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The centaur Chiron instructing Achilles

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a great teacher, healer, astrologer and oracle. He was the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs,” [1] and invented “botany and pharmacy.” [2] 

Chiron was noted for his youth-nurturing nature, and was often depicted instricting a child, as in the image above paintede by Louis Jean François Lagrenée.

Chiron’s astrological association with wounding comes from his death. During a fight among drunken centaurs, Chiron was hit in the thigh by a poisoned arrow. He was in extreme pain and could not heal himself with his herbs.

Fathered by Chronos (Saturn), Chiron was immortal, so was destined to live forever in agony. Instead, Chiron willingly gave up his immortality. His half-brother Zeus (Jupiter) honored him by placing him among the stars as the constellation Centaurus.

Chirons wound was not self inflicted but was accidental, caused by fate.

we have a legacy of unfairly inflicted pain which produces repercussions through the generations. Physical and psychological damage whose causes lie, not in any individual or even parental failing, but in genetic inheritance, or collective disasters such as the Holocaust and the present nightmare in Kosovo, belong to the realm of Chiron. [3] 

Chiron Astrology Reflects the Mythology.

Chiron Discovery Chart

Chiron Discovery ChartChiron conjunct fixed star Mesarthim (0°15′): Mesarthim is a word meaning Ministers (in old Hebrew). It shows up more of the protective-administrative quality, less of the impulsive aggressive of Sheratan.

Chiron conjunct fixed star Sheratan (0°31′): This star causes bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake. Danger is indicated when acting impulsively and in a foolhardy fashion. Sheratan in the right horn of the Ram rules the tonsils, throat and the connection between the throat and head.

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Etamin (0°02′): Will be Marsi (wizards and snake-charmers), accustomed to prepare beneficial remedies from poisons and the pigments of herbs.

Etamin gives a pioneering nature, a keen mental ability, and the power to heal others .

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Acumen (0°45′): This star cluster gives a very sharp mind and above average perception, or the ability to see what others do not, at levels where eyesight does not reach.

Sun conjunct fixed star Acrux (2°21′): A leader in their professions, the gift of intuition, a grasp for their fellow men’s humanity, Can excel and gain high preferment in any field dealing with the nature of mankind.

Acrux  gives intuition, an inventive mind, an interest in ceremony, mystery, magic, mysticism, or theosophy, and an insatiable interest in education. Also a talent for astrology, the occult, investigating the hidden side of things, and understanding people’s inner nature.

Moon conjunct fixed star Sirius (1°15′): Sirius makes its natives custodians, curators and guardians.

Moon conjunct fixed star Canopus (2°08′): Canopus gives a wide and comprehensive knowledge and educational work,

Mercury conjunct fixed star Zubeneschamali (1°17′): This star is much noted for particular sharpness of mind and intellect, and there is often a very powerful psychic quality. It bestrows spiritual and mental forces and an immortal name.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Tejat Posterior (1°01′):

Saturn conjunct fixed star Regulus (0°23′): Just, friends among the clergy, success in Church or law, scholarly,

Uranus conjunct fixed star Alphecca (0°02′): occult skills and the ability to heal the sick.

Uranus conjunct fixed star Acrux (0°22′):

Chiron represents wounding and healing. It is the deepest wound in your soul and also your ability to heal yourself and others through traditional medicine as well as more alternative healing methods. In Christian Astrology, Chiron represents Christ.


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  3. Wounding and the Will to Live. Liz Greene, Apollon, August 1999,

37 thoughts on “Asteroid Chiron

  1. Beautiful article Jamie! I survived Neptune over my rise and more recently Jupiter. Even though I valued myself as somewhat selfless before, with Chiron at 29 degrees in the 2nd House, it stripped away even more and it is a new sky and direction for me now 🙂 I’ll read this again in the future, I love it. xo

  2. wow thanks Karen, Chiron as a symbol of astrology sure has effected you. your getting so much information on the asteroids on your blog now, it’s going to be a great resource for astrologers.

  3. Wonderful post!
    This has brought completion to what started in May for me with the Triple Guru Conjunction.
    It all makes sense. Chiron the ASTROLOGER. Of course. I think this has been one of the biggest transits of my life looking back. Sacrificing Illustration/Music to put everything into Astrology. It was like finding God for me.
    I have had to sacrifice my social life somewhat, so some friendships have fallen away because they didn’t resonate with the new me.

