Joe Biden Horoscope

Joe Biden AstrologyThis Joe Biden horoscope reading is non partisan, politically and otherwise unbiased. The birth data for the Joe Biden astrology chart is rated A, from Astro Databank: Joe Biden. He was born on November 20, 1942 at 8:30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden was born with the Sun and Venus rising so he is charming and popular with the leadership potential to be president. He makes a strong impression on others but with Uranus setting, he can stir up a lot of opposition. Overall, he has good aspects for a politician but some of the fixed stars indicate misfortune and a nasty steak just below the surface.

Joe Biden Astrology Chart

Joe Biden Horoscope

Joe Biden Astrology Chart

Joe Biden Horoscope Reading

This Joe Biden astrology reading is based on fixed star conjunctions and planetary aspects. I do not use houses or signs in my readings, or any of the traditional, or horoscopic astrology rules that are based on those imaginary divisions.


Ascendant conjunct fixed star Acrab (0°48′): Riches and preferment attended by danger, violence, trouble, sickness, benefits seldom last. Acrab causes extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness, repulsiveness, malice, theft, crime, pestilence, and contagious diseases. There will be difficulties, impediments, or loss.

Uranus opposite Ascendant (0°25′) is the tightest aspect in the Joe Biden horoscope. It makes his relationships exciting, unusual or controversial in some way. He may be attracted to independent types of people because he prefers his own personal freedom. Joe may prefer to associate with eccentric, progressive or unorthodox people.

Joe may have more than one marriage because his relationships can be a source of anxiety and stress with unexpected surprises, separations, erratic behavior, and arguments. But he can have a fulfilling long-lasting relationship with the right person because Neptune sextile Ascendant adds harmony to this erratic influence. Unorthodox relationships with unusual partners can cause friction within his family or gossip in your community.

Neptune sextile Ascendant (1°40′) makes Joe Biden sensitive to others, to their needs and desires. He will go out of his way to help his loved ones because he can empathize with them. Joe is very intuitive or psychic and sees things others do not.

He should have a strong interest in religion, mysteries, science fiction, fantasies, spirituality or occult subjects. Joe should also have a great imagination and dream life, and have creative or artistic gifts. He will meet sensitive and spiritually minded people throughout his life.

Uranus trine Neptune (1°15′) makes Joe Biden a free-thinking and open-minded person. He is not bound by tradition or dogma which makes him highly creative and innovative. Joe is a creative genius and finds new ways of doing things through flashes of insight, experimentation, and inspiration.

This is another influence in the Joe Biden horoscope that gives psychic ability and a vivid imagination and dream life. And like Neptune sextile Ascendant, it gives an interest in spirituality and religion. Science, art, and psychology may also hold a particular attraction.

Denial of human rights and individual freedoms are particularly upsetting for Joe. This humanist outlook on life could lead to social activism or involvement with groups of like-minded people. With optimism about the future, he inspires many more people to bring about political, cultural and environmental change.

Sun and Venus

Fixed star Toliman conjunct Sun (1°11′) and Venus (0°11′) gives beneficence, friends, enthusiasm, refinement and a position of honor and power. However, relationships with females often seem spoiled, or an existing happy relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances.

Sun conjunct Toliman: Envious, self-centered, slow but fairly successful progress, many enemies, loss of inheritance.

Venus conjunct Toliman: Popular, artistic and musical abilities, benefits from friends, danger from love affairs.

Sun conjunct Venus (0°59′) is the strongest influence in the Joe Biden astrology chart, personifying love, peace, and beauty. It makes him an affectionate and refined person with a rich social life who loves entertaining and amusements. He is more of a lover than a fighter, and dislike threatening or ugly people and environments.

This conjunction makes Joe Biden attractive, compassionate, sympathetic and popular. He also appreciates the importance of good food, exercise, and a healthy diet. His charming and charismatic nature means he can easily make friends and can even win over enemies. Marriage and other partnerships play an integral part in his life.

However, his desire for peace and harmony means he can sometimes compromise too much in order to keep the peace. He could also have a tendency to sugar coat unpleasant realities. Joe Biden has good money handling skills and should enjoy a life of relative comfort if not wealth.

Sun conjunct Ascendant (5°37′) gives the qualities necessary to be the president. Being born at sunrise gets Joe noticed. The brightness of his personality gives him a commanding presence. Joe makes a very strong impression on others without even trying.

The Sun rising in the Joe Biden horoscope makes him fully aware of his importance and of his personal power and influence. But if this power is not handled well it can result in excessive pride and arrogance.

Joe may feel he has an important role to play in life. It is very like that he will be a leader or authority in his chosen field. He is a winner and people want to be associated with him.

