Fixed Star Yed Prior

Yed Prior at 02°18′ Sagittarius has an orb of 2°00′
Fixed Star Yed Prior

Ophiuchus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Yed Prior on November 24

Fixed star Yed Prior, Delta Ophiuchi, is a solitary star located in the left hand of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus constellation. Magnitude 2.75, spectral type M0.5 III. Catalogued as a suspected variable, its brightness varies by 0.03 magnitudes. [1]

The name tradition and official name Yed Prior comes from the Arabic yad, meaning “hand.” It refers to the star’s position at the left hand of Ophiuchus that holds the serpent. The word “prior” (Latin for “in front of”) refers to the star leading Yed Posterior (Epsilon Ophiuchi) across the sky. Even though they appear close in the sky, Yed Prior and Yed Posterior are not physically related. In Chinese astronomy, it represents the state of Liang (梁) (or Leang). [1]

02♐1803♐00Yed Prior2°00′

Yed Prior Astrology

Fixed star Yed Prior has the spectral type M0.5, indicating the planetary nature of Saturn.

YED PRIOR. δ Ophiuchi. A deep yellow star situated on the left hand of Ophiuchus, from Yad, the Hand. Of the nature of Saturn and Venus. It causes immorality, shamelessness and revolution. [2]

YED PRIOR. δ Ophiuchi. A deep yellow star on the left hand of Ophiuchi. Spectral class Ml. This star gives the native determination, makes them popular, shameless. Negatively the star gives immorality, and causes revolution. [3]

Yed Posterior (ε Oph) was the Euphratean Nitachbat (Man of Death), and together with Yed Prior are stars of evil influence. [4]

Yed Prior, δ Ophiuchi is a linguistic hybrid of Arabic and Latin meaning the Fore Star of the Hand, and of course this hand is holding the snake near its head. Yed Posterior, rear star of the hand, is too close here to be sensibly taken seriously. These stars and the previous one are (by longitude) either side of the main stars of Centaurus, symbol of the healer Chiron, meaning a shift from the knowledge gained with Unukalhai, to putting it to use through this healing hand. Its Saturn-Venus quality is perfectly fitted to the purpose, and it is the sure Sign of the practical healer by hand when it is well placed and aspected in the horoscope. [5]

Fixed star Yed Prior rules the left side of the second vertebra (Second Cervical). [6]

Constellation Ophiuchus

According to Ptolemy is like Saturn and moderately like Venus. It is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, together with little happiness, unseen dangers, enmity, strife and slander. Pliny said that it occasioned much mortality by poisoning. This constellation has also been called Aesculapius and held to rule medicines. By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Oin and the 16th Tarot Trump “The Lightning Struck Tower”. [2]

Ophiuchus was noted in classical times as the constellation of those who had the power of discovering healing herbs and skill in curing the bites of poisonous serpents. In a genearthical chart the constellation denoted prudence and wisdom. [4]

Delta Ophiuchi, Yed Prio

Delta Ophiuchi, Yed Prior []

Fixed Star Yed Prior Conjunctions

Ascendant conjunct Yed Prior: Julian Assange 0°05′, John Wayne Gacy 0°06′, Lady Helen Taylor 0°47′ (and Moon),  Benjamin Netanyahu 1°08′.

Midheaven conjunct Yed Prior:

Descendant conjunct Yed Prior: JonBenét Ramsey 1°37′, Vespasian 1°40′.

Imun Coeli conjunct Yed Prior: Kevin Hart 2°01′ (and Moon).

Part of Fortune conjunct Yed Prior: Jimmy Carter 0°35′, Richard Ramirez 0°35′, Mark Wahlberg 0°44′ (and Neptune), Linda Goodman 0°49′.

Sun conjunct Yed Prior: High preferment in writings, legal, sports, martial, politics and astrology. The native is admired and liked by their associates. There is a ‘quiet’ persistence by these natives in their climb upwards, but they can be quite verbose. [3]

Miley Cyrus 0°18′, Ted Bundy 0°43′, Chuck Schumer 0°48′ (and Venus), Charles de Gaulle 0°56′, Augusto Pinochet 1°32′, Lucky Luciano 1°36′ (and Mars, Uranus).

Moon conjunct Yed Prior: Natives with the Moon conjunction show the same attributes as the Sun conjunctions. They can gain high perferment in public careers. [3]

Maurice Utrillo 0°06′, Vince Jones 0°06′, Arthur Koestler 0°07′, Tina Modotti 0°07′, George Melly 0°07′, Emma Walton Hamilton 0°07′, Joe Tex 0°15′, Kitty Kelley 0°17′, Claude Vorilhon 0°19′, Peter Warlock 0°22′, Carl Ludwig Rominger 0°27′, William Rowan Hamilton 0°27′, Harper Beckhan 0°30′, Lady Helen Taylor 0°32′ (and AC), Alexander the Great 0°34′, Jimmy Cassidy 0°36′, Anita Cobby 0°39′ (and Mercury), David Grohl 0°42′, Ivana Trump 0°58′, Thomas Say 1°05′, Bill Roorback 1°06′, Starhawk 1°07′, Luke Evans 1°09′, Melissa Etheridge 1°13′, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben 1°15′ (and Uranus), Kevin Hart 1°17′ (and IC), Barron Trump 1°26′, Henri-Edmond Cross 1°37′, Giorgia Meloni 1°44′.

