Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 – Christ Consciousness

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Astrology

The new moon in Aries on April 8, 2024, is a total solar eclipse. It aligns exactly with Chiron, which makes the meaning of the solar eclipse in April 2024 astrology wounding and healing.

The April 2024 solar eclipse is positively linked to Jupiter. So Chiron should manifest more as healing than wounding and promote a spiritual awakening, or Christ Consciousness.

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Meaning

The strongest aspect in astrology is the Sun conjunct Moon. It occurs every 28 days as a new moon when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. A solar eclipse is like a regular new moon but is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. The April 2024 solar eclipse is the most powerful type, a total solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse represents cyclic renewal and gives a refreshing burst of energy and initiative. But it also brings emotional balance, not irrationally emotional, and not too cold and calculating. It means all possibilities are on the table, and you can rightly put yourself at the forefront of new plans for the future.

While a new moon lasts for four weeks, the effects of a solar eclipse last nearly six months up to the next solar eclipse. So, the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, is excellent for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs while searching for new and inventive ways to progress.

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Astrology

The New Moon on Monday, April 8, 2024, is at 19°24′ Aries. The solar eclipse has two significant aspects: the semisextile to Jupiter and the conjunction to Chiron. No major fixed stars align with this eclipse.

New Moon April 2024 Astrology

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Astrology [Solar Fire]

Jupiter Growth

New Moon semisextile Jupiter makes this a positive moon phase and gives new goals or projects a good chance of success. This consciousness-expanding aspect promotes a positive attitude and philosophical outlook that encourages learning, growth and a willingness to do good.

You may become more generous, accepting, charitable, optimistic, and friendly. Problems between people should be easier to resolve. Restrictions and barriers to progress can be more easily removed, leading to greater personal freedom. Positive developments related to travel, religion, immigration, politics, and the law are possible.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus climaxing on April 20 brings exciting surprises and sudden opportunities. Although it can cause unpleasant shocks and rebelliousness, the semisextile to the Sun and Moon makes this a positive influence on the solar eclipse.

Greater flexibility and open-mindedness can lead to creative breakthroughs and solutions to old problems. A sudden financial windfall, promotion, or romance is possible. But the most significant impact of this conjunction should be increased self-awareness and enlightenment through the expansion of consciousness. Amazing revelations are also likely.

Chiron Healing

Chiron is a small Solar System body orbiting between Saturn and Uranus. It conjuncts the Sun and Moon by 0°00′18″, making this total solar eclipse a rare and powerful expression of Chiron energy. Astrologically, Chiron is associated with teaching, wisdom, justice, healing, medicine, astrology and divination.

However, Chiron is probably most associated with wounding. In Greek mythology, Chiron was wounded at the end of his life. He was struck in the thigh by a poisoned arrow. He was in extreme pain and could not heal himself with his herbs, so he sacrificed his immortality. So, Chiron’s wound is not self-inflicted but dealt unfairly by fate. According to Liz Greene:

we have a legacy of unfairly inflicted pain which produces repercussions through the generations. Physical and psychological damage whose causes lie, not in any individual or even parental failing, but in genetic inheritance, or collective disasters such as the Holocaust… belong to the realm of Chiron. [1]

The current collective disaster in Palestine belongs to the realm of Chiron. Thankfully, the solar eclipse and Chiron semisextile Jupiter suggest more healing than wounding.

Christ Consciousness

In Christian Astrology, Chiron represents Christ. The solar eclipse precisely aligned with Chiron could mean the return of Christ or that we have the opportunity to achieve Christ Consciousness. Edgar Cayce used this term to describe the awareness of the higher self as part of a universal system.

Christ Consciousness was named after the spiritual elevation Jesus achieved during his mortal life, and is symbolic of the enlightenment attained by spiritual masters after a period of suffering. This is a common concept among many different religious traditions and is not unique to Christianity. As such, Christ Consciousness is available to all those who seek awareness and spiritual awakening, regardless of their personal religious adherence. [2]

Christ Consciousness means being kind, compassionate and patient while freeing yourself of judgment, resentment, and fear. It makes it easy to follow the golden rule of treating others like you would like to be treated.

