Fixed Star Unukalhai

Unukalhai at 22°05′ Scorpio has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Unukalhai

Serpens Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Unukalhai on November 14

Fixed star Unukalhai, Alpha Serpentis, is located in the neck of the Serpent, Serpens Constellation. Magnitude 2.62, spectral type K2 III, color orange. Unukalhai forms a visual double with an 11.8 magnitude star. There is also a 13th magnitude companion star.

The traditional name Unukalhai is from the Arabic عنق الحية (ʽunuq al-ḥayyah) “the serpent’s neck”. The Latin name for the star is Cor Serpentis which means “the Heart of the Serpent”. In Chinese astronomy, Alpha Serpentis represents the state Shu (蜀), or Shuh.


Unukalhai Astrology

Fixed star Unukalhai has the spectral type K2, indicating the planetary nature of Mars.

UNUKALHAI. α Serpentis. A pale yellow star situated on the neck of the Serpent. From Unk al Hayyah, the Neck of the Snake. Sometimes called Cor Serpentis, the Serpent’s Heart. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars; to Simmonite, of Saturn and Venus; to Pearce, of Saturn, Venus and Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Mars and Saturn in opposition to Venus. It gives immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison. [1]

UNUKALHAI. α Serpentis. An orange star on the neck of the Serpent. “The Snakes Neck.” Spectral class KO. This star gives the native criminal inclinations, immorality; makes the native bold and shameless, revolting. There can be a rise followed by a fall from favor. This star is (–), negative and should only be used in conjunction with negative nativities. Judge carefully. [6]

The star Cor Serpentis is of the nature of Mars, but classical astrologers say it is of the nature of Saturn. In any event, it is an evil mischief maker presaging accidents and violence of all kinds. [2]

Unukalhai, in the Neck of the Serpent, shows its properties as a Martian force combined with Saturn and is often really dangerous and destructive. There will be chronic diseases, which are not easily detected; these will result in a weakened state of health, and operations will be necessary. There will be accidents. [3]

Unukalhai (pr. Oonookh Al Hay), the Neck of the Snake. The neck, rather than the head, is where the snake has its brain, its seat of knowledge. So this star is all about that knowledge that the good doctor has won from his labors, that knowledge of where we came from, what we are, where we are going, what holds us back, what to do about healing it. This Saturn-Mars star, α Serpentis, does in some measure merit the black reputation it has gained from the debasers of astrology, for those who will abuse and, misuse, the gifts available here are as deserving of being struck off the register as any corrupt doctor. But those who will give service, in healing or teaching of what they receive, have only good fortune to expect where Unukalhai shines on them. This half of the snake, by the way, to the man’s left, is now called Serpens Caput, Head (side) of the Snake, counted a different constellation from Serpens Cauda, the Tail side, on the man’s right. [4]

Fixed star Unukalhai rules the top one-fourth of the colon. [5]

Constellation Serpens

According to Ptolemy, Serpens is like Saturn and Mars. It is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. [1]

Much of the evil influence of Ophiuchus is really due to this constellation, Serpens. Of the nature of Mars and Saturn, the constellation portends malice, deceit, and danger from poisoning. It also affects mines and minerals. [2]

Unukalhai, Alpha Serpentis

Unukalhai Star, Alpha Serpentis []

Fixed Star Unukalhai Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Unukalhai: Benito Mussolini 0°05′, Keith Richards 1°19′.

Midheaven conjunct Unukalhai: Marie Curie 1°35′

Midheaven and a Malefic conjunct Unukalhai: If with the Meridian and in conjunction also with malefics, Unukalhai is damaging to the social position. Often there will be many difficulties in professional life. [3]

Descendant conjunct Unukalhai: George Washington 0°09′, Conor McGregor 0°13′, Ulysses S. Grant 0°33′, Chuck Schumer 0°52′, Allan Kardec 0°56′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Unukalhai: Jawaharlal Nehru 0°03′.

Part of Fortune conjunct Unukalhai: Kenneth Copeland 0°04′, Benjamin Netanyahu 0°15′, Bruce McLaren 1°10′, Vera Atkins 1°36′.

Sun conjunct Unukalhai: Many quarrels and disappointments, unfortunate life, seriously affected by the death of family or friends. [1]

Preferment in martial, writings, political and matters concerning public affairs. The native can be affected by family matters. Family matters of question could lead to an unfortunate life for the native, if they are adversely affected. The native tends to be bold, there can be a short rise in life and a fall follows. Native can get involved in intrigues, legal entanglement follows. [6]

Charles III 1°04′, Barbara Hutton 1°13′ (and Mars), Charles Manson 1°19′.

