2024 Horoscope

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Click on your star sign below to read your 2024 horoscope. Each star sign is divided into three Decans for a more accurate and personal touch.

2024 Horoscope Decans

If you are unsure which decan to read, make your free horoscope. You can also find the decans for your rising sign (Ascendant) and Moon sign. These horoscopes are written for your Sun sign. But the rising sign applies more to your relationships, and the Moon sign applies more to your emotions, home, and family life.

  • Decan 1 – 00°00′ to 09°59′
  • Decan 2 – 10°00′ to 19°59′
  • Decan 3 – 20°00′ to 29°59′

Your 2024 horoscope is based on planetary transits and moon phases to your decan. This method is more accurate and authentic than houses, zones, or sectors.

2024 Astrology

The planetary aspects listed below are for New York time.

6 thoughts on “2024 Horoscope

  1. In April 2024 there is a Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries. My husband has his Sun and Moon at 19 Aries.
    What would that signify for him left year? It is in his 11th house.

  2. Jamie.
    Uranus! Aquarian 3.What will happen 22jan-24 when Pluto reach Aquarius?Natal Pluto in Leo?
    Can I really cope with years to come?Too ,too much really for years already with Saturn.

  3. Remember when Saturn left Aquarius.What a relief.The heaviness disappeared.The work I did during that period was way compared.Now Pluto and Uranus..
    Well,I am strong so I have to cope.
    Merry Christmas, Jamie!
    If you have time look at Ireland.
    The Hate Speech Bill and all immigrants .

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