Venus conjunct Ascendant (4°38′) gives a beautiful body and soul. Like the Sun conjunct Venus, it makes Joe attractive, sociable, popular and wealthy and very affectionate. He needs to love and be loved.

Also like Sun-Venus conjunction, Venus rising makes Joe sociable, popular and wealthy. He promotes peace and equality while rejecting aggression and chaos. This aspect makes Joe a great diplomat and negotiator. Partnerships bring out his best, whether in marriage or business.

Sun trine Jupiter (2°25′) makes Joe a lucky, generous, exuberant, enthusiastic and happy person. He should be very comfortable if not wealthy and have more than he needs. Joe may think he is on a spiritual mission and he would make an inspiring teacher.

But this aspect can indicate a tendency toward excess and feelings of helplessness in times of hardship. He could also be too generous for his own good but Joe generally gets away with taking risks, showing off and embarrassing himself. People simply like this guy and will often offer him help and always be forgiving.

Venus trine Jupiter (3°25′) can bring a life of ease and comfort earned through previous incarnations of loving service. This is the most fortunate of a number of lucky aspect in the Joe Biden astrology chart. It can also lessen any hardships and bring love and joy to his life. Ease in showing love and affection is a sign of his self-love and self-respect.

Honesty, loyalty and good morals earn him popularity and a good name. There is a genuine depth to his charismatic appeal. Joe is sincere about helping others and would find a lot of satisfaction serving others. He fits in well to any group and can be very effective in driving the overall success of common goals.

Sun opposite Uranus (5°12′) can cause nervousness and tension which often arises from an unsettling upbringing full of change and uncertainty. The result can be a reactionary or rebellious nature, with a difficult polarity to overcome.

Being impulsive, outspoken, eccentric or abrupt means he has to deal with the consequences like the strong reactions from the people he upset. These negative reactions from others can also be due to egotism, or simply unorthodox self-expression. He may also be prone to mistakes, accidents or spasms.

Venus opposite Uranus (4°13′) indicates an unusual love life, unexpected separations and more than one marriage. Joe needs a lot of stimulation and excitement in relationships, and also needs to feel free enough to be himself.

Flirting and a general lack of self control in showing love and affection can lead to upsetting events and complicated dramas. Financial windfalls are possible but there may also be unexpected losses.

Sun sextile Neptune (3°57′) gives a vivid imagination and inspired creativity. Joe is highly sensitive to his environment and this is the third aspect in the Joe Biden horoscope that indicates psychic ability or at least a very strong intuition.

Joe is able to connect in a spiritual way to individuals and groups of people. He should be well-liked for his charitable and caring nature. This is because Joe is genuine and open in the way he expresses himself, and he tries to maintain high ethical standards and idealism.

Venus sextile Neptune (2°57′) makes Joe Biden a passionate, romantic and sensual person. This is yet another aspect that makes him good-looking, charming and popular. He should very affectionate, loving, tender in his intimate relationships.

Joe’s selfless and compassionate nature makes attracts him groups or causes with the goal of helping those in need. He is especially sensitive to those things which harm other people or any living thing. Wars, disasters, famine, and cruelty would be very upsetting to him. This is just one more aspect that makes Joe Biden a visionary and very intuitive if not psychic.


Moon conjunct fixed star Mira (0°15′) brings failures, fiascoes and enmity, especially with Saturn transits, when melancholy will then appear.

Moon quincunx Ascendant (2°12′) suggests Joe can sometimes put his own emotional needs behind those of others. This aspect also creates an imbalance between the image he projects and his true inner feelings. This makes it hard for people to understand him sometimes.

Moon quincunx Venus (2°25′) creates an imbalance between Joe’s need for emotional support and his need for love. A similar thing happens with how he loves and cares for his loved ones. There could be love but emotional coldness, or plenty of emotional support with little love.

Moon quincunx Neptune (0°31′) is the second tightest aspect in the Joe Biden astrology chart and it reinforces the theme of extreme emotional sensitivity. Problems arise due to an inability to filter out psychic information. Joe cannot cope with too many feelings at once or conflicting feelings.

Oversensitivity can lead to confusion and a lack of trust in his own instincts. This can result in emotional stress or tension which can make him appear highly strung, edgy or neurotic.


Mercury conjunct fixed star Unukalhai (0°16′): Dishonorable, accused of forgery or theft of papers, ill-health, narrow escapes, danger of bites from poisonous animals. Unukalhai gives immorality, accidents, violence, and danger of poison. It can cause chronic diseases, which are not easily detected, resulting in a weakened state of health, and operations may be necessary.

