Sun Trine Mars Natal and Transit

Sun Trine Mars TransitSun trine Mars natal is one of the best planetary aspects to bring out natural creative abilities. You are comfortable being yourself and have a healthy ego. The harmony between self-expression and impulse shows up in very talented actors, musicians, and artists, but any area of life would benefit from high energy.

While being brave, courageous and self-confident, aggression and over competitiveness are usually transformed in a positive way into creative energy, enthusiasm, and sexuality. You give off a very attractive, charismatic energy which makes for popularity and ease in finding a partner.

This aspect is an indicator of success in achieving your strong desires, with few obstacles in your way. However, when presented with many obstacles from other areas of your chart, this aspect can result in increased desires for non-healthy passions.
For example:

Kurt Cobain (0°00’02”) was surely gifted with creative talent. He had so much energy as shown by the exactness of this aspect that he was naturally hyperactive, and as a child was medicated for ADHD. Unfortunately this early drugging set up the spiral to self-destruction from heroin and alcohol in later life. Kurt still managed to be hugely successful from his raw and gritty (Mars) yet harmonious (trine) style of music. His energy did not find release through sports because his father pushed him into it and he rebelled against him.

Sun Trine Mars Transit

Transiting Sun trine Mars gives a boost to self-confidence and enthusiasm making this an ideal time to start new projects. You should be feeling strong and courageous and can use your initiative to get the ball rolling and tackle difficult tasks. This is a good time to impress someone, especially a superior at work or someone special in your private life.

Increased sex drive is matched by increased charisma and magnetic charm. The sexy confidence you ooze is especially attractive so you should have little trouble having your most passionate desires fulfilled.

You are able to understand what is motivating you at this time due to a conscious awareness of your primal desires. You will feel a strong urge to take action under this transit and should go with your instincts. This is a winning transit.

Sun Trine Mars Celebrities

Kurt Cobain 0°00′, John W. Donaldson 0°01′, Tom Hanks 0°08′, Joseph Massart 0°08′, Michael Moore 0°41′, Archie Griffin 0°54′, Paul Cezanne 0°57′, MacGregor Mathers 1°00′, Noah Wyle 1°05′, Bill Cosby 1°06′, John Addey 1°19′, Sir Thomas More 1°33, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 1°37′, Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1°39′, Dennis Nilsen 1°50′, Jennifer Lopez 1°57′, Abraham Lincoln 2°02′, Jayne Mansfield 2°08′, Edith Piaf 2°37′.

Sun Trine Mars Dates

27 September 2018
16 August 2020
11 December 2020
17 October 2022
29 January 2023
27 November 2024
8 March 2025
31 December 2026
11 April 2027

17 thoughts on “Sun Trine Mars Natal and Transit

  1. So true I have sun in Pisces trine mars in Scorpio and I can reply so much about that but we only act we want to

  2. Ha ha, I have the same config. Our motto should be “Don’t tell me what to do!”

  3. Hi Jamie, my son does not have this in natal, yet it is his birthday March 26, so this may help him all year? us all have had etreme challenges for about 16 of his 23 years, so I welcome not only some relief perhaps some supportive energies available to him if he chooses to embrace and work with them 🙂

  4. Hi Jamie. What do you think the grand trine with Mars, Sun and Chiron will mean that’s coming up on the 17th? Thanks, Katie

    • That’s a very tight t-square too. Motivation and energy put into healing a wounded ego. Physical, vigorous healing through massage, acupuncture, sex.

      • Brilliant! Just what I need! Only just seen this comment! Bring on the Sun trine Mars vibrations! Makes me think of ‘Good Vibrations’ by The Beach Boys!

  5. “Unfortunately this early drugging set up the spiral to self-destruction from heroin and alcohol in later life.”

    I was quite struck by how astonishingly ignorant this statement is – there is no correlation whatsoever between hyperactivity (adhd or not) and drug addiction/alcoholism as an adult. Unfortunately science is not like astrology ,where you can simply make up bullshit and pretend it’s real without any evidence. Perhaps you should stick to fortune-telling Jamie – facts are not your forte – making up nonsense comes easier to you. Can we blame this on Mercury?

    • That’s funny because my psychiatrist says there definitely is a link between ADHD and drug addiction.

  6. Brilliant energy that’s about to go exact soon! Just the energy I need! Confidence and boost in creative self!

  7. The sun will do its anual trine my natal Mars at 26 Leo 10th house from my first house and as a fairly non competitive soul and personality, grateful for the diplomacy of my Libra asc to keep it in check, I agree with much you have written as indeed although quite of quite a private nature in many ways as a cancer sun, I do enjoy that brief moment where I do seem to be noticed and trigger a spark of hope or even inspiraition in others and this year because it seems so dark for many others I feel quite optimistic that it may seem a bit brighter this year and help even more to help others to keep reaching for and may be even work with the current events to change their stars from negative to positive potential, perhaps Uranus and the current trine to natal Uranus at 22 merely 4 degrees before that is providing and easy flow for being a bright spark this year, even if but for a moment lol!

  8. Hi Jamie, interesting post. Out of curiosity, if transiting Mars is going over the degrees of the the full moon of July 27, 2018 (4° Aquarius) would this mean that the total lunar eclipse is activated again? should it be more positive as Uranus is not in a bad “mood” and Mars is trining the Sun?

    I just have transiting Mars (ruler of my MC) over my descendent (at the time of the full moon – eclipse- you told me that it will relate to relationships) so wondering if I can consider this a good transit (potential relationship, new business or personal relationship?) or a bad transit (distance or hard break up on the business or personal area?). Thank you !!

    • by the way the 27July eclipse was conjunct the transiting north node in Leo (my risign sign)

  9. any thoughts on a person with sun in virgo trine mars in capricorn?thank you..

    • How are you feeling? Tom Hanks has this aspect. The most important movie in my life was Tom walking the Green Mile.

  10. any thoughts on a woman with sun in scorpio trine mars in cancer? thanks a lot!

  11. Scorpio and Cancer? Perhaps sting your desire with Neptunes staff or grab him with your Crab claw during a Sting operation.

    You’re not like a fire sign here, so lay a trap, he falls in and,ahh, you gotta rescue him. Or you’re playing goaltender, a scissor kick beats you but your fire sign mid back saves the goal. It’s the most amazing sport replay watched 10 million times.

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