Uranus Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Uranus Opposite Ascendant

Uranus oppodite Ascendant maximum orb 7°00′.

Uranus opposite Ascendant in the natal chart is also called Uranus conjunct Descendant or Uranus Setting. This aspect mainly affects your relationships and usually makes them exciting, unusual or controversial in some way.

You may be attracted to independent types of people because you prefer your freedom. You may associate with eccentric, progressive or unorthodox people or marry a scientist, computer geek, rebel or astrologer.

You may have more than one marriage, but that is not a rare thing these days. However, with Uranus sitting in your chart, there is a tendency to get bored with ordinary, average people. If your partner is not stimulating enough, affairs or separation may be your only options.

Relationships can be a source of anxiety and stress with surprises, separations, erratic behavior and arguments. Even Hugh Hefner, with this aspect under a one-degree orb, was surprised to find his first wife had cheated on him just before their marriage.

So it is common to have several marriages with this aspect, but you can also have a fulfilling long-lasting relationship if you find the right person and are that way inclined. Sexual experimentation, roleplaying, and toys are other ways to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

Unorthodox relationships with unusual partners can cause friction within your family or gossip in your community. However, it would be best to express your individuality through relationships; otherwise, you will feel stifled and unsatisfied.

Uranus Opposite Ascendant Transit

Uranus opposite Ascendant transit is also called Uranus conjunct Descendant transit. It brings about unexpected encounters with others. Old relationships may seem unreliable, and it could feel like other people deliberately try to make your life unstable. Hidden tension in your marriage or other significant relationships will most likely surface, if not erupt. The same applies to any one-to-one relationship, including business partnerships. A strong and loving marriage will probably have more arguments and fights than usual.

Legal disputes are possible and should be settled quickly because you cannot rely on others to keep your story straight. In any competitive or contentious environment, it is best to go along with the flow as much as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is drawing more attention to yourself by stirring up trouble, pointing out problems or rebelling. Try not to give others an excuse to be more disruptive and upset your life.

If people think you are trying to control them in any way, they will force change within the relationship despite your best intentions. In general, you and the other person in any relationship will want more independence and freedom.

Uranus Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Indira Gandhi 0°10′, Joe Biden 0°25′, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 0°30′, Stephanie Cole 0°30′, Marie Curie 0°41′, Hugh Greene 0°47′, Dylan Thomas 0°49′, Gilles Villeneuve 0°49′, Hugh Hefner 0°54′, Achmed Sukarno 0°56′, Pauline Ducruet 0°59′, Recep Tayyip Erdogan 1°04′, Montgomery Clift 2°06′.

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  1. Interesting, I think mine is at about 12 degrees in Libra opposing my Ascendant in the natal chart.

  2. Yes, so very me. I have had the MOST unusual partnerships. And, sudden end to marriage…Uranus is opposite my Ascendant at 1 degree into my Seventh House…

  3. Planet Positions, Ascendant, & Houses
    The following table shows the position of the planets in your chart, by sign and degree. On the right, you will find the sign of your Ascendant and the signs on the cusp of each house in your natal chart. The Roman Numerals refer to the houses, where the Ascendant is also the first house and the Midheaven is also the tenth house. For example, if the sign Taurus is next to Mars, you know your Mars is in Taurus. If the sign Libra is next to Venus, you know your Venus is in Libra. If Cancer is next to Ascendant, you have a Cancer Ascendant, and if Leo is next to II, Leo is on your 2nd house.

    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Capricorn 22°22′ Ascendant Leo 10°42′
    Moon Libra 11°57′ II Virgo 5°07′
    Mercury Capricorn 7°47′ III Libra 3°33′
    Venus Aquarius 12°43′ R IV Scorpio 5°49′
    Mars Aquarius 16°22′ V Sagittarius 9°17′
    Jupiter Gemini 23°03′ R VI Capricorn 11°11′
    Saturn Pisces 13°27′ VII Aquarius 10°42′
    Uranus Virgo 19°28′ R VIII Pisces 5°07′
    Neptune Scorpio 21°44′ IX Aries 3°33′
    Pluto Virgo 18°21′ R Midheaven Taurus 5°49′
    Lilith Aquarius 21°14′ XI Gemini 9°17′
    Asc node Gemini 3°31′ XII Cancer 11°11′

    The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal chart. Short interpretations are found below.