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Constellation

The solar eclipse in April 2024 is in the Sign of Aries, but as the star map below shows, it is located in the Constellation of Pisces. The Signs and the Constellations do not match up. Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device. The degrees on the ecliptic line in the image below equate to those in the New Moon horoscope. I use the Fixed Star and Constellation like the ancient astrologers, not the Signs and Houses of modern astrology.

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Meaning

Solar Eclipse April 2024 [Stellarium]

The Fishes

Pisces Constellation gives sensitivity, intuition, compassion, understanding, wisdom, idealism and a desire to help others. It encourages you to be honest, just, philosophical, sympathetic, kind, modest, hospitable, considerate and generous. [3]

The eclipse conjunct Chiron in Pisces Constellation could cause indecision, anxiety, worry, pessimism, self-pity, and feelings of being persecuted, misunderstood and unwanted. But the positive aspect to Jupiter makes that less likely.

A Green Comet

12P/Pons–Brooks is a periodic comet with an orbital period of 71 years. Its arrival would not usually cause a stir, but this green comet should be easily visible during the darkening of the solar eclipse in North America, closer to Jupiter, as shown in the image above.

Perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun, is on April 21, 2024, at 22°08′ Taurus. The closest approach to Earth is on June 2, 2024.

Comets cause inordinate heat, pestilence, sterility of the earth, wars and changes in kingdoms, winds, earthquakes and floods, and are assigned to the planets according to their colors. Green corresponds to Mercury, the death of kings, nobles, literary people and youths, and wars. [4]

The appearance of comets heralded disturbances in humans, animals, and the weather… They also often heralded the rise of an agent. This agent could be a war leader but might also be a religious leader, reformer, or great trader. The message is not delivered until the comet makes its closest approach to the Sun (April 21). The message alters trade and political arrangements and forms alliances into new patterns – it creates new connections. [5]

At the solar eclipse, comet 12p/pons-brooks is at 13°58′ Taurus. It aligns with Gamma Trianguli (13°51′ Taurus) and Delta Trianguli (13°56′ Taurus.) Constellation Triangulum The Triangle gives a just, companionable, truthful, righteous and benevolent nature, with an interest in architecture and Freemasonry. [4]

Solar Eclipse April 2024 Summary

The April 8 Solar Eclipse brings positive energy because it is semisextile Jupiter. This link to Jupiter and Uranus expands your mind and heightens your awareness of yourself and your connectedness to everything else. It opens you up to new possibilities.

Exactly conjunct with the solar eclipse, Chiron highlights the deepest wound in your soul. It also shines a bright light on humanity’s deepest wound, currently the tragedy in Palestine. In a positive aspect to Jupiter, Chiron promotes healing and spiritual awakening, or Christ Consciousness.

The influence of the April 8 solar eclipse combines with that of the March 25 lunar eclipse to form an eclipse phase that lasts about six months until the lunar eclipse on September 17, 2024. The lunar eclipse brings love, good fortune, cooperation, and a desire for peace. However, the terms for peace may be unrealistic or suspicious.

The best time for starting new projects is during the two-week waxing moon phase, from April 8 to the April 23 full moon. If the solar eclipse of April 2024 astrology directly affects your Sign, you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, see Sun Transits for more details about how it affects your natal chart.

New Moon April 2024 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – April 8, 2:20 pm
  • New York – April 8, 2:20 pm
  • London – April 8, 7:20 pm
  • Delhi – April 8, 11:50 pm
  • Sydney – April 9, 4:20 am
Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 Map

The Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024, will be visible across North America, starting in Mexico, then the USA and Canada. It will then be partially visible in parts of Northern Europe.

