Fixed Star Tejat Posterior

Tejat Posterior at 05°18′ Cancer has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Tejat Prior

Gemini Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Tejat Posterior on June 26

Fixed star Tejat Posterior, Mu Geminorum, is a single star located in the left foot of the northern Twin in Gemini Constellation. Average magnitude of about 2.9 (varies from 2.75 to 3.02), spectral type M3III.

Mu Geminorum is officially named Tejat, traditionally Tejat Posterior, from an old southern Arabic word of unknown meaning, tiḥyāt. The names Calx (Latin, meaning ‘heel’), Pish Pai (from the Persian پیش‌پای (‘pīshpāy’, meaning ‘foreleg’), and Nuhatai (from Arabic ‘Al Nuḥātai’, the dual form of ‘Al Nuḥāt’, ‘a Camel’s Hump’) have also been applied to Mu Geminorum.

20002050Fixed StarOrb
03♋2604♋08Tejat Prior1°40′
05♋1806♋00Tejat Posterior2°00′

Tejat Posterior Astrology

Fixed star Tejat Posterior has the spectral class M3, indicating a planetary nature of Saturn.

DIRAH. μ Geminorum. A double star, crocus yellow and blue, in the left foor of the Northern Twin. From Al Dirah, the Seed or Branch. Symbolically called the Abused or Beaten One. Of the nature of Mercury and Venus. It gives force, energy, power and protection. [1]

NUHAITI. μ Geminorum. A double star, yellow and blue, in the left foot of the northern twin. Spectral color A8n. The star gives the native energy, orderliness, a quick mind, elegance, protection, honors, riches. [5]

Tejat Prior, η Gemorium, has a hybrid Arabic-Latin name meaning the Underneath Front (star). Within two degrees of it on Castor’s foot is Tejat Posterior, μ Gemorium, the Underneath Rear star, naturally. Bye the bye, Tahat is a better pronunciation. Posterior also goes by the names Dirah and Nuhaiai. Both Tejats are Mercury-Venus stars by Ptolemy: thus again, we find that quality which we saw in Alhena, the ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win because of their manifest intelligence. Some commentators have, as usual when they mention almost any star, drawn attention to the capacity found in these three to capitalize on the popularity one may gain from the ease of the ‘public appeal’ quality latent in them, and to use it for unscrupulous ends. But this is doubtful if there is any advantage at all in human affairs which may not be abused, if one is so minded, so why single out this one for special condemnation?! All three stars, the two Tejats and Alhena, fill the first 10°, or Decan, of the Cardinal Sign Cancer, into which they entered in 1349, 1621 and 1755 A.D. respectively. Each of these dates, within a year or two, was significant in the rise of European thought and literature from the Renaissance onwards. [3]

Tejat Posterior rules the center of the chest. [4]

Constellation Gemini

Gemini is said to cause trouble and disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction and danger to the knees. [1]

Astrologers assigned to this constellation guardianship over human hands, arms, and shoulders; while Albumasar held that it portended intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality. Considered the House of Mercury and a fortunate sign. Chinese astrologers asserted that if this constellation were invaded by Mars, war and a poor harvest would ensue. [2]

Mu Geminorum, Tejat Posterior

Mu Geminorum, Tejat Posterior []

Fixed Star Tejat Posterior Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Tejat Posterior: Mary Shelley 0°02′, Adele 0°22′, Marie Antoinette 1°02′.

Midheaven conjunct Tejat Posterior: Elizabeth Montgomery 0°11′, Bill Clinton 1°25′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°33′.

Descendant conjunct Tejat Posterior: Jim Jones 0°01′, Malcolm X 0°40′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Tejat Posterior: Walt Whitman 1°03′, Jon Voight 1°07′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Tejat Posterior: Bill Maher 0°20′, Adolf Hitler 1°14′, Mark Twain 1°19′.

Sun conjunct Tejat Posterior: Preferment in sports, astrology, politics, military and government matters. Natives with this conjunction can gain wide popularity, have the ability to make favorable impressions upon those they come in contact with and the public, if engaged in public affairs. [5]

Ariana Grande 0°12′, Elon Musk 0°59′, Khloé Kardashian 1°38′.

Moon conjunct Tejat Posterior: These natives can develop their celestial abilities and become successful, gain public preferment in writings and government matters. [5]

Prince William 0°04′, Sean Penn 0°58′, Sidney Gottlieb 1°15′ (and Jupiter), Jimmy Page 1°19′.

Mercury conjunct Tejat Posterior: The native can be very popular, have a quick mind, meet with some success in matters dealing with public affairs. [5]

Holly Parker 0°05′, Tom Hanks 1°05′, Princess Diana of Wales 1°33′.

