Sun Trine Moon Natal and Transit

Sun Trine Moon Transit

Sun trine Moon maximum orb 8°00′.

Sun trine Moon natal gives a pleasant personality because your conscience and subconscious sides balance. You are well-liked, popular and attractive. But you likely value your privacy, even if you have a high public profile.

Your close relationships are usually successful and enduring. Even though you are more passive than aggressive, you still have an air of authority, with the ambition to get what you want. But at times, you may tend to put up with bad behavior and stay in a destructive relationship just to maintain harmony for the benefit of your family.

Quietly self-confident and gracious, you are also very talented. Yet you go about your business in a quiet rather than boastful manner. You should also have very accurate intuition and potential psychic ability. This is the best possible aspect in astrology. The trine is the most favorable planetary aspect, and the Sun and Moon are far stronger than any other planet. So you are a happy and friendly soul who can look forward to wonderful life experiences, success, and admiration.

Sun Trine Moon Transit

Sun trine Moon transit creates a more balanced emotional and home life, flowing and effortless. The feeling of peace and general well-being helps most areas of life run smoothly. This is the best of all transits to have in any horoscope. Your professional and private life should be harmonious and successful.

Making new friends and improving relationships with existing friends, partners and family is favored, especially among females. During this transit, women can also be an important influence for assistance and advice and help you understand your psychology.

This interpretation for Sun trine Moon transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon trine Moon.

Sun Trine Moon Celebrities

Arthur Conan Doyle 0°06′, Andy Warhol 0°07′, Gérard Encausse 0°07′, Jeffrey Wigand 0°11′, Bernadette Peters 0°11′, Albert Grzesinski 0°14′, Deborah Houlding 0°16′, John Herbert Quick 0°18′, Walter Alston 0°21′, Whitney Houston 0°23′, Alan Leo 0°26′, Emma Watson 0°27′, Holly Parker 0°27′, Georg von Peuerbach 0°29′, Richard Carpenter 0°32′, Bobby Womack 0°37′, Tammy Wynette 0°40′, Elizabeth Dole 0°40′, Molly Ringwald 0°44′, Claus von Stauffenberg 0°45′, Michael Moore 0°52′, Timothy Leary 1°04′, George Takei 1°05′, Gustav Doetsch 1°05′, Sheena Easton 1°15′, Baron Trump 1°16′, Benjamin Disraeli 1°19′, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 1°36′, Kevin Kline 1°40′, William Lilly 1°51′, Dan Rather 1°53′, Marie Curie 1°54′.

6 thoughts on “Sun Trine Moon Natal and Transit

  1. This is right on – I have this trine. The Moon for me is also closely conjunct Saturn in the 4th. I too stayed in a bad marriage for the sake of my family much too long. And yes – I would describe myself as quietly aggressive. I usually get what I want(except in that marriage!)

  2. My natal Moon is @14 Libra and my Sun is @6 Aquarius. My POF is @23Sagitarius and my ASC is @29 Leo.

  3. Hi Jamie! Do you find that when there is a Solar eclipse trine natal Moon in a man’s chart that they get married/engaged since moon represents the woman, mother, home in their chart? Also, from my observations with eclipses to planets, I find that the eclipses that I feel most are the ones that are in aspect to my personal planets and not so much felt with the outer planets, do you find that to be the case, too?

  4. Jamie, Sun and Moon Trine this coming Monday, August 20. The Sun is very near its place at last year’s August 21 eclipse. And of course, with a trine you look 120°, the Galactic Centre, where the moon will be, 27°Sag10′

    Do we get another exposé now?, with Galactic Centre/Saturn/Moon-Uranus-Sun grand trine, followed by full activation August 26 kite? What does the quiet, monied elite astrologers saying about messages from the GC? Can they share this with us? Check in the mail?

  5. sleeping beauty disire for the Trine who
    sacrafised his tres only to keep his secrets alive
    see for only he has the desire to try. You will die he says and prays, when you wake and realize the sacrifice you make you or me are part of the same entity you see… you will seek only if you no and you will no only when you sleep.
    We have been concioisly asleep. For reasons that are hard to speak. During 2019 slowly but steadily you will awake with a sensation of disbelief.
    Thank you my sleeping beauty.
    My everlasting love

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