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 Map

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 Map []

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48 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 – Christ Consciousness

    • This solar eclipse happens on the day that Germany faces its charges for failing to prevent genocide at the icj and it conjuncts germanys moon!!! An old wound (chiron) is illuminated again making Germany feel exposed and vulnerable (moon). Hopefully this will lead to a deeper integration of the lesson of the Holocaust.

  1. I wish you’d write in universal terms – there was no need to mention any one particular religion, was there? It excludes all the others, or downgrades them. Universal language includes us all, and does not headline any religion over the others. I hope you’ll consider this, in future.

    • Hi Eileen. You didn’t read the explaination of Christ Consciousness?

      “This is a common concept among many different religious traditions and is not unique to Christianity. As such, Christ Consciousness is available to all those who seek awareness and spiritual awakening, regardless of their personal religious adherence.”

      • Hi Jamie, I would like to express gratitude for all the work you are doing and the way you share it with the rest of us. Please do not let others discourage you and just carry on writing the way you do.
        I believe you also said: Christ Consciousness means being kind, compassionate and patient while freeing yourself of JUDGMENT, RESENTMENT, and FEAR. It makes it easy to follow the golden rule of treating others like you would like to be treated. I wish people would take this to the core🙏

      • Indeed. I have always been spritually aligned with the Mother Goddess. When coming from a spritual point of view (as opposed to a religious one), the Reader need not be threatened by such terms as “Christ Consciousness” or God.

        Unless, of course, they worship satan.

      • For what it’s worth, Jamie, I think your words did a fine job being inclusive. Christ wasn’t even Christian. Can’t please everyone. Just keep being awesomely you! xo

      • The phrase “Spiritual Awakening” is easy to understand, by anyone. Your “explanation” still asks non-Christians use Christian terminology. I think it’s wrong to to force your religion’s terms on people outside your faith.

    • It is never too late to come to Jesus Christ. Especially Palestinians and Israeli should try hard to do that only Christ will bring peace. Amen

      • The Hale-Bopp conjunct Venus hexagon, aka Street Roses has asteroid Luthera conjunct Mars and North node, opposite Saturn, and semi-sextile Chiron. Chiron technically at cusp of drama and criticism.

        This chart is so good, and fresh that was inspired to elevate Priaspus interpolated, Lilith interpolated, Huamea and Makemake. It launched hundreds, if not thousands of careers, and garnished quite a bit of ‘attention’ in the Mid East. Nowadays media articles just write themselves and automatic trading platforms, such as crypto and conventional, churn profitible internet clicks like magic….

      • Amen Martin. He is the Light of Creation, the Logos incarnate, the beginning and the end, the Way, the Truth and the Life. By His death, we die to our sins in Him… by His resurrection, are reborn into eternal life… free from sin and spiritual darkness

  2. So….This jupiter-uranus culminates exactly on Hitlers B-day….hmmmm… Germany the globalists always bring docus about hitler and those who are against the nowadays policy are talking about “we need a little Hitler again” — my kind of thinking is: how narrow minded is all of this ?? Could chiron mean we have all to let go all of this bullshit and come Back to a normal sense of being a nation ? In Germany this is especially very difficult cuz of our history i know…As i mentioned oftenly before globalisation building up a world government by free masonry and those who comply (Aquarius) has already failed. Now the opposite sign comes into play and that is leo. Leo says: i don’t wanna loose my kingdom and i wanna be Independent and have my own will and decisions. And i hate dictatorship of that kind of Pluto in Aquarius world domination game. So we will come back to the nations and the whole globalist card house will break down in the end. This doesn’t mean i promote EXTREME nationalism btw. …

  3. An excellent interpretation – one of the best I’ve read. Thank you for shining the light!

  4. I see this solar eclipse connecting the astrologyking artwork the last 4 or 5 years, higher amped at Autumn Equinox full moon 6 months ago.

    Immediate interest, the moon as canopy over an Aries sun, the cooling shade.

