Jupiter Retrograde

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Jupiter Retrograde 2019Jupiter retrograde natal suggests there was a problem in achieving goodness of the soul in an earlier life. This certainly does not mean you have a bad soul, but that there will be some lessons or extra effort required this life to achieve goodness of the soul, to be genuinely happy and content.

Jupiter retrograde shows the areas of life, or the personality traits and behaviors, which specifically need extra development. The optimum Jupiter nature is broad-minded, happy, comfortable and content. A healthy Jupiter is continually growing and expanding in philosophical and spiritual outlook. The aim is to be charitable, generous, friendly and welcoming to all people, regardless of social status, religion, cultural or ethnic background.

Natal Jupiter retrograde could show as greed, selfishness, gluttony, extravagance, wastefulness or self-righteousness. Addiction, intolerance, bigotry, ignorance or showing off might be holding you back. Whatever is stunting your personal and spiritual growth is what Jupiter retrograde focuses on. This could well have been an ongoing problem hindering success over many incarnations. Events or relationships will keep reinforcing the problem area this life, especially during Jupiter retrograde phases.

Jupiter retrograde transit is a regular cycle occurring every 13 months and lasting for about 4 months. Transiting Jupiter retrograde is a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. You could have to deal with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness and success.

Jupiter retrograde means that whatever area of growth you need to work on is so important, extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything in order before you continue. You may be tested to make sure you are ready to receive the good fortune, new romance, or increased wealth you seek.

Perhaps a destructive behavior like greed or addiction is out of control. In this case, Jupiter retrograde will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur to shake you out of your complacency or ignorance.

Once Jupiter stations direct you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be ready to leap ahead toward success and happiness.

Jupiter Retrograde Dates

  • 2018, March 8 to July 10 – 23° to 13° Scorpio
  • 2019, April 10 to August 11 – 24° to 14° Sagittarius
  • 2020, May 14 to September 12 – 27° to 17° Capricorn

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  1. Thank you, Jamie. This is so very complicated, and somewhere embarrassed by my own ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ thoughts, and my ‘I dare not move, nor even breathe’ inhibitions. But this is all generational, isn’t it? Lots of us a having this transit. Should one just get on with living as decently as one can, and leave whatever else is there to fate?

  2. Hello Jamie just curious what will Jupiter bring me in this year of 2017?? can you also tell me what will be the most favorable time for me to year???
    Sharevia Lovett
    4/29/1989 at 22:19 Atlanta GA USA

  3. Hi Jamie, this retrograde station has been forming a grand trine transit in my chart as I have Sun at 24 Pisces and ascendant at 24 Cancer (also mars at 23 cancer) . Wondering what this grand trine transit means? I feel it’s significant. Things have been going great lately, hoping it lasts. Thanks

  4. Hi Jamie, very informative read 🙂 I just feel prompted to offer with regards to my life seemingly powered by a love of through from philosophy or the questioning to find uncover self, that the worlds preoccupation with being harsh or cruel to be kind or just cut it off/out, beat your self into being ship shape, you’re in the army now soldier attitude, is actually quite damaging to the self, especially those not born equipped to be warriors/soldiers, & even moreso to the more creative & sensitives among us. We are quite resilient to change so long as we work with it little by little, big sudden change causes shock & trauma, especially to the brain & nervous system, which is why folk often get a bad headache or feel quite sick because of the reaction by the nervous system’s affect on the heart. Detox is most definitely necessary at times, physically & soulfully, but it has far less ill affect on both mind & body if you graduate day by day down to what is needed. Detoxiification when we just stop/cut off what has been & needs to change, may seem to work at first or for a while and I know there are many experts out there who will disagree with what Im offering, it will however rebound with ill affects in longer term, which I offered from hard yet well learned experience of my own. So I encourage as you have said to detox, carefully or full of care, be kind to yourself, give yourself a “libra/fair go” encourage your body and soul into detox, because it will also work easier & more efficiently if you are at ease with it and actually caring about how you feel, both emotionally & physically, serving far better ones aim. (Sun in 9th house Cancer, Jupiter rx conjunct descendant as apex to a yod with Pluto in Virgo 10th (opposite Chiron in Pisces) & Mercury in Cancer 9th and alot more which I wont bore you with.

