Fixed Star Princeps

Princeps at 03°09′ Scorpio has an orb of 1°40′
Fixed Star Princeps

Bootes Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Princeps on October 26

Fixed star Princeps, Delta Boötis, is a double star in the spear of the Herdsman or Plowman, Bootes Constellation.

Magtitude 3.48 + 7.81, spectral type G8 + G0, color yellow-white. This star is sometimes called Princeps, meaning prince or prime in Latin. The origin of this name is unclear, although it usually appears in an astrological context. [1]

δ, 3,5, pale yellow. This star does not appear to be named, but in China was part of Tseih Kung, the Seven Princes. [2]

Stellarium names this star Thiba. Lambda Boötis was given the name Aulad al Thiba.


24 ♎ 14
28 ♎ 06
03 ♏ 09
03 ♏ 48
06 ♏ 57

Fixed Star




Princeps Astrology

Fixed star Princeps has the spectral type G8, indicating the planetary nature of the Sun.

PRINCEPS. δ Boötis. A pale yellow star situated in the spear-shaft of Boötis. Of the nature of Mercury and Saturn. It gives a keen studious and profound mind with the ability for research. [3]

TSIEH KUNG. δ Boötis. A yellow giant star. Spectral class G4, 116 light years distant. This star gives the native a keen mentality, resourceful, somewhat of a fearful nature, conservative, studious. [4]

Princeps is another marker of our capacity to protect and be protected, but with a good hint of our role as Regent princes, and of the Crown that is ours for doing the job well. [5]

Princeps rules four inches below the navel. [6]

Constellation Boötes

According to Ptolemy the influence of the constellation is like that of Mercury and Saturn, though the star Arcturus is like Mars and Jupiter. It is said to give prosperity from work, strong desires, a tendency to excess, a fondness for rural pursuits, together with some liking for occultism. The Kabalists associate it with the Hebrew letter Teth and the 9th Tarot Trump, “The Hermit”. [3]

Delta Boötis, Princeps

Delta Boötis, Princeps [wikipedia]

Fixed Star Princeps Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Princeps: Good fortune but troubles, discontent and fear occasioned by own temerity rather than circumstances. [3]

Caitlyn Jenner 0°22′, Vladimir Putin 0°41′, Mel B 1°03′, Robin Williams 1°33′, David Berkowitz 1°35′.

Midheaven conjunct Princeps: Duke William of Cambridge 0°26′, Manuel Noriega 0°58′, Gwen Stefani 1°14′, Sirhan Sirhan 1°31′.

Descendant conjunct Princeps: Serena Williams 0°16′, Liza Minnelli 1°05′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Princeps: Giorgia Meloni 0°37′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Princeps: Courtney Love 0°42′, Drew Barrymore 0°46′ (and Uranus).

Sun conjunct Princeps: : High preferment in sports, religious matters, science, legal and government affairs. The native is very resourceful, has the ability to explore new and untried ideas, areas, successfully. These natives are ‘fence straddlers’, non committal until they are sure of what is in store for them, however, they can be outspoken when it suits their purpose or as a means to an end. Negatively they can create their own problems. [4]

Soko 0°01′ (and Pluto), Hillary Clinton 0°06′, Katy Perry 0°33′ (and Pluto), Pablo Picasso 1°13′.

Moon conjunct Princeps: The native has the ability to start from small beginnings and gain high perferment in business, legal and matters dealing with the public. These natives can overcome any obstacle. Some of these natives will have premonitions, not necessarily psychic ability. Preferment in foreign and legal matters. [4]

Mark Wahlberg 0°06′, Margot Robbie 1°10′.

Mercury conjunct Princeps: These natives are endowed with penetrating minds, this conjunction is good for gain. The native can be full of discontent, almost fearful, created by circumstances and resulting in situations that could create legal problems, and in some cases imprisonment. [4]

(1°00′ orb): These persons have an extremely keen and sensitive response to everything around them. They communicate on the extra-sensory level, and have those “gut” feelings that dominate their existence. They never make a mistake when following their feelings, and are usually in touch with these feelings even though they do not realize it. They can perceive and judge situations quickly when it is necessary to do so. No matter what information they wish to obtain, they know just how to locate the information they need. The one drawback here is that they are unable to explain just how they were able to get the information or material. It would do well for them to have a partner who can log exactly the method they used to obtain the information or material. These individuals would make excellent employees for research or investigation agencies, as they would enjoy that type of work. [6]

Charles Manson 0°45′, Joseph Goebbels 0°51′, Kamala Harris 1°11′, Carl Sagan 1°14′, Heinrich Himmler 1°21′.

Venus conjunct Princeps: These natives are generally quite placid, with little or no display of affection. They can become very well liked by their friends and acquaintances. Some of the more negative nativities are quite outspoken and eventually occur many small troubles. Domestic problems are possible. [4]

Bruce Lee 0°57′.

