Fixed Star Acrux

Acrux at 11°52′ Scorpio has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Acrux

Crux Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Acrux on November 4

Fixed star Acrux, Alpha Crucis, is a multiple star system in the Southern Cross, Crux Constellation.

Combined magnitude 0.76 (1.33 + 1.75), spectral type B0.5IV + B1V.

The name Acrux is an “Americanism” for the full Bayer designation Alpha Crucis. Acrux is represented in the flags of Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea as one of five stars that comprise the Southern Cross.


Acrux Astrology

ACRUX. α Crucis. The brightest star in the Southern Cross. It is a triple. It gives religious beneficence, ceremony, justice, magic and mystery, and is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists. [1]

ACRUX. α Crucis. A bluish-white, triple star in the Southern Cross. “The Guide of the Southern Cross. Spectral class Bl. This star gives the native a love of justice, a love of ceremonies, occult interests, insatiable interest in education, love of travel, one who loves to see suffering. NOTE: Natives having Acrux in conjunction with their celestial objects will have a deep sense of religiosity in some form or another. This can exhibit itself in any number of ways. One who dislikes injustice, one who is for the disadvantaged, one who turns to religion for salvation. The negative nativities will entertain the same religiosity but could develop into an atheist, or become confused about religion, entertain a belief in reincarnation, even entertain a death wish. [6]

The Southern Cross is a magnificent arrangement of stars. The Jupiter nature of this fixed star is especially impressive if its latitude is the same as that of the Ascendant. Then this star is supposed to be credited with intuition, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man, a preference for occult studies, the gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things, an inventive mind, and a deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests. Elsbeth Ebertin had the exact conjunction, and the reading given fits perfectly.

This interpretation of the Southern Cross is especially true if the sign Scorpio is in favorable cosmic circumstances in the chart and the negative properties of Scorpio are eliminated thereby. [2]

α Crucis, Acrux, prime star of the Southern Cross, Crux, accorded the appropriate simile Jupiter by Ptolemy. He, by the way, could see it from northern Egypt with an ease not possible now, for precession has carried Centaurus, of which Crux was long an integral part, farther to the south in our skies.

Acrux is significantly conjunct by longitude, all save 12′ of arc, Alphecca, prime star of Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown which lies close to the Head of Bootes in our more familiar skies. We may not see The Cross from the northern hemisphere but we can see the Crown that comes as the reward carrying it a little of the way. Alphecca’s name comes from the ‘Bright One of the Bowl’ for in fact the Crown is that way up in the sky.

If that sounds a little bit too ‘Christian Establishment’ for some tastes, remember that there is no prophet in history that has not suffered persecution for bringing new light to peoples when many of them felt more comfortable in their familiar half-darkness. [3]

Acrux rules the bottom of the spine. [5]

Constellation Crux

Crux gives perseverance, but many burdens, trials, and responsibilities, together with much suffering and many hardships. [1]

In the new identification of ‘the Cross,’ the theme of sacrifice and stoic resilience has been further emphasized with heightened ecclesiastical connections… a need to sacrifice the animal/ego-driven instincts in pursuit of fortitude in the face of adversity, spiritual advancement, and wounds that can never be healed. [4]

Acrux Star, Alpha Crucis

Acrux Star, Alpha Crucis []

Fixed Star Acrux Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Acrux: Sober, grave, patient, legacies, ecclesiastical preferment. [1]

Mark Twain 0°08′, Jimmy Page 0°12′, Sigmund Freud 0°17′, Vito Genovese 0°38′ (and Venus), Katy Perry 0°52′, Lilly Wachowski 1°02′, Bill Cosby 1°15′, Mata Hari 1°56′, Harvey Weinstein 2°05′

Midheaven conjunct Acrux: Honor, glory, preferment, success in trade and in the Church. [1]

Nero 0°45′, Alexis Arquette 1°04′, Megan Fox 1°11′, Clarence Thomas 2°20′ (and S. Node), Novak Djokovic 2°28′, J. Paul Getty 2°32′

Descendant conjunct Acrux: Immanuel Kant 1°25′, Boy George 1°34′

Imun Coeli conjunct Acrux: John Maynard Keynes 2°02′ (and N. Node), Margot Robbie 2°09′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Acrux: George W. Bush 1°05′, William Bligh 1°10′, Bruce Lee 1°18′, Ronaldinho 1°45′, Tycho Brahe 1°56′, John Milton 2°05′.

