.

  15. My mars is conjunct venus both at 29 degrees pisces in 5th house…theyre both exactly square my moon in 29 degrees gem in 8th and square my neptune at 2 degrees capricorn… any thoughts on this and how it would effect me? Appreciate it. -John

    • Hi John. Square Moon will cause some sexual tension and you would get emotionally upset easy. Adding Neptune makes you even more sensitive to any relationship drama. You can either be deceived, or be deceitful in relationships. Intuition is not always accurate. You can give confusing non-verbal signals and also get the wrong idea yourself.

  16. I have Mars (25 degrees) Venus (34 degrees) conjunction in Sagittarius 11th house. What does that mean?

  17. I have this conjunction in Capricorn.

    Take a look at the Full Moon kite astrology of August 26, 2018. And how the planets Mars and Venus pays a visit on August 24, 2019.

    What does it mean for, say, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who has his rising degree at 3°Virgo?

    His Nodes reverse right around now, at age 47/48. South Node sitting on the cusp of the 12th of confinement. Have you heard about node reversal at age 47/48 Jamie? That at this point in life it is a quality to pursue the ass end of the dragon, until such time as the North node reasserted itself again, @ 9 years later, at age 56?

  18. Hi Jamie, this is a very enlighting article. Transiting Venus will conjunct my natal Mars 29 degrees (ruler of my MC) in the next couple of days and therefore will also be in opposition with transiting Uranus …something unexpected is coming with Uranus … I guess some news …and with Venus love or money and with Mars males or work …but how to know if it will be related to love, family/ house or work? Still enduring Pluto transit to natal venus (which rules the IC)…would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks!

  19. I have natal Mars Venus in Gemini conjunct. I have such a hard time committing to anything, even myself!
    At this moment in my life I’m actually not doing well financially at all, not even comfortable.
    I do have a great passion for knowledge.

    • My main question is how long does the transit last? My Venus is conjunct Mars at a 0° orb in the hottest fire sign of Aries in the 10th houses. It’s interesting what you said about both Robert’s studies on the effect it has based on our relationship with our parent of the opp sex. My dad died tragically when I was 8. 8 is the most karmic number in numerology. Our relationship waswas great up until that ending point. I actually have quite a few questions to ask you Jamie. Like how my life plays out having a grand fire trine as well as a yod that points to Uranus, also at 8° and in Scorpio. If you can answer any of these, I appreciate it much. Thank you, Jamie.

      • Oh btw, Venus and mars are at 19 and 20° Aries. So I did my homework and that’s Baten Kaitos. Doesn’t look all that comfortable or promising, but not exactly horrible either. I don’t have any negative or horrible aspects to Saturn in my natal chart either. On a side note, my mothers maiden name was Whaley. 🙂 talk about synchronicites. Also, what does a mundane power mean in comparison to a higher power, I wonder? Gonna Google this now too. 😉 Thanks again.

  20. I just discovered Adam Driver has this conjunction. That would explain why hordes of fans think he’s hot (me among them, hee hee), but he doesn’t get it.

  21. The 2019 Venus Mars conjunction is going to conjunction my Uranus within one degree in my 12th house. I wonder what that means for me?

  22. Chandra symbol
    VIRGO 5, Mars/Venus conj Aug 24,2019

    A skull on a pole at the entrance to a dark wood.
    The mind of death always knows ahead of time each and every danger, problem, and dilemma. The Cassandra complex warning self and world of what will go wrong. Cautioning, tempering, and suppressing, you can afford no mistakes. The mind is set upon doing it just right from start to finish. When there are hitches and snags, you hit the roof with qualms and doubts. The self against itself. The mind standing over the spontaneous one and saying, “No, you can’t go that way.” Forebodings are a self-fulfilling prophecy. The self proves itself right and wrong. Right about nothing working, and wrong to be in that position. This is a mind-set to be eroded and worn out, supplanted by fresh inquiry with no agenda, no worry, and just the truth that there is death in everything and life to follow if you let go into it completely.”

  23. Yesterday,(August 24th 2019) at my yearly orchid society auction and picnic, I was able to acquire a beautiful and very large in bloom white flowering Cattleya orchid. We had a Venus/Mars conjunction in the sign Virgo yesterday too. The breeding tag name of the orchid, Hawaiian Wedding Song ‘Virgin’. I love how literal astrology is at times!

  24. August 24, 2020

    Age of Aquarius Progressed Moon: 01Vir01

    Sun transit: 01Vir15

    Very compelling rectification of the New Age chart with the Sun transit of the last Mars/Venus conjunction, August 24, 2019

  25. I just love your insights! Having lunch date this weekend and partner has a Natal Venus to Venus trine going on (3rd date, another trine?). Further, she has a grand trine happening also – Venus to Natal Pluto and Natal Pluto to Mars conjuct Natal Venus. I see the trine as love transformed, but what’s the significance the added conjunction btw Mars and Venus?