Mars conjunct Princeps: The native has a keen, subtle studious mind, often interested in affairs that lead to careers where they can make use of their leadership abilities. Domestic problems possible. [4]

(0°30′ orb): This planet distorts the sexuality of the person. They can be over-sexed or under-sexed depending on what planets aspect this point. This can sometimes be quite destructive as they are very much obsessed with sex for the sake of sex. These persons use objects to excite themselves in many different ways, causing many injuries to themselves as they do not know when to stop. They are obsessed with the genital area even though they may not have an intimate relationship with anyone. This affects both men and women, and their obsession would bring difficulties with others who are close to them. This is a karmic position, for in a prior life, they abused others, and now they are abusing themselves. [6]

Ben Shapiro 0°30′ (and Pluto), Kurt Cobain 0°53′, John Wayne Bobbitt 0°54′, Marilyn Manson 1°19′.

Jupiter conjunct Princeps: High preferment in matters dealing with the public, however, if Jupiter is adversely aspected to Saturn these natives never aim quite high enough and any problems are brought on by their actions or lack of actions. [4]

MacKenzie Scott 0°06′, Ernest Hemingway 0°34′, Nancy Spungen 1°07′, Martin Luther 1°26′ (and S.Node), Ellen DeGeneres 1°31′.

Saturn conjunct Princeps: Mark Twain 0°00′, Amy Winehouse 0°58′.

Uranus conjunct Princeps: Drew Barrymore 0°28′ (and POF), Alexei Navalny 0°45′, Erwin Rommel 1°26′, Sarah Paulson 1°26′.

Neptune conjunct Princeps: Tim Burton 0°04′, Tony Abbott 0°07′, Prince 0°14′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 0°51′.

Pluto conjunct Princeps: Katy Perry 0°50′ (and Sun), Lana Del Rey o°54′, LeBron James 1°23′, Soko 1°40′ (and Sun).

North Node conjunct Princeps: Nancy Spungen 0°15′.

South Node conjunct Princeps: Clint Eastwood 0°01′, Joe Rogan 1°08′, Martin Luther 1°25′ (and Jupiter), Anton LaVey 1°36′, Charles III 1°30′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

24 thoughts on “Fixed Star Princeps

  1. Why am I not surprised, I was researching this Star, googled it and your page was on the top. Someday people will realize that the heavens influence our life. Take care Jamie, you are the best!!

  2. Venus conjunct princeps, opposite moon in Taurus conjunct sedna.

    Moon is the apex of a tight yod between Mercury & Pluto in libra and Neptune in sag. Makes venus the boomerang yod

    All confusing to piece together

    • Sure is Richy, Just take it step by step when working on a yod. Start at fully understanding your Mercury Pluto conjunction then the sextile. End up finally at Venus which is where you express all those intense emotions. How you love yourself and others.

    • That’s an interesting one Melissa. I wold expect very caring and loyal and, given the description for Mars perhaps some kinkiness, not sure about that though. Would be good for you to come back at some stage and give some feedback.

      • Thanks for the input. Caring and loyal, yes. Kinkiness, not so, perhaps because of my generation. I was born 9/10/1946 at 9:20 a.m. in Ashtabula, Ohio. Been married six times so I do have trouble maintaining a relationship. Guess I was born too independent. Have a great day.

  3. This must be my sun star, as my sun in Scorpio is just about in orb to this star. Izar seems to be out of orb. I was starting to think that I didn’t have a sun star. With the rate of precession, it makes my sun approx 1.44 degrees Scorpio.

    • I’m very much into research – that’s why I usually go to bed late! I’m often up till late doing any kind of research that interests me. I’m also very protective – I don’t know if this star means that the individual is protective or/and protected. I’m protective over family, friends and animals. I would say that I’m studious, as I love learning and absorbing new knowledge. I have a need for mental stimulation. I haven’t got the patience to hang about in the company of a person who hasn’t got much to say. I think this star could also mean that the Princeps individual loves other people with a profound and interesting/knowledgeable mind. Like attracts like.

    • Yes this star is within orb. To correct for precession you just need to add 0°10′ to your planets.

  4. I have a peregrine Mars conjunct Princeps and sex is a form of emotional and spiritual intimacy with another in my eyes. The above description reminds me of a scene from the exorcist movie, it does not seem to be a description that I can relate to. Maybe sex is a symbolism, possibly for another meaning?

    • Good to hear from you about this interpretation. I’m sure other with Mars hear will welcome it too. The more comments the better because it is rare that authors actually have these conjunctions themselves.

  5. Hi pablo then maybe you want a deep transformation of the world and play a leading role with that. Maybe….

  6. Pedro – This star seems to be good for leaders but with hints to plutocratic, manipulative and hidden agenda behaviour (Clinton, Putin, Noriega). Together with pluto at your midheaven you have to be careful not to misuse political power i would say…

  7. Is there any particular influence of Pluto conjunct Princeps? There’s nothing above for Pluto, just celebs. Thanks

    • Hi Russell. I have included all the planetary conjunction that have been written about. I am adding celebrities to help someone in the future add more interpretations, or me if I have time.

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