Sun Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Uranus Transit

Sun opposite Uranus maximum orb 7°00′.

Sun opposite Uranus natal makes you intelligent, cosmopolitan, intensely modern, and futuristic, with a zest to experience life to the fullest. Although you can be cocky, eccentric and controversial, you are also private, gentle, considerate, and unselfish. But above all else, you are fiercely independent and freedom-loving. Early in life, your struggle for independence can relate to a battle to explore your individuality and personality.

This inner struggle for individualism can result in a skittish temperament, inhibition, nervousness, and anxiety. And this can often be made worse by an unsettling upbringing full of change and uncertainty. Sudden change can be a struggle. Learning to adapt to change will help you feel less disconnected. You may even develop a talent for imposing order on chaos.

Obstinacy and a solid need to do things your way can lead to rebelliousness, a chaotic life, and trouble with authority figures. The more you are told what to do, restricted or disciplined, the more you are likely to rebel, take the opposite view, or do the opposite of what you were told.

Your need for independence and making decisions in your own time can also be at odds with your desire for a more stable environment and harmonious relationships. Being outspoken, eccentric, or abrupt means, you must deal with the consequences when your destructive impulses burst out. This can include strong reactions from the people that you upset, separations and accidents.

You may improvise along the way, but defining and confidently expressing your unorthodox individuality is critical to gaining self-confidence and courage. This process is made much easier with supportive parents and teachers.

You are hard-working and probably willing to take any job when young to work your way up. You may love performing but are unlikely to be an exhibitionist when not on stage. The friends you make are likely to also be unorthodox in some way or from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds.

You will likely develop a strong libertarian streak, a distrust of power, and a keen sense of political and social justice. An interest in activism is common with this aspect, especially related to gender, human rights, championing the freedom of each individual, and the equal importance of each individual. You could also be a nationalist and a revolutionary.

Sun Opposite Uranus Transit

Sun opposite Uranus transit gives an urge to try new and exciting ways to live life to the fullest. You seek the freedom to do things your way and will most likely resist being told what to do. A struggle for independence can relate to an effort to explore and express your individuality and personality.

You may anticipate something new on the horizon or feel nervous. Sudden changes and unexpected encounters and events may leave you unsettled and anxious. Learning to adapt to change will help you feel less disconnected. By keeping an open mind, exciting opportunities may arise from changes that offer a better way forward.

It would be best if you didn’t resist the urge for the new and unusual or rebel and changing conditions. Otherwise, this electric and spontaneous energy, such as in a minor accident, may escape destructively. Odd behavior or a radical about-face in someone close to you may cause anxiety too. Arguments or separation may result from impatience or unwillingness to adapt.

It is possible now that someone new may enter your life, cause havoc, then leave just as quickly as they came. They may seem peculiar or elicit an out-of-character response. If you don’t let your ego get the better of you, there will probably be something you don’t like about them that will be part of your behavior that needs changing.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Uranus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Uranus.

Sun Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Loretta Swit 0°00′, Geena Davis 0°09′, Bob Downe 0°09′, Sissy Spacek 0°09′, Immanuel Kant 0°12′, Bill Maher 0°13′, Adair Lara 0°15′, Frank Capra 0°17′, Shia LaBeouf 0°18′, Moses Annenberg 0°19′, Françoise Rosay 0°23′, Sukarno 0°24′, Marsilio Ficino 0°24′, Milton Black 0°27′, Prince Hisahito 0°31′, Malcolm Young 0°32′, Benigno Aquino III 0°43′, James Spader 0°46′, Louis XV 0°58′, Ewan Mcgregor 1°09′, John D. Rockerfeller Jr. 1°09′, Steve Earle 1°12′, Vince Vaughn 1°16′, Billy Connolly 1°24′, Tom Conti 1°25′, Marco Vassi 1°56′, Dennis Wilson 1°57′, Paul Léautaud 1°57′.

Sun Opposite Uranus Dates

November 9, 2022
November 13, 2023
November 16, 2024
November 21, 2025
November 25, 2026
November 30, 2027
December 2, 2028

11 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. OK….natal Uranus conjunct Pluto, widely opposing a stellium of Sun conjunct Mars (combust), and Saturn conjunct Mars. All squared by my Moon. Put all this into a mutable T-square and yes, I can be rebellious, stubborn, highly reactive, extremely creative and intuitive. I don’t suffer fools – in particular those having no thought for anyone but themselves. I can be outspoken and often say what others would love to but don’t have the balls to. People on the receiving end may be offended or upset but it’s usually something they need to hear.
    I have a very impulsive side which I have learned to tame over the years. I like to do things my own way and I don’t like being part of the crowd.

