Venus Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

Venus Opposite Uranus TransitVenus opposite Uranus natal makes for an unusual love life. You need a lot of stimulation and excitement in relationships, but you also need to feel free enough to be yourself. This can obviously create problems with commitment. Even when growing up you may have found that long-term friendships required a lot of effort to keep up. It would be easier to form a lasting friendship with someone who also needs a fair amount of personal freedom.

If you do want lasting and stable love relationships, then it is still possible. The two options are for you to find someone totally off-beat to keep you stimulated, or to find another free spirit willing to commit. Whatever you wish for in terms of love, you can expect a lot of instability or excitement. The more you promote change and excitement within a relationship, the lower the odds of some upsetting external event leading to chaos.

Your need for stimulation and excitement in love can find other safe outlets. You could experiment with your sexuality, especially if you find heterosexual relationships limiting. Then there are endless options for excitement and stimulation in the bedroom to keep you interested and extending the life of the relationship.

You may need to show a more conservative approach when it comes to your finances. It is possible that your bank balance undergoes rapid swings. Saving or keeping some routine budget will be important to cut the risk of unexpected events leaving you in debt.

Venus Opposite Uranus Transit

Venus opposite Uranus transit usually signals a change in your love life. If you already have a partner, then an unexpected event may cause a lot of upset tension. It may be that your need for a change or excitement in the bedroom is rejected. Even flirting may lead to some drama in the relationship. A healthy relationship would endure such transgressions and a permanent separation would be unlikely. An affair at this time would more likely lead to a rapid separation.

If single then there are many options. If dating then a new romance now would certainly be exciting. It is most likely, however, that it would turn out to be a short-lived relationship. But if you are the unorthodox type and need your freedom, a new relationship with a similar person could even lead to marriage. As Uranus rules the internet, you could fulfill your need for a change through internet dating or other stuff.

Whatever your situation, if love is not an option then change and excitement can manifest in another area of life. Financial windfalls are possible but you should be extra careful with money. There is a tendency to risk it all on suspect schemes or gamble it all away. You could easily find stimulation in some other way such as gaming or another form of entertainment.

Venus Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Ellen DeGeneres 0°00′, Jack London 0°16′, Billy Connolly 0°29′, Bobby Brown 0°34′, Charles Ponzi 0°42′, Nick Enright 1°06′, Billy Bragg 1°14′, Queen Maud of Norway 1°26′, Gertrude Stein 1°29′, Jimmy Page 1°44′, Ivan Lendl 2°02′, Princess Margaret 2°03′, Megan Fox 2°06′, Sean Connery 2°10′, Jonathan Cainer 2°27′, Steve Jobs 2°57′.

Venus Opposite Uranus Dates

23 September 23, 2021
November 5, 2022
December 21, 2023
October 14, 2025
November 30, 2025
January 9, 2027
November 8, 2027
December 24, 2028

21 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Hey Jamie,

    In my natal chart, transiting Uranus (5th house) square my natal venus (2nd) until November 🙁 Is the same explanation above still relevant to me, too? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Mika. You could see if Venus square Uranus offers any other advice. A Uranus transit to natal Venus will be different to Venus acting on your Uranus. However, you will get the general idea by reading the Venus transits to Uranus.

  2. What if this Venus conjuncts my natal moon on the new moon two days prior? With them opposite the transiting Uranus.. Is it more likely good or bad.. (This Venus will also conjunct my Pluto and ironically the transiting Pluto will be conjunct my natal Venus, thus activating my Pluto/Venus square). Thanks!

    • Pluto might not be applicable bc of the wide orb. My natal moon 23″36′ libra, natal Pluto is 19″libra and natal Venus 13″13′ Capricorn. Any feelings on this? Thnx

    • Double whammy hey? Any Uranus opposition is going to be more challenging than easy. I don’t think Venus is going to have such a big impact because Venus and Moon are so receptive. Timing is going to be important now the Uranus Pluto squares have finished. It would have been worse if both transits had come at the same time.

  3. The girl I like has Venus opposite uranus, the other aspects are good for stable and committed relationships, only this aspect that makes me worry she will leave me someday to experiment with a new one even if I give her personal spaces and still show affection she needed not excessive, we actually live in a different country (true of the story for LDR), her chart is dominated by the water signs, she has:

    Venus in Cancer in 9th house
    Mercury in Cancer in 8th house
    Mars in Taurus in 7th house
    Moon in Taurus in 7th house
    Sun in Gemini in 8th house
    Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn in 3rd house
    Ascendant in Scorpio

    Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
    Sun: 45.0 ( 4) + 5.4 (10) = 50.4 ( 6) / 7.9%
    Moon: 55.0 ( 2) + 15.6 ( 5) = 70.6 ( 3) / 11.1%
    Mercury: 38.5 ( 5) + 11.6 ( 8) = 50.1 ( 7) / 7.9%
    Venus: 50.0 ( 3) + 11.8 ( 7) = 61.8 ( 4) / 9.7%
    Mars: 23.5 ( 9) + 29.7 ( 2) = 53.2 ( 5) / 8.4%
    Jupiter: 30.0 ( 7) + 18.3 ( 3) = 48.3 ( 8) / 7.6%
    Saturn: 33.5 ( 6) + 40.5 ( 1) = 74.0 ( 2) / 11.6%
    Uranus: 20.0 (11) + 15.8 ( 4) = 35.8 ( 9) / 5.6%
    Neptune: 20.0 (12) + 15.1 ( 6) = 35.1 (10) / 5.5%
    Pluto: 98.5 ( 1) + 10.4 ( 9) = 108.9 ( 1) / 17.1%
    Chiron: 22.0 (10) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (12) / 3.5%
    Node: 27.0 ( 8) + 0.0 (12) = 27.0 (11) / 4.2%
    Total: 463.0 + 174.1 = 637.1 / 100.0%