  5. Hi Jamie, what does it mean when Jupiter becomes stationary retrograde exactly while being in a sextile to the natal moon?

  6. The quincunx often results as one of the involved planets giving way to the other, very difficult for Gemini and Scorpio to compromise. Seeing as how there’s a grand trine there (Jupiter has an expansive influence and the Sun is bright enough to stretch the orb up to 10 degrees), I’d say Moon in Gemini at 14 degrees will be overpowered by Jupiter in 13 Scorpio. Deep spiritual truths will triumph over superficial fake news?

  7. This description has always intrigued me, particularly the part about not achieving goodness of the soul in a previous life.
    Jamie, could natal jupiter retrograde indicate excessive preoccupation with religion or spiritual matters?
    My Mum (natal Jupiter retro) only ever reads spiritual books and only goes on spiritual holiday retreats. This, as well as, regular meditating.

  8. Jupiter transiting my 5th house. On 22 degree in sagittarius i have vertex point. My moon and Mars are in 24 degree taurus. Jupiter makes sextile with my uranus/ruler of 7/ 17degree in libra and trine mercury 15 degree arues.
    Till now nothing with to find love. Many years ago when jupiter starts transiting my 5th house i found a big love.
    But now. . 🙁 I waiting it again. .

  9. I really want to know and understand the reason why i have being subject of struggles for so long. And the one that aches me most in my heart now is my love life. I have being in a relationship for 5 years, we both agreed to get married but only for an issue to come up last December 15th. And ever since then the love is almost lost, she continue telling me she don’t have feelings for me any more and don’t want me in her life again. But the big deal is i can’t just get my mind of her, i feel like the whole world is ending witbout her. My life feel unsafe and i just don’t concentrate anymore with anything i do. Please i need help and solution on how to win her back to my life.

    • Hey buddy, first thing first , go to therapy please. Depression can be dangerous and if you want to spiritually continue your journey into your love life , you have to take care about your health too . In my opinion it’s often not a good thing to try and win over an ex. But if you want to try anyway you have to reflect about what went wrong and how can you both work on that . You can read some books about relationships, they can be useful . Stay strong .

    • If you like astrology check your north node first and the house and sign it is in: it might indicate where you might meet important obstacles in life. Also check your Saturn, the house and sign it is in and the house of the sign of capricorn in your chart. It could be that you struggle because there is a lesson you need to learn here. If you feel so let down you might need to consider that you are the one provoking this feeling in you, not other people. It’s ok to have some sadness when people stop loving us but normally we should get over it because only us are responsible of our happiness and how we feel. You have to be your best partner in life. Relationships are only an addition to life. You are supposed to find life interesting on your own, and if for you that requires being social, well it’s up to you to go where people are social and want to be with you, but only up to that point where they want to be with you. If you meet rejections
      you have to go somewhere else. You will eventually find people that are made to be with you, friends or better, or you might have natal aspects that indicate this will be always a struggle for you because you need to try something else entirely, like need to appreciate independance, roaming in the free world in a detached way.

      • That’s very good advice Lovelorn.
        My experience has been. ; trying to rehash former relationships will meet most likely with failure.The good things that brought you together again will be replaced at some point by the things that caused you to part the 1st round.
        There’s a recycling that occurs , ( like a broken record. )
        A N.node Jupiter or Venus in synestry in and of itself would tend to be auspicious.
        Of course you would have to look at other aspects.It would also be good to add in some of the asteroids like Juno and Ceres…and I’ve found on Jamie’s site A lot of symbolism with the fixed stars that add color to a chart.( Great stuff Jamie .!)
        From my generation I have met several women from the year 1958 that have their N.node with Jupiter conjunct my Venus /Neptune /moon.These people always have an uplifting effect on me.These are some of the things you could look at for a possible happy relationship.( Jupiter is optimism ! ) 😄👍♍

        • what a dumb comment of yours since there are far more matching synatries combinations than this one youve mentioned hahaha

