Moon Quincunx Neptune Natal and Transit

Moon Quincunx Neptune Transit

Moon quincunx Neptune maximum orb 3°30′.

Moon quincunx Neptune natal makes you extremely sensitive. You are like an antenna in how you pick up the feelings of people around you. Problems with this arise due to an inability to filter out psychic information. You cannot cope with too many emotions at once or conflicting feelings.

Oversensitivity to others and your environment can lead to confusion and a lack of trust in your instincts. When things get too much to deal with, you may try to isolate yourself physically or dull your senses through drugs or alcohol. You may try to escape your confusing emotions through movies, music, fiction books, or your vivid imagination and dream life.

Your sensitivity can be emotional stress or tension, which others may perceive as highly strung, edgy or neurotic. As an aspect of health imbalance, the quincunx, in this case, can cause over-sensitivity to environmental toxins and infections. There are also mental health issues already mentioned.

Finding the right balance between sharing your emotions and protecting them is critical. Between serving others and sacrificing your emotional requirements. Between relaxing socially with a drink or two and becoming an alcoholic or between celebrity and scandal.

This perfect balance becomes more accessible to reach through age and experience. More important, however, is trust and belief in yourself. You can be skeptical without being paranoid and give of yourself emotionally without being used or abused.

You are susceptible to becoming a martyr or victim if you feel weak or unworthy. Paranoia and fear of betrayal, scandal, illness or disappointment can poison a relationship. Loss of faith in your partner will be noticed, if only subconsciously. Trust and confidence in yourself are essential to avoid your fears becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

Moon Quincunx Neptune Transit

Moon quincunx Neptune transit makes you more emotionally sensitive than usual. Feeling too many or conflicting emotions will lead to confusion and increasing tension. If a relationship problem or heated emotions at home continue, you may reach a critical point when you either have to escape or have a meltdown.

A similar tipping point may be reached due to drugs and alcohol addiction, infectious disease, misdiagnosis or poisoning. Withdrawal and isolation can be worse than an embarrassing emotional display.

Paranoia and suspicion can lead to mistrust of a loved one which can poison that relationship. Once the tension becomes too much, you may suffer through gossip, scandal, betrayal, loss or disappointment.

Finding the right balance in your life is the key to reducing tension and avoiding a crisis. A balance between a social drink and alcoholism, health consciousness and hypochondria, and the right balance between service and sacrifice. Trust and faith in yourself, others, and the universe/God are the key to finding the right balance.

This interpretation for Moon quincunx Neptune transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon quincunx Neptune.

Moon Quincunx Neptune Celebrities

Luciano Pavarotti 0°08′, Michael Crichton 0°10′, Albert Camus 0°17′, Tony Abbott 0°18′, Sarah, Duchess of York 0°30′, Ryan O’Neal 0°30′, Joe Biden 0°31′, Rodney King 0°38′, Oscar Pistorius 0°43′, Bobby Fischer 1°03′, Randy Travis 1°06′, Antonio Banderas 1°15′, Kenny Everett 1°18′, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán 1°25′, Iggy Pop 1°26′, Oscar Wilde 1°27′, Chuck Schumer 1°40′, Emmanuel Macron 1°52′, Mae West 1°54′, Bill Haley 1°55′, Rolf Harris 1°59′, Meryl Streep 2°00′.

4 thoughts on “Moon Quincunx Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. I have this aspect natal , house 7 aries .
    My childhood and younger days was plague with anxiety and avoiding .
    I would pick on others feelings and atmospheres in school home life friendship .
    Isolation to protect myself difficulty socialising .
    My mother moods depicts the day I would have , and crulty .
    This was very difficult and hurtful .
    And to add insult to injury I have quincunx Neptune mercury in the same house .
    Avoiding and acting out play a big part , finding a environment you connect with .
    Acting school creative structure offers a safe haven …

  2. George Washington has this aspect. Among his accomplishments was the secret inoculation of his army from small pox, towards the end of winter, 1777. He was reluctant at first, but the doctors won him over.

    This has come up before in other threads. See Algol.

    Moon quincunx Neptune is the other side of a Venus quincunx Moon, the “Pandemic Yod” resolving itself, at Prog Moon speed, Age of Aqr chart, Jan 12/96.

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