Sun conjunct Acrux: Advanced nativities having this star in conjunction with their natal Sun can become leaders in their professions, they will have the gift of intuition and a grasp for their fellow men’s humanity. These natives have an inner sense of religiosity, a sense of justice towards their fellow men, an understanding of man’s weakness and failures. They can excel and gain high preferment in any field dealing with the nature of mankind. [6]

Charles Bronson 0°04′, Tony Abbott 0°11′ (and N.Node), Nicholas Culpeper 1°05′, Marie Antoinette 1°33′

Moon conjunct Acrux: Natives with this conjunction can gain high preferment in their dealings with the public. They can gain new and influential friends. However, these natives will not exhibit the same attributes as with the Acrux conjunction Sun natives, rather they will tend to be a little more hard headed in their dealings with their fellow men. [6]

Bruce Lee 0°21′, Louis XVI 0°35′, Kylie Jenner 0°40′

Mercury conjunct Acrux: If well-aspected, the native is mentally keen, somewhat intuitive. Generally these natives deal with or get involved in what can be termed as out of the ordinary subjects, people or ideas. They seem to fascinate the native, but not to the point where it engulfs them. Many such natives are ceremoniously inclined. Opinions can be caustically expressed.

With challenging aspects, these natives become involved in intrigues, mysterious subjects, people, and places fascinate such natives. The native can easily become involved in matters that can engulf them and incur serious legal entanglement. Violence or chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or serious illness possible. Opinions can be expressed caustically. Possible miser. [6]

Gavin Newsom 0°14′, Katy Perry 0°20′, Mark Ruffalo 0°24′, Johnny Carson 0°40′, Jawaharlal Nehru 0°50′, Sarah, Duchess of York 2°02′, John Lennon 2°29′

Venus conjunct Acrux: This star gives the native an artistic nature that could be developed. Artistically, this can exhibit itself as a musician or a writer, in any case the native will be an innovator and can leave their mark. Religiously the natives so endowed will either be a deeply religious person or at sometime during their lifespan will turn to religion, perhaps for their salvation. Negatively, Venus endows the native with somewhat confused ideas, even religiously confused; some will be endowed with a desire to see or encounter suffering, even endure it. Such natives will be greatly affected by their early training or lack of  it, more so than the average person. [6]

Keith Richards 0°10′, Vladimir Putin 0°29′, Agatha Christie 1°26′, Zoë Kravitz 2°00′ (and Pluto), Lucky Luciano 2°02′, Vito Genovese 2°03′ (and AC).

Mars conjunct Acrux: These natives have good mental powers, generally very keen. Acrux’s effect extends to natives with a well-aspected nativity, such natives will have a deep religious mind and this can exhibit itself as being generally kind, well-liked, one who is forthright, even outspoken, but dislikes injustice, and is quick to speak out against what they consider or decide is unjust. These natives can be quite determined once their mind is made up. Negatively, they will be daring, even rebellious or considered as radical by nature, radical for the times, they could also be immune to suffering, and if the celestial objects aspecting Mars is totally adverse, such natives would love to see suffering. Can be merciless. [6]

Jon Voight 0°02′, Joe Rogan 0°14′, Khloé Kardashian 0°31′ (and Saturn), Martin Scorsese 0°45′, Joe Biden 1°31′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°55′

Jupiter conjunct Acrux: High preferment in martial, government, and matters dealing with the public and its affairs. Leadership qualities will be evident or can be developed. Name and fame possible, good or bad. [6]

(0°30′ orb): This is a powerful fixed star and a powerful energy that makes these natives very aware of everything around them. Other planets can bring about this awareness, but not as much as Jupiter can bring. These persons know exactly what to respond to and at the right time. They always have what they want out of life for they take the higher and more positive side of life for the most part. Only a few with this fixed star would stay at the lower level, but even then at the lower level, they have the things they prefer. With Jupiter at this degree, they would always be the eagle – never the scorpion. [5]

Allan Kardec 0°37′, Ilhan Omar 0°43′, Ted Bundy 1°56′.