    Multi-composite of three Venus-Mars conjunctions. The above chart without transits, drawn up during the North Hemisphere summertime.

    July 13, 2021
    February 16, 2022
    Maarch 6, 2022

    If you’re struggling, confused or otherwise overwhelmed by the last 48 hours. The essential truth of the matter, in my humble opinion, is that the Arwork Implementation has gone to the next level.

    Media and Medical and Gov have teamed up to soup your viens, or not, but really it’s to Keep Mars and Venus Apart.

    What better time than “Right on Cue” at 02Sag?

    Multi-composite of three Venus-Mars conjunctions. The above chart with November 25 transits, drawn up two hours prior to 3rd Quarter Moon, midpoint Lunar and Solar eclipse, November 27, 2021

  27. 2/28/58 12:22PM Rockford, IL. What’s Mars conj Venus got in store for this guy, huh?

  28. mars at the end of cap/v at the beginning of aqua. marrs things somewhat, or maybe that’s the moon con sat in cap, or sun /chiron con.
    the man i love on the other hand has them in the same sign.
    and he sure has had a lively sex life.
    we’re both older now.

  29. Hello, Jamie!
    Transiting venus and Mars are tightly conjuct at 18 degrees (GMT 18.50, 18/02/22), so tightly conjuct my 18 degree natal Moon in Capricorn — only minutes one from another! Is this a very unusual transit?

  30. Thank you, Jamie. What can one make of transiting Venus-Mars conjunct, conjunct my natal Moon?

        • Hi Sophie,Not joking.
          Along with quitting dairy foods,
          eat clean unprocessed foods.
          Also highly recommend intermittent fasting,
          and or eating once per day.(24hr fast)
          A juicing fast is a good start base,
          before any changes in good food choices.
          You’ll be surprised what comes out(eek)
          and thankful of the mental clarity,
          there after.
          Take care and all the best.: )

          • Dear nomadic3spirit,

            Thank you very much for your kind attention to me. You are absolutely spot on with regard to my lactose intolerance. I have been contending with it for several years now. Recently, however, I made the mistake of taking medical advice to re-introduce certain milk products into my diet, such as aged cheese. I love cheese. So I probably overdid the cheese re-introduction. But I did realise that this was not a good idea. Otherwise, I have always eaten a heathy diet, and I have only one meal a day. I’ve not done a juicing fast yet; only a fruit-only fast. It is curious, though, that my cheese mistake came exactly at the triple conjucution of my natal Moon and the Venus-Mars conjunction. And more importantly, you came. I am most grateful!

  31. My ascendant is 28° Capricorn intercepted by Aquarius. My new friend has Chiron conjunct My ascendent. Since he has sun 3° Aquarius., We both are feeling this Venus/mars conj at the same time I believe. Yes? I’ve never found much information on intercepted signs, so does it have any bearing on transits like this, such as Pluto and so forth, any conjunction on my ascendant I mean? I’m 75, been studying astrology since 15 and still so many new things to learn! Ty

  32. I have Mars and Venus conjunct in Leo and it is one of my FAVORITE aspects in my chart. How lucky am I? Both planets are in my first house, so how can you beat Mars and Venus in the first house, really? Especially in Leo? Blessed by the sunlight’s warmth and beauty. The Mars in Leo is all about honor, boldness, and heroism, and I’m of course attracted to that in men, and then it conjunct Venus in Leo, I love giving and receiving affection, love, and adoration. With Venus in the 1st house, I also really enjoy being a woman. I love glamour and sophistication and warmth, all things Venusian. But because it’s conjunct Mars, the Venus is not a “submissive” beauty. It’s not a “prissy” beauty as my Aunt who was a professional astrologer referred to it. I also have a romantic trine between my Venus in the first house to my Neptune in the fifth house, and a deep sextile between Venus in the first house and Pluto in my fourth. So, my Venus is pretty well set up. The sexuality of Mars, the love of Venus, the romance of Neptune, and the depth of Pluto.

  33. On astrodienst, it counts as a conjunction even at 10 degree distance. My natal Venus at 2 degrees and Mars at 12 degrees. I’m confused.

    • Hi Bobo, ultimately it is up to you to decide. You have to consider other aspects in your chart and their relative strngths. It can be confusing.

  34. Navigating the complex dance of Venus conjunct Mars in your natal chart can be as intricate as crafting a well-written essay. Just like ensures clarity and coherence in your academic work, understanding the dynamics of this astrological aspect requires precision. The intensity of your passions, akin to the meticulous attention given to detail in quality writing, significantly influences your relationships and life as a whole. It’s like proofreading your astrological journey – making sure the narrative flows smoothly without any misunderstandings. So, just as you’d trust an expert to refine your essay, embrace the cosmic guidance that Venus conjunct Mars offers in shaping the story of your relationships and personal growth.

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