    Chiron example from February at Puppis Xi de’acker
    pi pineal, the sequel to the sequence… evidence of its apparent use


    2, Moon 2024
    7, Saturn 2025
    9, Neptune 2026
    5, Jupiter, 2027, lucky year
    0, New planet or Uranus, 2028, new child year
    2, Moon, 2029
    8, Pluto, 2030 transform
    8, Pluto, 2031 transform

  5. Yes Jamie i know my comment would belong more into the jupiter-uranus section but you mentionend it here so i posted it. AND: i also believe that the chiron-theme has a lot to do with what i wrote above cuz i want to get away from all that Hitler discussion and to HEAL that wound to get back a NORMAL nation.

    • Hi Klaus. I just added Chiron to Hitler’s chart. Moon opposite Chiron (0°12′) which turns his golden yod into a focused, or boomerang golden yod. Hard to get away from indeed!

      • Yes Jamie thx very much for that ! It IS true cuz Hitler was seen as some kind of Messias by the Germans….(moon- chiron-jupiter) — but he turned out to be that devil he was and destroyer of an Independent german Nation…now we are only some kind of 51th state of Uncle Sam… IT IS so sad..

  6. Thank you so much, Jamie!
    I have been eagerly awaiting your post about the solar eclipse and you surpassed my hopes beautifully – what a wonderful message!
    I am not religious at all, but in the last two days I have watched the Netflix documentary on Moses, and now the series “The Chosen” on Jesus. To say that your reading aligns to my current state of mind is an understatement. Many blessings to you during this time ✨🤍

    • Hi Britt, Jesus Christ is the Logos/Word of God incarnate who came to bring us healing and redemption by saving us from spiritual darkness and sin, paying the price in full for our transgressions against God and creation in full on the cross. Salvation only comes from receiving this free gift of grace from God by believing in Jesus and his atonement. It does not come from our own works or efforts (religion)—it is a pure act of love for God and His salvation in Jesus Christ. There is no other name under which all spiritual authority and dominion belongs, nor any other name by which we can be saved from darkness and brought into the light. “I am the Light of the world—those who follow me shall never dwell in darkness, but will have the light of life.” — Jesus Christ

  7. First time I read about Chiron VS Jesus comparison. In my opinion, Jesus cannot be compared to Chiron because Chiron actually healed from his wounds when Jesus never did. Jesus died from his wounds. To me Jesus represents Sacrifice and Pisces Extremism. No surprises Jesus has Sun in Pisces, Mars in Virgo. His Mother Mary is much more relevant and inspiring to me. I associate her with compassion and emotional intellect, with care for others but also care for herself. If you only care about others like Jesus did of course it’s not going to bring light/love in one’s life. Same if you only care about you. Balance is needed and I don’t associate Christ with Balance. I’m sorry if I seem rude and Anti-Christ like but sometimes you just have to let a fool be a fool and distance yourself from it. For your own good. God’s Plan is on its way no matter what. Hence why I don’t recommend to follow Christ’s path. To me Christ is just an example of who you should not be. Except if you do it with Balance. Christ with Balance is not Christ though. Christ is all the way – no limits – do or die – I’m ready to die for it. Christ is who’s modernly refered to a terrorist. A terrorist is willing to die for his great ideas just like Christ did. Everybody already been Christlike once or twice in their lives. I did. And it surely did not bring anything good in my life. That’s just my opinion but I wanna try to live in a world where a terrorist is not depicted as a superstar/someone to value and let’s see how’s world would turn to be. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe and happy Aries season to you and to your family.

    • Hi Pedro. Chiron did die from his wound. He could not heal himself with his herbs and because he was immortal, was destined to live for eternity in agony. He traded his immortailty with Prometheus so he could die. Zues honored his sacrifice by placing him among the stars as constellation Centaurus. Chiron and Christ were both non-conformists and mavericks. You might also like to know that in Christian Astrology, Black Moon Lilith represents Mary Magdelene.

