Robert P. Blaschke Horoscope

Robert P. Blaschke Horoscope

Robert P. Blaschke

Robert P. Blaschke is one of the real big names in modern astrology. Right up till his retirement last month, he actively engaged with pro and student astrologers alike, in the public arena through his many conference appearances and via the internet. I remember during the 2008 Israel – Palestine conflict I posted a question on a forum and he answered with chart posted within a couple of hours.

Robert has also authored several books which can be found on his website Earthwalk School of Astrology. Robert has also published many articles and followed it up with active discussion, so important for the development of astrology. This is shown in his most recent article at The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

The horoscope of Robert P. Blaschke shows a trine from Jupiter to Neptune which gives an interest in metaphysical subjects such as astrology. An unselfish and positive outlook applied to the spiritual philosophy. This definitely comes across in Roberts work. Both Jupiter and Neptune are sextile Pluto which ties this spiritual philosophy into the masses in a leadership role. These sextiles are creative and expressive aspects, and they focus the trine energy onto Pluto. This makes an aspect pattern called the Minor Grand Trine, itself highlighting creative expression and intelligence. Other keywords for the Minor Grand Trine are intuition, objectivity and research. The total orb for this aspect pattern is just 18′, meaning it is very potent and a critical and defining part of the horoscope.

Robert P. Blaschke Horoscope

Robert P. Blaschke Horoscope

The term “Practical Mysticism” sums up Roberts astrology. This is the term used by Elida Natalia Marchisone to describe the Minor Grand Trine: “a deep curiosity about the mysteries of life and a thorough understanding of belief systems that are different from their own….a practical seeker of hidden treasures”.

Roberts Moon is on Sadalachbia “the ability to discover that which is hidden or lost”. The other tight aspect is Sun trine Uranus (15′). Uranus is the modern ruler of astrology and this trine gives insight into new ways of approaching old things. This aspect also supports the creative self expression theme of the Minor Grand Trine. Uranus makes the neurons fire rapidly giving insights, and the Sun on the fixed star Agena also gives mental activity, along with many friends, success and honor. Uranus on Pollux gives occult interests and psychic ability. A very handy trine to have for an astrologer.

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  1. so what made you want to do this profile on robert was his retirement? i am not meaning to seem or sound critical just wondering on your interest.

    • About a year ago I started profiling astrologers, I chose Robert first up because he was the highest profile astrologer I had interacted with. He retired because of illness so for me it was like a tribute.

      • thank you for responding, though you had no obligation to do so. i was just wondering and pushed myself to question. i always question with my sun opp. uranus and mercury and mc. conj. chiron.

        • I have Sun conjunct Uranus, plus Mercury opposite Saturn. I question everything with a critical mind, no matter how accepted it may be. I was just thinking a bit earlier I need to get on with the Sun Uranus aspects, just the quincunx and opposition to go.

          • I have Mercury opp Neptune square Uranus – Like to cut the waffle but just as prone to producing it unexpectedly….! 🙂

  2. Rob, you seem to have it working well, intuitive and spiritual thinking coming through your blogs and even comments here, longer comments than I can manage.

  3. I re-read my dusty old copy of Blaschkes relationship book last night after Gary Caton brought it up. I usually fall asleep after a page or two if I’m reading in bed, but I ended up reading till 1am (way past my bedtime)!

    Then I got the email from Jamie saying he had died. It sent a shiver down my spine because I had felt really connected with him while reading it and also because when Jamie blogged about it, he specifically said that he thought he didnt have long on this planet looking at his transits…. God bless Robert, he was quite occult and unique.

  4. I only discovered Blaschke a year ago or so and I found him to be the most accurate forecaster of all astrologers …. I’ve been trying to find out the trends and where the U.S. is headed and I found an article called UPHEAVEL and REBELLION on the HORIZON in the Mountain Astrologer.

    A rather long article written by Mr. Blaschke, but very informative discussing several astrological trends, including the prediction about the U.S. Progressed Ascendant into Virgo in October 2011 which is coming true. Movies, video game makers in the U.S. are flopping, people are getting away from tv and everyday I see overweight people walking the sidewalk in front of my house, trying to lose the pounds.

    I didn’t see so many people doing this last year … walking, losing the weight and succeeding. I think it’s refreshing the celebrity infatuation and video game syndrome is starting to fade away (which Blaschke discusses) and people are not so mezmerized or controlled by all of it like we have been for over 30 years or so.

    I am hoping the trend goes even further and we become less dependant … looking at our computers and phones for hours at a time.

    Too bad Mr. Blaschke is gone, we need him more than ever now.

  5. Hi Jamie,
    in one of his books, Blaschke was mentioning in brief “the chart of the end of one’s life” This is a progressed chart of 82nd day after birth and it was suppose to reveal a persons life purpose. I don’t know if this was his idea or somebody else but it got me curious and I can’t find any information about it. Are you familiar with this concept?

      • I was wondering about the symbolic part of this 82 progressed years /days and the only thing that I can think of is the progressed Moon – around that time the Moon makes 3rd return to natal position. Could this be the symbolism behind it?

      • I think I found something, It looks like Blaschke wrote it in his book “A language of life” …. If you can test this stuff it would be nice if you can write an article about it, a study about this topic, could be an interesting subject

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