Fixed Star Agena

Agena at 23°47′ Scorpio has an orb of 2°40′
Fixed Star Agena

Centaurus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Agena on November 16

Fixed star Agena, Beta Centauri, is a triple star system situated on the left front knee of Centaur, Centaurus Constellation.

Combined magnitude 0.61, spectral type B1 III + B1 III + B1 V, color blue-white. The three stars are designated Beta Centauri Aa , Ab and B. The primary component is a variable binary (Aa and Ab). Beta Centauri B has a magnitude of 4.0. [1]

β Centauris has the traditional names Hadar and Agena. The official name is Hadar.

Hadar. From some Indigenous Arabic name ḥaḍāri (an untranslated proper name), for one of a pair of stars, the other one being al-wazn. Scientific Arabic authors ventured to identify these stars as α/β Cen or α/β Col, but exactly what two stars were orginially intended, and the significance of their names, is unkown. “Hadar” was arbitarily applied to β Cen in recent times. [2]

Agena. Applied in recent times and probably coined from the Greek work alpha, plus the Latin word genu, “kmee” (Ptolemy described this star as the “knee” of the Centaur’s left front leg). However, the initial letter “A,” for the designation alpha, is n ot correct for the star. [2]

The Bushmen in South Africa knew Alpha and Beta Centauri as Two Men That Once Were Lions. The aboriginal Boorong people of northwest Victoria in Australia know the stars as Bermbermgle, two brothers known for their courage. [1]

Beta Centauri is well known in the Southern Hemisphere as the inner of the two “Pointers” to the Southern Cross, Crux Constellation. A line made from the other pointer, Alpha Centauri Toliman, through Beta Centauri leads to within a few degrees of Gacrux, the star at the top of the cross. Using Gacrux, a navigator can draw a line with Acrux to effectively determine south. [3]

02♐1803♐00Yed Prior2°00′

Agena Astrology

Fixed star Agena has the spectral type B1, indicating the planetary nature of Jupiter.

AGENA. β Centauri. On the right foreleg of the Centaur. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter, but Alvidas suggests an influence similar to that of Mars conjunction Mercury. It gives position, friendship, refinement, morality, health and honor. [4]

AGENA. β Centauri. A small white star on the left hindquarters of the Centaur. Spectral class Bl. This star gives the native refinement, good health, honors, high position, friends. [5]

The star Agena presages friendship, health, and honor. It is also said to indicate those in high positions. [6]

Beta Centauri is endowed with a strong Venus characteristic with a touch of Jupiter blended in. Not visible to observers living in the northern hemisphere, it is a star of the southern latitudes. If this fixed star, in its degree of the ecliptic, is conjunct Mercury or on the Ascendant and conjunct a benefic, it can be taken as a promise for happiness and success. Tied up with Venus, however, this star makes for pronounced sensuality; if, in addition to this, it is tied up with Mars, Saturn or Neptune, then the native may be subject of gossip or scandal. [7]

β Centauri, Agena, is a lovely Venus-Jupiter star. The name’s origin is lost in antiquity but it has the alternative Arabic name Hadar, from the word in that tongue for the Ground or Earth, a vital element, because it is the field of action for the high spiritual ideals that are manifest in all the stars we are now looking at. Whoever has this star prominent in the horoscope will be noted for great enthusiasm for whatever causes they embrace and they are likely to be quite self-sacrificing about it. They can even afford that expenditure if the star is well-aspected, for they truly do indicate a bountiful flow of energies from within or Above, however we may express it. [8]

Fixed star Agena rules the bottom center of the adrenal glands. [9]

Constellation Centaurus

According to Ptolemy the stars in the human part of the figure are of the nature of Venus and Mercury and the bright stars in the horse’s part of Venus and Jupiter. It is said to give hard-heartedness, an inclination to vengeance, love of arms, strong passion, and an energetic nature. It may be connected with poisons. [4]

Astrologically the constellation gives wisdom and proficiency in botany, music, astronomy, divination, and medicine. In Medieval times the constellation was said to be connected with poison and to indicate strong passions and vengeance. [6]

Beta Centauri, Hadar

Toliman (left) and Hadar (right) []

Fixed Star Agena Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Agena: Helen Keller 0°45′, Benito Mussolini 1°38′.

