Syrma Star – Iota Virgo

Syrma is at 03°48′ Scorpio with an orb of 1°10′
Fixed Star Syrma Astrology

Virgo Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Syrma on October 27

Fixed star Syrma, Iota Virginis, is a 2.4 magnitude star in the left shin of the Maiden, Virgo Constellation. The traditional name Syrma is from the Arabic سرما (تطريز (sirmā) which means train (of a garment).


28 ♎ 06
03 ♏ 09
03 ♏ 48
06 ♏ 57
11 ♏ 52

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Syrma Star Astrology

Fixed star Syrma, or Surma by its Greek titles, Al Ghafar by its more meaningful name in Arabic. The significance of this star and title lies firstly in the heavy personal responsibility which is implicit in the occult questing and acquisition of spiritual power seen in Khambalia and secondly in the Islamic concept of Istighafar (the act of seeking forgiveness from Allah).

Syrma Star, Iota Virginis []

Syrma Star, Iota Virginis []

Ghafar means to cover, to protect and to suppress. The longer word is a recognition that the greater our attainment of spiritual power, or indeed any power at all, since all is given to us by God, then the more serious are our lapses into error and sin, to which we remain prone, no matter what power, even the most spiritual, we attain. Some would rephrase that to say especially the most spiritual. [1]

Syrma is said to have been prominent in the charts of Mohammed and Moses. The Arabs considered this star as the most fortunate of their lunar stations. [2]

Constellation Virgo: Ptolemy makes the following observations; “The stars in the head of Virgo, and that at the top of the southern wing, operate like Mercury and somewhat like Mars: the other bright stars in the same wing, and those about the girdle, resemble Mercury in their influence, and also Venus, moderately . . . those at the points of the feet and at the bottom of the garments are like Mercury, and also Mars, moderately.” By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Gimel and the 3rd Tarot Trump “The Empress.” [1]

This constellation is indicative of an abundance in harvest and a fruitfulness of agriculture in general. But when prominent in the charts of eclipses it portends events concerning kings (heads of state) and in this regard can be an ill omen indeed. [2]

In astrology this constellation and Gemini were the House of Mercury. But usually, and far more appropriately, Virgo’s stars have been given over to the care of Ceres, her namesake, the long-time goddess of the harvest. For her astrological colors Virgo assumed black speckled with blue; and was thought of as governing the abdomen in the human body, but always as an unfortunate, sterile sign. The appearance of a comet within its borders implied many grievous ills to the female portion of the population. [3]

Syrma Star Conjunctions

Sun conjunct Syrma: Hillary Clinton 0°45′.

Neptune conjunct Syrma: Tony Abbott 0°30′.


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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