Fixed Star Propus

Propus at 18°58′ Cancer has an orb of 1°30′
Fixed Star Propus

Gemini Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Propus on July 10

Fixed star Propus, Iota Geminorum, is a solitary star located between the shoulders of the Twins of Gemini Constellation. Magnitude 3.79, spectral type G9III.

The traditional name for Iota Geminorum is Propus, from a Latin word that implies Close. But Propus (from the Greek, meaning forward foot), is the official name for Eta Geminorum. Stellarium (the image above), the website Constellations of Words, and George Noonan use the name Propus for Eta Geminorum. However, in astrology, Iota Geminorum is called Propus, and Eta Geminorum is called Tejat Prior.

  • Fixed star Propus is Iota Geminorum at 19♋01, between the shoulders of the Twins. (named from the Latin word that implies Close.)
  • Fixed star Tejat Prior is Eta Geminorum at 03♋26, near the left foot of the northern Twin. (also named, Propus and Praepes).
  • Fixed star Tejat Posterior is Mu Geminorum at 05♋18, on left foot of the northern Twin. (also named, Tejat, Nuhaiti, Dirah and Calx).
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Propus Astrology

Fixed star Propus has the spectral class G9, indicating a planetary nature of the Sun, and to a lesser extent, Mars.

PROPUS, ι Geminorum. A small star situated between the Twins. Of the nature of Mercury and Venus. It gives strength, eminence and success. [1]

ι Geminorum, Propus is a small, binary, yellow star situated between the Twins shoulders. Class G7. It brings success in varying degrees, a keen mentality, a superficial nature, a love of ease and luxury. [5]

Propus, ι Geminorum, is the last of the significant stars in Gemini, its position being just over one degree short of Castor, and yet another Mercury-Venus type. A good deal of confusion surrounds this name in various old astronomical works, some of which derive it from the Greek προποε and apply it to Tejat Prior in Castor’s foot. But it is now quite definitely the star between the twin’s shoulders, where they come ‘close’ together, as the word implies in Latin. So we should read into this star the qualities of cooperation, of ‘two heads being better than one’, and of associative thinking – just as we are trying to do right now, along with those now-familiar Mercury-Venus attributes we have been seeing already (in Gemini). This associative-thinking quality is very vital in the practice of astrology when it comes to reading a horoscope, and so naturally Propus in a good placing on the natal chart tells us we have a good astrologer born there. But in psychotherapy, we know too that associative thinking is a feature of such pathological states as paranoia, where quite unconnected and innocent actions by other people may be welded by a patient into a thrilling plot of conspiracy against him or her. So Propus, with the ‘help’ of nearby saturnine Wasat, may be yet another factor in the negative, ‘nervous breakdown’ qualities which we note to occur sometimes with Castor. Apart from drawing attention of the patient to the ancient historic reasons for our unconscious states of fear (for which refer again to Castor), a good therapy for sufferers from Propus, in particular, is to encourage them to employ their associative thinking capacities deliberately and usefully, so that they become skilled in the control of them. A good astrologer is preferable to a sick paranoiac any time! [3]

Propus rules the top of the stomach. [4]

Constellation Gemini

Gemini is said to cause trouble and disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction and danger to the knees. [1]

Astrologers assigned to this constellation guardianship over human hands, arms, and shoulders; while Albumasar held that it portended intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality. Considered the House of Mercury and a fortunate sign. Chinese astrologers asserted that if this constellation were invaded by Mars, war and a poor harvest would ensue. [2]

Iota Geminorum, Fixed Star Propus

Iota Geminorum []

Fixed Star Propus Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Propus: Cecilia Bartoli 0°04′, Rudolf Hess 0°12′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°54′.

Midheaven conjunct Propus: Allison DuBois 0°42′, Joe Exotic 0°44′, Monica Lewinsky 0°51′, Roman Polanski 1°29′, Tom Brady 1°36′.

Descendant conjunct Propus: Niccolo Machiavelli 0°11′, Megan Fox 0°36′, Nero 0°48′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Propus: Immanuel Kant 0°57′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Propus: Dr. Phil McGraw 0°01′, James Joyce 0°11′, Michael Bloomberg 0°30′, M. C. Escher 0°32′, Bonnie Parker 0°39′ (and Venus), Sarah Paulson 0°46′ (and Saturn), Noor Inayat Khan 1°21′ (and Mars), Charles Manson 1°21′, Alexis Arquette 1°28′.

Sun conjunct Propus: Preferment in matters dealing with the public, in writings, astrology, speaking. [5]

Donald Rumsfeld 0°30′, Courtney Love 0°48′, Tom Hanks 0°52′, Nikola Tesla 0°52′, O. J. Simpson 1°37′.

Moon conjunct Propus: : High preferment in government matters, and with the public. Natives with this conjunction may be quite abrupt in their approach and even forceful enough to get their ideas across. [5]

Catherine, Princess of Wales 0°00′, Theodore Roosevelt 0°07′, Pablo Neruda 0°27′, Drew Barrymore 0°29′, Liza Minnelli 0°56′ (and Saturn), Augusto Pinochet 1°22′.

Mercury conjunct Propus: The native has a keen mentality, somewhat of a superficial nature, but one who will appear to be anxious for domestic harmony, Negative nativities may resort to self destruction and be subject to violence. [5]

Arnold Schwarzenegger 0°10′, Steve Forbes 1°06′, James VI and I 1°30′.