  2. We’re a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on. You have performed a formidable process and our whole group will be grateful to you.

    • I’ve just decided to write up some Mercury and Venus aspects. I plan to do them as they come about in the sky so not sure when I will get to this one.

  3. I have this aspect: my sun is in taurus and the scorpio uranus is in the first house. moon in the ninth.

    so when I was nine years old my family moved from brooklyn to a native american reservation. and since i am white with ethnically curly hair that is also very red I kind of stood out.

    So yeah sometimes i have a little attitude, but it masks insight and sensitivity that would be less masked more if it was indicated by a trine. However, the opposition adds even more objectivity to the uranian energy, forcing an awareness of others.

    I am interested in “taurean uranians.” Freud had sun in taurus conjunct uranus. so is he a taurus or an aquarius?

  4. My mother has Sun in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries in a T-square with Saturn in Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer. Her Uranus is in her 5th House of creative expression and children. On the surface of things, my mother is not rebellious at all. She is a traditional, dutiful, stay-at-home housewife. Her Uranus is projected onto others. It is other people who suposedly rebel. She, suposedly, is the sweetest, nicest, most polite person in the world. Of course, this is not really true at all, but she can be extremely deceptive. She almost never yells or raises her voice. She is calm and contained in her manner and often very sweet and gentle. But man, oh man! she always insists on doing things her own way, no matter the danger or difficulty this causes others. She isn’t interested in anyone else’s point of view. She is completely at ease with simply refusing to listen. And she goes to bizzare lengths to provoke rebellion from her children. When I was growing up, I mostly escaped her attention, thank goodness, while feeling bad for my little sister who was her target. At present, I am a grown adult living with both of my parents, who are still married. I stay in the spare room with the washing machine and the computer. I have told my mother many, many times that it is no problem for her to use the washer or the computer. All she needs to do is come right in and use them. It doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t matter if I’m resting or seem to be sleeping. It doesn’t bother me. But this is too easy for her. She absolutely refuses to go along with my idea of how to do things! Oh no! She explains to me that she is very sensitive and extraordinarily considerate with a great need to be polite and thoughtful. Therefore, she needs to know when I will be out of the house so that she can put the laundry into the washer without disturbing me. But, of course, she can’t do anything according to anyone else’s scedule. She has to do things when she feels like it. So, she’ll greet me at the door, just as I’m coming home, with a sweet, “thoughtful” question, as to when I will go out again, as she has been intending to use the computer but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. She can use the computer whenever she wants to, I say, but this isn’t good enough for her. You might find this hard to believe, but she will often find me in another room so she can politely ask me if it is okay for her to start the washer. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell her she is free to go into my room whenever she wants, she insists on pestering me about this. Once, when she had laundry to do, I was sitting on my bed listening to a youtube video. She came in and asked me, “When will you be done with that?” I put my video on pause and asked, “What?” She explained that since she was too considerate to interfere with my video listening, she didn’t want to start the washer until I was done. When would I be done? I irritably told her to start the washer NOW! After months of this sort of treatment, I finally decided to completely stop talking to her. She never listens anyway. Yesterday, when transiting Uranus was opposite the transiting Sun, I was in the bathroom with the door shut, brushing my teeth. My mother knocked on the door. I figured it was her and went on brushing my teeth. After a minute, she knocked again. This time, I open the door and she asked me if I would be needing to rest in my room today. She needed to know because she had laundry to do and she couldn’t do it if I needed to rest. I shut the door again, without answering her. So, she went to complain to my father about me. My father attempted to bring peace to this discord by suggesting that maybe I could rest in my parents’ bedroom so as not to be disturbed by the washer. He knows darn well that I’m not disturbed by the washer. He just also knows that my mother always has to have her way. I got angry and gave him an earful about what a liar my moher is, how she is best buddies with the Devil, the Father of lies. He didn’t disagree with me. His only concern was how to placate her. I suggested we both just let her do what she wants while ignoring her. He was agreeable to this. We shook hands on it. Why, you might ask, do I share a house with my mother when she is so annoying? It is because I was severely abused by my father as a young child and my mother was the great cover-up artist. This resulted in tremendous confusion for me. When I was old enough, I moved as far away from my parents as I could, but remained confused as to what had happened in my childhood. Witnessing my mother’s bizzare behavior now, as an adult, is helping me to sort out my own inner mystery.

    • The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon — An airplane sails high in the clear sky. A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of a personal life.

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