Saturn conjunct Acrux: Mark Zuckerberg 0°36′, Prince Harry, Malcolm X 1°10′, Duke of Sussex 1°11′, Khloé Kardashian 1°46′ (and Mars), Linda Goodman 1°47′, Oprah Winfrey 2°11′

Uranus conjunct Acrux: Giorgia Meloni 0°10′, Nicolaus Copernicus 0°22′, Abraham Lincoln 0°26′ (and N. Node), Charles Darwin 0°26′ (and N. Node), J. Paul Getty 1°12′, Francisco Franco 1°48′

Neptune conjunct Acrux: Jordan Peterson 0°13′, Mary Shelley 0°38′, Al-Biruni 0°47′, George Clooney 1°32′, Whitney Houston 1°35′, RuPaul 1°49′, Jim Carrey 1°56′, Johnny Depp 2°02′, Prince Andrew, Duke of York 2°12′, Richard Ramirez 2°16′, Boy George 2°27′, Diego Maradona 2°30′.

Pluto conjunct Acrux: Adele 0°38′, Rihanna 0°51′, Marguerite de Navarre 1°27′, Marquis de Sade 1°50′, Zoë Kravitz 1°51′ (and Venus), Conor McGregor 1°56′, Chris Brown 2°01′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 2°24′

North Node conjunct Acrux: Alexei Navalny 0°31′, Josemaria Escriva 0°39′, John Maynard Keynes 0°45′ (and IC), Tony Abbott 0°49′ (and Sun), Walt Disney 1°24′, Abraham Lincoln 2°17′ (and Uranus), Charles Darwin 2°19′ (and Uranus).

South Node conjunct Acrux: Josef Mengele 0°06′, Karl Marx 0°32′, Emanuel Swedenborg 0°50′, Cat Stevens 1°28′, Clarence Thomas 1°43′ (and MC), Kurt Cobain 1°50′

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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

44 thoughts on “Fixed Star Acrux

  1. What’s the orb for this fixed star? I have Jupiter in Virgo 10 degrees. It’s in my 7th house natally. I know it’s in the sign of its detriment.

  2. That is the exact degree of my Midheaven in Scorpio! Well, that explains my endless fascination with all that was stated and the inconvenient suffering which seems to go with this path of knowledge! Astrologer, Psychic, Medium, Metaphysics Teacher, endless seeker of knowledge, seeing deeper, beyond and beneath! 😉

  3. I have Neptune @ 10.15 Scorpio on the Desc at 8.27 Scorpio… (Sun rising opp) this explains some very beautifully tragic life events that repeat over and over. At 53 yrs old, I have determined I can not be with another human being in partnership, period. In fact, I have all but closed the door to almost all humans.
    Im an Astrologer of some 25 years. Thankfully that has saved my sanity, and kept me persevering on my beautifully rich spiritual path, which I am basically “married” to.
    Thank you for this info…very timely.

    • I have my Moon at 13.55 Scorpio in the First house.
      Ameliorating angulations and a 23.23 Libra ascendant ( conjunct Spica ) aside
      my life path has led me into some dark, dark places and
      left me with wounds too deep to heal in this lifetime.

      Studying astrology has also saved me from giving up entirely, as has meeting another
      with deep wounds to match my own. Apart from this individual I find
      it impossible to be around others for very long.
      This hermeticism was not inherent at my birth.

      I loved socialising as a little child; it has been forced upon me by other’s violent abuse of
      my trusting and open nature. It continues to be reinforced
      by societal approval of such narcissistic amoral behaviour as long as it is by the ‘successful’
      as well as its pathologising of inconvenient remembering.
      A society with spiritual Alzheimers.

      This Winner bullying culture we try to survive in thrives upon victimising its victims.
      Consequently, I find all of our modern institutions and the mass media intensely toxic.

      Sean M, thank you for writing what you have.
      It helps alleviate the grief of an isolation created by what one writer
      has recently called civic murder.

  4. Natal Neptune in Scorpio just within orb in my first house, Neptune is also in grand trine with Merc in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces. Natal Jupiter conjunct IC (in touch with the Ancients) and not that it is to do with this but ky moon is conjunct the Poseidon point in 12th house. I can only but imagine how those with an exaxt conjunction would experience earthly life, must have been a huge challenge.