Mercury conjunct Yed Prior: These natives are shrewd, have a sharp, quick response, coupled with some sarcasm. They can be quite stubborn and determined. They can get themselves involved in unusual financial affairs, or other matters and unless caution is observed, they can get tangled in legal matters. [3]

(No orb): The natives with this degree should be careful of their speech patterns as there is a tendency to be tense at times which affects the nerves on the left side of the second vertebra. The nerves draw up and do not remain elastic. This causes these persons to walk with a slight limp and could get to the point where a cane would be necessary. There is also a slight numbness in the spine at the hip. Relief can be obtained by drinking peppermint teas which would lubricate the tiny nerves. They should stay away from harsh foods such as potatoes and tomatoes and substitute rice and cottage cheese instead. Potatoes and tomatoes would be difficult as they affect the nerves at this point. [6]

Anita Cobby 1°01′ (and Moon), Jimi Hendrix 1°27′.

Venus conjunct Yed Prior: The native is quite benevolent, charitable, loyal. Somewhat sympathetic, popular, gains by marriage and industry. Generally religiously inclined. [3]

Jeane Dixon 0°09′, David Bowie 0°35′, Margaret Thatcher 0°48′, Chuck Schumer 1°34′ (and Sun).

Mars conjunct Yed Prior: Determination, somewhat argumentive sets this native apart, benefits by industry. Shameless. Domestic problems possible. These natives will not run from an argument. A conniving nature, a good planner. [3]

Lucky Luciano 0°43′ (and Sun, Uranus), Marie Curie 0°49′, Vito Genovese 1°36′ (and Uranus).

Jupiter conjunct Yed Prior: High preferment in religion, legal, writings, honors possible. With a positively aspected Jupiter these natives can rise high in life, become leaders in their professions, leave their ‘mark.’ [3]

Sarah, Duchess of York 0°06′, Virginia Giuffre 0°48′, Hillary Clinton 1°03′.

Saturn conjunct Yed Prior: This is an unraveling of the nerves at this point thus causing inflammation and deterioration. The vertebra becomes sharp and actually cuts into the nerves. There is a lack of energy and circulation throughout this area. These persons have a difficult time bending forward or bending from the hips as it is too painful. There is much pain connected to this, all of which results in these individuals becoming isolated because of the lack of mobility. The seriousness of this problem requires a delicate balance between lubricating oils, Vitamins A and E, and calcium. Calcium is definitely required daily and three avocados over a period of one week. This should be a continuous schedule together with one glass of buttermilk per day and some fruit such as peaches, bananas and small amounts of lemon to keep from building up calcium. Lightly scraping their vertebra with the fingernails from side to side would also be very helpful. [6]

Nathan Lane 0°02′, John Lydon 0°16′, Wallace Clement Sabine 0°23′, Arsenio Hall 0°25′, Janet Leigh 0°25′, Carrie Fisher 0°33′ (and N. Node), Louis Braille 0°34′, Joseph Goebbels 0°38′, Charles Kingsford Smith 0°48′, Princess Victoria of the UK 0°49′, Hans Speidel 0°50′, Martina Navratilova 0°53′ (and N. Node), Gillian Rolton 0°53′, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita 0°55′, Charlotte Casiraghi 0°57′, Bill Maher 0°59′, Geena Davis 0°59′, Bob Fosse 1°06′, Marc Dutroux 1°09′, Chris Carter 1°20′ (and N. Node), Paul Claudel 1°23′, Ravi Shankar 1°35′.

Uranus conjunct Yed Prior: Ilhan Omar 0°11′, M. C. Escher 0°21′, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben 0°28′ (and Moon), Prince William 0°33′, Julius Evola 0°47′, Britney Spears 1°03′, Priyanka Chopra 1°16′, Lucky Luciano 1°21′ (and Sun, Mars), Vito Genovese 1°33′ (and Mars).

Neptune conjunct Yed Prior: Mark Wahlberg 0°33′ (and Part of Fortune), Elon Musk 1°05′, Julian Assange 1°11′, Hunter Biden 1°11′, MacKenzie Scott 1°19′.

Pluto conjunct Yed Prior: Kylie Jenner 0°33′, Bella Hadid 0°57′.

North Node conjunct Yed Prior: Debby Boone 0°19′, David Copperfield 0°39′, Chris Carter 0°48′ (and Saturn), David Beckham 0°53′, Martina Navratilova 1°02′ (and Saturn), Angelina Jolie 1°04′, Mel B 1°04′, Carrie Fisher 1°12′ (and Saturn).

South Node conjunct Yed Prior: O. J. Simpson 0°06′, Queen Camilla 0°13′, Salman Rushdie 0°21′, Mark Twain 0°43′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 1°01′, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex 1°14′, James Woods 1°26′.


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  • All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

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