  8. Good input on the Christ thing. He was jewish by birth ya know. I am familiar with Christ journey due to formative training, but was not aware that other religious prophets(heads of religions) emphasized helping and healing others in earthly matters. Vaguely familiar with Buddhism but that emphasis seems to focus on self enlightenment.

  9. Jamie, where’s this going? Sun’s a bit blind here…

    From deep inside Batwoman cave, at the Eclipse, Juno and MaryM laser light up Chiron cometary tail, and claim equal rights to the Astrologyking artwork book narrative?

    • Hi Paul.

      I expect we won’t know fully until the Sun and Mars pass over the perihelion degree of the comet at 22°08′ Taurus, on May 12 and July 9. Mars crosses the eclipse degree on May 25 might be revealing too.

  10. At the solar eclipse transit Juno conjunct natal Lilith

    asteroid 1120 Cannonia natal 18Ari51, conjunct eclipse.

    Annie Jump Cannon was an astrologer and deaf. Well regarded creator of Star spectra analysis, temperature and Categorisation.

  11. Thank you for this beautifully resonant and deeply insightful post about this eclipse and planetary configuration.

  12. Is it Correct to say/presume that this Solar Eclipse(and all eclipses in general) , it’s Effects are ‘dedicated’ especially to those Areas where the shadow-Trajectory will move …or the effects are Generally spread , without ‘Preferences’ ?

    • Good question Marr. Eclipses effect all life. I think the eclipse path would be especially significant but I don’t remember seeing any evidence for that.

      • Beautiful explanation, Jamie, thanks and God bless. Following up on Marr’s question, I see Dallas, Niagara Falls, etc in path of totality: is something earth-shaking projected to happen in those specific places? Dallas – the only hidden wounds I can think of are – oil and Kennedy assassination…

  13. Christ consciousness is not as you explained; it’s just the all pervading consciousness of All that is. Jesus embodied this. We all have access to this – it’s not the separate ego consciousness and cannot be understood by the mind. Nothing to do with religion or being this or that. Pure stainless awareness. Embodied also by Buddha, Krishna etc.. and now countless people on Earth now, i.e. Adyashanti / Rupert Spira (so many more). Again, nothing to do with being a “good” person; that’s just a side effect. 🙂 (Easy to research it – a difference between what religion teaches and what spirituality is). The Ego can and will never embody christ consciousness btw – it arises from it, but it is not separate (that’s the illusion, that’s why no one becomes enlightened, the idea of separation is recognised for what it is…).

    • Our society has ways of measuring enlightenment; thru scraping, mining and monitoring the situation. It helps when activated a pi pineal mode of action; Fire Sign grand trine, the astrology language observation, but with Tao look for an Air trine, a levitation dedication. Together those triangles yield an uplifting communal hexagon, and when Chiron appears, catch a ride on illuminated trajectory marathon.

      • An example of Grand fire trine, grand air trine. The pandemic Hexagram, with ego displacement Chiron opposite Pluto in an irritable testing configuration with Saturn.

        Solar Eclipse transits

        • post eclipse chart without hexagon

          adjusted one hour advanced to show actual time of eclipse.

          Midheaven rests in the bossum between mundane Jupiter and Uranus.
          Ascendant conjuncts progressed Uranus and Regulus.

          This important adjustment to Eclipse may help in matters public, regarding story, signal, truth.

          note Uranus in Leo and Taurus are debilitated, but here at astrologyking an actual record how that looks at solar eclipse.

  14. Widely associated not only with chiron but christianity deeply rooted in pisces/neptune archetype….here you have 7th chakra unity with everything but also total de-personalisation…that is not everyone’s path i would say…my opinion is that you have to been born for such a way and you cannot WANT it in that extreme form jesus did… maybe if he was pisces he had pluto opposite from virgo…that would add one further note to the sacrifice-theme.

  15. And i my eyes jesus was mainly a jewish rebel against jewish establishment – therefor they delivered him to the romans cuz he mad them ashamed of their own kind of judaism. So he had to be punished.