    So I am rather “born again”. This last Chiron/Neptune has really made Lilith blossom. I always said I wanted to write a Lilith book. It seems to be taking shape now. The Lilith readings came about by accident thanks to our friend RevJ at Zodiacmatrix. And now they have really taken off. All this through people on the world wide web.
    My Jupiter rising=foreigners/religion.

  4. Thanks for the reminder folks! Juipter and Chiron hols special meaning for me in my professional life as a teacher of yoga and as a healer. In my natal chart, Neptune is almost in opp. to my Chiron. As I look back at the dates ( and forward) I reflect on where my journey has taken me, what its shown me. I will pay attention tomorow:D

  5. Great blog as always Jamie! Chiron always hits his mark….we just have to figure out what that means for us.

  6. thanks Cheney and Amy. it does seem a good time to work it out because of the transits. 2 days after the new moon, i was giving blood which i have to do regularly because i have too much iron in the blood. mars rules iron in the blood, and my mars is quincunx chiron. the quincunx is an health aspect, and i see chiron here as the wounding to heal. that’s just an example of the physical manifestation of chiron.

  7. just trawling the web while searching chiron and came across your blog?
    i had chiron conj chiron on the 15 feb this year of 2010. quite an experience of fusion and understandings. i saw the vault of uranus, as i am uranian in nature. life is an alchenmaic process, where the chemical regions of mind create consciousness that is reflected by the universe.
    peace to all.

  8. Your new blog tonight about the New Moon got me thinking about this Neptune/Chiron conjunction. It turns out they are in conjunction to my natal Hekate whose persona I recently blogged about. Hekate is in exact opposition to my natal Venus in the 11th and thus means so are Chiron and Neptune who are passing through my 5th. Very interesting cinfiguration considering recent events. Keep up the great blogs!

  9. Glad you brought this post up again Carrielle. This got discussed in the Saturn opposite Uranus post in relations to bridging the gap. I love Hekate, very powerful. I think that dream of the three-headed dog was just after a new moon or eclipse on my asteroid Hekate.

  10. this will be a little irrelevant with the particular interpretation of chiron you made in the post above, but i recently had chiron trine mc and all of a sudden my spinal arthritis pain (dating back 5 years ago) returned. physical therapy did not work at all, as it did 5 years ago. i had to learn and apply all kinds of eft, spiritual healing techniques, reiki, manuel therapy and manipulation etc. i don’t think i myself will be a kind of healer in the long run in terms of career; however i was just about to get a job that was entirely unsuitable for me, but I thought I was to get a job anyway and applied to anything I could do. Then I was unable to walk and could not begin it.

    It’s a problematic process not only in terms of health but also I was to get any job because I had enormous problems at home. I was in haste, so that the minute I got my first salary I was to move out. I’m still staying where I was, and it gives me headaches from stress. (it’s been only a week that chiron exactly trined mc)

    now i’m to see a very good eft practitioner which i believe will solve the problem.

  11. By the way, this EFT thing works really very effectively. I have almost no pain in my legs now. Anyone who has any sort of health problems or negative beliefs or obsessions should learn and apply it. It’s very easy and really works perfectly. And you can work it on anything, any subject, and any problem. You can heal yourself of anything negative.

    However, though it’s easy, there are certain things you should be careful about while tipping. So, it’s really best to read some serious books on it. There are many videos on youtube for example, and they completely miss several important factors for EFT to be influential.

    God, I should just teach this to everyone I know!

  12. One of the things Chiron does stand for is definitely holistic healing. So far, transits of (and to) Chiron always influenced me as such:

    Chiron gives you a health problem. It may or may not be something very serious but even if it’s not very serious, it causes some sort of trouble in your daily activities. So, you want to get rid of it immediately. Yet, it is something that cannot be cured with just a pill. Modern medicine somehow does not work for it. So, you’re looking for other ways to cure it. So, you learn about holistic healing methods thoroughly to cure yourself.

    According to holistic healing the illness that physically manifests in the body is in fact a problem within your mind. If you do not deal with the mental cause of the problem you can not cure your illness. Even if you heal your physical problem without changing your mental outset, some time later the problem manifests as another illness.