Mercury trine Jupiter (3°35′) gives a broad outlook with a wide and comprehensive knowledge. His positive attitude and generosity make him fun to be around. Joe should have a logical viewpoint, mental agility, and wide-ranging views. His business acumen can make him very wealthy.

This aspect also gives a progressive and generous nature. Freedom of speech and other human rights are important to him. Joe Biden can be flamboyant, forceful and even intense in communicating his ideas. This is a good aspect for a politician.


Mars conjunct fixed star Alphecca (1°06′): Active mind, better writer than speaker. Alphecca gives honor, dignity and poetical and artistic ability.

Mars quincunx Saturn (2°38′) represents a conflict between Joe’s sense of responsibility and his desire to fulfill his own needs. This leads to an inner struggle that may keep him from acting decisively. Because of this internal struggle, Joe Biden can become irritable and resentful about seemingly little. A build-up of anger and frustration can lead to outbursts of aggression.


Jupiter conjunct fixed star Procyon (0°08′): Many journeys, trouble through relatives and the Church or law, help from friends. Procyon gives good fortune, wealth, will-power, drive, a good sharp mind, and the ability to put thoughts and plans into action.

But Procyon also makes people hasty, jealous and pig-headed with a tendency to a hot temper and impudence. Rise and success are found with it, but fall from high position later is possible.


Saturn conjunct fixed star Aldebaran (0°57′): Great afflictions, strange mind, great wickedness, sarcasm, eloquence, good memory, studious and retiring nature, legal abilities, domestic and material success, losses through mercurial friends.

Aldebaran is eminently fortunate, portending riches, honor, intelligence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting and there is also the danger of violence and sickness.

Saturn sextile Pluto (2°43′) gives a steely determination and endurance . It gives Joe an amazing ability to focus on a particular project and see it to completion. He has a systematic approach to life, with strict regimes and structures in place to keep up order and a sense of security.

This aspect gives incredible endurance and recuperative powers. This allows Joe Biden to face any challenge or crisis head-on and be a source of strength for others. Respect and high recognition come from his achievements. He also has managerial and leadership skills for big business and government.


Pluto conjunct fixed star Asellus Borealis (0°29′) is a generally positive influence giving martial preferment, patience, care, and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature. It gives the courage to be a heroic and defiant leader. However, it also gives danger of violent death, serious accidents, and burns, burning fevers, bad eyes, the blindness of the left eye, quarrels, slander from low women or vulgar persons, and danger by large animals.

These people can have an aggressive nature, and will not take insults easily. They may, by their own lack of caution or by being dare-devils, put their life in danger, and will not hesitate to use brutal and violent means. But if aggression can be sublimated, an extraordinary output of achievement is possible. A capacity for cooperation with others is the secret to success.


Midheaven conjunct fixed star Denebola (0°54′) gives swift judgment, despair, regrets, public disgrace, misfortune from the elements of nature, and happiness turned to anger and makes its natives noble, daring, self-controlled, generous and busy with other people’s affairs.

Mercury sextile Midheaven (1°37′) makes Joe intelligent, free-thinking and curious. Open channels of communication between Joe and his parents and teachers helped him learn all he could from them. And just as his ideas and opinions were heavily influenced by those above him, he now mentors and influences others.

Important and influential people assist and guide Joe in his career. This aspect also means he travels a lot in his career. It should give him good communication and improvisational skills with a talent for languages, negotiation, writing, journalism, and politics.

Thanks to this aspect, Joe presents well in public and should enjoy the respect of his peers and a good reputation. It has helped him develop his own unique style and leave a positive impression on many people.

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    • In the past, Joe Biden did not vote to let Vietnamese political refugees and Vietnamese Boat people to take refuge in the US after the fall of Saigon. He does not have a heart, he is sick.

  1. Joe Biden has the personality of a Sun and Venus in the 1st house. In this chart you’re using, he has no major planets in angular houses. I think he’s Scorpio rising, ruling planet Pluto in Leo.

  2. Hi…this comment is more of a question. And it relates to our current global health crisis. I looked at Italy’s national chart. Is the fact that it’s Venus and Saturn in Capricorn a factor in how the virus has affected their general population? I’m a novice in astrology so my inquiry could be totally off base. Thanks.

    • no . he has sun opposite uranus. even demented , he would be preferable to any other running. this chart reading confirms that for me. presidential. we could use some of that. a truly decent compassionate human being . i’m waiting for his book.

  3. My take on it as well is that he has scorpio rising… 1st decan, likely either 1 degree or 9 dregees.

  4. i like Joe Biden but I don”t think he thinks clearly enough to be the leader of the USA or any other country.
    Thank you for sharing Joe’s chart and your knowledgable analysis of it, Jamie.

