Sun Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Sun conjunct Midheaven maximum orb 8°00′.

Sun conjunct Midheaven natal is also called Sun culminating. It makes you very goal-oriented. Success in your career is one of your most essential needs. You express your identity through achievements and work hard to make your mark. You should enjoy a good social standing and be socially popular.

Failure can be devastating for you and severely damage your self-esteem. For this reason, you need to avoid the potential negatives of this aspect. You are proud, but arrogance or egotism will cause much resistance to your goals. You have leadership qualities but may tend to rebel against authority figures. For this reason, you need to pace yourself and learn to work under direction until you learn the skills necessary for success.

It is okay for you to feel important and think you are destined for great things, and don’t rub it in people’s faces. You probably looked up to your father and would find it easier to advance if he was supportive. Learn from your elders and superiors and show them respect. This way, you will rise to the top and earn the respect and distinction you seek. If you cannot work within a bureaucracy or be a small fish in a big pond, it would be best if you could go into business for yourself.

Sun Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Sun conjunct Midheaven transit focuses your attention on your professional life, your career, and your goals. You should be more determined than usual to get ahead and make something of yourself. You will likely be so ambitious that nothing else matters than achievement and success. Your private life, home, and family must take a back seat while you have your moment in the Sun.

You and your achievements will be on show, so be ready for more attention than usual. It is time to be judged on your past effort and receive recognition or promotion. You will have more power and influence over the direction of your life, and you will also have more interaction with authority figures and influential people.

This is a high point in your career or social standing, and your reputation may be on the line. This is a time to act responsibly and work hard. Being ambitious and proud of your achievement is good, but avoid appearing arrogant or bossy because your reputation and career may suffer.

This Sun conjunct Midheaven transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Midheaven.

Sun Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Jean Jaures 0°10′, Pablo Escobar 0°20′, Jon-Erik Hexum 0°22′, Kyle Maynard 0°24′, Schapelle Corby 0°27′, Aaron Spelling 1°05′, Willie Nelson 1°09′, Julie Gayet 1°21′, Frederick Lemaitre 1°29′, Lyle Menendez 1°33′, Liz Greene 1°37′, Kirsten Dunst 1°39′, Jon Voight 1°44′, Lucky Luciano 1°45′, James Ingram 2°16′.

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