Sun Trine Uranus Natal and Transit

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Sun Trine Uranus TransitSun trine Uranus natal allows you to express your uniqueness in a flowing and harmonious way that does not upset others. You are very comfortable with being seen as different and your self-esteem is enhanced by this heightened self-awareness.

A very acute intuition can make you a visionary. Flashes of insight and vivid dreams can lead to creative breakthroughs and new discoveries You are a trendsetter and ahead of your time in your view of the world. You are also an agent of progressive change. Change happens quickly and you adapt very well to new conditions. You may have an interest in, and talent in the sciences, technology and in occult subjects like astrology.

The usually non-personal nature of Uranus is given the personal touch with this aspect and this humanistic side is shown through your achievements. You have a strong need to express your creative, inventive, and individual flare. You are open-minded, cosmopolitan, and progressive, and may well be a genius. You are likely to be remembered for your originality.

Sun Trine Uranus Celebrities

Astrologer Robert P. Blaschke (0º15) has a humanistic approach to astrology which is even expressed through book and business titles. He authored “Astrology, a Language of Life” and his business is called “Earthwalk Astrology”. His skill in computer technology is another creative expression where the trine gives insights into new ways of approaching old things. A more negative yet still very creative and unique expression of Uranus was found by homicidal maniac Edward Gein (0º38′). This grave robber skinned corpses and made them into masks, bowls and ornaments, and was an inspiration for the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”.

Former general and US president Ulysses S. Grant (0º41′) was aggressive and progressive, passionate about civil rights. He fought Ku Klux Klan violence and developed and enforced civil rights laws. Muhammad Ali 0°49′ had “the Greatest” of egos and backed it up in the boxing ring. His refusal to fight in the Vietnam War was controversial, but he stood firm in his beliefs, converting to Islam. The Uranus influence also changed boxing, he developed new and unorthodox techniques which baffled his opponents. Other celebrities with Sun trine Uranus include actor Nigel Havers (0º59′), psychologist, intellectual historian, and astrologer Richard Tarnas (1º13′), actor and humanitarian ambassador Drew Barrymore (1º15′), and the lively show-off Marie Antoinette (1º28′). Anthony Hopkins 0°33′, Roman Polanski 2°21′

Sun Trine Uranus Transit

Transiting Sun trine Uranus brings positive change and excitement. Increased intuition and flashes of insight lead to self-discovery and revelations. These insights combine with increased self-confidence, to allow you to express the more unique or quirky side of your personality. Your keen perceptive skills mean that you can better understand studies of science or the occult like astrology.

You will feel like trying sometime new, outside of your normal routine. This could range from new adventures to new inventions. An excellent time to leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle with some extraordinary people.

This interpretation for Sun trine Uranus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon trine Uranus.

Sun Trine Uranus Dates

29 August 2019
24 December 2019
2 September 2020
27 December 2020
6 September 2021
1 January 2022
11 September 2022
5 January 2023

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  1. One of my favorite musical artists, Lisa Gerrard (formerly of “Dead Can Dance”) has an exact trine between her Sun and Uranus. I believe she was once quoted as saying ” . . . I choose to open the pathway of the heart instead of rational intellect.” I love that quote, and her music is definitely a reflection of that choice; it has a very otherworldly feel to me, as if she’s tuned in to a higher plane. And that voice!

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