    Planet Aspect Planet Orb Orb/Value
    Sun Trine Uranus 2°54′ 83
    Sun Sextile Neptune 0°38′ 210
    Sun Trine Pluto 4°01′ 55
    Moon Square Mercury 4°10′ -52
    Moon Trine Venus 0°46′ 145
    Moon Trine Mars 4°25′ 67
    Moon Sextile Ascendant 1°15′ 135
    Venus Conjunction Mars 3°39′ 330
    Venus Opposition Ascendant 2°01′ -109
    Mars Trine Jupiter 6°41′ 13
    Mars Square Neptune 5°22′ -8
    Mars Opposition Ascendant 5°40′ -44
    Jupiter Square Uranus 3°35′ -23
    Jupiter Square Pluto 4°42′ -9
    Saturn Opposition Uranus 6°01′ -46
    Saturn Opposition Pluto 4°54′ -46
    Uranus Sextile Neptune 2°16′ 55
    Uranus Conjunction Pluto 1°07′ 142
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°23′ 19
    1254 -337 917

    Asteroids & Chiron
    The following table shows the positions of the four major asteroids and Chiron. These points are not as commonly used by astrologers, but are presented here for those interested in knowing where the asteroids are positioned in their birth chart.

    Chiron Pisces 18°33′
    Ceres Pisces 29°50′ R
    Pallas Aquarius 25°07′
    Juno Pisces 4°38′
    Vesta Cancer 3°56′ R
    Fortune Scorpio 21°07′
    South node Sagittarius 3°31′

    • You don’t have Uranus opposite your ascendant. (you have a harmoniously aspected Uranus Pluto conjunction in your second house). Opposite your ascendant you’ve got a Venus Mars conjunction with some gorgeous aspects in effect. Lucky YOU!

  4. I don’t have Uranus on the DSC but rather ruling it from the 3rd in Libra. The Aquarian 7th house in general tends to mess with my Libra Sun’s drive to partner and presumably destiny to, with North Node in 7th (Pisces true, Aquarius mean); Taurus Moon’s desire to keep things comfortably the same; and Scorpio Venus’s all-in passion. I can confirm being drawn to rebels, brilliant minds, partners who are unusual in some way and/or cause social friction—as well as never settling down with anyone for more than a few years, whereas many of my friends are decades married and sending kids off to college these days. And, my struggling marriage did in fact break up as Uranus crossed my DSC, then retrograded back over it and crossed it again (on the heels of first Saturn return, doubtless not coincidentally). At least that particular transit won’t happen again in this lifetime! Although transit Uranus will hit my MC in another year or two, so here comes a whole new adventure…

  5. What about the square.. I have Tr Uranus H10 squaring ASC 25 Cancer & Sun 28 Cancer…..I am more hyper than hyper and have developed hyperthyroid issues….

  6. Rodney Collin, b 26 April 1909
    author of The Theory of Eternal Life and The Theory of Celestial Influence
    Uranus 21Cap04, opposite Ascendant 17Can23

  7. I have Uranus in first house in 0′ Sag but not on ASC, had one marriage and wasnt affraid to end it. Now its aproaching my DSC at the time North Node is entering 7th house too. I also have exact Chiron conj DSC in natal.. kind of affraid what will it bring to me

  8. Well maybe (hopefully) you’ve already been through the worst of the pain of Chiron conjunct VII

    • What the heck is going on? Then I noticed transiting Uranus is opposing my ascendency. Sudden upset somehow tossed me into a whole re-vamping of my world view. Natal Uranus is in the 9th?

  9. I am a natal 3H Aquarian Sun Venus Chiron opposite Uranus in Leo and my transiting Uranus right now is sitting on the descendant. My health was more eratic as it moved through the 6th but also flushed up remaining issues to heal after a lifetime of healing. With my set up, its going really well, because I am used to my Thor’s Hammer Uranus sending much chaos all over in my direction most of my enture everyday life. This lead to me having to learn to structure chaos as a profession, and that makes this transiting Uranus on my descendant rvery tame and mild by comparison.

    • Uranus inconjunct Ascendant, Robert Hand, Planets in Transit, pg 322.

      “Your need to be free and do whatever you want is often in conflict with what others require of you and even with what you feel you ought to do. Sometime this conflict can cause considerable physical and emotional tension. The task you face is to organize your life in a disciplined way that will enable you to satisfy your need for freedom through your everyday activities. One way to accomplish this is by figuring out your own methods for doing your work. Or you may choose to do the most interesting and exciting tasks, which are often the most difficult, so that others shy away from them. You need to be challenged by puzzles and problems in all your activities. You are not good at routines and repititious tasks.”

      ” The restless energies of this aspect should be given some kind of release… ”

      chart, mundane, 14 June, 4:00 pm PST, Uranus quincunx ascendant with asteroids Poseiden, Matterania, grand air trine. https://postimg.cc/jW73SGdJ

      • For example, with the chart in mind and the Ocean events from last year, use AI to check a feasibility plan to collect, compact, weigh, bury etc, waste from the gyre, using air and sea drones. I mean, if it’s a priority. Hard to pole killer and blue whales.

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