  5. I have Ascendant at 12.16 Scorpio (conjucting South Node). I’m not religious at all, a little bit interested in astrology and unusual… but often thinking out of the box, maybe that is my “magic” or my “cross” – depends on situation 😉

  6. Uranus 11 degree Scorpio, square Sun 10 Aquarius. I am astrologer, helrunar and philosopher. My occult name is Fixed Cross. Thanks for the article.

  7. Hi Jamie, this star definitely describes me (Pluto on Acrux), as does the other stars you mentioned; Venus conjunct Alkes and moon conjunct Al Pherg. Maybe these stars would explain why I have always felt like a pisces natured person. My north node is in Pisces and Ceres in Pisces. I’ve been told by spiritualists that I’m a healer and an empath.

    Could you mention some good books to read on this style of astrology (the way you’ve learnt it). Precession and the stars etc. I’m a visual learner, so I find it helpful to see charts, images etc.

    • The main astrology books I have used are the fixed star ones listed n the references on these fixed star pages. I also have a bigger list on the main fixed star page. You can find some nice big posters of the constellations. I found software great too but the technology is getting past me now. I only got my first computer about 8 years ago. Try Stellatium but there are others, even google sky.

  8. I’ve got Stellarium! I haven’t been on it for ages, I’ll have to get back on it again. I love books with beautiful pictures of constellations, galaxies and nebulae! I go into a world of my own, mesmerised by the majestic imagery. I used to have a telescope, but there’s too much light pollution where I live in the city. Is there any software available online that I can use to find out friends and family’s closest stars? Thanks, I’ll see if my local library has any of those books. Some of the most beautiful things I’ve seen is pictures of dust clouds, like The Eagle Nebula and The Carina Nebula. I find that when I stare at the stars at night, it calms me and if I’m ever upset about anything, they take away my pain – really!

    • The extended chart selection at now has a number of important fixed stars. Otherwise you will have to scan down the list of fixed stars which is not that hard. I use the Solar Fire software but you have to but it. Celestia is another great program better than Stellarium for spinning out to graphics.

      • Do the fixed stars also apply for the North Node, South Node, Lilith, Chiron and the Asteroids? I’m still learning. I haven’t worked with fixed stars before. It’s fascinating and a lot of fun!

        • Yes Katie, even Part of Fortune and possibly Vertex points. The more comments that build up over the years the better understanding we will get. I think Robson was an excellent astrologer but the language and morals of the age require some deciphering.

  9. Thanks, I’ll give it a go! Enjoy your weekend, don’t work too hard on your website! I know what it’s like, I run my own business on my own.

  10. Hi Jamie,

    I have Ceres and Dark Moon Lilith conjunct on Acrux in the 1st, while both being conjunct Pluto on Zubenelschemali and Ascendant on Zubenelgenubi. I personally see that the dominant-theme consists of combining the Scales (claws, in accordance with antiquity) effect-wise, and the Acrux-effect supports the theme; adding a flavor of an ‘unconventional martyrdom of a spiritual-craft’.

    Though, I’m still curious, as in what effect is to be considered separately when it comes to the Ceres and Dark Moon Lilith conjunction? It’s a grand-conjunction putting Pluto and the Ascendant in the equation, but if I’m able to make an in-detail analysis, how would that get processed?

    Thank you.

    • Marina is more of an expert of both Ceres and Lilith than I am. I understand Pluto fairly well, my eldest daughter has Pluto rising opposite Mercury, Saturn and North Node. I will be writing Pluto conjunct Ascendant natal and updating the transit in the next mo nth or two. Very difficult to give a brief description as I’m sure you understand.

  11. Acrux 1 degree conj my Midheaven. Does it show interest in astrology, numerology, oneirology and life after death? 🙂

      • Can’t believe I’m finding this reply only now!! Thank you!🙂 This conjunction is actually exact in my chart not at 1 degree, not sure how I misread that in my own chart, hah. Astrology was meant to appear in my path.