Midheaven conjunct Agena: Rolf Harris 0°37′, Kirk Douglas 2°18′, Chuck Schumer 2°35′.

Descendant conjunct Agena: Jordan Peterson 0°24′, Steve Forbes 0°48′, Conor McGregor 1°29′, George Washington 1°35′, Robert the Bruce 1°51′, Ulysses S. Grant 1°18′, Carl Sagan 2°25′, Joe Rogan 2°28′ (and Neptune).

Imun Coeli conjunct Agena: Jawaharlal Nehru 1°40′ (and Sun).

Part of Fortune conjunct Agena: Bruce McLaren 0°32′, Benjamin Netanyahu 1°27′, Louis XVI 1°31′.

Sun conjunct Agena: Mental activity, rashness, success, many friendships. [4]

Natives with this conjunction can gain many friends, be widely popular and successful after much effort. Can be subject to many problems created through their own indiscretion. Native is very clever. [5]

Jawaharlal Nehru 0°21′ (and IC), Barbara Hutton 0°29′, Erwin Rommel 0°33′, Charles III 0°38′, Martin Scorsese 1°12′, RuPaul 2°32′.

Moon conjunct Agena: Sarcasm and bitter speech, strong passions. [4]

Natives with this conjunction can be stubborn, determined, and with a positively aspected Moon, they will succeed in whatever career they decide upon. Quite similarly to the Sun conjunction, any problems will be created by their own indiscretion and by not being reasonable. [5]

Nostradamus 1°04′ (DD), Will Smith 2°12′ (and Neptune), Prince Andrew, Duke of York 2°14′, Miley Cyrus 2°31′ (and Pluto).

Mercury conjunct Agena: Great mental ability, sarcasm, material gain, speaking, writing and championing the masses. [4]

The native is mentally keen, can get well educated and profit from this. These natives can be very successful dealing with large corporations, great numbers of people, champions the masses, gaining wide publicity. [5]

Diego Maradona 0°12′, Hillary Clinton 0°40′, Augusto Pinochet 1°02′‚ Drake 1°06′, Ted Bundy 1°25′ (and Venus), Joe Biden 1°27′, Pablo Picasso 2°05′.

Venus conjunct Agena: Poetical, strong passions, rash friendships with women. [4]

The native entertains strong opinions about people, subjects, unwise friendship with the opposite sex can create an undercurrent if the native is married, and eventually many problems. Possible chronic, difficult-to-diagnose or serious illness. [5]

J. Paul Getty 1°11′, Martin Scorsese 1°22′, Lilly Wachowski 2°23′ (and Neptune), Ted Bundy 2°24′ (and Mercury).

Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct Agena (0°30′ orb): This energy balances the entire endocrine system and brings about positive energy to the person, thus affecting their actions and outlook on life. They are fortunate as they do not have much stress through their system. They look upon any situation as to whether it is good for them, and if it is, they pursue it. They are good in money markets as they are very good at taking advantage of a profitable situation. They receive an image as to what they can get out of a deal, and then they proceed to find a way to get it without any stress at all. They always seem to take advantage of any money-making scheme; they can actually see the money coming to them through the subconscious and they act on it. [9]

Mars conjunct Agena: Legal authority, honor as speaker or writer, great mental and physical powers. [4]

Natives with this conjunction are mentally keen, some enjoy great mental ability, some tend to be psychic, acknowledged or not; these natives can say what they mean in no uncertain terms when they deem it necessary to get their point or idea across. They can be very blunt if necessary, which in more negative nativities may get them involved in untenable situations. There is the possibility of a tendency towards severity with this conjunction. These natives have good endurance powers. [5]

Oprah Winfrey 0°25′, Bill Cosby 1°51′.

Jupiter conjunct Agena: Intellectual success, legal and Church authority, professional honor. [4]

Preferment in occupations requiring educational skills, professional honours are possible. Natives with this conjunction should not get involved in subjects that are illegal. [5]

David Koresh 0°04′, Jimmy Swaggart 0°21′, Mata Hari 0°36′, Manuel Noriega 0°41′, Stephen King 0°44′, David Bowie 1°25′, James Woods 2°38′.