  5. Jamie – last time your prediction was that Donald Trump would not be President- what happened? Just wondering. I am not an American voter but remembered your prediction in an email you had sent right before the election results.

    • well, i’m not even sure God knew Trump would be elected the shock of the century…unbelievable. no hillary fan, myself .but still…. how could anybody vote for him after he attempted to humiliate that disabled reporter? a stain on the soul of our “christian nation”…….

      • It was very obvious he was going to win if you put your ear to the ground and listened to America’s Heartland.

  6. Oh sure, this is non-partisan. If you have to make that kind of disclaimer, Jamie .. then its obvious what this is, is a Ad for Biden. How come no Sun in the 10th House, genius? You just ruined the last ounce of your credibility. What a Joke you are!

    • hey, I’m watching through the camera! I see the smile on her face, that woman Hilary! She is glowing, surrounded by her sisters, while that boy is positioned too close. I’m going to March down from the bar office, and evict! Please, if you must grope, take it to a room!! I am jealous, and so are the single women that aren’t getting any.

    • Jamie did a horoscope reading for Trump during the last election and was more fond of Trump despite predicting the election wrong.
      I think your bias is showing.

      • Don’t forget that Hillary got many more votes than Trump.
        Are you sure the bias doesn’t lie in your reading, rather than Jamie’s writing? While Jamie tends not to emphasise the negative, he doesn’t ignore it by any means.
        It’s becoming more and more difficult to know who Trump really is because he’s hiding behind this firestorm of ridiculous tweets.

        • What I’m saying is that despite Jamie liking Trump, he was fair and made the most educated guess.

          It’s true Hillary did win the popular vote, she did not win the presidency.

        • How to win a popular vote (in a nutshell) :

          1. Go to the most populated states.
          2. Make people government dependent.
          3. Do not take care of said government.
          4. Create a crisis through inaction.
          5. Tell them you will fix it if you had more money.
          6. Blame the other side.
          7. Don’t fix anything when you receive money.
          8. Rinse and repeat.

          You will find this information on your favorite news network. (3rd eye not needed)

          • Please enter the political area and change things that you don’t like.

  7. lol *You* did!
    “Although politically unbiased, by reading the articles about the candidates you can see I wrote more favorably about Donald Trump. This was simply because after interpreting their horoscopes, I personally liked Donald while I thought Hillary was a nasty piece of work.”

      • This Astrology reading for Joe Biden should be deleted. This day 45 years ago – Commemorating Black April (The Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975). Joe Biden did not vote to let Vietnamese political refugees and Vietnamese Boat people to take refuge I. The US after the The Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975.

  8. Same yod

    Joe Biden natal
    Age of Aquarius progressed

    Very close to the same placement, Neptune sextile Venus, Apex moon.

    Coincidence? No

    Since the Age of Aqr chart Jan 12/96, progressed, explains so well the times we live in, it makes sense to me that Joe would be elevated here and serve as an archetype.

    • The Groper, natal:

      Moon at 00Ari59,
      Venus at 28Sco33

      Keep your social distance, eh?
      This is a tough time for Liberals, which Joe is one
      Gotta make adjustments; move hands from ass, to liquidity hoard:

      Age of Aqr, prog: (at Easter, April 12, 2020)

      Moon at 26Leo32
      Venus at 25Pis51

      Age of Aqr, prog: (at Summer Solstice-Eclipse-Cosmogenesis)

      Moon at 28Leo52
      Venus at 26Pis04

      The exact Age of Aqr Moon-Venus prog Quincunx?

      20 March 2020

      Mentioned already, and worthy of a Spring 2020 solar ingress rectification.

      • 00Tau59, Joe Biden’s natal Moon

        In Cosmogenesis, The Astrology of the Summer Solstice eclipse, June 21, 2020, the sequence starts in Taurus.

        I keep seeing Guadalcanal, the military campaign, the period in which he’s born. When I was young, those stories were real.There must be a parallel with this in outer space. That whole Solomon Islands thing, a passage, like a tunnel, and there’s a fight over it.

        • The ultimate Guadalcanal movie is Thin Red Line, starring Sean Penn. I’m not trying to glorify war here. There is a pattern to opening the tunnel. First you go in, and lose your memory. Later… I am here to help you find it when you come out.

    • So, it is now revealed. Joe has the “Pandemic Yod” in his natal chart. As his selection to run in the election, is clearly an acknowledgement of the trinity charts (Joe the Pandemic archetype), the first chart in particular, Age of Aqr, progressed.