Moon conjunct Unukalhai: Clever, evil environment, hatred of authority, involved in intrigues and plots, banished, imprisoned or hanged for crime probably by poisoning. [1]

The native is clever, and can become involved in intrigues and plots which could prove to be disastrous, embarrassing or merely troublesome. Possible legal entanglement, violence. [6]

Will Smith 0°29′, Nostradamus 0°40′ (DD), Roger Federer 1°04′, Uri Geller 1°51′.

Mercury conjunct Unukalhai: Dishonorable, accused of forgery or theft of papers, ill-health, narrow escapes, danger of bites from poisonous animals. [1]

The native can encounter many difficulties with employment, business or professional life, become accused, and if accused, unable to clear themselves, or experience great difficulty in clearing themselves. Possible legal entanglement, judicial sentence. Violence is possible. [6]

Gianni Versace 0°03′, Hillary Clinton 0°04′, Joe Biden 0°16′, Augusto Pinochet 0°41′‚ Mark Twain 0°59′, Diego Maradona 1°55′, Kim Kardashian 1°59′.

Venus conjunct Unukalhai: Enmity, jealousy of own sex, bad for domestic matters, favorable for gain, secret death probably by poison. [1]

These natives are envious, can be very cold hearted, subject to domestic problems, romantic problems. [6]

J. Paul Getty 0°32′, Ted Bundy 0°41′, Bill Gates 1°13′ (and Saturn), Uri Geller 1°39′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°49′.

Mars conjunct Unukalhai: Violence, quarrels, lying, crime, violent death probably by poison. [1]

The native can be subject to family problems that never really surface or explode. The native can be an outspoken type, or pushy, shameless type person, some even obnoxious. Violence possible. [6]

This is similar to Mars at the South Scale. It is a drying process of the tissues in the colon. Mint teas and a teaspoon of olive oil three times per week would be very helpful here. The natives find it difficult to relieve their bowels which causes hemorrhoid problems. The external use of Vaseline would also be quite helpful. [5]

Bill Cosby 0°07′, Barbara Hutton 1°46′ (and Sun).

Mercury and Mars conjunct Unukalhai (2° orb): The tiny blood vessels in the wall of the colon are affected. Fine cuts begin to form on the inside of the colon wall thus allowing poisons to enter the system instead of nourishment. The result can be cancer of the colon as the seepage of poisons block the circulation through the tissue walls of the colon. cancer can begin at this point and then spread through the body so that having the colon removed would not solve the disorder. the symptoms of this problem appear early in life and would manifest as a child who is seldom hungry. Because of the discomfort, this imbalance brings, the natives form deep psychological problems due to the pain when relieving their bowels. Much of the problem can be remedied through a combination diet that would include drinking papaya juice and parsley tea one day; the next day mint teas; the following day apples, the next day one tablespoon of olive oil, then begin the process over again. This schedule must be maintained continuously. No red meat is to be eaten, but the diet could contain brown rice every day. [5]

The much loved and respected astrologer Robert P. Blaschke was taken from us too early. He died from colon cancer and had the Sun And Mercury conjunct Unukalhai.

Jupiter conjunct Unukalhai: Hypocrisy, deceit, banishment, imprisonment or exile. [1]

High preferment in government and matters dealing with the public, however, the native must use care, not to get involved in intrigues which could create lasting problems. [6]

David Bowie 0°18′, Manuel Noriega 1°02′, April Ashley 1°23′, David Koresh 1°47′.

Saturn conjunct Unukalhai: Secret insanity, drug taker, secret crime and poisoning often for no reason, shrewd, cunning, intelligent, studious, often physician or nurse, usually unmarried, may commit suicide or be confined in an asylum or prison. [1]

Bill Gates 0°08′ (and Venus), Steve Jobs 0°17′, Marilyn Monroe 0°23′, Lana Del Rey 0°29′, Bruce Willis 0°33′, Maria Shriver 1°09′.

Uranus conjunct Unukalhai: Spasmodic insanity, wealthy and luxurious environment, often fails to obtain inheritance, bad for marriage, may commit crime, sudden death often by suicide. [1]

There will be accidents. [3]

(0°30′ orb): The effects with this planet are spasms in the muscle function of the colon. A relaxant is needed here to help the colon eliminate wastes. Chamomile tea with honey and hops would be an excellent remedy for this problem; however, beer must be eliminated from the diet. [5]

Michelangelo 0°38′, Stormy Daniels 0°58′, Kourtney Kardashian 1°54′.