Saturn conjunct Agena: Thoughtful, shrewd, association with medical men, healing powers, abrupt manner, occultism, domestic disharmony through jealousy. [4]

LeBron James 1°02′ (and S.Node), William Lilly 1°09′, Lana Del Rey 1°13′, Marilyn Monroe 1°19′, Bill Gates 1°35′, Elizabeth II 1°40′, Amelia Earhart 1°45′ (and Uranus), Bruce Willis 2°17′, Hugh Hefner 2°20′.

Uranus conjunct Agena: Sarcasm, public work but eventual disfavor of superiors, caustic speaker and writer, violent, coarse, unrefined, strong passions, domestic disharmony, loss of expected wealth, peculiar death. [4]

(0°45′ orb): This affects the endocrine system in that there is a decreased blood flow to the adrenal glands. There is a restriction in the energy flow at this point causing the bottom part of the adrenal glands to become stagnant at times. This decreases the energy of the native, and it could show up as an epileptic type of disorder. A lack of adrenalin can cause the body to go into convulsions, so these individuals need extra adrenal stimulation. This can be done by rubbing the body just below the rib cage. They can rub the middle of the foot, or the center of the hands to stimulate the adrenal glands, or soak the feet in ginger at the rate of ½ tablespoon to a gallon of water. The hands and feet have a connection to every spot in the body. The blood flow to the adrenal glands is the cause of the problem, and anything that generates energy to that area would be helpful. [9]

Kim Kardashian 0°41′, Ronaldinho 1°51′, Charles Dickens 2°04′, Michelangelo 2°26′, Roger Federer 2°31′, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex 2°31′, Amelia Earhart 2°38′ (and Saturn).

Neptune conjunct Agena: Sharp, rash, headstrong, original, organizer, poor executive ability, loss through law and speculation, obstacles to success, many false friends and enemies, liable to accidents, death by colds or fevers. [4]

John Wayne Bobbitt 0°49′, Will Smith 1°06′ (and Moon), Nicolaus Copernicus 1°39′, Joe Rogan 1°44′ (and DC), Lilly Wachowski 2°13′ (and Venus), Timothy McVeigh 2°23′, Alexis Arquette 2°35′.

Pluto conjunct Agena: Miley Cyrus 0°27′ (and Moon), Ariana Grande 0°38′, Edwin Castro 0°47′.

North Node conjunct Agena: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°26′, James VI and I 1°47′, Tiger Woods 2°31′.

South Node conjunct Agena: Hillary Clinton 0°31′, Cecilia Bartoli 1°08′, Audrey Hepburn 1°29′, Jane Roberts 1°32′, LeBron James 1°37′ (and Saturn), Anne Frank 1°53′.

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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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  1. The Atlas-Agena was a rocket that sent the Ranger and Mariner spacecraft to the Moon, Venus, and Mars from 1960 to 1978. I’d forgotten the starry namesake. Thanks, Jamie.

    • As with most fixed stars conjunct Pluto, I would go with the general description. Hopefully over time some will add comments of what they think the missing descriptions could mean.

  2. Hello Jamie,

    I have Ixion conjunct Quaoar on Agena in the 1st, how can that be interpreted?

    Thank you.

  3. My ex’s moon is here. Extremely sarcastic (one of the most sarcastic people I’ve ever known). He also had an “acid tongue.” Knew how to say some nasty things! Things that you couldn’t take back! Every time, these stars are spot on!

      • Yes, it’s uncanny how accurate they are. But I do agree that other stars can dominate or/and aspects. The chart has to be looked at as a whole. I need to look at which is the strongest star in my chart.

        • Have you decided on one, or two even? I was thinking the stars where you have planetary conjunctions, like Jupiter AC and Saturn Uranus.

          • I’ve just read the stars conjunct these planets and they don’t describe me at all to be honest. The star Acumen seems to have a very negative and dark description. Anyone who knows me on a personal level would know that the star wouldn’t describe me at all. Both the Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus stars indicate blindness. Well I have really good eyesight and can even see quite well in the dark. People with a developed 3rd eye – psychic abilities don’t usually wear glasses or have eye problems. I chose in life to be a positive and spiritual person and turn my head away from the dark side of life. And I haven’t got any extreme views of religion on the for or against side. I’m more swayed to Christianity, but I’m not extreme in my views and I don’t go to church. So no to everything that’s written in Acumen and Prima Hyadem.

