JonBenét Ramsey Murder Confession

JonBenét RamseyJonBenét Ramsey was killed on 25 December 1996 when she was only 6 years old. On 10 January 2019 the Daily Mail published confession letters by the convicted pedophile Gary Oliva. There have been false confessions before as well as endless accusation blaming family and friends for her murder. But the astrology of this confession is convincing.

Using bi-wheel charts I compared the following horoscopes:

The only accurately times charts (rated A) are for the birth of JonBenét Ramsey and the publishing of Gary Oliva’s confession letters. So the bi-wheel chart below comparing these two charts is the most useful at showing the credibility of this confession.

JonBenét Birth Versus Gary Oliva Confession

The Vertex Point is very time-sensitive and is used as a timing device when comparing two horoscopes. When the confession letters were first published in the London, the Vertex was between Sun conjunct Pluto, highlighting this as a critical point in the analysis. It is also conjunct JonBenét’s natal Saturn, the traditional ruler of death. Pluto is the modern ruler of death.

JonBenét Ramsey Astrology

JonBenét Ramsey Birth Vs Gary Oliva Confession

The synastry aspects below show just how closely connected these two charts are. I have not listed sextile, trine or minor aspects.

  • Confession North Node conjunct JonBenét Jupiter
  • Confession Pluto conjunct JonBenét Saturn
  • Confession Uranus conjunct JonBenét AntiVertex
  • Confession Saturn conjunct JonBenét Neptune
  • Confession Mars square JonBenét Uranus
  • Confession Venus conjunct JonBenét Part of Fortune
  • Confession Sun conjunct JonBenét Saturn
  • Confession Moon opposite JonBenét Mercury
  • Confession Midheaven conjunct JonBenét Mars
  • Confession Vertex conjunct JonBenét Saturn
  • Confession Part of Fortune opposite JonBenét Uranus


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  3. “investigators believe that she died closer to 10:00 p.m. Christmas Day.” JonBenét Ramsey – Crime Museum
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17 thoughts on “JonBenét Ramsey Murder Confession

  1. Boulder CO, police have discounted his “confession” noting that he has confessed to this crime before. He was an early suspect, so he must have been in the area at the time of the murder. Curiously, the police simply say they are aware of the letters obtained by The Daily Mail, and “There are no new updates in this investigation and the department will not comment further,” ”

    Hardly a ringing condemnation, but apparently they are going to do nothing further with Oliva’s confession. There is DNA evidence left at the scene and if it matches his, it’s case closed. Perhaps the comparison has already been done, and they found nothing.

    • Something makes me suspicious about police 🙂 Olivia was found with a picture of JonBenét and a stun gun way back then. And the autopsy found little burn rings on her skin likely caused by a stun gun in his backpack. I hope some new investigators come along who were not so involved from before, they seem to their reputations at risk after blaming her parents.

      • He is a known pedophile who was in the area on the day of the crime. She was in beauty contests, so he had a picture. That might make him a pervert, but is not evidence that he is a killer. The stun gun is stronger evidence if true, but it can’t be traced (or I don’t think it can). It would be like finding a 45 caliber casing and a man in town who owned a 45. It makes us justifiably suspicious, but it is not evidence that his 45 was used in the crime. But even in this case, if the markings on the shell casing match a particular gun, it means the gun was used. It doesn’t mean a particular person used it, but it’s start. This is why we have trials. The owner would be permitted to explain himself. .

        Your point about the Boulder police is a good one. They screwed up by deciding that the family were the perps and simply ignored any other possibility. Sadly that happens a lot. This would be a black eye, even 22 years later, if they knew about him, suspected him, and let him slip away. But even that isn’t evidence Olivia did it. Screwballs confess to crimes they didn’t commit all the time. The police may already know that his”confession” doesn’t align with the facts, but they won’t let any specifics out so they can properly identify the killer should they ever find him (they won’t).

  2. This is chilling and intriguing. I clearly remember when JonBenet was murdered and how horrifying it was. Hopefully this new event will bring some closure to the case and to the family. My heart goes out to them.

  3. Why so much Part of Fortune aspects? Does Part of Fortune have a malific expression too? In my experience it definitely does. Perhaps related to danger and malfeasance from others. I suspect that the Boulder PD cannot do anything because they may have messed up with evidence gathering. If they didn’t follow due process then they can never use anything they recovered. The crime scene was tarnished. So many lives destroyed by this.

  4. Excellent work, Jamie. RIGHT ON THE MONEY! The police department could have been sued for MILLIONS. Their incompetence rings forth even in current investigations. Such a terrible set of events and hardly justice for the family and this precious little girl.

  5. Why then would Patsy Ramsey write the ransom note? And imo she did. You might have studied earlier the interplay between Patsy’s and her little girl’s charts. Those are some dark waters, especially regarding their Pluto interaction, but there is much more than only that. It looks like no one in the Ramsey household was what we might call okay. There is an enmeshed condition brought on by numerous potent factors. Physical and mental illness, pageant addiction, child sexualization, having a troubled son, and the parents knew that Burke was not mentally/emotionally sound.

    But he didn’t put that complex crime together alone. And I don’t think that he did it at all.

    There was evidence about possible ongoing sexual abuse happening to Jon Benet far prior to her death, via physician’s notes, because of Patsy’s various appointments for her child with the doctor. Two have gone to their deaths with the truth of what happened. Maybe Mr. Ramsey plans to do the same.

    • Venus (passions) exalted in the 12th house. How many in our society today, under psychological programming?

      The astro here could be looked at under the context of the new moon, an Epiphany new moon. Thus JBR is conceived November 11, 1989.

      • JBR birthday
        = 33

        So we have a master vibration at conception, and at birth. This is more likely the reason behind the peculiarities of the JBR life, death and afterlife in the subconscious mind.

    • John Ramsey has been wanting police to release DNA info found on her dress, but they will not release it. He contacted the Gov and the Gov has not even responded. The Boulder police are inept, from the get go. The outside investigator worked on this case and showed how he believed it was an intruder, not the family and the police dismissed his reporting. That man has since died, his daughter has taken over, but again, they need the DNA released to be able to finish the work. And sorry, but no chart is accurate unless it’s calculated in sidereal, to align with the fixed constellation, not the equinox as with tropical. Any degree 23 or less is actually the previous sign. I have done a boatload of charts, sidereal always hit the right mark to resonate where tropical time falls a hair short.

  6. >And imo she did.<

    It may be your opinion, but the experts at the FBI said it wasn't.

  7. The crime cover up for hours and the deletion of the evidences by family and friends invasion of the crime scene, besides the ransom letter written by the mother, all this was to sweep under the rug the true implication of Jon Bennet’s brother in the murder.

    I believe on the first police agent, a woman, who arrived first at the Ramsey’s home. She has recently stated that it was almost certain that the murderer was Jon Benett’s brother. Aparently, the police knew this from the beginning…

  8. “The crime cover up for hours and the deletion of the evidences by family and friends invasion of the crime scene, besides the ransom letter written by the mother, …”

    Not one word of this has ever been shown to be true.

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