  16. Thank you Jamie, that was beautifully written and I loved the relationship you drew between Jesus and Chiron and I can see that they were both Wounded Healers, for many of Jesus’ works were that of healing both spiritually, metaphysically and physically. They both died and became resurrected and both were wounded as they tried to help others. This particular Solar eclipse really did have a strong resonance and quality related to Jesus’s story and I’ve seen comments on YT where people were having dreams related to Jesus and the end times.

    Thank you for your reiteration of the value, quality and purpose of Christ consciousness – of Love, Mercy, Peace and Compassion, Truth and Light for all that are suffering and in need of peace and healing. Which as Bill Donaghue speaks off as being traits of the right hemisphere of the brain/mind.

  17. What a wild ride this one is turning out to be. Stark happenings (or does everything just feel that way?). And when I lay down to rest, I realize there are deep changes going on within that are unnameable. I can usually track these somewhat, but not now.

  18. Yeah that’s a massive stellium around chiron at mid-april and then Mars-Saturn Neptune…Not quite easy.

  19. And i have to add that i see no christ consciesness in politics: i.e. Israel vs Iran: i see only revenge. I saw a statement in German TV from a iranian guy who said: OK we are all only human beings down there why should persian people fight against the jews and vice versa. And both Netanjahu AND the Mullah regime provacate each other. I now many jews in Israel dont like what their leader does – the same in Iran. So what about this whole bullshit going on ? Everybody wants to rule the world (Tears for Fears) and the victims are always people down there in every nation. Fck all those politicians lying and making money all around the globe. Bloody hypocrits. WE are the people and fck ww3 !!

  20. Oh lee garks Klaus. Pollytishuns just want piece of pie. Maybe not all. Who is for sale?

    Anyway, Chiron. The wound really can not be healed? This game I got sucked into is like not me at all. Some kind of hell. So I just gotta deal with my inability to do this game? Facing the music of me.

    • Sry Vic i couldnt help myself i had to write this… in what kind of game you are in ? Are you nailed on some kind of cross ? Now listening to one’s own music is maybe a good start to get out of games that don’t fit yrself..

  21. Was it Herakles? He was shooting at something else when he hit Chiron wounding him right? Is the wounding just collateral damage?

    • “Colleteral damage” – lol – if i would be cynical then human being is an accident too…nothing to heal up from the start ? But anyway – riders on the storm…

  22. Hi Jamie,
    I enjoy so much your posts. Thank you, it is a so enlightening and thought-provoking post!

    This eclipse was just at less than 2 degrees orb from my midheaven at 22.12 Aries (so it made a conjunction with it) and it was also making an opposition with natal Pluto (which makes a natal conjunction with my IC and a tight square to natal Venus in Cancer).

    Today, 20 April, Venus in transit is passing through the same point of the eclipse and in a couple of days mercury retrograde and in transit will do the same. All of this is happening at the same time that Uranus and Jupiter conjunction are making an opposition to natal Uranus which also trines my natal Venus.

    You told me that the Uranus Jupiter conjunction opposing my natal Uranus on 20 April is going to bring an unexpected change and I will love it, so this brings lot of questions to my mind and I think other people may also have a similar situation and would love to know your thoughts:

    1) should it be understood that the opposition that the eclipse was making to my natal Pluto is being reactivated by the transit of Venus and Mercury making a conjunction to my midheaven and an opposition to natal Pluto (happening now)?
    2) If this happens at the same time of the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in opposition to natal Uranus is the outcome something related or could it be something completely different?
    2) Would the effect of the eclipse conjunct Midheaven and opposing natal Pluto and IC be stronger than the effect of the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter opposing natal Uranus (if both natal Pluto and natal Uranus make a natal aspect with natal Venus but the aspect of natal Pluto is a square and the aspect of natal Uranus is a trine)?
    3) would the eclipse be reactivated by Mars in transit at some point?

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