The Blaze Star – 2024 Nova Explosion

The Blaze Star at 20°06′ Scorpio has an orb of 1°00′Blaze Star Astrology
The Sun joins the Blaze Star on November 12

The Blaze Star is a recurrent nova in the Constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. Officially designated T Coronae Borealis, it is usually a very faint magnitude 10. However, every 80 years, it explodes and burns brightly for a few days. It becomes visible with the naked eye with a magnitude of 2. This is due to happen between now and September 2024. [1]

The Blaze Star is a binary system. The main component is a red giant star, while the smaller component is a white dwarf. It has the spectral type M3. [2]

20♏0620♏48Blaze Star1°00′

Blaze Star Astrology

In 2024, the Blaze Star is at 20°27′ Scorpio. The orb would normally be 1°00′. But for the few days when it shines brightly, it could be up to 2°00′. Its spectral type of M3 indicates the planetary nature of Saturn.

These orange-red stars impart the drive to succeed, success, activity, power, calamities, notoriety, turbulence, self-destruction, brute force, bad morals, demonic power, anxiety, tragedies, boldness, shamelessness, daring, and many dangers. Negatively, impatience, irritability, hostility, excessive drive, overly ambitious nature, subject to self-destruction and violence. [3]

SATURN: Disgrace, ruin, calamity. It rising, grave, thoughtful, melancholy, liable to disgrace, much care and anxiety, connected with building, mines and minerals. If culminating, trouble through old people, disgrace, trade losses, deceitful associates, rise followed by fall. With the luminaries, lean and infirm, many miseries. If afflicting Mercury, deafness. [4]

Constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown, gives artistic ability, love of flowers, lassitude, disillusionment, and a position of command. [4]

Ascendant conjunct the Blaze Star: Steven Sherer 0°05′, Marjorie Cameron 0°07′, Howard Roberts 0°08′, David Spangler 0°09′, Oliver Baldwin 0°09′, Julio Bocca 0°10′, Torin Dorn Jr. 0°17′ (and Sun), Bruce Chatwin 0°20′, Penny Marshall 0°20′, Christian Brando 0°32′, Johnny Weissmuller 0°32′, Keith Richards 0°39′, Ed O’Neill 0°39′, Nick Campion 0°39′, Zara Phillips 0°40′, Michael Crawford 0°50′, Vin Diesel 0°52′, Grace Slick 0°54′. 

Blaze Star Nova 2024

A red giant star and a white dwarf orbit each other. NASA/Conceptual Image Lab/Goddard Space Flight Center

Recent Outbursts

The most recent outburst was on February 9, 1946:

  • On February 8, Kim Il Sung was elected Chairman of the Interim People’s Committee in the Soviet-occupied portion of Korea.
  • On February 9, The Cold War began. Stalin said another war was inevitable because of the “capitalist development of the world economy.”
  • On February 10, the ocean liner Queen Mary docked in New York City, bringing 1,666 war brides and their 668 children.
  • On February 10, The 167 residents of the Bikini Atoll were told that they would be relocated so that atomic bomb testing could take place. [5]

The previous outburst on May 12, 1866, coincided with a British banking collapse and financial crisis that was termed the Panic of 1866.


The 80-year cycle of the eruption indicates significant political, social, financial and environmental cycles. The recent events support the Saturn nature of the Blaze Star’s spectra with themes of control, fear, hardship, separation and isolation. 

I would add a Pluto influence because of dictators, superpowers and nuclear weapons. So, a Saturn/Pluto nature suggests crises, chaos, forced change, immigration, the occult, paranormal, organized crime, conspiracies, extreme hardship, poverty and global organizations, alliances, wars and treaties. Positively, it brings great determination, resilience, transformation and evolution.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. To correct for precession, add one degree per 72 years.

12 thoughts on “The Blaze Star – 2024 Nova Explosion

  1. Huh, about Saturn Pluto, I have a natal square by 2 degrees. So I might wanna pay attention when that square is activated by a transit? Especially with Pluto on midheaven.
    Like when criminals are circling me, duping me as the prey.

    Natal mars retro in Pisces exact trine. It does take brute force to get through chaos I stupidly walk into unknowingly.

    Yeah, and I can always find the upside. My optimism. The bigger mission and all that. But it can be so darn hard and uncomfortable to through these things.

    • When Uranus opposed Pluto that thing nearly killed me. Uranus square to Pluto andvipp to Saturn on the rise. Oh boy!

    • Hi Vic. I have Saturn quincunx Pluto too. The harsh Saturn-Pluto aspects are as dark as it gets. Like turning your head lamp off in a coal mine.

  2. Yeah, there is definitely no light to show the way. I always wanted to have others point the way. But it’s always wrong for me. Not that people are not helpful. They leave crumbs that are part of me finding my way.

  3. If I have Fixed star Zubenelgenubi conjunct Venus (0°18′) and Saturn (0°14′) am I adversely impacted? I’ve been working real hard on that transformation.

    • Hi Sha. Venus conjunct Saturn is a difficult aspect and the fixed star has a similar influence, especially on relationships. So it is an adverse impact. Saturn rewards hard work with stability, commitment and loyalty. I know from experience but you do need to be patient.

  4. Tagging the time of Blaze Star nova has become a fine art. Consider the Neptune-Pluto transit perfect fifth, Cartegena, June 1, 1533.

    Neptune reaches its maximum forward motion July 2, for Saturn it’s June 29.

    The gap suggests an Arc, like a spark. Cartagena, June 1, 1533greg., Neptune 00Ari09’19, very Neptunish numbers.

    Safe or reasonable guess Blaze goes nova between June 29 and July 2. Considering AAVSO, astronomers work like spaceweather. Spaceweather, thousands of others. Thanks for this thread Jamie, spaceship Magna Cartegea, over and out.

  5. Spell the city and my spaceship with an A, but it shows up twice with an E, try a look at Jupiter in my kids progressions (a zero point vector)
    June 29, Jupiter conjunct Progressed Jupiter

    • The Westjet Airline Engineers announced a surprise strike at 29 June, 00:30 utc.
      Story has over 30,000 views.

      Synastry, kids progressed outerwheel, surprise strike innerwheel

      Among other issues and aspects, the Engineers (and federal Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan) are pointing out the Sun semi-sextile Jupiter, Moon square Sun, and Moon sextile Jupiter learning triangle, and would be ‘grappling’ with the thought of human and technical ‘zero point vectors’.

      • The strike Moon position, to be more precise, my kids Venus retrograde 07Ari30 square strike Sun, and kids Venus Rx sextile both mundane Jupiter and progressed Jupiter.

        “A Small Learning Triangle is an aspect pattern with a red square, blue sextile, and green semisextile aspect. Three-colored aspect patterns are learning or development figures, in which the third color (green) plays an important role.”

        of interest, In 2007 after Comet McNaught I was active in the Caiboo, Kamloops and Okanagan regions, and came into contact with potential dates that were involved in the airline industry. There’s a history here with the artwork.

  6. Hey. Thank you for giving us the location in the astrological zodiac. Can the Blaze star be found in extend section anywhere?
    This article was a great read, thank you. I await with bated breath for the Nova and seeing which corresponding events take place.

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