Sun Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Sun Conjunct Midheaven TransitSun conjunct Midheaven transit focuses your attention on your professional life, your career and your goals. You should be more determined than usual to get ahead and make something of yourself. It is likely that you will be so ambitious that nothing else matters than achievement and success. Your private life, home and family will have to take a back seat while you have your moment in the Sun.

You and your achievements will be on display so be ready for more attention than usual. You may be judged on your past effort and receive recognition or promotion. You will have more power and influence over the direction of your life. You will also have more interaction with authority figures and powerful people.

This is a high point in your career or social standing and your reputation may be on the line. This is a time to act responsibility and work hard. It is good to be ambitious and proud of your achievement but avoid appearing arrogant or bossy because your reputation and your career may suffer.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Midheaven transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Midheaven.

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