Alphecca Star – Northern Crown

Alphecca is at 12°18′ Scorpio with an orb of 2°10′
Alphecca Star Astrology

Alphecca Star [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Alphecca on November 4

Fixed star Alphecca, Alpha Coronae Borealis,  is a 2.2 magnitude star in the Northern Crown, Corona Borealis Constellation. It is a brilliant white binary star located at the base of the Crown. Alphecca is positioned at 12°18′ Scorpio with an orb of 2°10′. Other names for alpha Coronae Borealis include Gemma, Gnosia and Asteroth. Alphecca is Arabic for nayyir al-fakka “the bright star of the broken ring of stars”. Gemma is Latin for “jewel”, Gnosia (Gnōsia stella corōnæ) is Latin for “star of the crown of Knossos”. Asteroth is Hebrew for”Astarte (idols)”.


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Alphecca Star Astrology

Fixed star Alphecca is of the nature of Venus and Mercury. It gives honor, dignity and poetical and artistic ability.

Agrippa1531 Elpheia.png  Alphecca is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a hen or crowned man. It gives chastity and the love and goodwill of men. Rules topaz, rosemary, trefoil and ivy. [1]

Alphecca is noted for conveying honor, dignity and artistic ability. But like all Venusian stars it can also have its undesirable effects. Medieval astrologers, who tended to emphasize the more perverse side of astrology, asserted that Alphecca rising indicates a life spent in a variety of pleasurable pursuits by an individual who decked his body with adornments, secretly engaged in love affairs or adultery and who “bedded boys and girls” according to Firmicus Maternus. If the star is setting, disgrace will come of all this. [2]

Gemma, the Jewel of the Northern Crown, has a Mercury-Venus influence with some properties of Moon and Neptune. Because of its Venus-Mercury properties, Gemma, if in good position and found on the ascendant, is credited with a liking for literature, art and science, artistic talents and also success in trade and commerce. If conjunction the Sun or Moon and well placed in a map, Gemma promises honors and preferment. According to tradition, Gemma is said to be associated with The Lord of the House of Death and if connected with Neptune and Mars, infectious diseases and poisoning are indicated. [3]

Alphecca rules the lowest vertebra of the spine (Seventh Lumbar) in the human body. [4]

Constellation Corona Borealis gives artistic ability, love of flowers, lassitude and disillusionment, but to bring its natives to a position of command. [1]

Alphecca Star, Alpha Coronae Borealis

Alphecca Star, Alpha Coronae Borealis []

Alphecca Star Conjunctions

Sun conjunct Alphecca: Active and brilliant mind, self-seeking, subject to scandal that does not affect the position. [1] Tony Abbott 0°37′.

Moon conjunct Alphecca: Public honor and dignity, suffers through law, partners and neighbors, trouble through underhanded dealings of enemies but eventual triumph over them, bad for love affairs, some faithful friends, greatly esteemed by Venus and Mercury people. [1]

Mercury conjunct Alphecca: Mind more active than body, somewhat indolent, benefits from friends, extravagant but saving in small things, loss by enemies. [1]

This is the soft and tender communicator, who communicates as a songbird. They speak in a pleasant, melodic tone that has a healing effect on others, whether or not they are aware of it. The healing power of their speech is actually unknown to these natives and to others who come into contact with them. Other people do not realize they are healthier for a short time after being in contact with these natives. [4]

Venus conjunct Alphecca: Favorable for love affairs, benefits from friends, artistic and musical tastes. [1]

Mars conjunct Alphecca: Active mind, better writer than speaker. [1]

This increases the energy at this point so that these individuals pick up many negative responses from others. They pick up positive energies also, but it is the negative energies that are more frequent. They attract the illnesses, in addition to inflammations, of the lower body area. These natives need to know from what direction the negative energies are coming from so they can close it off. If the individual is on a high level, they can control this through their extraordinary psychic ability. [4]

Jupiter conjunct Alphecca: Honor and dignity, artistic ability, benefit through ecclesiastical matters, favorable for material gain. [1]

Saturn conjunct Alphecca: Studious, popular, economical but poor, benefits from elderly friends, strong but well controlled passions, poor health, love disappointment but marries above own station, few children but harmonious ties with them. [1]

Uranus conjunct Alphecca: Selfish, mental affliction and violence at end of life, psychic power, suffering through occultism, deceptive, many false friends, small inheritance obtained with difficulty, losses by law, enemies and mercurial affairs, sorrow through children or an adopted child, domestic trouble through own acts, danger of a violent death. [1]

Neptune conjunct Alphecca: Aggressive, abrupt, disagreeable, unfavorable for money matters but gain through marriage, domestic disharmony and peculiar features in connection with marriage, not very favorable for children, gain through martial occupations, may invent something of value in surgery or chemistry, writes on occult subjects, many changes, much travel by water in early life, many enemies, liable to heart ailments, sudden or violent death. [1]

These natives are an open channel to the spiritual plane continuously, and if they are unable to control it or use it incorrectly, they can find themselves confined to an institution. If these persons use drugs or heavy medications, inanity could be the result. This is the absolute highest spiritual vessel and it is totally spiritual. It can be used in a negative, or selfish way as they feel this spiritual power and use it for selfish reasons for the most part. Used in a positive way, they can simply walk around a group of people and tell each and every one exactly what they wish to know. They are extraordinarily psychic. [4]

North Node conjunct Alphecca: Tony Abbott 0°52′.


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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