      Study Joe’s Venus-Neptune sextile, Moon quincunx Venus, and Moon quincunx Neptune to get a personal feel of a pandemic on an individual level. To better gauge the Pandemic itself, the Age of Aqr “Pandemic Yod” is worthy of a lengthy article. WHO will write it? Any takers? Note how loaded the sextile with Mars at the fulcrum. Souldiers, I’ve mentioned this yod starting with Saturn quincunx Moon, as it manifest in my conscious, December 2019.

  9. Hey Jamie. Are you making any predictions on the upcoming presidential election?

    Looking forward to your prediction. The only thing I can for sure is the US is a mess at this time. During the COVID response, I heard a lot of Republicans beginning to dissent and lean toward Biden. During the Black Lives Matter protests and riots, I have heard Democrats say they are voting for Trump and some of the Independents and moderates leaning toward Trump. It definitely isn’t boring here in the states.

    As for me, I have not yet decided if the glass is half empty or half full.

    • Yes I will do that Lynn. I have had a look at some charts and it is certainly not black and white.

  10. There is no Venus Quincunx Neptune thread, or else this post would go there.

    On April 30 earlier this year the Democrat VP selection committee was formed. The link below is the Heliocentric (Tropical) view with November 2, 2020 transit (hello Jupiter/Saturn conjunction)

    Note the virtually exact Sun/Moon opposition transit, and how the anticipated selection of the Candidate, on or about July 31, forms the ‘progressed’ t-square.

  11. More properly, the selection of the VP marks the midpoint between the forming of the selection committee and the day of the USA election.

  12. “Joe Biden is not expected to pick a running mate until at least Aug. 10. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee had previously said he expected to name someone to the job by the first of the month.” NYPost

  13. 45 years is a long time – long enough to change one’s mind more than once, or to become educated on more than one issue. Deleting this reading will change precisely nothing.
    Except for occasional lapses into vagueness, Joe Biden looks like a good candidate to me. He does come across as a bit too touchy-feely, though. I wonder if he’s ever crossed the line into harassment?

  14. Jamie! You need to sort out your web hosts! For a while now, replies are not appearing anywhere NEAR the comments they’re addressing.

  15. You’d be safer in the room alone with Bernie Sanders, Char. Looking at his chart, it would be different when Mars Rx tho, and we know political surprises lurk around this period in the President cycle. So i’d say it’s ok to sit on the couch with Joe, he would make the adjustment, and stay on his side at the Mars Rx.

  16. His chart show, that his Sun, Mercury and Venus are located in the 12th House, sneaky and cannot be trusted. He gets a free ride of other peoples back…..

  17. When I look at election day there are no exciting progressions in Bidens horoscope. Nothing very positive. In transit sun conjunct mars. In Trumps horoscope solar arc Pluto sextile Moon. His big Uranus-AC progression is a year later. For the election I would put my money on Trump. I’m sure more people will notice that Biden is losing it.

  18. It seems, that Biden is losing his marbles…he babbles a lot, cannot not get a complete sentence out his mouth, heis mind strays and wonders what to say….he should get out of politics….and he should take AOC, with him, that’s another fool….

  19. Biden has always been an upstanding politician and who has gone through several tragedies. He’s lost a son.. However, Biden still strives to do what’s best for the common people and does not rally to the rich but is a democrat who will do whats ‘best in a democracy. I believe Biden will win the election in November 2020.

  20. Not so VERY long ago, I would have said that there couldn’t POSSIBLY EVER be a worse president than Trump… then along came Kanye (just saying…)

  21. I’m not an American, perhaps honorary American, by language, culture and geographic proximity. An American on the margin would be a better discription. Mr. West is familiar with the intelligence on the Banana, which is really what his run communicates, especially to his piers who are penetrating the inner circles.

  22. (CNN) August 12, 2020.
    Sen. Kamala Harris laid out the Democratic case against President Donald Trump in her first speech as Joe Biden’s running mate Wednesday, arguing that Trump isn’t “up to the job.”
    Harris and Biden appeared together for the first time in Delaware, the day after Biden chose the California Democrat as his running mate, making history as the first Black woman and first person of Indian descent to join a major political party’s ticket.
    In the speech, Harris sharply criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, comparing the lives lost to Ebola, in which two Americans died, during former President Barack Obama and Biden’s administration. She also lambasted Trump’s handling of the economic fallout caused by the crisis.
    “He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground,” she said of Trump.
    “This is what happens when we elect a guy who just isn’t up for the job,” Harris said. “Our country ends in tatters and so does our reputation around the world.”
    The two speeches — first Biden, then Harris — served as introductions to the new Democratic ticket. But they also offered a preview of how Biden, Harris and their surrogates will attack Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s time in office during next week’s virtual Democratic National Convention and in the sprint to November’s general election that follows.
    Before introducing Harris, Biden said the election poses moral questions that Americans must answer.
    “Who are we as a nation?” Biden said. “What do we stand for? And most importantly, what do we want to be?”