    When you learn about all this, (and of course believe it) you become capable of curing all sorts of problems within yourself; it gives you a picture why you are suffering some particular disease. That’s what makes Chironian health problems spiritual. The chironian disease always works for spiritual development.

    • ♥ Thank you Rimli for your comments. Chiron in transit conjunct my sun (in my case, in Pisces) has brought me on the journey you describe – through the run up to the conjunction itself. The transit has been challenging.

  13. “The next few weeks will be marked by the entries of the planets Chiron and Uranus into new signs. Now there is no turning back. Chiron enters the zodiac sign of Aries on 18 February. In the next few years he will draw our attention to the wounds inflicted on our will: to our fear of powerlessness. Perhaps he can teach us to resolve conflicts more openly without immediately becoming destructive. At the same time as Chiron enters Aries, there is a Full Moon with Sun and Moon in the first degrees of Pisces and Virgo. Act courageously and compassionately at the same time.”

  14. All are such insightful observations on Chiron.
    I taught myself astrology and palmistry .Palmistry around the time of its discovery.( I was working at a hospital at the time in 1977. )
    Although I had heard of Chiron I hadn’t paid any attention to it.It wasn’t that many years ago that I found out that I had it right on my zenith the highest planet ( or asteroid ) in my chart.I began studying it.I read about the mythology …
    It wasn’t until I was doing some research recently that I either didn’t remember reading it before or just overlooked it where it said that Chiron was self taught in astrology and palmistry.
    And so now I’m researching fixed stars and asteroids and I’m thinking as I read many of your comments , hmmm ? I see so many people on this site researching together , and I’m like ” that’s really cool ! Have a good day ! ♍( So much synchronicity. )

  15. There’s lore that Jesus Christ had studied in the east , and I read somewhere that originally it was Jesus ‘ the ‘ Christ derived from the Greek ‘ Kristos ‘ derived from ‘ Krishna ‘.

  16. Chiron conjunct Moon, true to this aspect I have been dreaming more vividly. There are instances where letters and words appear and I can focus on reading. This concerns me because the next step is to journal these words. And how do you deal with the legal issues with these messages, if I choose to share them?

  17. First off I noticed a story published in Psychology Today, that there is a pronounced empathy towards people who share dreams.

    As for Chiron, Vernant says “Very wise and benign Centaur, loving on Mt Pelion. Teacher of Heroes, Achilles in particular.”

    And Achilles? Vernant says “Son of Thetis and Peleus. The greatest hero of the Trojan war. Preferred the undying glory of premature death to peaceful but obscure longevity.”

    The recent Mars/Venus/Sun in early Virgo is in opposition to many a citizens Chiron in early Pisces, those born in the early 60s.

  18. Dream 30/8/19
    I’m watching a show, a film or tv. An actor is fighting a number of snakes, and he defeats them. I have the snakes around me now, and with lightening speed they pounce and put me out of commission. This happens very fast. Dream is over.

    I don’t ever recall dreaming of snakes. Today I’m at a library, and one of the books I’m reading is The Energy of Hebrew Letters, by Rav Berg. I’ve never seen this book before: On pg 72

    ‘King David… succeeds in preventing the fragmentation of Israel, transforming the Israelites into one centrally governed nation. He led a rich, fascinating life, but the unification of his kingdom towers over his other accomplishments. The Midrash declares that the Lord looks forward to David being king until The Age of Aquarius. The Talmud takes a more forceful position concerning the Kingdom of David, saying: “Whosoever contends against the sovereignty of the House of David deserves to be bitten by a snake.”

    And there is a few citations in this quote if you want to dig deeper. When I read this passage, the dream came back to me, and I can only think of one thing I said last night, on line, that could be controversial: An issue with Property Tax deferral, that appears to me as a promoter of inequality and how it increases the economic distortions amongst classes in society.

  19. I had a vivid dream last night. Sitting on a the ground looking out over a panorama of tall trees and a semi rural area. A building in the middle of the yard, like a gazebo with a lone lightbulb hanging, and a pull string on-off switch. A voice to Nuke It, calls out, a hand reaches for the switch, it’s pulled, light emits, a few seconds later more lights flash, arcing behind me, white lights. And I awake. I’m lying in bed and feel a strong energy coursing through my body. It lasts several hours. I remember Chiron, transiting natal Moon, and Jupiter transiting the GC.

