Sun Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit

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Sun Trine Jupiter TransitSun trine Jupiter natal makes you lucky, generous, exuberant, enthusiastic, happy and larger than life. You are a genuinely good person and should enjoy harmonious relationships with everyone. Even though you are always happy with what you have you will probably be very comfortable and have more than you need. You could be very wealthy if you want.

You may think you are on a spiritual mission and you would make an inspiring teacher or guru. On the other hand, you may have a tendency toward excess and love to indulge. You can also be too generous for your own good sometimes but you generally get away with taking risks, showing off and embarrassing yourself. People simply like you and will often offer you help and always be forgiving.

Sometimes this most fortunate of aspects can make your life so easy that you become passive and don’t learn how to struggle and fight for things. Without other challenging aspects in your chart, you could become lazy and feel helpless in times of hardship.

Sun Trine Jupiter Transit

Sun trine Jupiter transit is about the best of all solar transits. You should be feeling on top of the world and enjoy warm and friendly relationships with everyone. You should use your high spirits, enthusiasm, and self-confidence to make the most of the good fortune associated with this transit. There may be a tendency to sit back and enjoy the happy vibe, but in doing so, you could miss cashing in on any big opportunities for growth.

Opportunities can come in the form of personal, spiritual and material growth. Financial gains are possible, which will increase your overall net worth, and level of satisfaction and contentment. Personal and spiritual growth can come through studies and travel, anything for broadening your outlook on life.

This interpretation for Sun trine Jupiter transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon trine Jupiter.

Sun Trine Jupiter Celebrities

Fisher Ames 0°01′, Oliver Baldwin 0°02′, Candy Barr 0°03′, Upton Sinclair 0°06, WhatsApp 0°12′, Nico 0°14′, Linda Evans 0°18′, Paul Claudel 0°19′, Duke William of Cambridge 0°22′, Gustave Flaubert 0°25′, Tucker Carlson 0°31′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°32′, James Degorski 0°35′, Spiro Agnew 0°36′, Derek Jarman 0°40′, King James II 0°42′, Henri Matisse 0°46′, Martha Raye 0°46′, Glenn Close 0°49′, Wes Craven 0°55′, Edward Higgins White 0°57′, Karl Marx 0°59′, Martin Scorsese 1°00′, Melissa Etheridge 1°01′, Billy Graham 1°09′, Gerard Manley Hopkins 1°10′, O. J. Simpson 1°10′, Sean Penn 1°10′, Heidi Klum 1°21′, Evil Knievel 1°28′, Queen Mary I of England 1°28′, Keith Richards 1°38′, Justin Timberlake 1°45′, Paul Simon 1°51′, James Holmes 1°53′, Orlando Bloom 1°54′, Sid Vicious 2°08′, Peter Sellers 2°19′, Joe Biden 2°25′.

Sun Trine Jupiter Dates

April 14, 2019
August 7, 2019
May 17, 2020
September 9, 2020
June 23, 2021
October 15, 2021
July 31, 2022
November 20, 2022
September 8, 2023
December 27, 2023
October 13, 2024
January 30, 2025

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  1. My birthday is August 2nd 1995 2:31am (new to astrology). I have sun trine Jupiter in chart. Last month, I found a four-leaf (so far, nothing major good happened yet) How do I increase my [Good] luck? Thank you!

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