Tiger Woods Horoscope

Tiger Woods Horoscope

I just read 18 blogs about the astrology of  the Tiger Woods accident and scandal. In his horoscope, the most common explanation was Sun square Pluto which just doesn’t cut it for me, firstly because the orb is nearly three degrees, and secondly because this aspect simply does not explain his many infidelities. If it was Moon or Venus square Pluto, then fair enough.

As to why it happened when it did, the two most common explanations were transiting Uranus square natal Moon, and transiting Mercury opposite natal Mars. I totally agree on these points. Transiting Uranus conjunct DC was used to describe the effect on his marriage, and the square to the MC was used to explain the effect on his career. The orbs for these last two are wide, and they are not needed when something extra is discovered. The precession correction value is 28′.

Transiting Uranus square Natal Moon (08′)

Natal Moon is conjunct the brightest star in constellation Ophiuchus Ras Alhague (16′)”misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity”. One short sentence, no signs, no houses, no blurb. All we need to add is that transiting Uranus (unexpected sudden changes) squared (tests and challenges) natal Moon (women).

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Mars (39′)

The argument and the car accident, great example of the manifestation of this transit. Nothing interesting can be added from the star natal Mars is on, but transiting Mercury was influenced by the conjunction to a star in constellation Ophiuchus called Sabik (43′) “perverted morals, and success in evil deeds. With Mercury: Injury from open enemies, little help from friends, failure in business…legal losses, scandal through relatives of marriage partner.” Now this added information explains the involvement of the wife (DC) and the effect on the business (MC). We don’t need those wide orbs from transiting Uranus.

Interesting, both Ras Alhague and Sabik are in the constellation Ophiuchus, “It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity and slander.” [Robson]

Tiger Woods Horoscope

Tiger Woods Horoscope

Tiger Woods Astrology Chart

So far we have natal Moon and Mars being tightly aspected by transit. Shouldn’t natal Venus be involved? Indirectly it is, very much so. Natal Venus is on the brightest star in the Centaur, Fixed Star Toliman (37′) “Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled, or an existing relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances. With Venus: danger from love affairs.”

Transiting Venus was about five degrees back, on the second brightest star in the Centaur, fixed star Agena (16′) “Tied up with Venus however, this star will make for pronounced sensuality; if, in addition to this, it is tied up with Mars, Saturn or Neptune, then the native may be subject of gossip or scandal.” Venus was square Neptune (22′). “With Venus: strong passions, rash friendships with women.”

Now transiting Venus was not in aspect to natal Venus but there is the link with the two brightest stars in Centaurus, about five degrees apart and with similar influence. Transiting Venus did aspect something in his chart however. This 24 degrees Scorpio is a sensitive spot in his horoscope because through transit it is the action point of a Yod configuration to Chiron sextile MC (20′). Now we have a link to the wounding and yet another to the career. Natally Chiron also aspects the Moon and DC.

New Moon On Agena

To top things off, the preceding New Moon (24sco34) was also on this sensitive spot. With the Sun and Moon on (38′) “rashness, sarcasm and bitter speech, strong passions”. More tight orbs in transit to the MC and DC, not from Uranus but from the New Moon and Venus.

This incident for Tiger is an excellent example of how the fixed stars in the natal horoscope dramatically effect our lives and why they should be used by astrologers. They give much more accurate readings than can be given by relying on signs, houses, and even aspects alone. This case is also another example of how the fixed stars influence us through aspects from a transiting planet or lunation.

“The influence of the fixed stars differs from that of the planets in being much more dramatic, sudden and violent. As a rule planetary effects are gradual and operate comparatively slowly, one might almost say softly, whereas the stars appear to exercise most of their influence in sudden, hard, vehement bursts, producing tremendous effects for short periods, and, after raising the natives to a great height, dropping them suddenly and bringing a series of dramatic and unexpected disasters. In other words the fixed stars may elevate from poverty to the extreme height of fortune or vice versa, whereas the planets do not do so.” [The Fixed Stars in Natal Astrology]

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    • Hi Jamie,

      In Tiger Woods case, you mentioned Venus sq Pluto would have made sense and I agree, However, I am surprised you missed the fact that he has Venus in Scorpio (similar to Venus / Pluto)! As you must know, Venus is in its detriment but basically represents a very intense and emotionally passionate placement. I bet his wife was rather cold as compared to his nature which didnt help either.

      Venus in Scorpio is motivated by power and idealizes beauty and needs to conquer it. When you take a person like Tiger Woods who had a lot of repressions due to his Capricorn and Scorpio planets, being physically and intimately involved must have been like an escape (not justifying anything here!).

      I find that men in power (senators, atheltes etc) have a much higher passionate drive to begin with and with Venus in Scorpio, it makes one not very selective (although he chose the most beautiful women too).

      His Venus sq Saturn made him feel very insecure in love also which made him seek these relations to compensate for his lack of love. It is sad that all the women sold out to Enquirer without thinking about how it could effect his marriage. I am sure he would have tried to mend it but too much negative publicity affected his wife also.

      However, from now till next year he has excellent transits to his Venus so hopefully he will meet the right woman now. Regards, HJ

      p.s. Good technical articles by the way.

      • Hi there Hassan, nice to have your interpretations. I did read others focus on Venus in Scorpio but the point I was trying to make with this post is that the fixed stars give much more accuracy as compared to the 12 signs. More so with his Moon though than Venus but from memory I do not think his natal Venus was being aspected by transit at the time of his downfall.

  1. Oh yes! You make it very easy to forget the signs. More and more impressed by these fixed star.

  2. Gary, that Uranus transit to the Moon was about the women. Transiting Venus on the New Moon degree quincunxing both MC and Chiron would have been more about the resulting effect on his career. I suspect the next New Moon this Wednesday will have influence on his wanting to say at home (conjunct IC).

    BTW, your Goddess Astrology article about Juno in his chart was the only original take on his chart I came across.

  3. Thanks Jamie, it seems we find our way to the same place via very different paths!

    Yeah, I think the intensity the fixed stars bring is the only technique that truly does this event justice tho -well done!

    I agree that many people are blinded by pluto and cant see past that archetype. it is like pluto has abducted the minds of many astrologers and they cant see the subtleties which contain the real juice of what’s going on.

    In terms of taking a break from golf, we’ll have to see what plays out i guess but this could have a potential effect on his career long-term…

  4. Like all celebrities who “get into trouble”, Tiger Woods is going to “Rehab”. A sex addiction rehab that is! thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2807214/Tiger-Woods-in-rehab-to-cure-his-sex-drive.html

  5. will do Faye, i haven’t been paying attention to her but Marina certainly does in all her readings now. thanks.

  6. All ridiculous the scandal that happened. His wife had no special talents to bring to the table. She was merely working as a nanny. A very simple woman who happened to look like a trophy but a nordic bimbo who adopted what’s thine is mine just because she married him.Tiger actually has genius and therefore license to be what he is. She should have taken her millions and moved on than subject us all to her woman’s magazine out-rage

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