    12-Aug-2020 026°,02’23 Virgo Nep 120 mutual C-11

    Joe Biden.

    12-Aug-2020 015°,34’02 Aquarius Sun 180 AR10
    AR10 = arabic part illness : Asc + Sat – Mars

    Kamala Harris.
    12-Aug-2020 000°,27’26 Taurus MC 135 Plu

  23. “Keep believing in crap…..because that’s what he is…”

    Biden? West? Both?

    Jamie has thread structure disabled? Add more detail to your ReAcTiOnS. Until we get over the hump, presumably, higher ground.

  24. Biden is just a prop. Kamala is who you are voting for and she definitely is not what you described.

  25. Joe Biden speech, published Aug 2, 2020,

    “America is an idea, an idea stronger than any army.
    More powerful than any dictator or tyrant. It gives hope
    In this nation we believe in honesty, decency, treating everyone with respect.
    Giving everyone a fair shot, leaving nobody behind.
    Giving hate no safe harbor.
    Leading by the power of our example,
    Not by the example of our power.
    That’s allowed us to stand as a beacon to the world.
    Being part of something bigger than ourselves.
    It’s a code, a uniquely American code.
    The most powerful idea in the history of the world.
    The American creed, that we’re all created equal
    I think beats in the heart of the people in this country”

  26. In the Indian descent mentioned here of Kamala: are you speaking of native Indian; or from India? I am a little bit concerned about Joe’s age as he will be 78 in November. Perhaps because I grew up with younger presidents such as JFK and the Clintons… I am 74 myself. If he served two terms he would have to live until he was 86, which most people don’t…

  27. Her lndian descent is from lndia; her grandparents lived in Chennai when she was a child. Her maternal grandfather was of Sri Lankan heritage who served in various positions in lndian government.

    Which brings up an interesting point: given that half of her heritage, it might be illuminating to see an lndian horoscope for her as well as a Western one.

  28. He is too old to be running for president….
    If they win, he will die within one year, and we will have the the first Indian decent woman president….
    But will not happen…..just a thought….

  29. Check out the eclipse on Nov.19, 2021 at 27 degrees in Taurus.. It opposes his 12th house planets. On May 16, 2022 the Lunar Total eclipse in Scorpio at 25 degrees conjoins the same 12th house planets.

    In addition, the inauguration chart is very unusual.

  30. Nice work Lynn.

    I heard it is being called A Miracle Joe was found to have the Prog Age of Aqr pandemic Yod in his natal chart…. This election has gone into the twilight zone, or done the rabbit hole, if you prefer.

  31. Have you done the chart for Trump’s third term? If you really believe he’s astrologically superior, you’d have that finished for future comments.

  32. Gersh, you doing Kamala’s birth chart would go like this: crap square crap in the house of crap. Nobody wants to read your crap.
    Elle, a vedic chart for Kamala is a great idea.
    Gerald, the thread reply is indeed malfunctioning. My first reply above was for you.

  33. you should read my crap Jim, since you love reading crap, well my crap is no different than your crap, if you want to go there…

  34. Joe Biden is a man who always have an independent intellectual. His life analysis done by you tells us many things but the most important is how planets position affect our life.

    On the basis of these planetary positions our life can also be predicted to some extent. There are many websites out there which can give you free horoscope predictions of your life on yearly and monthly basis, even on daily basis. I am using such a website to check on my life predictions every morning.

  35. Thanks Gerald. Last post I saw from you said it wasn’t an election prediction. Want to call this one?

    Been waiting patiently for Jamie’s prediction. It looks to be quite complicated. Mercury stations the same day as the election. However, this is a bit different than the Gore/Bush election.

    Personally, I am in pain due to all the happenings in the US.

  36. No prediction on Trump – Biden, sorry. This is a strange election for me. The country seems too big to govern given its diversity.

    I mentioned to a woman, her name was Thalia. During the period just after the last election and before the inaugaration, I said to her, it felt like a one term Presidency.
    The madness of our love poetry surprised me.

    Natal geocentric
    23 Thalia 00Aqr35
    Saturn 00Aqr57

    My friend Thalia was a Sagittarian.

    If you are in pain, try an opioid.

  37. No opioids. Thanks. Neptune in my chart says no drugs. Don’t think drugs would help anyway.

    Thalia – “the joyous, the flourishing”.
    Daughter of Zeus and goddess presiding over idyllic poetry.

  38. Thalia, the muse of Comedy

    The duct taped banana is humorous this way. Attach a value to it, and it’s sweetbread or sourdough, depending if you got the memo, or not.