    • The word gazebo, is important in the analysis. Study the gematria, six letters all different, they have their unique numbers: 718526. In the cube, the word shows a geometry like a tent, symmetrical. 7 and 1 are the legs. 8,5,2 is the breadth. 6 is the peak. ie. Saturn and Sun are the legs, Pluto, Jupiter and Moon the breadth, Venus the peak.

  20. On November 18 I had a vivid dream. My youngest brother telling me “Im dying”, which isn’t easy to share, It spurned me to action. And since that time, I’ve helped him ease the pressure in his life. Like taking a water tank at 38 psi to 28 psi, and further dropping it to 0 psi, allowing the bladder to reset.

      • Progressed
        Chiron 3Ari19
        Mars 3Ari17

        “When your individual agenda is aligned with the universe’s agenda, this is when Your existence becomes a gift. Mars conjunct Chiron will show you how to assert yourself in a healthy way and stand your ground with dignity and compassion. In its highest expression, Mars-Chiron stands for action and spirit coming together with a strong drive to make a difference, and leave something behind for those who will follow.”

  21. Mercury retrograde cycle Feb 2-Mar 9, 2020 passes back and forth over a considerable number of people’s natal Chiron, given Chiron’s highly elliptic orbit and time in Pisces.

    Natal Chiron 03Pis37

    Mercury Direct, Feb 05
    Mercury Rx, Feb 29
    Mercury Direct, Mar 21

    “Healing conversation”
    Valid during several weeks: Under this influence all forms of healing and being healed are especially favored. This influence is also particularly suited for every type of operation on body and soul, whether you undertake this on another person or on yourself. With people who are close to you, you can have deep conversations about those sore points which we all have and which make us react very sensitively to some things. It would be only too human to avoid this situation for fear of the pain connected with it. But, of course, you should not do so, as healing and becoming whole demand certain preconditions which are not readily to be found, but which are, during this time, especially favoured. ”

    I cheated this from, so apologies.

    The second consideration with Chiron is that it is transiting natal Moon

    Mundane Chiron 02Ari47
    Natal Moon 05Ari16

    Perhaps the healing, especially the Bell’s Palsy, is enhanced or otherwise, characterized by Dreams.

  22. Aries Venus and Chiron transit
    natal Aries Juno and Moon, Feb 12

    Long term relationship (Juno)
    Healing words and thoughts, a meditation (Chiron)
    Feelings and emotions (Moon)
    Art (Venus)

    There is no material attachment quality to the art, neither paper scribble, nor cave rock etching, because the tool resides in the mind, and likewise, is shared that way. This isn’t normal visual art, but a foundation to your Meta aspirations.

  23. Hi Jamie,

    Chiron had an exact sextile with Saturn this New Moon.

    I have not found any article yet about this but I hope it help to deal with Saturn square Uranus.
    What do you think?


    • Hi Rob. I do use Chiron, mainly in conjunctions. I don’t place too much weight on it for other aspects but it may have some influence.

  24. Hello Jamie,

    Do you think you will include Chiron natal/transit aspects to other planets and angles on your wonderful site one day? I’m really curious to know your thoughts on Chiron’s natal influence.. noticed in a previous comment you tend to stick with conjunctions mostly which is (see below) fine with me, haha.

    (Cancer) 17 Chiron / 18 Descendant / 19 Jupiter gal

  25. Hi Jamie, I am trying to understand the transit of Uranus over my natal Chiron (18.16 degrees on 10th house) which in my natal chart makes an opposition to Uranus (21.56 on 4th house) with an orb of 3.46 degrees.

    The exact opposition of Uranus transit to natal Uranus and conjunction of Uranus transit to natal Chiron should be 26 July 2022 [on that day transiting Mercury is also in Leo at 15 Degrees (a from natal north node) and makes a square to transiting Mars at 15 Degrees in Taurus (so 3 degrees from natal Chiron and transiting Uranus). All in fixed signs and my gut feelings tells me that something big (and maybe not great) is coming].

    Would you write or have you written something about this transit of Uranus conjunct natal Chiron and opposition natal Uranus at the same time?

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