Neptune conjunct Unukalhai: Shrewd, ingenious, courageous, persistent, intuitive, evil environment, often criminal, trouble through opposite sex and marriage, violent death. [1]

There will be accidents. Prone to infectious diseases and also poisoning. [3]

Joe Rogan 0°01′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°24′.

Pluto conjunct Unukalhai: Edwin Castro 0°55′, Ariana Grande 1°05′, Miley Cyrus 1°15′.

North Node conjunct Unukalhai: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 0°17′, Marguerite de Navarre 0°27′, Tiger Woods 0°48′, Sid Vicious 1°48′.

South Node conjunct Unukalhai: Anne Frank 0°09′, Jane Roberts 0°11′, Audrey Hepburn 0°14′.

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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

28 thoughts on “Fixed Star Unukalhai

  1. I have Lilith 22º 41 Scorpio, Unukalhai same degree in VII house
    What can mean in my astral map?
    I search info but with Lilith,s and fixed stars conjunctions it,s so rare to find it…
    Thank you

    • I’m not sure about that, perhaps it would be similar to a mixture of the Sun and Moon with Unukalhai, as the position of Lilith is calculated on the positions of both the Sun and Moon.

  2. On my Desc. Pitty they don´t make deep analysis about Desc. which is an important point for everyone!

    (I have not found a nice Capricorn out there, for instance!).


  3. I have Neptune conjunction Unuk. A Solar Eclipse on 21 Scorpio in 1993 I was informed by a sex partner about his HIV infection which I also contracted about 6 months prior to this date.

    • Hi Angel, it is not a lighthearted influence but being a generations planet not a particularly personal one. All the kids born in the months near him will have the same.

  4. I have my Mars conjunct this one, in the 9th House 🙂 And my “animus-integration” really is worth a book or something! 🙂 On 19 December 2012, I met a guy with his Sun on this position (at that time, i had no interest in astrology whatsoever). We have had an extremely painful on-and-off relationship between then and December 2014. After that, i had my “spiritual awakening”, which is now finally no longer scary. I have realized that i needed to “integrate” that part of him, which resides in me as well, my “repressed self”, or “the animus” in Jung’s words (my Mars!). 🙂 And so far, so good. It’s just soooo energetic, and ‘masculine”, lol, hard getting used to. I don’t believe in “malefics”. It’s the human mind that is filled with fear, which creates ‘evil’. But in essence, we are all beautiful beings.

  5. The protective birthstone against the malefic influences of Fixed Star Unukalhai is the lilac colored Lepidolite.

    • Very interesting!!! I have my 4H Saturn conjunct this star, and just yesterday, for some reason put my piece of Lepidolite on my stone altar, while asking myself, “I wonder why I am doing this.” Very cool to know. Any sources for this information?

      • Obviously one of the reasons is that Jupiter is at 21 Scorpio right now and is therefore activating the malefic influence of my Saturn, but to learn that Lepidolite protects against the malefic influences is so great. It’s this sort of information that sticks with you for a lifetime… bless you!

    • Do you know what the Sigil is ? I got hold of some Lepidolite. I can see why, with it’s dark purple, with the sparkle through it. Many thanks, I have Sun and Uranus conjunct this Star on the I.C. It’s gave me some life lessons.

  6. Hello Jamie,

    I have both Cupido and Ixion being conjunct on Unukalhai in the 1st house.

    Yet, I’m having Pluto in 18° Scorpio, being in the 1st house. Which indicates that I have Pluto conjunct Unukalhai, and thus Unukalhai is rising. Plus, I have my Ascendant in Scorpio — and accordingly — Pluto is my chart ruler.

    Unukalhai being within an orb of almost 4° — and consequentially surpassing the used orb of 2°, but then since it is conjunct Pluto — and is being of an obviously similar nature, as well Rising, and Pluto is strongly prominent in aspect and position. Pluto is also conjunct my Ascendant on Acrux.

    Shall I consider Unukalhai then to take an effect on my chart? And shall I start using it in my chart-reading?

    Since the most effective star influencing Pluto is Zubenelschemali.

    Shall I consider a blend of Unukalhai’s influence added to that of a positively situated Zubenelschemali?

    Another thing that comes to mind, is that my Moon is on 3° Sagittarius, and thus it grasps Yed Prior’s effect — the hand that carries the snake.


    • Hi Essam, I would stick to using Zubenelschemali with Pluto but more important would be the star closest to your Ascendant, a much more personal point. But you are right, there is still a blend especially if the nature of the stars are similar.