  39. I do not believe you are correct. I am not a real astrologer but I do know about the Law of Karma and in my mind with Pluto in Capricorn, and Bidon being a Scorpio, I believe Bidon is going to make Trump pay some dues. Trump is a liar in many ways and I would not ever trust him when it comes to doing the right thing.

  40. “…slander from low women or vulgar persons, and danger by large animals.” You go boy

  41. You must not have a good understanding of the 12th house or how to look at a chart in whole. 12th house planets are making a sextile to neptune, natural ruler of the 12th.

  42. What I’m missing in the analysis is that venus is in detriment in scorpio, also burned by the sun. So it is weak, it even weakens the sun. The way I see him is as a nice person (too many trines and sextiles) but not as a strong person. A bit like Gerald Ford in the old days. For a person with “original ideas” he didn’t show us anything during the campaign. He laid low and let Trump make the mistakes and then try to stab him like a real scorpio, which did not succeed completely. He should be cooking for his family with that Ceres on the IC. His moon is his strongest planet because it is in 0 degrees, but it is also apex of a YOD. What I often see with planets in 0 degrees is initial success (they fanatically want to learn that planet in that sign) and later downfall. With the YOD the road to popularity may have been a long one.

  43. I read this whle page and still have no clue what his sun sigh was… I will just google what sign is Novemebr 20th.. yu told us that at least.

  44. Why so irritable, Wayne? And don’t you mean sun sigN??
    If you look at the pretty picture near the start of the article, you can CLEARLY see that 20 November falls in SCORPIO.

  45. Looks like he has a challenge. He may have hidden enemies that will attempt to poison Hhis body mind efforts and spirit. His own passion could be his undoing. He will be attacked Financially for his dealings probably after the election. Pluto coming into a square with his early Scorpio planets second to 12th or first will be transformative. Rags to riches are Possible. He may affect our co I try that way too. His chart is one I do understand. I was born November 20 1953. I was born on a full. Moon like him, mine is more exact. I hope he is capable of helping the divide in this country. Truly he is a tortured humanitarian, under continuous stress.

  46. are you comparing his chart with yours?
    are you going thru the same thing he is going thru?
    would like to know, what is your rising sign….

  47. Joe Biden’s natal chart shows his North Node and Chiron conjunct the fixed star Regulus, the kingly star,
    while Donald Trump’s natal chart shows his AC and Mars conjunct Regulus.

  48. Joe Biden has Ceres at 20 Pisces. Where Neptune stopped, where the WHO calls a pandemic. Biden is not a good person, but, leaders seldom are.
    If he does get to be president, if! He will be either get ill or die, perhaps on inauguration day when Mars and Uranus will conjunct his Pars fortuna.
    Why, do the ordinary people always get ruled by the same evil types around the world.
    Today , now in fact is the great Jupiter, Saturn conjunction.
    0 Aquarius doesn’t know if its still a Capricorn still. 🇺🇸 Sun always? 0 degree Aquarius inauguration day. August 22 1998, Neptune on 0 Aquarius, on eclipse for both Biden and Trump charts. Neptune slowly eroded egalitarianism of Aquarius and opposed the Sun in Leo the King.
    Ceres has shadowed the Jan 12th evil conjunction, then Pallas the same, particularly on the 22 lungs degree of Capricorn on the Jupiter, Pluto conjunction November.
    Pluto at least finished with 22 Capricorn now.
    The wealthy are taking everything they can, whilst they still can.
    In my old age I can now say that life is dog eat dog as in nature.
    Its not about love and kindness anyway.

  49. I think that Scorpio is great. I think that Biden is great! My Dad was a Scorpio. Scorpio people are dynamic and capable.
    Completely different from that poor reprobate, Donald Trump, who had learning disabilities and didn’t have a mommy and daddy to love him so he grew up to be a heartless dictator.

  50. Trump won the elections, however, the Democrats stole it from him, due to trickery….
    if you noticed Bidens Horoscope, the majority of his planets fall on the 12thHouse a man that cannot be trusted…..

  51. June 16, 2021 meeting Biden and Putin.

    Vladimir Putin.


    16-Jun-2021 002°,09’07 Pisces Jup 135 C-12
    16-Jun-2021 003°,11’53 Leo Mars 90 Asc

    Joe Biden.