  12. Outstanding explanation. Check out the New Moon for Oct. 30, 2016. The star of Acrux rises above the luminaries and Mercury after Nov. 4, 2016. People with strong Scorpio placements may be greatly affected

  13. Great explanation. I have Acrux 1 degree conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. Other factors in my chart strongly point towards occult an spiritual awareness to say the least ( Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio, North Node in Pisces, Moon in 8th and Neptune in 12th house) and my SR chart plunged me head first into occult vocation as of last year. I am wondering if I could ever make a living out of astrology…or by healing ppl’s psychic wounds…

  14. I think Acrux is the brightest star in the constellation. It could be a magnitude 1 star. In the night sky in the naked eye it looks like a white star, but it is really a blue-white star. Gacrux is a red giant star. It looks reddish in the night sky in naked eye. There are other stars in this constellation like mimosa. The constellation Centaurus is near Crux.

  15. Just learnt about Acrux and note I have Acrux conjunct Neptune in my 12th house. Neptune has always felt a challenge because of squares to Venus and the moon (venus & moon conjunct) in 3rd. Can you tell me what Acrux will bring to this complex configuration. Will it help or hinder the square? Many thanks

  16. Thank you for writing about these beautiful stars. I habe Avrux conunct my Natal Venus 1 degree orb. What does it mean? ❤💜💙💛💚

    • I’m assuming you mean “Acrux”, you probably incorporate the influence of Acrux into relational areas in your life……

  17. My natal chart has a precisely partile Acrux/Jupiter conjunction (0°0’33”); fascinating to share that aspect with an astrologer who predicted the rise of Hitler! In my case, however, it’s not on the ascendant but on the nadir (conjunct @ 0°24′), which puts a bit of a twist on the idea of “ecclesiastical preferment”: less Church and more “summoned out” (from the Greek root “ekkalein”) to realize spiritual truths, including those embodied by Ecclesiastes—that is, to enjoy the simple pleasures (Taurus moon fully on board with that program!) in the face of the recognition that “all is vanity”, life a mere wisp, a soon extinguished flame (though also both corporeally—on an atomic level—and incorporeally eternal).

    In my early childhood, my parents became deeply religious, in some ways damagingly so, but also inadvertently exposing us to many iterations in their search for the “right fit” church (ultimately evangelical Christian), which led me to explore other spiritual traditions and come to the conclusion that the roads to spiritual enlightenment are infinite and individual. In the Taoist conception, “you will find the Way, and the Way will follow you”.

    The persecution and elemental wounds—familial, as such wounds usually are—were all bound up with a disapproving God/disappointed Jesus and the concept of original sin (which strikes me as an unhelpfully guilt-inducing framing of the concept of the “wound that never heals”).

    I’ve always been drawn to mystical aspects of spirituality and wary of doctrinal ones, and from an early age was fascinated by esoteric/occult practices like astrology and tarot—which were verboten, viewed with both fear and disdain in the parental household. However, middle-school slumber parties always revolved around experiments with levitation, ouija boards, past-life regressions, delving into sun-sign astrology, and elementary fortune-telling, perhaps in part because all my friends also had natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Of course my parents never knew about these activities—nor, decades later, do they know of my astrology and tarot studies, which seems very in keeping with with this conjunction’s midnight/IC “under the cover of darkness” placement.

  18. Thank you for yours, Jamie—and for germinating the seeds of that awareness! Given that I have several partile natal fixed star conjunctions, notably Sun/Spica (0°0’56”), Moon/Algol (0°19′), and mean SN/Regulus (0°33′) besides this one, your work on fixed star placements has been so helpful in uncovering new layers of meaning in my natal chart. I’m grateful to you for sharing your insights!

  19. Nice posts Elle. Accenture will need to fork Ethereum to Ellereum now. Enormous Alms cup filling here. You’re on a roll.

  20. Thanks, Paul—I confess to having only the foggiest idea of blockchain, but the word Ethereum brings to mind Philip Pullman’s fictional Magisterium, an all-powerful Church that seeks to separate children from their souls so as keep them “pure”—that is, free from “original sin,” so it all ties in nicely anyway. And your enormous Alms cup calls up a line from the 15th hexagram of the I Ching (Earth over Mountain/Humility) “It is the way of the universe to empty the full and fill the empty cup, to level the mountains and fill the valleys”. Or as the Grateful Dead had it, “Reach out your hand if your cup be empty / If your cup be full, may it be again.” My Libra Sun loves this universal law of balance 🙂

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