  7. Thanks for your feedback Jamie,

    I believe that in my case, the pattern is the following:-

    Acrux is taking the lead-role. Not only is it conjunct the Ascendant — but it also is strongly prominent — having Ceres and Dark Moon Lilith conjunct on it in the 1st house.

    As for the mechanism of how the rising Zubenelschemali is working — that it is having an influence of Unukalhai — symbolically functioning from the shadows as the ‘dark side’ to Zubenelschemali — focusing at times to ‘intoxicate’ the potential of Zubenelschemali. But that could lead to a certain encounter that result in a ‘Plutonic Transformation’.

    I found my mind wondering, that if Unukalhai is taking-role as the ‘dark trigger’ for both Zubenelschemali and Agena’s potential?

    It is quite intriguing, that any given fixed star of a negative influence doesn’t seem to work separately. Rather, there has to be an ‘awakener’ — that is the star which works as the ‘psychic agent’ — within the same trail of stars.

    I became introspective on Unukalhai, that in synastry when my 1st house Pluto — having Unukalhai rising but within a wide-orb — being conjunct someone else’s Unukalhai of a tighter-orb — would indicate then that I will be the one who brings out the negative blend of its influence and thus, having to take the responsibility to ‘transmute this energy’.

    And by having Ixion and Cupido conjunct on it in the 1st house only adds up…

    I think I’m having a spiritual encounter with that certain star. Many people in my close proximity are having it tightly conjunct.

  8. Ahh… November 14 – the full moon.
    On the 20th Oct. at 1313 hours(w both 12 & 24 hour clocks, this no. is significant to me), I get an urgent call asking me to make myself available for 5 days from that date. Out of town side-income project that has seen ongoing effort since June with minimal headway.

    Perhaps there is no fixed star, aspect or transit that is entirely Bad in our lives, is there? My studies have suggested that one receives in the nature of what one gives out energetically. That events do not make us – how we respond to them does, including yours truly a Sagittarius decan 3, 19 Dec. ’72, 0240 hours.

  9. Hi Jamie, thank you so much for your insightful article. I have been stuck with a man whose Sun is on 3° Cap, Moon 13° Lib, Asc 24° Scorpio while mine is Sun 15° Cap, Moon 28°Lib, Asc 8° Sagit.

    Long story short, his Unukalhai conjunct Venus and ASC. Then in synastry, my Unukalhai, which doesn’t conjunct any planets on my natal, conjuncts on his Venus and ASC. Also his Chiron on Gemini 17° conjuncts my DSC. I dont know if I should continue this connection. Please give me some advices.

    • I am sorry. My mistake. My Sun is 15° Lib, Moon 28°Cap. In short, his Sun is my Moon.

  10. jamie can you please describe this aspect north node conjunct fixed-star unukalhai

  11. Born with Sun, at 22* 01 Scorpio conjunct Uranus at 21* 20. Smack right on the Star. I’ll be completely honest. I’ve had a very hard life, from the very a very young age till I was 35, I’m now 40. You could say I spent 40 years in the wilderness battling Serpent’s, just like Moses and Ophiuchus. I’ve also had many people who were close die far too young through drugs or murder. There is so much truth, and even more to Astrology than meets the eye. I’ve been studying Astrology since 2015 the year I completely transformed my life, maybe it’s Pluto and the realisation of the truth about the Heavens. It is really strange as I don’t feel like my old self, like a Snake shedding it’s old skin. On the bright side I’m Virgo ASC with Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon and my Node all in the first House and conjunct just above the ASC, I have Mars in Leo at 28*00, so I have Mars in Regulus. I have my Moon in Alkaid, 13th Mansion “The Barker”. Pluto at 21*00 Libra and finally Mercury at 3 26, Venus at 13*05 and lastly Neptune at 19*11 all in Sagittarius conjunct and parallel Midheaven is 24* Taurus. I just thought I’d share and I’m hoping someone can give me some feedback or advice in case I’ve missed something. Much love and many thanks. Take care.

  12. how would you interpret 19 degree scorpio midheaven? (it is trine my 16 degree cancer north node)

  13. Jamie do you know what the Sigil for Unukalhai ? I’m going by your colour for the Crystal, as the Star is Yellow, I read above to use Lepidolite, which is kind of Amethyst looking, more glittery. As it’s the Serpent, I was thinking Serpentine. Let me know what you think as I want to make Talismans when the Star is Culminating, as I have it straight below on the I.C.
    Many thanks Jamie.

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