Mars Sextile Uranus Natal and Transit

Mars Sextile Uranus TransitMars sextile Uranus natal makes you the adventurous type that inspires other people through your actions. You seek excitement and you also attract a lot of activity around you. Although strongly independent with a fighting spirit, it is possible for you to work well in groups and take the lead.

Risk-taking is a strong point of yours and you should always trust in your instincts. You will win and succeed by following your gut instincts and not overthinking things. In fact, you may need to live life on the edge to satisfy your strong desire for excitement.

Your high energy levels and spontaneity may unnerve people around you. You are also very independent and need a certain amount of freedom in relationships and in your career. Even though the sextile is a helpful aspect, it is expressive and energetic like these two planets so you may have to deal with some tension in your relationships.

You are not shy about expressing your own unique style either. This eccentric or kinky appearance or behavior will attract similar people but will also make you some enemies. Just by being yourself, you can unintentionally cause irritation in others.

This is a helpful aspect overall and this can be seen by the amazing life you lead and the positive impression you make on others. You are the one that gets things moving, you have the initiative, motivation, and inspiration to start bold new projects.

People can count on you to liven up a party with your mere presence. When people meet celebrities with Mars sextile Uranus they will often mention their presence or aura that fills the room.

Then there is your electric magnetism which is so physically, sexually, and intellectually attractive. Once attracted you entertain and excite them beyond their wildest fantasies. No wonder there are so many sex symbols with this aspect.

Mars Sextile Uranus Transit

Mars sextile Uranus transit increases your desire for fun and excitement. This is the perfect time to make changes in your life because they will happen quickly and fairly smoothly.

The extra initiative, inspiration, and motivation are ideal for making a start on difficult tasks or things you have put off. You may not finish them now but you can get the ball rolling. Often getting started is the hardest step so do take advantage of this impulsive energy.

Relationships can also benefit in a similar fashion. You have the daring and sex appeal to make the first move with someone you have desires for. You will attract people who are somehow different. They may be from a different race or culture or be eccentric or stunning. Above all, they will be sexually stimulating and spice up your life.

Experimentation and kinkiness in the bedroom can reinvigorate an existing romance. If you have experienced relationship problems and you value that relationship then take this opportunity. You may even find that your partner has a surprise in store for you.

On the other hand, this is also a good time to break away from relationships that you feel limit your self-expression or freedom. This also applies to jobs or other things holding you back from success and happiness. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Fortune favors the brave.

Mars Sextile Uranus Celebrities

Agatha Christie 0°01′, Jerry Lewis 0°04′, Julia Gillard 0°11′, Stephen Paddock 0°11′, Bill Tierney 0°12′, Ella Fitzgerald 0°12′, Bertrand Russell 0°13′, Prince Alexander John of Wales 0°17′, Stu Sutcliffe 0°21′, Orson Welles 0°24′, Neil Armstrong 0°25′, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita 0°26′, Pete Townsend 0°27′, Angus Young 0°28′, William Cowper 0°31′, Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor 0°32′, Paul McCartney 0°42, David Hunter Strother 0°52′, Ian Brady 0°53′, Paul Feval 0°59′, Timmothy Leary 1°03′, Jules Verne 1°06′, Gérard Encausse 1°08′, Cary Grant 1°09′, Danielle Egnew 1°16′, Benjamin Disraeli 1°16′, Marlon Brando 1°17′, Edward IV of England 1°18′, Winston Churchill 1°19′, Nina Hartley 1°22′, Juan Carlos I 1°23′, Marcel Marceau 1°38′, Christian Dior 1°43′.

Mars Sextile Uranus Dates

May 4, 2022
April 29, 2023
April 19, 2024
October 25, 2024
January 23, 2025
April 4, 2025
April 8, 2026
October 7, 2026
March 28, 2028
September 27, 2028
March 19, 2023
September 20, 2030

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  1. The semi-sextile works with this interpretation too? I’ve one(obviously) myself.

  2. “Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Fortune favors the brave.”

    Is this the aspect Nims, transit, telescopic;
    Perched on an Everest ledge, historic, iconic?

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