    Sign: Power Rank Percent
    Aries: 42.1 ( 8) / 6.6%
    Taurus: 74.0 ( 3) / 11.6%
    Gemini: 48.5 ( 6) / 7.6%
    Cancer: 79.8 ( 2) / 12.5%
    Leo: 13.7 (12) / 2.1%
    Virgo: 19.2 (11) / 3.0%
    Libra: 47.5 ( 7) / 7.5%
    Scorpio: 135.9 ( 1) / 21.3%
    Sagittarius: 25.7 (10) / 4.0%
    Capricorn: 53.4 ( 5) / 8.4%
    Aquarius: 32.1 ( 9) / 5.0%
    Pisces: 65.3 ( 4) / 10.2%
    Total: 637.1 / 100.0%

    Element Power Percent
    Fire: 81.5 / 12.8%
    Earth: 146.6 / 23.0%
    Air: 128.1 / 20.1%
    Water: 280.9 / 44.1%

    Mode Power Percent
    Cardinal: 222.8 / 35.0%
    Fixed: 255.6 / 40.1%
    Mutuable: 158.7 / 24.9%

    Her Uranus is not a major planet in her chart, will it still makes her unfaithful?

    Thanks before..

    • This aspect by itself is not an issue. What you need is to keep the relationship fresh and stimulating. Do unusual activities together. What could undermine the partnership is dwelling on the concern thereby creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

      • I have this natal aspect and not even I know how to deal with me, to be honest!! It’s not much about infidelity at all, it’s more like a restlessness that never goes away, it’s tough even for me to understand it.

  4. Hi Jamie !

    I’m curious to know how would you understand this aspect if my MC is at 22.12 Aries so at 3 degrees of Uranus and my IC therefore is also close to Venus. A unexpected career opportunity that could turn to a stable position (Saturn transit and trine to Uranus) ? Thanks!

  5. I have Venus conjunct Aquarius ascendant opposite Uranus in Leo on the Descendant and square the Moon in Taurus. I have not been able to find a love relationship that lats longer than a few months, only if they are kept as friends. Nobody seems to want a one-to-one with me.

    • With an Aquarian asc and uranus square moon, i cannot believe no one wants a one to one with you. Moon square uranus and Aquarian asc is cool, detached and non committed. Other people pick up on that frequency and treat you accordingly.

  6. I have Venus conjunct Aquarius ascendant opposite Uranus in Leo on the Descendant and square the Moon in Taurus. I have not been able to find a love relationship that lats longer than a few months, only if they are kept as friends. Nobody seems to want a one-to-one with me. I’m nearly 60 and I guess I’ve resigned myself to not having one.

  7. “You could experiment with your sexuality, especially if your find heterosexual relationships limiting. Then there are endless options for excitement and stimulation in the bedroom to keep you interested and extending the life of the relationships.” Last time I checked homosexuality or bisexuality were not “options” or “experiments”. I respectfully expected more from you.

    • They would be, to a heterosexual… need to inject political correctness into a valid response.

  8. Hey Jamie, not sure if you’ve studied Chiron .. what is it if transit uranus conjunct Natal Chiron and it’s opposed to venus Transit exactly? Heartbreak or love you think?

  9. I have it in my solar return: Asc 21 libra, Venus 27 Libra, Uranus Retro 29 Aries 7th house, Both making a square to Pluto 19 Cap. Sun in Sag conj Jupiter and Moon in Leo 11. Mars/Neptune conjunction in house 5, square sun. Unaspected Chiron in 6th.

  10. Jaime I have this in 2019 SR 3/9 axis, VE in 3 UR in 9. Coming up to a VE return at 12 SC, but transit/SR VE is hitting my MC which means transit UR is hitting IC. Could the VE return soften these aspects? SR asc is Virgo activating 8th house, and placing natal UR in Virgo in SR 1. I believe to be forewarned is forearmed. Any suggestions to work with these energies? Thank you

  11. Doesn’t Venus rule jobs/occupations too? So stable income is out of the question, apparently?

    • Venus rules acquisitions. Exalted in Pisces, a Venus in this sign allows a woman to walk into a party and snatch the most desirable man from under the admiring gaze of a Taurus, or even a Libra.

      Pisces in the NewAge does have an affinity to ramp up this capability. She has the energy to make a lot of money and hold considerable assets especially in the later part of life.

      Jobs tend towards Virgo sign, with service best exemplified by the Cancer sign, so perhaps Military, or the hard shell of a technological robot. Occupations tend toward Capricorn sign, as we expend considerable energy developing Careers or how we wish to dominate the daytime field of vision. In the NewAge, Scorpio sign occupies this position, so together with Cancer sign, a Security concern drives humanity forward.

      Basically, we are heading to Sparta, or at least, the Spartan ideal.

  12. “Life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life. Get wasted all the time, and youll have the time of your life!”

    Tough math week?
    Billy Connelly, Venus opposite Uranus
    dob Nov 24, 1942

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