          • There are all sorts of ways people interact Suzie.A female Venus on a male mars or a good aspect to for example.
            If you paid attention I said : ” These are ‘SOME ‘of the things you ‘COULD ‘ look for .My mothers ‘ Venus ‘ fell on my father’s N.node.My father’s mars fell on my mothers N.node .Neither knew anything about astrology and they spent almost 50 years together.Don’t take things out of context for just the purpose of being rude. 😄

  10. NASA passing along Jupiter photos today, that, if you look at the (Earth) astrology of the date it was taken, you might get the impression our planet had something to do with it. The weird thing to me is that I know exactly what I was doing over these two days… working my a$$ off at a Restaurant shutdown maintenance project. So, if I am performing herculean maintenance on a finite schedule… makes me wonder if That is what we experience when planets are gifted with hard aspects.


    Date of Photo sequence, January 11/12, or January 12, Midnight, 2017
    Location: Mauna Kea observation telescope, Hawaii

    Sun 22°Cap23′
    Jupiter 22Lib11′
    Moon 21Can31

    Uranus 20Ari39
    Eris 22Ari32

    • Perhaps NASA released those photos, because when Jupiter retrogrades, the Earth’s Lunar nodes and the Sun come into contact with the Jan 11/12, 2017 Cardinal Grand Square. Will we see another deep atmospheric intrusion of Solar wind here, on Jupiter, or somewhere else?

      • We shouldnt forget either, that the Galactic Centre axis is activated with Moon/Juno at 25°Gemini, and Jupiter at 24Sagittarius2,. Mercury 23°Pisces to complete a t-square. There is a curious configuration with this Jupiter Rx, that comes to light with the Jan 11/12 2017 observations/astrology.

      • April 10, 2019
        Largest Dust Storm on Mars Ever Recorded


        Indeed, the climate on Mars is as remarkable as that on Jupiter, occurring at the same time. So what gives?

        Here is a quote from LunarPlanner, from an article called Gravity Wave Scanning

        “… alignments of outer planets create strong long-standing resonances in the orbits of the inner planets (and on Earth) regardless of the aspects of the inner planets, because the relatively small orbits of the inner planets are engulfed in the resonances created by the much slower moving distant outer planets. The aspects created by the movement of the inner planets then act as triggers within the longer duration alignments.”

    • Jupiter opposite Juno is the correct aspect, but the astrological definition of Jupiter conj Juno is right, ‘the long term consort who shares similar values’.

      I would expect with a Jupiter-Juno opposition, the next 4 months will be a peroid when long term consorts have their values tested, or their love, as the case may be.

      The Juno-Moon conjunction, as Jamie explains, aids in transcedence, especially when the egregious ego is tamed. I have this aspect in my natal chart. But more importantly, the USA Progressed Sibley chart, last August 2, 2018, shows Juno and Moon conjunct at the Winter Solstice Point, 0°Cap12′

      • “I would expect with a Jupiter-Juno opposition, the next 4 months will be a peroid when long term consorts have their values tested, or their love, as the case may be.”

        Astronomers have noticed the Jupiter Great Red Spot unfurling, and are using Jupiter-Juno opposition astrological language to describe the disassembly.

        Skyandtelescope May 22

        “Planetary observing forums are abuzz this week with talk of interesting happenings on the gas giant. The planet is already known to be in the midst of a rare Equatorial Zone (EZ) clearing event, as the normally white EZ has changed color to a brownish tan. Now, the Great Red Spot (GRS) is competing for attention, thanks to an unusual interaction with its neighboring South Equatorial Belt (SEB).”

  11. My Jupiter is Retrograded in Taurus in the 7th House (goodie….). It’s got an opposition to the moon (good explanation there, really does feel like me quite a bit when I look back at it), Trines Mercury and a highlited Trine with Lilith.

  12. Jupiter, Age of Aquarius chart, Jan 12, 1996. 11th house

    Jupiter moves direct August 11

    Relates to Hopes and goals, opportunity through social network, clubs, organizations and peer groups. If you need something ask this network.

  13. Does any one know what Juno – Retrograde – means. My Juno is retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio.

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