Venus conjunct Propus: Psychic preferment indicated; however these natives may be subjected to unwarranted criticism; what obstacles might be placed in the natives way; the native will have the ‘power to overcome’, the native may develop their nature to harbor deep resentment, often unwarranted and not really surfaced, but this could lead to serious problems, even disaster. There may be the possibility of  domestic problems, not necessarily created by the native. [5]

This is the glutton – a total craving for everything that makes these natives feel secure. They gorge themselves on food and especially heavy and sweet liqueurs. It is a feast and orgy with these natives as they proceed to overindulge in sex, possessions and all the things that money can buy, even luring others into their vulgar state. They usually end up with severe clogging of the liver, kidneys, and stomach. They just cannot seem to get control of themselves and are literally killing themselves from the time they are born. [4]

Bonnie Parker 0°20′ (and POF), George H. W. Bush 0°26′, Judy Garland 1°08′, Alan Leo 1°20′.

Mars conjunct Propus: These natives make every effort to be liked, they want to be accepted, they do have a love of ease and luxury. [5]

There are heat flare-ups of the tissues at this point that tend to become feverish and irritated, thus making it uncomfortable for these persons to eat solid foods. Cold foods would be best with this energy point, and relief could be obtained by drinking cooler herb teas, such as peppermint and spearmint. [4]

RuPaul 0°11′, Marie Antoinette 0°55′, Alexander the Great 1°03′, Megan Rapinoe 1°20′, Noor Inayat Khan 1°34′ (and POF).

Jupiter conjunct Propus: Preferment in legal, government and matters dealing with the public. This is a success conjunction, with a well aspected Jupiter, if the native can stand success. [5]

Marshall Applewhite 0°29′ (and Pluto), Margot Robbie 0°40′, Jim Jones 1°03′ (and Pluto), Nostradamus 1°05′ (DD), Benito Mussolini 1°13′, Bruce Willis 1°33′.

Saturn conjunct Propus: This is stressful for the digestive system as these persons would encounter spasms at the top of the stomach, which brings the tissues tightly together and closes them off. This can bring pains up through the chest and to the throat along with digestive problems. It would be best for these individuals to eat soft, liquid-type food that is hot, never cold. Cold foods would bring on the spasms that cause the trouble in the first place. [4]

Liza Minnelli 0°11′ (and Moon), Leonardo DiCaprio 0°11′, Angelina Jolie 1°13′, Sarah Paulson 1°39′ (and POF).

Uranus conjunct Propus: This causes cramping of the muscles in the stomach area along with spasms. These natives continually buy antacids in the hope of curing the problem, but the problem continues. Drinking fruit juices, especially orange juice would help the disorder. [4]

Vladimir Putin 0°05′, Nicholas Culpeper 0°43′, Michael Moore 1°00′.

Saturn conjunct Uranus conjunct Propus: With the conjunction at this point, it is almost impossible for these persons to digest food. Ultimately, a tube would have to be placed at the opening of the stomach in order to keep it open. [5]

Neptune conjunct Propus: Josef Mengele 1°06′.

Pluto conjunct Propus: Clint Eastwood 0°10′, Imelda Marcos 0°16′, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 0°24′, Anton LaVey 0°31′, Rolf Harris 0°32′, Andy Warhol 0°33′, Anne Frank 0°46′, Rupert Murdoch 0°47′, Martin Luther King 0°49′, Jim Jones 1°02′ (and Jupiter), Marshall Applewhite 1°05′ (and Jupiter), James Dean 1°13′, Audrey Hepburn 1°31′.

North Node conjunct Propus: Bob Marley 0°08′, Marquis de Sade 0°16′, Whitney Houston 0°32′, Marilyn Monroe 1°01′.

South Node conjunct Propus: M. C. Escher 0°14′, Michael Moore 0°42′, Holly Parker 1°12′, Julius Evola 1°17′. 


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

5 thoughts on “Fixed Star Propus

  1. This one is interesting!! Descriptions sound so Gemini : on the one hand “Of the nature of Mercury and Venus. It gives strength, eminence and success. [2]” but on the other hand “Constellation Gemini is said to cause trouble and disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction and danger to the knees. [1]”

    I have Venus natally at 19.12 so moving my Venus forward to catch up with the stars positions for 2000 it would then be at 19.28, so this fix star would stil be very veryy close to my Venus (0.27) and then Wasat at 0.97 and Castor at 0.86 ! Three fix starts near a planet … ummm….not sure whether t’s so good taking into account that you once told me that my Venus plays a big role on my chart and on top of that it’s natally square my Pluto!…sounds like a very hot point in the chart …

    out of curiosity how strong are these three fix starts?

    • Always take the interpretation of the fixed star over that of the constellation. Castor is by far the strongest so if the orbs are similar it will dominate.

      • Thanks Jamie for clarifications. I feel identify with the second description (5) as for the (1) it may be true that my life is peculiar and I have many extreme ups and downs (more recently than ever) as for the last part “unfavourable for marriage” ….that sounds bad …would the square of pluto make this impossible? should I understand this on a personal or a business manner? Thanks!

        • I have my DC here Meli and am about to embark on my 4th marriage. It depends how you look at things. I could have had one successful marriage, meaning successful by lasting a life time. but it would have been between two very unhappy people. I see it that i have had 3 happy and rewarding marriages so far. They simply did not last for ever. Plus I have Venus opposite Saturn so don’t worry about what you have. Venus square Pluto will give some intense jealousy but that can be worked through and some people don’t mind at all. YOu may find a partner who like being obsessed over. Just as you may enjoy a partner being jealous. Role playing is important with hard Pluto aspect in relationships. Anything from silk scarves to handcuffs will do the trick.

  2. Any thoughts on how this star might be activated/play out by a natal conjunction of Chiron(17’34) / DC(18’43) / Jupiter (19’05)
    Other than the fact that I am a multi-media artist, poet, tarot reader *and* astrologer, lol

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