    16-Jun-2021 024°,56’57 Capricorn Merc 135 Sat
    17-Jun-2021 007°,30’46 Capricorn Mars * FACIES (SUN – MARS )
    19-Jun-2021 001°,59’58 Pisces Moon 135 mutual Jup
    20-Jun-2021 021°,32’54 Capricorn C-12 60 Merc


    16-Jun-2021 002°,46’11 Leo Mars 60 Ura
    16-Jun-2021 +20°,46’16 Mars # Asc
    16-Jun-2021 003°,02’02 Leo Mars 120 Asc
    17-Jun-2021 +20°,33’52 Mars // Ura
    19-Jun-2021 004°,41’48 Leo Mars 45 MC
    19-Jun-2021 013°,19’26 Taurus Ura 180 C-12
    21-Jun-2021 012°,51’53 Aquarius Sat 0 C–3
    21-Jun-2021 +20°,00’59 Mars // Sat
    22-Jun-2021 006°,26’53 Leo Mars 90 Pars
    23-Jun-2021 +19°,37’24 Mars # Sun
    26-Jun-2021 012°,35’59 Aquarius Sat 90 Mars

  52. I agree. The media built Biden up hiding & censoring Bidens’ dirty laundry 12th house (sun conj. Venus trine Jupiter). In the meantime they destroyed Trump. Though out his whole career he has used his and other peoples tragedy for political gain. He made several false or exaggerated claims about his early life.

  53. The ongoing saga anticrypting Joe Biden is a lot easier understood by studying wartime Guadalcanal, Joe’s wartime birthday and progressions. That’s why America feels like it’s lying on the bottom of Iron Bottom Sound right now. Shore won’t communicate with ships, only one or two sea captains know how to use radar…

    … speaking of which

    Asteroid Kleopatra 216 in the news, might want to start here? In Joes Progressed chart she is rising.

  54. Biden’s Neptune and Achilles, the blind spot, both on the USA Midheaven 1 Libra. The inauguration chart has Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor and Pluto on the MC, joining is Biden’s natal Mjolnir conjunct the MC. Someone is going to get hammered. The Cosmos or Biden?

    The Great USA Solar Eclipse (Aug. 21, 2017) has asteroid Joegotobed and Koronis conjunct the MC at the zenith location, Hopkinsville, KY. Bidens Chiron is exact to the second conjunct the Sun and Moon at ecliptic conjunction. The choices we make, determine how our destiny unfolds. The USA is inbedded and inbed with Bidens Chiron.

  55. Horoscope Joe Biden.

    Progressive aspects.

    6-Aug-2022 000°,34’02 Capricorn C-11 135 AR10
    9-Aug-2022 000°,34’27 Gemini Ura 150 mutual C-11
    19-Aug-2022 008°,22’15 Capricorn Mars 45 mutual Asc

  56. Donald J. Trump.

    18-Aug-2022 005°,17’35 Libra C-12 60 Black Moon
    19-Aug-2022 028°,52’11 Virgo Moon 90 mutual C–3
    20-Aug-2022 020°,45’24 Libra Ven 120 Drac
    31-Aug-2022 029°,19’33 Virgo Moon 90 C-11

    See also Biden 19 august: Mars 45 degrees mutual Ascendant.
    What happen to Biden?

  57. G20 Bali 15 and 16 November 2022.

    Today 19 August 2022is is said that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin will attend the G20 meeting.

    Joe Biden.

    19-Aug-2022 008°,22’15 Capricorn Mars 45 mutual Asc

    Joe Biden.

    16-Nov-2022 028°,53’03 Pisces Jup 150 Chiron transit.

    Xi Jinping.

    16-Nov-2022 +16°,26’25 Ura # C-11 transit.
    16-Nov-2022 000°,52’32 Sagittarius Ven 45 Chiron transit.
    16-Nov-2022 019°,06’58 Aquarius Sat 120 MC transit.

    Vladimir Putin.

    16-Nov-2022 024°,0 8’16 Scorpio Sun 90 AR11 transit.
    AR11 = arabic part illness.

    17-Nov-2022 005°,28’54 Aquarius Ven 120 AR04
    17-Nov-2022 022°,43’20 Pisces Nep 150 Plu transit.

  58. Test, testing…

    Biden’s at the correspondence dinner, DC, earlier. Eclipse Tuxedo event. Bicycle story too. Funny thread here, but serious as well, although not everyone laughing tonight. It’s like blowing a whistle on yourself.

    Madhatter conj Sun, since the latest full moon, and now Joe’s part of fortune. obviously now the Madhatter 12P Pons Brook, a dare devil going over the Falls, to put an exclamation point on it!

    Both sides have done an admirable job, and the journalists too, a little heavy on the lawfare, but I’m not technically an American to appreciate this, and it shows, as Agency, claims and such feel as though an impediment to my pioneer spirit.

    Goodnight, God bless, and may fortune find a way!

    • May, may, perhaps have a taxi or driver swing around, deliver me to a Quorum where I can be reassigned.

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