            • There’s a lot more to you than meets the eye. I don’t think that you’re working on your soul growth. You’ve got a dark side. That’s why you keep getting your karma and you will continue to keep getting your karma. When you reply to comments, there’s nothing heart felt or sympathetic in your comments. You only reply to people to keep this website going and collect information on the aspects. I’ve sensed in your replies to people that you’re not compassionate. I’m not stupid; you’ve continually been trying to point out “negative” stars or aspects in my chart and I think you’ve been doing it on purpose. Well those negative stars or aspects don’t describe me at all. I try my best to be positive and work on my soul growth in life. The harmonious stars and aspects in my chart define me as I chose to be positive and chose good over evil. Some people delight in being nasty to others, and that’s really quite low. Very low. The universe will respond appropriately to that behaviour.

            • We’ll see. I have found that positive aspects, stars and transits take care of themselves. It is the challenging ones we need to put the most effort into. Most people who ask for readings do so when they are going through the worst of times, because of really challenging transits. Not during the best of times because of lovely stars and transits. My comments are brief so I can reply to most of them, Mercury opposite Saturn.

  4. Jamie,

    My Progressed Moon will be in conjunction with Agena in early March; in the same week, I’ll have an extremely important exam that can change my career. Is that conjunction good or bad?

    P.S.: By transit, Mars will be in conjunction with my natal North Node.

  5. Hi Jamie. Hope all is good!
    My Sun is at 24°04 Scorpio and my bday is 16th Nov. Being that this 16th November the Sun joins Agena, what would you make of that?
    Thank you

  6. I have the north node exactly on this star in conjunction Pluton, with what it can mean?

  7. I have Pluto 25*25′ Scorpio

    This really speaks to my nature especially because it is placed in my 11th house (humanity) and square my Sun conjunct Saturn (sacrifice/duty):
    “β Centauri, Agena, is a lovely Venus-Jupiter star. The name’s origin is lost in antiquity but it has the alternative Arabic name Hadar, from the word in that tongue for the Ground or Earth, a vital element, because it is the field of action for the high spiritual ideal that are manifest in all the stars we are now looking at. Noted for great enthusiasm for whatever causes they embrace and they are likely to be quite self-sacrificing about it. They can even afford that expenditure if the star is well aspected, for it truly does indicate a bountiful flow of energies from within, or Above, however, we may express it.”

    “…it is tied up with Mars, Saturn or Neptune, then the native may be subject of gossip or scandal”
    I also tend to get into power struggles often with others, and have experienced much gossip/scandal, although that could be Pluto transiting my 1st house for the last 14 years.

    So lovely to have this database of fixed stars with the community able to input and help clarify the old descriptions! I’ve found such amazing connections when superimposing fixed stars with the tropical zodiac. Thank you so much Jamie, and the whole community here, this fixed star database has been integral to my astrological research.

    • Hi m.christy. I am so glad you appreciate this database. “input and help clarify the old descriptions” was exactly what I did this for.

  8. Also, in response to what Katie said:
    I write this in the hope that others do not believe that having “good” physical eyesight has anything whatsoever to do with the third eye developing. The third eye can only open through exercising compassion in word, thought, and deed through the law of sacrifice, renunciation of your own enlightenment for the sake of others. Otherwise, the third eye will remain closed. Very often people confuse the third eye with phenomenon of the astral plane and the astral light, this is truly the lower psychism and pertains to the lower quaternary, NOT the Higher Self. The astral light is illusory. Do not get caught up in the astral light, it is full of danger.

    It is also quite wrong to judge another spiritually. Each soul is a mystery and cannot be judged through any outer means. The wise Teachers of all Religions all speak of exercising forgiveness, unity, love, and compassion, so naturally, I would assume that expressing compassion, love and forgiveness also applies to writing comments on blog posts. No one can ever be “more spiritual” than another, we all contain the Divine Spark, we all have our own path that may look very different than your neighbor.

  9. A developed ajna does also come with a cost, followed by poor eyesight with a super advanced third eye sight

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