Venus conjunct Tejat Posterior: The native is very practical in their approaches to their affairs, be it business or domestic matters. These natives are interested in material matters. [5]

This enhances the materialistic values in the home and gives domestic security. These individuals are very giving of their material possessions as they intuitively know they will always have plenty. They are generous and loving with their family and other human beings. [4]

Clarence Thomas 1°21′, Helen Keller 1°27′.

Mars conjunct Tejat Posterior: The native is endowed with indomitable force and energy to carry them through difficult times, they can expect domestic problems, not necessarily of their doings. Violent actions either physical or verbal. [5]

Sid Vicious 0°52′, Chris Brown 1°08′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1°34′.

Jupiter conjunct Tejat Posterior: Preferment in matters connected with the public, but generally not of a lasting nature. These natives seek the limelight. [5]

Sidney Gottlieb 0°26′ (and Moon), Emma Watson 0°35′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°16′, Ed Gein 1°18′, Kristen Stewart 1°23′.

Saturn conjunct Tejat Posterior: This planet causes delays for these persons in finding security in the home. They are usually raised by selfish parents who lack the nurturing element that is necessary for the child. It is not that the parents lack the resources to supply the child with what it needs, it is simply that the parents wish to express their selfishness. The child may receive the basic necessities, but more often than not, the deprivation is worse. As the child matures, it begins to feel worthless, and as an adult, they would feel deprived and irritated with their childhood. The tendency would be to dwell on the injustices of their parents and thereby reflect on that part of their life often. This can affect these persons physically through stomach problems. Food would not digest properly in the stomach causing a breakdown of the tissues there. [4]

Bob Marley 0°00′

Uranus conjunct Tejat Posterior: Caitlyn Jenner 0°17′, Benjamin Netanyahu 0°22′, Pablo Escobar 0°39′, Jeff Bridges 0°48′, David Duke 0°50′, Michael Richards 1°59′.

Neptune conjunct Tejat Posterior: Salvador Dali 0°03′, Jeane Dixon 0°19′.

Pluto conjunct Tejat Posterior: Kirk Douglas 0°27′, John F. Kennedy 0°52′, Augusto Pinochet 1°17′.

North Node conjunct Tejat Posterior: Nigel Farage 0°51′, Lorraine Warren 1°03′, Vera Atkins 1°06′, Jawaharlal Nehru 1°16′.

South Node conjunct Tejat Posterior: Dave Chappelle 0°08′, Jamison Twins 0°45′, Monica Lewinsky 1°31′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

5 thoughts on “Fixed Star Tejat Posterior

  1. Hello Jamie, what is your take on the natal sun conjunct this fixed star? Thanks for your input!

  2. I also have this star conjunct my natal sun, in the 12th house. If it symbolizes abused or beaten one, I imagine that in my natal chart, it is to cast light (sun) on the wounds that are hidden subconsciously, ones I need to face and overcome. Possibly to help others as well. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    • Hi Tracey, my sun is located in the 6th house on this star. It squares my Aries Saturn in the 4th and the description provided of the star and Saturn by Jamie above resonates with me. As does ‘abused and beaten’ to some degree.
      I have battled one form of health issue or another much of my life. Nothing life threatening, but always enough to make life miserable (e,g, asthma, allergies, immune system/nervous system issues, etc). The stomach is problematic and good organic, non inflammatory food and exercise imperative. I was a chronic workaholic until almost 50 but have been learning to take it easier since then.
      An aneretic Chiron in Pisces straddles my IC squaring my sun. I have been searching for the gifts in the wound (to offer to others) for what seems like forever, and with varying success. My sun is sextile my conjuncted north node and part of fortune… and so I keep the faith.
      Astrology helps the self development process. I think our natal chart tells the whole story. Opening ourselves to understanding the story it becomes clearer bit by bit. Sometimes when I hear specific truths important to me, I see it in my minds eye in the form of a picture of a planet, house, asteroid, fixed star connection within my natal chart.

  3. Jamie,

    I am trying to look into my partner’s strange stomach problems. The only stars that I see with stomach issues prominent in his chart are Jupiter and the Earth.

    Jupiter at 2*00″ Cancer – slightly out of orb with Tejat Posterior
    Earth at 3*13″ Libra – within orb of Zaniah

    Currious about:
    “Saturn conjunct Tejat Posterior: …This can affect these persons physically through stomach problems. Food would not digest properly in the stomach causing a breakdown of the tissues there.”

    Do you think a harshly aspected Jupiter (Jupiter square Sun) could develop these same problems, even though it is slightly out of orb? The abuse part isn’t very accurate.


    Earth (which would also be squaring Jupiter) conjunct Zaniah:
    “Mars conjunct Zaniah: …This causes difficulty with the lining of the small intestine.”

    Do you think these conjunctions to both of these stars could be the indicator of the stomach issues?

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