Deborah Houlding Horoscope

Deborah Houlding Horoscope

Deborah Houlding

Deborah Houlding astrology queen and one-time psychic, specializes in horary and traditional astrology. As well as a practicing astrologer, Deborah Houlding also teaches, lectures, authors books, and runs her classy website, Skyscript: Deborah Houlding’s Astrology Pages. A special interest is researching the works of early astrologers such as William Lilly, John Partridge and Ptolemy. Deborah Houlding has compiled an excellent resource for all astrologers, the most comprehensive list of free online astrology books at the Skyscript Study Library.

Skyscript also has interviews with other astrologers and in-depth articles by Deborah Houlding and many other top astrologers. One of my favourite Deborah Houlding astrology articles is Heavenly Imprints, where she explores the origins of the tropical zodiac most astrologers use today.

“In its beginnings the zodiac was a convenient celestial measuring device, unrelated to astrological activity…The problem of creating a fixed beginning to the zodiac really arose during the Classical period, when astrologers became as much philosophers as observers, more dependent upon mathematical divisions than direct observation of the stars…Firm astrological principles had been established during the rise of Hellenistic astrology, principles that were heavily dependent upon accepting the zodiac as the pivot around which astrology turned…The zodiac – the new, improved, mathematically designed tool of astronomical reference – so essential to the Classical world, was breaking apart from its philosophical and symbolic stem. It was tempting indeed to turn a blind eye, to let some other astrologer deal with it in some future generation when it really mattered.”

Deborah wrote that in 1997, and this topic keeps coming back stronger and stronger with more astrologers questioning the validity of the zodiac, trying to grapple with, or keep ignoring precession in astrology. That wonderful example of Deborah Houlding astrology insight really gets right to the core of the Greek Tragedy that traditional astrology has become, from a culture previously devoid of astrological knowledge, piecing together scraps they found around the place. Not surprising Hellenistic astrology took hold just decades after the feared and revered ancient masters of astrology, the Celtic Druids, were massacred at Menai.

Deborah Houlding Horoscope

Deborah Houlding Horoscope

The most important aspect in this chart is Sun trine Moon. This is important because it is the best of all aspects, it gives balance between the conscious and the subconscious. Another reason it is so important in this chart is because the orb is only 17′, making it the tightest aspect in the chart. This aspect also has an important effect on the Ascendant.

The two most important Arabic Parts are the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit. They are equally important though most chart programs only show the Part of Fortune. They are calculated by working out the distance from the Sun to the Moon and then either adding or subtracting that value from the Ascendant, depending on day or night birth.

When the Sun is trine the Moon, these Arabic Parts will both be trine the Ascendant, forming a grand trine. So the Sun trine Moon is a very special aspect. The Part of Fortune is the happiness of the soul, and the Part of Spirit is the future happiness of the soul. A wonderful balance of the Sun ego and Moon feeling with the Ascendant soul. I have seen this aspect manifest in other charts as a special gift for mediumship, psychic and intuitive healing.

“Houlding has a background of mediumship…Her psychic demonstrations have frequently been given at Stansted Hall, the renowned Arthur Finley Spiritualist College at Stansted, UK.” Deborah Houlding Astrology – Astro-Databank.

The fixed stars in the chart describe more how this talent works, which I’ll talk about now. The rising star is the alpha star of Argo, the Ship. Canopus “gives piety, conservatism, a wide and comprehensive knowledge, voyages and educational work, and changes evil to good.” Deborah has travelled the world, and still does, sharing her vast knowledge of traditional, conservative astrology. The Sun is on Zaurak, a Saturn natured star confirming the more traditional approach to astrology. The Moon is in constellation Crater, or the Christian Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is about searching for divine, or universal truths. I believe one of Deborah’s favourite book is Williams Lilly’s Christian Astrology.

The fixed Star Alkes “has always portended eminence to those born under its influence…Alkes can be a gift, something precious carried by an individual to pass down the generations of the family, like artistic, musical or psychic ability…Black Moon Lilith conjunct Moon is sheer priestess and occult ability at the highest level…They have an unconscious powerful sexuality always brimming under the surface, but it is concealed in an ice maiden casing. They do not think they are sexy in the slightest, but others are intrigued by their sultry and somewhat coy mystique.”

The Midheaven gives clues about the calling, or career. Jupiter conjunct Midheaven is all about philosophy, religion, higher learning, travel. This is plays out just as expected. Chiron conjunct Midheaven is a closer aspect. Chiron was “a great healer, astrologer, and respected oracle.” – Chiron – Wikipedia. In Celtic Christian Christianity, Chiron = JC, Lilith = MM.

Neptune trine Midheaven makes the calling philosophical, astrological and expressed as the oracle. A beneficial aspect from a beneficial star for such a career. Alphecca conjunct Neptune “writes on occult subjects.” Another star close by is also conjunct this Neptune by 28′. The brightest star in the Southern Cross, fixed star Acrux “is frequently prominent in the horoscopes of astrologers and occultists.”

I like how the planets and stars in this chart have played out so well. A very accurate description of this astrologer. Didn’t even need the traditional rules!

Source for Deborah Houlding horoscope: “Sy Scholfield quotes Houlding’s official website for her data and chart.” – Deborah Houlding Astrology – Astro-Databank.

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  1. thanks Neeti, it was amazing doing this chart, there was lots more i didn’t add. for example, saturn conjunct south node for the interest in traditional astrology and the history, the old texts. every step confirmed the last one. i think Deb is probably the top lady in astrology at the moment.

  2. Good one Jamie, I met Deborah in about 1998 at a five day Horary workshop that she ran. It was fantastic, she is a lovely person indeed. I was going through some profound transitions then and so was she. I like her Moon/Lilith trine Sun because that enables BML a positive and creative expression. My Moon-Lilith has required more working on.


  3. thanks Wroskopos, just about to check out your website. i’m not into horary astrology myself but i’m sure some psychic intuition would be very useful in that field. instead of using horary techniques, i prefer to use the time of the question as an event chart and look at the transits it makes to the natal chart. the internet makes this a very accurate method. when someone posts a question on a forum, or sends an email, you have the exact time, just need to ask where they posted the question. i’ve been getting good results with this method, very often the AC or vertex, part of fortune will conjunct something in the natal chart, and using that along with the lunations and other transits usually tells a good story.

  4. I had the pleasure of attending one of Deborah’s talks at an astrology workshop a couple of years back. She is delightful in person, a very genuine and sweet person. It’s not surprising at all to see that she has a tight Sun/Moon trine in earth.

  5. Hello

    Nice portrait!

    Pictures of astrologers are like photographer’s: we learn more about us.

    I really agree about precise aspect force(weal orb)

    Could i add about that Mars at twelve (culminating) in Aries…

    And what about Jupiter & Moon (the 2 “leaders” of her Cancer Ascendant) placed in opposite signs (Fish & Virgo):

    “logic & faith”… ?

    in her own interview, about her practice, and how she considers astrology
    she talks a lot about her difficult choice between material & spirit…

    Hopin’ i’m not boring


  6. Thanks for the link Tsilikat, It’s great to have her personal story to read along with her chart. Not boring at all!

  7. Hello

    Thank you for the “back up”

    My english as vell as my ways are not yet “regular”, with time, i should improve the style.. I hope (smile)

    I really appreciate your joint astrological work and “adventure”, across space… it’s even kind of romantic (and that’s a compliment from my point of view!)

    If you’re not against, i’d like to place a link towards your blog from mine.


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